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The Last Of Us - Ending Explained and Theory

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Ending was the right thing to do.
Nicolas G.Glebowski (7 days ago)
The end of this game is perfectly explained by Riley at the end of left behind. That's why Ellie forgives Joel, because she knows that Joel thinks in a similar way to Riley (although a little more selfish and liar xD).
Big Ayman (11 days ago)
Nick (18 days ago)
I don't think Joel saving Ellie was immoral even though it may have stopped humanity getting a vaccine. Ellie never consented to be being killed, therefore it would have been murder for the Fireflies to use Ellie to find a cure. So Joel, in saving Ellie, was preventing a murder.
Nick (12 days ago)
Perhaps I am remembering it wrong, but I am quite certain that she was never conscious at all during her time with the Fireflies, and Joel certainly never told them she consented to dying for a cure.
Sebastian Radlmeier (12 days ago)
Didnt ellie know she was gonna be killed
Shaz Javed (1 month ago)
I hope you make a video for Last Of Us Part 2 whenever that comes out as well.
Shaz Javed (1 month ago)
This was the best analysis of the ending on YouTube explained it perfectly made me understand Joel decision on saving Ellie
Gregory La'Mar (1 month ago)
Thanks for this, I did not have time to play it but I wanted to know what happens.
kalimistnl (1 month ago)
Joel is a selfish misserable bastard who only saves Ellie for himself ..
Sun Tzu (1 month ago)
I really don't think that he is trying to replace Sarah with Ellie. I think he is trying to do right by Ellie where he failed to do with Sarah, he is making up for his own conscience, but also wants to save Ellie due to his paternal instinct. This is why he lies to her at the end. He is saving himself as well as Ellie.
Sun Tzu (1 month ago)
Even without Sarah, I am fully with Joel in saving Ellie.
Feel Truth Inside (1 month ago)
This game is truly a stand out, in a league of its own, great game. So dark but yet so beautiful. I dont think number 2 will be as good but Hopfully im wrong.
Technopagan (1 month ago)
Fun fact she should not be able to kiss someone without infecting them as she is a carrier. Just because she is immune to the effects doesn’t mean its not there, so that scene in the trailer for the sequel should end horribly XD
Cat's Schrödinger (1 month ago)
You have a way of editing your videos to show all the most powerful moment in games and it hurts man
Cat's Schrödinger (1 month ago)
A sequel cannot top this. It's just not going to happen.
Cat's Schrödinger (1 month ago)
Guess I'm replaying the last of us now
Hannah Davis (1 month ago)
They way I see it, humanity still has a chance through those who are immune. There's a chance that the immunity will be passed on through generation to generation. Maybe not through Ellie but if there are small groups of folks who are immune, then there's always that chance of that population growing through reproduction.
Michael Barber (1 month ago)
If they only make one vaccine it will save a lot of pepole
11:15 — very stupid statement
Chill Bro (2 months ago)
I Had remembered a character say something like "we found 7 carriers and didn't get anything from them, so we are going to cut open Ellie because we are sure that 8th time is the charm" which is why I didn't feel bad killing all the stupid fireflies. When told that they have already found "carriers" which they need to make a cure and it didn't help them at all, them continuing to kill carriers for no reason is just a desperation move. At that point they are just rabid dogs who may decide they need to start murdering random people in order to find a cure. They are at their wits end and arguably would be better of trying to survive and rebuild society rather than simply throwing all their resources into finding the cure. The scientists cutting people open would be better off (assuming they had medical training) acting as doctors in a city, studying the disease on the side to help alleviate symptoms or even how to kill/prevent the disease the normal way. And 7 pretty much is the cut off point. 3 could be a fluke, 4-5 is a trend, 6 is going to far, 7 is delusion and straight up murder. And if 8deaths didn't bring them any closure to a cure would they keep going? What about 20, or 100, or 1,000 deaths? How far would they have to continue to murder humans until even if they find a cure they have doomed humanity by murdering everyone? --- This is all assuming I remembered correctly, but I DO remember being so confused why the game felt it was so sad and tried to make Joel out as selfish especially since the first possible reaction to finding someone immune to the disease is to cut out their brain instead of, you know, keeping them alive for continued research? Surely its better to test a cure on a live person... But then again these idiots would probably just destroy a city wall to cause an outbreak in order to find a recent victim rather than sacrifice one of their own. Total bigots.
Jacob Keary (2 months ago)
Basically, it was good
Joseph Moore (2 months ago)
I am slightly confused by your statement in calling Joel a murderer. I believe the statement completely applies at the end of the story when he makes a choice to kill the fireflies. Is that what you mean? Yes a murder is making a conscious to take a life but (without getting into debates about free will) his hands are forced because of circumstance.
