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House Flipper | Handyman Meaty #1

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Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/613100/House_Flipper/ Subscribe for more: http://www.youtube.com/user/meatwagon22?sub_confirmation=1 playlist: Expand the description for more ▼ Check out my vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisXVlogs Follow my twitter: https://twitter.com/meatwagon22 Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22
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Text Comments (83)
Larry Fick (2 months ago)
Enjoy your HF videos. I've been playing this for 2 months. Keep them coming, I'll watch (and subscribed).
Jackson Darby (2 months ago)
I know if he is having fun that's all that matters but.... I'm sitting here watching him play Minecraft, RPGs and shooter games. Also zombies and all that jazz. Then he plays house flippers. It's funny to me.
Victoria TDC (3 months ago)
Lol love the vid meaty
lrb6376 (3 months ago)
Just to be clear cheeseburger from far cry 5
Taylor Wenzlaff (4 months ago)
This game 🎮 looks fun
Joe Pastula (4 months ago)
cleaning machine. jammmm
Djnerfstudios (4 months ago)
I bet gunns saw the video and said, "that's my favorite color!!"
Nope20111 (4 months ago)
Great game!
Jasmina Behremoviic (4 months ago)
Hello martha steward lol
Paula Lamalie (4 months ago)
Oh Gunns will have a field day with this!!!
Ian Irizarry (4 months ago)
don't trade your bfg9000 for a mop just yet you may still need it to clear one of the houses of monsters
Travisc 1975 (4 months ago)
Meaty ya it look cool but it still a little funny to see you play this I like it rock on Meaty from the 1%of MHN (hope you Know what that means)
Summor Padilla (4 months ago)
BTW, House Flipper isn't early access. huh 7 years to Alpha, yup i'm talking to you!
glamafonic (4 months ago)
I like this game. It's soothing.
Garbear Myers (4 months ago)
Meaty play more off the wall games like this. They're awesome
themighty 12345 (4 months ago)
It looks like a fun little game :)
OhSoCali (4 months ago)
Oh, this is perfect for Meaty Stewart.😂 And yay, for Cheeseburger in a wingsuit!
wild boy76 (4 months ago)
do more plz love this game
no name (4 months ago)
I haven't been getting notified you were uploading videos and I have the bell icon hit
Dane Hughes (4 months ago)
Lol what a change of pace from you're normal gaming, i like it.
LetsPlay gaming (4 months ago)
People would think I'm weird if I told them I watch a guy on YouTube clean houses in a game for fun. But it's entertaining.
MadDog10013 (4 months ago)
Oddly Satisfying: The Game
HamstersaurasCrow (4 months ago)
This was awesome, very much enjoyed this one Meaty!!
brian herman (4 months ago)
Not too shabby!
Barnaby0014 (4 months ago)
I like this game meaty keep playing it!
Monkeyshines Productions (4 months ago)
It's gunnses bike
MisGiggidy (4 months ago)
Martha Meaty.
The Dude ? (4 months ago)
I seriously found this to be quite entertaining especially when it's with Meaty
Bryant McCall (4 months ago)
It’s $20 USD seems WORTH!!
Comander Mcgarrett (4 months ago)
For inspiration watch some fixer upper on hgtv.
Dan Mitchell (4 months ago)
OMG I love this game and now Meaty is playing it, you'll be playing Farming Simulator next.............I hope lol
Dan Mitchell (4 months ago)
He does read comments I know that. He won't always respond because to be honest it would take all day to reply to the amount of comments he gets. I know he sees my comments because me and him are like major buddies lol
Comander Mcgarrett (4 months ago)
Dan Mitchell dont even know if he responds to commets or sees them.
Dan Mitchell (4 months ago)
That would be a dream come true but don't think it will happen
Comander Mcgarrett (4 months ago)
Dan Mitchell i hope he will play fs19 when it comes out.
