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WarZ Bandit compilation! HD 1080P (Part 2)

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WATCH IN HD 1080P! REMEMBER TO CHECK MY TWITCH! maybe im live!! twitch.tv/samleie - twitch.tv/samleie - twitch.tv/samleie - Remember to like and subscribe please! i use alot of time on creating videoes and i enjoy it, so hopefully i'll get some more views! :D Allso! I DO NOT HACK! I dont care if there are hackers, even tho thats the only people who can kill me! ;p song 1: overwerk - daybreak song 2: Muse - Supermassive black hole song 3: Linkin Park - Bleed it out
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Text Comments (51)
Nordmo (2 years ago)
Gode gamle dager!
lollian1 (1 year ago)
et stort savn...
Gege35 (2 years ago)
WarZ camp on glitchy building compilation! HD 1080P (Part2)
lollian1 (5 years ago)
guess ill play some GTA, or black ops or Battlefield, love shooter games!
Sharpor66 (5 years ago)
hope you will man cuz you are insane in this game tbh.
Sharpor66 (5 years ago)
exactly man... i dont understand why ppl say this game is so bad. yea hope i will get chance to play with ya man
lollian1 (5 years ago)
no idea, kinda mad at this game ... but hard to avoid playing it too
Sharpor66 (5 years ago)
i really hope so man if they dont... are you gonna get a another warz ?
lollian1 (5 years ago)
hehe, won't be any new vids for at least 2 weeks if they dont hurry upp and unnbann me,.... :/
Sharpor66 (5 years ago)
No problem man ;) hope it will help you in pvp so you will make better vids, cant wait for more you are good!
lollian1 (5 years ago)
really? thanks :oo
Sharpor66 (5 years ago)
When you use NV change your brightness to lowest so you can see clear and better ;)
lollian1 (5 years ago)
didn't work like that when this wasfilmed i belive :) but yeah, its a good tip
MDz (5 years ago)
nice nice but when you are in fight try to sometime get down when someone is shoting to you (but only first person trick) so they will shot like to standing person, but you will be lying good tip ?
lollian1 (5 years ago)
thanks mate! ive upploaded a new video :)
charlie (5 years ago)
the hackers did ruin the game... because if there were no hackers they wouldnt need to combat them at all
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Show me what u got :)
lollian1 (5 years ago)
I'm glad to hear someone like my videoes! :D thank you for the kind words, and thank you for the support! i do this without payment, so i only make them to entertain other people :) at least those who like the video.... :P Thanks again man, share it! i want as many as possible to watch it without even recomend it on other videoes ^^ as i said, i dont want any money for theese videoes, i dont monitor them even tho im partnered :)
Truth B (5 years ago)
The hackers didn't ruin the game, the dev's ruined the game by not combating the hackers correctly. See you in the game. - War Z Irish Hacker
MinusPlus Minus (5 years ago)
he says he don't hack all that gear sure looks like he is by his gear
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Mamilos De Tartaruga (5 years ago)
i was being sarcastic about your sarcasm...
Jack Opitz (5 years ago)
full of him self
Sir Magnitude (5 years ago)
i can really learn about shooting with you,awesome video and keep shooting like this
you fucking glitcher
Kek Boy (5 years ago)
not to long ago i was walking to safe zone right out side of it i was kinda on a cliff not high up then i walked down and it looked safe i fucking died from falling and i had a masadai was so fucking angry that i just quit
Krzysztof Chrzanowski (5 years ago)
08:20 how you go there?
lollian1 (5 years ago)
ofcourse i dont like hackers :P they ruined this game... imagaine it without, such a big sucessful game!
Mamilos De Tartaruga (5 years ago)
do you really love hackers or is it sarcasm?
sem scholten (5 years ago)
you can get that in camp splinter fairly easy go look there oke !!
sem scholten (5 years ago)
dude your awesome i like your vids plz make more are you gonno do a give away iv been looking for a aw.magnum for ages now but i cant find it can you maby help me out a bit and maby i can join your clan and have fun message me back when you want to !! bye
1337sARK (5 years ago)
Wow, hopefully you were not banned xDD
lollian1 (5 years ago)
nono, i know this guy, him and his clan "The Black Watch" betrayed me because i had 3 k-style helmet and 4 c-mags and tons of items. then they tried to bann me by sending inn fake reports of me hacking. his just 1 little f*ggot
1337sARK (5 years ago)
I think he was talking about the hackers who killed you in the video :\
blesssirvio (5 years ago)
hey can i join your clan and play with you im ok i wont say im good since i die a lot and barely kill anyone because im too nice
manoXD5000 (5 years ago)
teksi (5 years ago)
Do you play WarZ? :) :D
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Thanks :D
Thai4Viet (5 years ago)
Wow just amazing!
FatEskimo (5 years ago)
when u started playing the muse song i knew to keep watching and not do my homework lo. also, where do u get your blazer ammo?
lollian1 (5 years ago)
You are making your own channel innto a hall of shame, i dont hack as the video show. If you look at the kills, i dont use 3 bullets, not 5 but i use 10-20 bullets to kill 1 guy. Stop spamming my channel with this useless crap
lollian1 (5 years ago)
On the side there are a ladder, just sprint onto that a coupple of times and u get gliched upp ^^ allso i play on servers with 15-25 players on ^^ too many hackers in 50+
Andreas Engen (5 years ago)
det går bra ;)
lollian1 (5 years ago)
sorry :(
Andreas Engen (5 years ago)
du killa meg i dag i campos :( i skole bygningen :(
lollian1 (5 years ago)
allmost 200 kills total on my main "Condom" allso you were a really good co-operative mate! thank you alot for the help jordy! :D
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Thank you alot man :D Im glad someone enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed making it! just had to collect all the sniper kills ^^
Jordy Debie (5 years ago)
ye we beet many guys there thats was nice job and nice sniping
lollian1 (5 years ago)
thank you. Anyone can kill me legit upp there, just log on me? i dont have hacks so i cant tell if anyone is behind me. allso east to get upp so i dont know :p
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Thank you!
Chris (5 years ago)
good montage but i wont call it pure skill. no blaming but i mean in many parts of that vid u got a big advantage on a roof with your sniper. anyway well done and good luck for u and your channel

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