Shaz Javed (3 months ago)
Great analysis explained it perfectly. Best game i played.
Ancap Otaku (3 months ago)
Am i the only one that didn't like the last of us and thinks joel is the true villain of the story
XOGROX Mendes (3 months ago)
alsenar2 (3 months ago)
I know i am late to this video but i just recently joined the PS4 Community and one of my first games was TLOU Remastered and WOW. What an amazing piece of gaming or should i say art. And the ending just feels natural. There is no good or bad choice in a world without morals. Why should Joel give up everything for a world that has only taken from him? (The Last of Us 2 is coming soon...)
Mason Mcleod (3 months ago)
I was surprised people found it so shocking that Joel *SHOCK HORROR* chose to save the girl he's come to love as family rather than give her up for some bs cure that we all know isn't going to change shit, and that he lied to her to spare he feelings. I mean, do these people not live in the real world? Have you really never lied to someone because you knew the truth would be really hurtful and wouldn't help them in any way? It's really not complicated, if you went into that last mission actively hoping they kill Ellie then i think theres something wrong with your empathy or you just played the game wrong...
Roger Gustafsson (3 months ago)
It was a ok game. Linear. Nothing super special. Ok.
Albert Einstein (3 months ago)
I really cant understand your accent dude. But good theory!
webext16 (4 months ago)
It's great logic. The same as my one. Really good. Thank you for video. We all are same: just nature, just psychology and our life path with our own story. Don't judge anyone - just do what you think is right.
Miya (4 months ago)
You bring up a very valid lint about the cure. Humanity at that point was too far gone. I believe that all people only do right to avoid consequences. And I cannot see them willingly going back to an organized society. No, I don't think so. We're only good little boys and girls when someone is looking. We're all monsters otherwise. A little taste of freedom is all they needed. A cure would only conflate more violence and outlashes against the government and any organized group. No, unfortunately, it is too late.
RustyZerg (4 months ago)
the theme song has a Punisher feeling into it
Nick Ross (4 months ago)
Who’s exited for The Last of Us 2? 🌚
Martial Sunwalk (4 months ago)
How have i not seen this yet, this is the greatest thing
Pranker 7109 (4 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Kail Kilbourne (4 months ago)
Something else to chew on: in the bedroom, Ellie protested, “Don’t tell me I would be okay on my own, because the truth is I would just be more scared!” I think that Ellie knew Joel was lying, but chose to accept it anyway, because neither of them feel better than with each other at this point. Of course there will be consequences for what Joel did both to the Fireflies and her, but we won’t see those just yet.
B69ne (4 months ago)
Love this game, and love this video. I could talk about The Last of Us all day. I don't know what season I enjoyed most. Each has their own growth and introspection to delve into. I think winter was my favorite. If an apocalypse happens it is scary to think what people will do to survive.
Julian Muscat (4 months ago)
This video completely changed my view of the entire game. Wow. Great video. Best analysis of a game I have ever heard.
Liam Vic (5 months ago)
Both me and my dad played this game, and thought we both agree it was stupid in the long run, my dad with no hesitation said he would do the same if I or my sisters were in Ellie's situation. No matter what. A parents love for their child transcends their need for survival. That's why this ending sticks so close to me, because it strikes close to my heart to know that the reaction wasn't an exaggeration.
vincent (5 months ago)
I think he did the right thing by saving her because fuck the world i care alot more about her than the rest of the world
Jeronimo Torres (5 months ago)
The end of Last of Us remember me of Godfather. When they close the door, and Michael wife knew he lied to her.
Thats Nodildo (5 months ago)
I think humanity was far to gone to save. Even if the surgery was successful everyone is so divided and it's dangerous to travel from settlement to settlement. Even if you're vaccinated for the fungus you can still get mauled or worse. So having to fight off raiders who won't be willing to listen and the Government who rather shoot you on site it just wouldn't matter in the end.
Steve Gao (5 months ago)
Pretty accurate
Solomonster116 (5 months ago)
Personally, I think another reason Joel attempts to push Ellie away during some parts of the story and why he's so hesitant to accept her is because he's guilty for caring for another little girl. You see it a lot with widows or widowers in real life, they never stop loving the man or woman who was taken away from them so quickly. They may remarry, but they still have a place in their heart for their lost love and can sometimes feel guilty. Part of life is letting go of trauma and events, and when somebody is stolen from you, especially if it's in a violent way, you're never able to cross the path of acceptance. I think he feels guilty for caring for Ellie, Sarah is his little girl and he feels like he's wronging her by caring for Ellie. I think it's especially prevalent when he tells Ellie that she ain't his daughter, and he ain't her dad. When he eventually does say that you can never escape your past though, I think that shows he finally gave into his love for Ellie, and even though he may feel guilt every now and then, he knows he does care for Ellie and has finally accepted that Sarah is gone.