DJG62 (4 months ago)
I saw this game and it looked neat so I am glad I get to see ya play it some and debate on if I want it or not. Also have a nice day meatheads and meaty
kris gilbert (4 months ago)
Exotic Gaming (4 months ago)
Meaty when are you going to stream again
Dylan Seeley (4 months ago)
HEY meaty I have my 1first baseball game wish me luck and I give a huge shout out for people that play sports
frank Ortiz (4 months ago)
Cyclone ElimiNATEor (4 months ago)
You should play this again because it's calming. I'd play it myself but I don't have enough money 😂.
Jacklynn Taylor (4 months ago)
Just to let you know every time you put a picture on the wall it costs you money. The image you put was around 500-600$ In the game. Keep making these videos they are good!
Elmer Escalante (4 months ago)
You know it's seems like a chill and fun game to play
Thunder Child (4 months ago)
Look kinda relaxing
Meaty try car mechanic simulator 2018, its similar, but with cars.
Dan Mitchell (4 months ago)
I think he'd love that game TBH and he'd be real good like
brandon guillory (4 months ago)
great video chris can not wat to see you flipper your frist house
gage wilson (4 months ago)
This looks like its gonna e a good series enjoyed the video keep up the good work meaty
ShareWorthy (4 months ago)
I like it! The fact that two different people play it differently is key, two different styles and commentary..means it's like a meaty exclusive.
alex fullerton (4 months ago)
Love it meaty cleaner meaty on the job
Wynter Wolf (4 months ago)
Part two meaty?
Chip Factz (4 months ago)
reminds me of sims abit but keep playing it look gd
Reuben Kisten (4 months ago)
Meaty in a FRENCH maids outfit ..... Just imagine lol From slaying dragons, smashing zombies, killing thugs, shooting faces to now ....cleaning bathrooms and sweeping lmao
Catherine Spann (4 months ago)
I always use my mop to clean my stovetop 😂
Sherry Cheung (4 months ago)
Catherine Spann I
Catherine Spann (4 months ago)
LetsPlay gaming perfect logic, I’m stealing that
LetsPlay gaming (4 months ago)
I just don't clean the stovetop, especially the dirty house. I don't want my mop to get dirty.
joshua lee (4 months ago)
..... u guys cant be serious
Wor Jackie (4 months ago)
Catherine Spann I use my to clean the kitchen sink but not until I've mopped the toilet.
Catherine Spann (4 months ago)
This seems perfect for you lol looks like fun!
Joaquin Rutjes (4 months ago)
Hiya meaty ! Liking this chill kinda game
Games Unit (4 months ago)
Edward White (4 months ago)
actually really enjoyed this
Big Boy Lex (4 months ago)
Great vid Meaty!
Moses Cadriel (4 months ago)
Looks fun
HeIsDaChoosena (4 months ago)
Awesome vid meaty! Definitely gotta try this out looks fun!
daniel schneider (4 months ago)
More please. Do a mini series
gaurav purao (4 months ago)
Jakie Chan (4 months ago)
cheeseburger in the wingsuit! had me dying omg
KillerPigeon (4 months ago)
This looks fun, is it avavible on steam?
Cyclone ElimiNATEor (4 months ago)
KillerPigeon check the description
Moshe Mazor (4 months ago)
Yes it is avaliable on steam
Streetkid _ (4 months ago)
Love you and your vid meaty I've been watching you since I was like 8 or 9 and I'm 14 now I loved the old Minecraft vids skyblock stuff and all that keep up the great work and "Handyman Meaty" sounds like a porn haha
CaMpAdAtA (4 months ago)
Your wife should be proud
Truth Seeker ツ (4 months ago)
been livin in black mold for 3 years now. fun stuff.
lightning1402 (4 months ago)
I read the title as "house flippy"
Michelle Wilson (4 months ago)
Handyman meaty to the rescue!! Yay
MrMike1995 (4 months ago)
Let the wackiness begin!
Brandon Brooks (4 months ago)
LeDoctorTurtle (4 months ago)
hi meaty!!
BACONMANZ12 3 (4 months ago)
love the vid
Tracey Yamamoto (4 months ago)
First comment
Tracey Yamamoto (4 months ago)

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