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Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Official Video)

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Iron Maiden - Wasted Years - from 1986's Somewhere In Time Buy from Amazon: http://po.st/aSomewhereInTime Download: http://po.st/iSomewhereInTime Stream: http://po.st/sSomewhereInTime Newly uploaded in HD Complete your Iron Maiden vinyl collection: https://parlopho.ne/maidenvinylcollection Download and play Iron Maiden's 'Legacy Of The Beast' iOS and Android game for free now at http://hyperurl.co/nyz7u8 New album 'The Book Of Souls' out now. Get your copy: http://po.st/thebookofsouls Subscribe to Iron Maiden on YouTube: http://po.st/gfSFz3 Follow Iron Maiden online: Official Site: http://ironmaiden.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ironmaiden Twitter: http://twitter.com/ironmaiden Instagram: https://instagram.com/ironmaiden/ Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/6mdiAmATAx73kdxrNrnlao Apple Music: https://itun.es/gb/nzfc
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Text Comments (4210)
Alpha November (18 hours ago)
Beste Band ever... iron fucking Maiden 💪🏼
Raul Rojo (1 day ago)
Son una de las mejores bandas de heavy metal pero en lo personal me gustan más sus portadas y pósters (en eso no tienen rival ) que algunas de sus rolas
thiago matos (1 day ago)
Pega fdputa
ANIME LOVER (1 day ago)
rob snow (2 days ago)
wow what a great year to be a teen lots of friends all the crazy shit ,,,life in school was hard for me being treated like ur stupid and being told ur be nothing ,,because of a learning disabillty having a hard absorbing things ,,,,has affected in my later years ,,,anciety attacks ,,,stuck in life ,,,,no career ,,,,dont think much of myself ,,,,,I wish back in those days things would have been different ,,,maybe I might be somthing today ,,instead im a nobody ,,no friends ,,not good with others ,,,maybe I should of ended it a long time ago ,,,because it sucks living yourlife feeling bad ,,,,hating urself ,,this kinda music is what kept me going ,,even thow ..I never amounted to nothing just like they said I would maybe they were right?????
TW - Gig Videos (4 days ago)
Mariusz Uszynski (4 days ago)
Saw Them in '84 and '86 in Poland.Then keep seeing Them in Canada, whenever possible.
Jessica May (4 days ago)
When you ask your 2 year old what he wants to listen to and he says "Iron Maiden!!" I'm a proud momma haha
Julian poveda (4 days ago)
Ricardo Cespedes (4 days ago)
a travez de los años fantastica trayectoria de iron maiden
Alfredo Tejada (4 days ago)
Se confirmó en Argentina 🇦🇷 12 de Octubre del 2019 cancha de Vélez y ahí estaré como siempre..aguante Maiden Carajo!
wilson souza (4 days ago)
Forever Maiden Brasil
joão das neves (4 days ago)
A melhor sem dúvidas ! Viva o bom e velho heavy metal !🤘🤘🤘
Verónica- Tesla. (5 days ago)
Alucinante! !!♥
javier cerviño (5 days ago)
man.. that solo is fucking amazing
Bob Ingalls (5 days ago)
alex jones " Because there is a war on for your mind"
Savage Metal (5 days ago)
Jacarin Alvarez (5 days ago)
Love this song, iron maiden is live.
Sergio Lima (5 days ago)
Iron Maiden in Rock in Rio 2019😉
What album belongs to the image of Eddy at minute 2:52?????
DON LVIS (6 days ago)
Robert Hintze (6 days ago)
hello my dear world,this time of our life will never come back,was 15 there and my heart and soul is with this guys forever,thank god that i have seen her so many times with my buddies in my ford taunus,when we where so young and full of power.nowadays we sit here with the barbecue grill and talk about that times with our wifes and children.and we are lucky to have that times with our band......
Davide Steduto (6 days ago)
la migliore band metal al mondo....melodie e musica unica
Ron Poklitar (6 days ago)
Eddie !!
ugie88 (6 days ago)
haha i have an iron maiden cd with all the music videos back then. tried to upload on youtube (old youtube) but got copyright strike. the cd was gone.
Letra Do Caralho
Paulo Silva (7 days ago)
3,8k retarded ...
Penn Asuka (8 days ago)
Wooww... Love iron maiden
Brett Mitchell (10 days ago)
Iron Maiden is BOSS!
Armando Montes De Oca (10 days ago)
Armando Montes De Oca (10 days ago)
Thank you gentlemen
Geral Pineda (11 days ago)
Está canción me encanta muchisimo ❤️
Rafael C (11 days ago)
Iron maiden la mejor banda saludos desde mexico
Rafael Souza (11 days ago)
Melhor banda de heavy metal sim ou claro? Saudações do Brasil!
NAC (12 days ago)
Wish I could live long enough to be listening to this in 2050. To those of you in 2050.... keep the fire burnin'!! \m/
hot shorts
Elton Pretoshow (12 days ago)
tem algum br aí curtindo agora?
My Sunglasses (12 days ago)
This song makes me want to climb the fucking Himalayas and plant a flag with my bloody name on it. CARPE FUCKING DIEM!! Greetings from Argentina.
David Páez (14 days ago)
We always come back to the classics...
Michael Whitestone (14 days ago)
John Radz (15 days ago)
No band in the world, none, composed songs like those of Iron Maiden.
jose ricardo (16 days ago)
Frank M. Júnior (16 days ago)
Bruce dickson is that Dave Mustaine in that video
Michelle Joyarti (16 days ago)
John Radz (15 days ago)
Michelle Joyarti, I went to so many Iron Maiden concerts, and how come I never saw you there? I would have fallen in love instantly.