Kira Lawlet (5 months ago)
So in other words this is a world that's too far gone and you just have to learn how to live in it.
DicedFlicks (5 months ago)
Thanks for this pill of enlightenment Ryan! I really did think Joel was too selfish with his decisions but seeing it as it is, the only thing that's constant in the world is change. Whatever may have happened, society will prevail at least after everything that has happened. Joel may be flawed but again maybe it was just meant to be.
Chelsea Drouin (6 months ago)
I dont get why people think that Joel did something wrong, if you find all the notes they said that their is a chance for this to happen. They had people but they all died, so their was a chance that Ellie was going to die too.
Cassandra Branham (6 months ago)
this is fantastic!! best analysis of this game that Ive ever seen!! great job!!
Jay (6 months ago)
Please stop
Logan Thomas (7 months ago)
I think one point we can make is the the Firefiles are inept. You can’t really blame someone for not trusting them to honor the death of the person you love the most. The Fireflies fail almost every task that the game shows.They can’t keep promises. They get themselves killed because they were screwing around with a monkey in Colorado. They behave like children and after 20 years they still can’t put up a successful fight against the military. Marlene leaves the only known immune girl in earth with 2 smugglers because her militia can’t handle successfully transporting her. And she doesn’t even tell Tess and Joel why she’s so important, as if there’s any reason to hide it. And finally, as Marlene says at the end, the trip to Utah kills almost everyone in the whole group of Fireflies. They couldn’t handle the dangers with a large militia and military-grade defenses. Can you blame Joel for not expecting these dumbasses to fail yet again with a girl that’s the entire world to him? They’re naive and inept. They’d probably fail to find a cure and do anything of worth with her life. The Fireflies are idiots and I would do the same thing as Joel if I was placed in the same situation.
Logan Thomas (7 months ago)
Oh and they rifle-butt Joel when he’s trying to save Ellie from drowning. What even is that? The entire purpose they’re there is to await Ellie and Joel’s arrival. And they attack a non-threatening Joel trying to save the life of a little girl the first time they see him.
Prodigal-Saiyan (7 months ago)
I do not think he sees Ellie as a reincarnation of his daughter. He feels guilt yes, but he is clearly trying to do what is best for those he develops any attachment too. Even if it hurts him. I think he's well aware Ellie is not a replacement daughter, but perhaps a chance to do the right thing after a harsh and potentially somewhat evil past with Tess.
Anthony Jubran (7 months ago)
So what i understood : Characters are realistic Plot is totally relevant to the situation Spore is a way for nature to get its revenge over humanity Well shit, last of us II is gonna be LIT
Legendary Alpha Wolf (7 months ago)
Quote in the beginning of the video is mind blowing and deep! :)
Lazy Calf (8 months ago)
Right, im gunna stop you there. the ending isnt open to interpretation. its actually pretty set and linear because they reference a real life mental issue with people who lose loved ones. the very reason why joel saves ellie and lies to her is easily explained. as such. joel saves ellie because he envisions his dead daughter in ellie and his parental instincts kick in and he saves her. he lies to ellie because if she had found out the truth, she would leave him. joel suffers from abandonment issues, but most importantly. he directly suffers from Capgras delusion. before, the most important thing in his life was his daughter. he loses his daughter, then the game skips to the setting a couple of decades later because he basically does nothing with his life until then. and because joel is suffering heavily from capgras delusion, when he first meets ellie he pushes her away emotionally because he knows that he will get emotionally attached to this girl to replace his lost daughter. meaning, he actively knows what is happening and is trying to fight it, but ultimately loses. as he knows what is happening to him and why he should push her back, but ultimately lets her in as they bond and become father and daughter basically. capgras delusion is so heavily hinted at throughout the game, if you read the lore and notes left behind it references capgras delusion multiple times troughout the game. people who see their loved ones they lost in other people and become attached to said person because of that. at first joel tried to treat it like another job, but he couldnt because of ellies attitude, and age consist heavily of what he lost all those years ago. you said this story is very open to interpretation but you couldnt be anymore wrong even if you tried. the premice is set from the start. you reference the reincarnation- but its not reincarnation- its capgras. he knows ellie isnt his daughter but treats her as such, through vocal signals like not letting her wield weapons, despite that being smart in the post-apocalypse world, not letting her hunt, and making her hide throughout fights. when ellie confronts joel saying "im not her you know" joel interrupts her, not allowing her to speak because the capgras delusion is kicking in, and accepting the truth is really hard to do. this is the least interpretible story i've seen. its a story of the capgras delusion syndrome and how you can envision other people onto others through very very slight similarities. despite the fact sarah at the setting of the last of us would be in her mid 20's- nearly 30, and ellie is 13. you refernce everything with the typical explanation of the capgras syndrome, but dont use it. but i disgree this IS hollywood ending. and pretty typical hollywood ending. bad guys are actually good guys turned bad because of desperation to cure the virus. good guy hits roadblocks and questions his self and the state he is in whilst denying any emotional weakness of himself. bad guys get good guy's daughter/wife/family/loved ones good guy saves *insert co-star here* by killing all the bad guys. the last of us couldnt be any more typical and cookie cutter even if it tried. im actually conviced i saw a film produced in the 80's that is basically the last of us but is just longer and better. even going as far as having the fungal infection turn people into zombies. so its not like the last of us is new, or original, or even any good. or anything. as videogamedunkey puts it "the last of us is a really shitty film made into a game without much afterthought. instead of working on game mechanics the dev's opted for working on cutscenes to make people feel sad or angry. there's not shocks, you can literally predict the ending of the game within the first 30 minutes of playing it because it's so cookie cutter hollywood bullshit where the hero saves the woman, in this case girl... its literally post-apocolypse taken where liam neeson is a dirty 50 year old called joel. the gameplay is so boring and the AI is so bad that i literally cannot believe that the same dev team that made the uncharted series, which admittedly only has one good game out of the 4, but ALL are leaps and bounds above the last of us, even if its story is MORE generic than the last of us, they do this by filling the game with awesome action scenes, most are linear but they make them feel like they arent, something i liked that consists with a game like dead space. the last of us is a so boring and so obviously made to tug on the hearts of the weak and the girl gamers that most people will call this the best story game ever when in reality its a piece of shit that should never even be a game. it should be a b-rated film. the last os us not only lacks on a narrative ending, but the gameplay is so boring. a revolver with only 1 shot. enemies ai are so beyond stupid. THE FUCKING LINEAR CORRIDORS ON EVERY MISSION EVER that anyone who says this game is the "defining" game of this generation should shut their mouth, because in reality, thats what HALO is. and it seems to me that its just PS players trying to match up with xbox desperately, for attention, because halo as an exclusive is THE defining game of video games. halo made video games what they are. they invented teabagging, having an actual original story in a universe with lore and characters that werent cut out of a low budget hollywood movie. the last of us is an appualing piece of trash that i will never touch again, and i havent even touched on the egresious dlc prices and the fact the remaster makes you buy all the dlc again - at full price- seperately, even if you still owned the original game. anyone who says this game made gaming is not only an idiot, but clearly hasnt played video games for very long, and like i said, is more likely just playstation fan boys with no friends desperetly trying to justify paying extra money for a console that has more exclusives, but most are trash and arent worth playing. uncharted though.. that gets my seal of approval. i am astounded at how many idiots like the last of us because its more like a movie than it is a game and in theory most 'real' gamers should reject games like this because i promise you this is the direction that developers are going to lead games as to increase sales whilst cutting down on dev time. its alot easier to make a 1 minute cutscene look good than it is to make a fun and interessting level to play through, and people need to learn to reject pieces of shit like this because otherwise all the new games will entuse more about being cinematic, than being fun to play AND THATS NOT WHAT GAMES ARE ABOUT YOU DIMWITS. just look at fucking destiny 1 for christ sakes. that game is a joke. i garuntee you the second destiny will be worse, as they try to make it "more cinematic" but destiny 1 is leaps and bounds above the last of us and im pretty sure destiny 2 will be a better game than the last of us 2 in every aspect. which isnt saying much. i know i've gone on alot about this but this is something very dear to me and i do not want it to be the end of gaming, and the start of overpriced, cinematic, linear, boring, cookie cutter games that take their premices from movies. and old movies at that, to ruin fun games like mario and uncharted, just cause, halo, red dead redemption, games that make you DO THE THINGS instead of telling you about it or showing you it in a pre-rendered cutscene. thats all im going to say on the matter and anyone who says that the last of us is the "defining" game of this generation shouldnt be saying that like its a compliment. its an atrocious over priced arcade game that i spent 5 hours playing through and after that, i was done, there was literally nothing else to do in the game. how can anyone call that a good game? i fucking paid over $100 for the game and its dlc to give me 5 hours of boring repetitive gameplay." - videogamedunkey when asked to review the last of us
PG Skills (7 months ago)
A suggestion: Lazy Edge Calf is much more fitting.