Juan Díaz bascur (16 days ago)
Octubre 2018?
Chris Reid (16 days ago)
No wasted time rockin to maiden
Gary Rock (17 days ago)
Can you name a bad maiden song you can't because there is none how is that possible I guess I'm just a fan a nd proud to be one up the irons long live the king
Sharlisson Souza (17 days ago)
N existe banda tão foda igual Iron namoral! 98% das músicas são fodas!
Dave Vergilio (17 days ago)
Sorry I hit the thumbs down by mistake
Simon Hunter (17 days ago)
Not one of their best albums IMO but love this track!
Tim Rohrer (18 days ago)
I’m 18 and this song sums up about what my teenage/high school years feels like for me. I feel like my years are wasted because I’ve been single for my whole life and I never had a girlfriend in middle school or high school. I kept getting rejected but I had a few good female friends. I’m still single now.
creo que llegue tarde :v 2020 alguien alguien ??
giorgos argirakis (18 days ago)
απο τα λιγα lp που μου αρεσουν
Larry Walling (18 days ago)
RoDrIgO MuÑoZ (19 days ago)
Grandee iron maiden ctm!!
Ross Ginn (19 days ago)
What a song
Clint Studt (20 days ago)
I’m just happy not to see Janick
Míster Fastidio (20 days ago)
Qué guitarra electrica tan bacana la de ésta canción.
Knight 2004 (20 days ago)
Winston Churchill 💙💙💙 My respect!
Diego Bautier (20 days ago)
Soy de argentina sigo a iron Maiden desde que tenía 6 años por haí y está es la mejor cancion
César Castillo (20 days ago)
Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean Rule (21 days ago)
Seriously...that solo. That held over ending. That bluesy, cry-ey perfection. Thank you, Dave.
Rafael Ribeiro (21 days ago)
Cade os Brazil ?
Lori Quintero (22 days ago)
Today I subscribed 😂
Katty C. Rivera (22 days ago)
Up the Irons!! 🤘🏻
stephen mcabe (23 days ago)
Me pueden decir pq esta cancion es super padre?
Diogo Syrio (24 days ago)
Johnny Fountains (25 days ago)
Sounds like Halloween the movie part 1. Inside of the jackolantern.
Johnny Fountains (25 days ago)
I plan on covering this song with a smaller solo. I'm NOT Adrian Smith.
Antonis M (25 days ago)
Respect for the amazing backing vocals by Adrian Smith
koteł kotełowski (25 days ago)
2:24 lol my country
Hefipale Burp (25 days ago)
My anthem
Albert Jesús (25 days ago)
No todos los latinos escuchan solo ragayton y esa música de baja categoría, aquí tenés a un súper fan de La Doncella... saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴
Luis Morocho (15 days ago)
hermano AMI no me gusto esa Mierdade musica como daddy Yankee yo soy rockero Ecuatoriano
Cristian Herrera (25 days ago)
Viva Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Rafael C (26 days ago)
La mejor banda de metal saludos desde México
nuejimsi (26 days ago)
amazing song...amazing solo!
Monica Alvarez (26 days ago)
Ecuador presente....
JayyBird (27 days ago)
Top 3 MAiden songs
Gustavo Monteiro (27 days ago)
Impossible not to get emotional after this amazing song... Thank you Iron Maiden. Greatings from Brazil!
Zalu Skowsky (27 days ago)
Fucking intro goosebumps me fucking evrytime
mesiasrooms 1233 (28 days ago)
Brian Geiger (28 days ago)
Reminded me of my childhood, love Iron Maiden.
Alyson Monteiro (29 days ago)
Wasted Years?? More like wasted life !!
Kralynn Dark (29 days ago)
Wasted Years is my all time favorite song by Iron Maiden. Some were in time was my first Iron Maiden tape I bout. Rock on!
Iron maiden . Passa os anos e nao consigo ficar sem ouvir ... Será eterno
Reitia (30 days ago)
Blade Runner Metal.
Nancy Edwards (30 days ago)
Miss you guys!!
DanielGoesPlaces (30 days ago)
Overrated, but still an amazing song 🤘🤘🤘
Eddie * (1 month ago)
The golden years? She's still in my dreams and still in my future. Only cockblockers stand in the way but they've never touched her. She's mine and always will be. That's the power I hold and the only power I need. Nobody else has that particular power. Makes me feel young again.
RoDrIgO MuÑoZ (1 month ago)
2018 ctm! Grande Iron Maiden!
hermmamoto (1 month ago)
Oh yeah! Still rocks after 32 years!
cholongolongo01 (1 month ago)
Oct 2018!!!
Vee (1 month ago)
The volume knob should read Low, Med. High, and IRON MAIDEN!
Ktm Alpha (1 month ago)
This video must have 2 billion views!!!
Brandon Butts (1 month ago)
One of the best songs in metal history!
Errol Waguespack (1 month ago)
great video.
Latexiz (1 month ago)
Best band ever!
Armando Montes De Oca (1 month ago)
Elo Hiem Adoni Baruct Yeshua Rexes Complari Mondi Beneficial Acquisition Acceptance Excalibur Monte It Is Finished and Heaven is Waiting.
Armando Montes De Oca (1 month ago)
Anuit Calt Nine Deception Even Call Der walt Beouwolf En Ordeumn Melchizedek Anche Menu Trut Anuit Mansion Anu Naki Resu Rexes Eternal life en Guten Burg Montes October Guaten Yeshua Calling Simplar Curieilaisoumn

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