Reojoe (8 months ago)
SO MUCH COVER! it makes me forget how cliche the game's story actually is when you break it down
sunsetman22 (8 months ago)
The Road + Children Of Men + 28 Days Later = The Last Of Us
New Order of Alexandria (8 months ago)
Man I don't know what happened... was only a few years ago we were getting soo many new and challenging games that really made you think (like this one) that were full of emotion and care.. Now were getting short bait n switch games that are made simply for cash, what the hell happened man...
senno sedai (9 months ago)
Fuck humanity! You save the one's you love.
Brian Sampson (9 months ago)
Well done sir
M reapr (9 months ago)
This is a powerful story because the father isnt as prominent a figure in society as in older times. Theres more single mothers more divorce more family separation than ever before. And to see a strong male role model and a father figure told in such a human way. It reaches us because father role models arent explored as much as they use to be. Its sad really. And to see such a strong and beautiful and human connection. That their not even related. It reaches the soul. We need more stories like this. We need more families more real fathers. Real men. Flawed men. But good men. This was a potent story.
Slxughterouzz (9 months ago)
My theory: Ellie was brainwashed to think that she was just a cure. Joel saw that she matters more than a vaccine that could possibly fail, leading to ellies death. He also mentions luck which means his positivity is broken.
Slxughterouzz (9 months ago)
You forgot to mention that in the resort after ellie kills david joel says "its ok i got you baby girl" that is what he used to call sarah.
Salty Boi 99 (9 months ago)
This game is challenging
when it comes to the last of uses best character, all of my friends said ellie but honestly, I really like David, even though he's a cannibal I find his character very interesting and I always wonder about his theory that everything happens for a reason, and in my opinion his voice actor is one of the best in the cast. But I'm not saying the other characters are bad though, I also love bill, joel, henry and ellie.
Fourxs (10 months ago)
The Last of us is the best story ever.
Some Boi (10 months ago)
Since Elli is 14 and the apocalypse started 20 years ago, does that mean she was born 6 years in ?
SolarMoney2112 (10 months ago)
Joel didn't destroy humanity's chance. There are people who are immune other than Ellie. He also didn't fully destroy the fireflies, there remnants.
NoNameC68 (9 months ago)
Where and when did he hear of other failed attempts on other immune? http://thelastofus.wikia.com/wiki/Surgeon%27s_Recorder "April 28th. Marlene was right. *The girl's infection is like nothing I've ever seen.*" Many people point to this as evidence of other immune. However, the surgeon never says there are other immune. He says there are other infected. This is the part that confuses people: "The cause of her immunity is uncertain. As we've seen in all past cases, the antigenic titers of the patient's Cordyceps remain high in both the serum and the cerebrospinal fluid. Blood cultures taken from the patient rapidly grow Cordyceps in fungal-media in the lab... however white blood cell lines, including percentages and absolute-counts, are completely normal." They wrongfully believe he's talking about other immune. He's not. He's talking about other infected. The "however" refers to Ellie, it refers to how her samples are different.
SolarMoney2112 (9 months ago)
You want to know why joel rescues ellie? He heard of failed attempts on other immune.
NoNameC68 (9 months ago)
Where did you get this idea that Ellie is one of many immune? The other person I talked to who believed there were other immune misinterpreted the surgeon's recording. Ellie is the only known person to be immune. If I'm wrong, then explain yourself.
SolarMoney2112 (9 months ago)
BOI, have you never heard the story?! Ellie is one of many immune, all before tests failed. All tests killed the immune. It says it in the game.
NoNameC68 (9 months ago)
What do you mean there are other people who are immune? There's no evidence of this. If such people exist, nobody knows who they are. Every time I hear people say this, they always refer to a recording that does NOT state what they think it states.
Brandon Bennett (10 months ago)
EXCELLENT analysis. Made me look at Joel's decision with new layers of insight.
NoNameC68 (9 months ago)
That's a shame, because this video is merely absolving Joel of his actions. We have this beautiful conundrum. If Joel leaves, Ellie loses her life but the Fireflies develop a vaccine that will revolutionize humanity. If he saves her, humanity will not receive their vaccine. This is a beautiful conflict. Joel pretty much sacrifices humanity's chance at overcoming the infected to save Ellie. That's a massive sacrifice. But, if you listen to this video and so many others in the comments, you'll hear people come up with excuses. They'll say things like, "They'll probably fail at creating a vaccine anyway", or "They don't have the supplies to cure the rest of humanity", or "The vaccine will just be abused anyway". Not only are all of these reasons bullshit, but they're all excuses to absolve Joel of his actions. They want to turn it into letting Ellie die in vein, or saving her. There is no more conundrum, it's a black and white, do what's right, scenario. That's so lazy. It's insulting! The conflict of doing what's best for humanity vs. doing what's best for the ones you love is a difficult decision to make. But, with people trying to come up with excuses, they make the decision simple. Why? Why not appreciate the nuance? Furthermore, we're to assume the Fireflies would succeed in developing a vaccine. Even the developers verified this. Furthermore, if the Fireflies developed a vaccine, they can share their findings with everyone including the military. They can all work on vaccines that can be used on a large handful of people. Not everyone would need vaccinated, just the people who are sent out to clean up the infected. Those who are not vaccinated will still be quarantined but as humanity begins to take back the world, they can obtain more supplies to immunize more people. Please, don't let this video act like there's some sort of hidden logic that proves Joel was 100% in the right. It's not a matter of right vs. wrong, it's a matter of saving humanity or saving one person you love. So many people want to believe they would save humanity, but they also want to save Ellie. Since they can't have it both ways, they try to make up excuses.
AMARILIS CATCLAW (10 months ago)
Omg i loves this ty... I wanna experience the game!
Rafael Taveras (10 months ago)
No doubt, one of the greatest games.
BangingMash (10 months ago)
Dont agree with the hospital bit, Davids men assuming they're infected. I mean they send men in to kill them. Infected dont talk or shoot guns, and Joel gets impaled fighting one of them off. So either David was misinformed, or him and his people are truly a load of cunts.
Elmithian (10 months ago)
Doesn't matter if he was a parent. I can understand why he did it, doesn't mean we should forgive him. Nevertheless, the resistance movement went about this all wrong. They should have spent time trying to (or pretend to) seek other measures to extract the cure without killing Ellie and only bring it up once all of those methods had failed... To *her*. Give her the illusion of choice, give her space after telling her about the only possible solution left. Let her process these news and remind her of those she knew before who would have lived if the cure had been around then. Unlike Joel she still retains a lot of humanity and that is what the resistance should have played on. He was a broken mess desperately seeking out any way of personal "redemption". A walking time bomb waiting to happen. I can see where Joel is coming from. But that doesn't excuse him from his actions. Neither are the resistance's actions excusable.
NoNameC68 (9 months ago)
Imagine you're an inmate, sentenced to death. You know what day you're going to be killed. You know how it's going to happen. And when you see the doctor pull out a needle to put you to sleep, you know you won't be waking up. Can you imagine how stressful that would be? Can you imagine a 14 year old going through that? That's why Marlene wanted to go through with the operation right away, so she didn't have to go through that. At least, I believe that's reasonable to assume. That said, I am glad that you didn't fall for this whole, "Well, Joel had no choice, Ellie's death would have been in vein", BS. I love the conflict and too many people can't appreciate it because they're used to black and white, right vs. wrong, scenarios. It's good to see someone else who sees Joel's actions as not being entirely good, to see the nuances of the situation. : )
ACE ROB (10 months ago)
Ryan you have such a talent for your analysis of a story - Thank you and keep doing what you do. 5 Stars
stathamajf (10 months ago)
Yahtzee had it right, 'Fuck You Got Mine' is the order of the day, and while that makes for an interesting story it damn sure doesn't make for sympathetic characters.
Riot Breaker (10 months ago)
In a way, this is very poetic, we as humans are obsessed with protecting our loved ones and finding cures to diseases. In choosing family over a cure, it is humanity who turned on itself. Finally stopping humanity's obsession with cures and forcing the natural state of the world to play out for better or for worse.
Awesome World of Music (10 months ago)
I can't still figure out that was tlou ending happy or a sad ending?
Awesome World of Music (10 months ago)
if Joel would lose Ellie in the hospital he would do a suicide I can just feel it
Max S. (10 months ago)
There originally was nothing said by Ellie at the end. They decided to put in "Okay" because it was very typical for Ashley Johnson, Ellie's actress, to reply with "Ok" to pretty much any input. Only when comparing both versions did the makers decide that it fit the moment. Plus, the shot of Ellie with her changing facial expression is a homage to "The Road", which features a very similar scene.
KingRayque (11 months ago)
People are saying Joel is selfish for sacrificing humanity for Ellie's life. Even if they were able to develop a vaccine, it would not change the standards of the people. And I just want to clarify that vaccine prevents an infection and a cure removes it. I agree with Joel's philosophy. So what if a cure or vaccine was created. He experienced a lot of harshness in his travels and humanity is beyond saving and the Fireflies think a vaccine will change everything. All they can change is the health of people but their standards will remain as it is. The Fireflies are too optimistic and believe that the world will be better immediately with a vaccine while Joel is a realist. Henry for example, he thinks joining if he joins Fireflies he will make a difference but he is soft. He is not as experienced as Joel or even Ellie. Henry is like those Fireflies, they think joining them will make a difference and help humanity but in the end killed himself because he can't face reality. I understand that he was grieving for Sam but his lack of realism puts him in a bad spot unlike Joel who's daughter killed by a human made him realize that humans and infected are no different, no matter how smart a human is. Call it selfishness if you want but Joel is a realist and wise. In the end, his pessimism faded and all he ever wanted was a peaceful life for himself and his loved ones. Just by learning this I learned a cure or a vaccine will not change the standards of a person. Only someone or something can do it and the "cure" to Joel is Ellie.
NoNameC68 (9 months ago)
"People are saying Joel is selfish for sacrificing humanity for Ellie's life." Yes, because we can appreciate nuance. "Even if they were able to develop a vaccine, it would not change the standards of the people." Not everyone is a hunter. There are many good people out there, in fact the majority likely are good. " He experienced a lot of harshness in his travels and humanity is beyond saving and the Fireflies think a vaccine will change everything." The threat to humanity's existence is the fungus. Creating a vaccine to become immune to infection is a HUGE deal! It would allow groups of people to clean up the infected with far less risk of becoming infected! It would be such a massive break through, what do you mean it would amount to nothing?! "Call it selfishness if you want but Joel is a realist and wise." No, he's not being realistic or wise. He doesn't care about humanity, and he didn't save Ellie simply because he knew it wouldn't work. Even if Joel knew Ellie would be sacrificed with a 100% of fixing everything that's wrong with the world, he would have saved her still. He didn't weigh out whether or not the vaccine would work or if it would even help humanity, he saved Ellie because he didn't care about the vaccine. The ending is beautiful! Either Joel lets Ellie's life be ended for a vaccine that will revolutionize human history, or he saves her and forsakes the world of a vaccine. Joel, choosing to save Ellie, is a bitter sweet ending. It's fantastic because there was no clear right answer. But you and the person who made this video are dumbing down the ending. You're turning it into this choice of saving Ellie, or letting her die in vein. Where's the beauty in that? Where's the conflict? It's lazy. It's an excuse to shy away from a difficult decision and to turn it into an obvious answer. Embrace the endings for what it's supposed to be. Even the writers verified the vaccine would have revolutionized the world!
TheVDaddyo (11 months ago)
Nicely done
Adam Smasher (11 months ago)
This is all blatantly obvious...
Oscar Hayden (11 months ago)
Your psychologist friend seriously lacks professionalism or mentioning it is just something you should not have done. Lack of communication easily develop from the world they live in, we don't see Bill long enough that anyone, even an experienced psychiatrist could tell he has both manic and depressed period constantly.
Marcelo Guia (11 months ago)
Interesting view to it... Now that I think of it THAT and a mix of Ellie's disappointment towards the end might be what she actually felt in the ending. Maybe in part 2 when she finds out the truth she won't be too mad at Joel if this is how she felt. So the quote from ND "TLoU Part 2 will be a story about hate" might take a very different route from what might be expected. Great video, made me really look at the ending differently.
Guy Named Max (11 months ago)
Here’s all the characters in this game (some were only seen or mentioned one time) 1. Joel 2. Ellie 3. Tommy 4. Bill 5. Tess 6. Buckley (Tommy’s dog) 7. Callas (Tommy’s horse) 8. Earl (One of Tommy’s town workers) 9. David 10. Ethan (first firefly that Joel kills at the hospital) 11. Frank (Bill’s partner) 12. Jimmy cooper (first runner that we see) 13. James (David’s friend) 14. Kari (one of the doctors at the hospital) 15. Malick (Possibly Tess’s former boyfriend) 16. Terrence (One of Tess’s workers) 17. Maria (Tommy’s wife) 18. Sarah 19. Henry 20. Sam 21. Riley abel (Ellie’s best friend) 22. Robert (Joel and Tess’s former enemy) 23. Winston (Solider at the Boston QZ) 24. Anna (Ellie’s mom) 25. Ish (unknown person) 26. John (One of the hunters) 27. Ramirez (One of the Boston QZ soilders that Tess killed)
Tis Yourself (1 year ago)
Great, great video. Also nice to hear an accent from our island.
andrea piro (1 year ago)
i just finished the game, the ending was kinda deep but something like " i knew something like this would be the end" If you analyze the game you see is not going towards a happy ending, so you can expect this. My thoughts are: Joel isn't able to accept his daughter death specially cause a human killed her and not a infected. So when ellie come into the game, he try as much as he can to distance himself from her, but he fail doing that since they pass to much time and things together, and start to replace his daughter place with ellie. Everything else is just talk.. In a enviroment like this, i see all his action completely logic, and absolutely not from an ill minded guy, more like a self delusional one, which is pretty normal in today society, many people are like that even today and without absurd living condition. People say "he chose ellie over humanity" ... but the game never stated that there aren't any others with ellie condition they only talk about america basically.. And when the fireflies try to find the cure, it's no where mentioned that they can suceed 100% with the reverse ingeneering, i wouldn't sacrifice a person for a chance that is not at least very VERY high to save humanity, plus as Ryan mentioned in the video, the fireflies are in fight with government, so yea... they find the cure, what will happen after that? In a world twisted like that, there can be people fighting to get the antidote and kill with even less problems. Plus others could just prefer to rule their own "place" over going back to how life was before. and many many other scenario could be happening. So i totally get why he lied at ellie at the end, and from the "ok" she say, i even think she know he lied but go along with him anyway cause she doesn't want to be alone / die alone. In my opinion everything that happen in this game "psycologically talking" is totally normal.
SamWallace Artisan (1 year ago)
Not a bad interpretation, but some of the segues and transitions between points could have been smoother; sometimes it felt like you changed the subject too quickly.
Cat's Schrödinger (1 year ago)
Joel isn't selfish. He's human. He was in deep distress and Ellie was all that could save him. It was instict for him to cling to her. I subbed for 17:45 onward. Your editing, the footage, what you were saying made that shit perfect.
Cat's Schrödinger (1 year ago)
It doesn't matter how many times I've seen it, that scene where Ellie brings up Sarah grips me every single time. Fucking incredible. Honestly man these videos are like cocaine to me.
oh,this is what the founding of republicans ment,so it's saying gangs will keep humanity safe in dark times.
im independent,this channel is philosophy obviously so it's a +,I lean toward democrat more because it's open,news doesn't represent the parties,seth mcfarlene and Mike judge do.
Jonny Bravo (1 year ago)
Just beat this game for the second time. Literally made me tear up. Ive never had that in a GAME. Fucking gem
MakBadGam (1 year ago)
This game isn't supposed to have a sequel. It's not a question of whether they could add to it, but rather, should they add to it.
Larch (1 year ago)
Absolutely fantastic video, you hit the nail right on the head.
GertrudesSister (1 year ago)
I love analysis and theory's on games it just gives them so much more meaning when you play them again
me nan mate (1 year ago)
My all time favoured game
Bowlfuls (1 year ago)
They probably would have killed her for no reason we will never know if she was the cure or not plus I would have been pretty upset if Ellie died
This Is Fine (1 year ago)
I think Joel was kinda justified for saving Ellie, though not really for killing all the fireflies. Even if they made a vaccine and killed Ellie, how will they produce it? They don't have factories to produce all the chemicals needed in the average process: I'd say they'd struggle to even culture Ellie's strain with the sensitive instruments required. How will they distribute the vaccine? They can't cure the infected (Even if they kill the mushroom brain trauma or sepsis will take hold as the mycelium rots), so they will always be an issue. What would happen when they've been vaccinated? As said, they may become immune, but that doesn't help against tenatuous hoards who will just as easily tear out your jugular than infect you. Nothing would change.
NoNameC68 (9 months ago)
They don't need to produce all the vaccines, they just need to figure out how it's created so they can share their findings with the rest of the world. The government would also be interested in looking at the data, running tests, and creating vaccines as well. And not everyone would need to be vaccinated. Clean up groups would be the first priorities, so they could wipe out infected with far less risk of dying. To say nothing would change is foolish. It's also lazy. Why struggle with the decision to either create a vaccine or save Ellie when you can argue it into a situation of either saving Ellie or letting her die in vein? It takes a bitter sweet ending, where humanity loses its chance at a cure, and turns it into a cliche, right vs wrong, the answer was obvious, scenario. *YAWN*
Ruby Rodd (1 year ago)
I'm really not feeling this. everything this guy is saying seems like he's reaching for meaning in areas that's just part of game design in general. oh well.
Smirqs Edits (1 year ago)
this game was amazing, thee! #1 best game to ever exist
SkimJab (1 year ago)
What Joel did wasn't right. But Fuck I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing.
TheDalmah (1 year ago)
Okay this sounds crazy, but even though you don't have an american accent, the way you say society is the exact way people say it in the southern U.S.. You're accent is literally proof of how close modern southern U.S. 's accent is to historical British accents

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