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Ericsson T65 retro review (old ringtones, games & wallpapers) vintage phone

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Belle Sylvio (5 months ago)
I do get one till now,but i can't have its battery......could you help me to purchase one please?
Adrián Alcón Żurawka (5 months ago)
i find some of them from ebay, from Germany
Mad Max (6 months ago)
Jeden z lepszych telefonów
Adrián Alcón Żurawka (5 months ago)
Super, uwielbiam ten zielony/niebieski kolor od ekranu 8:35
Dana R (1 year ago)
Thank you!!!!!!
+Dana R thank you too for your support watching my videos Dana ;) Regards!
skazar (2 years ago)
dude , i have one of this but cant turn this on. recently i bought a charger for it cuz i really wanna make this work. can you help me ?
+Adrián Alcón Żurawka * I'm Adrian Zurawka on Facebook
+tipatawedw Thanks, add me on Facebook, and we could talk via cam and i will show you how to open it ;) Torx screwer is needed
skazar (2 years ago)
ofc i subbed dude. can you help me through skype or sth cuz i dont wanna damage the phone. I cant open the back cover
Hi my friend, mine didn't turn on too. I quit the back cover, removed the old battery (more than 10 years, it's completly died) and turn it on with a 18650 battery. You can see that in my video "how to turn on any cell phone" search it in my channel ;) If you have more questions, please ask me. :) subscribe plz
Luis Jiménez (2 years ago)
jajajajajajaja 3:28 😂😂😂😂😂
Luis Jiménez (2 years ago)
una del sony ericsson t630
Luis Jiménez (2 years ago)
+Adrián Alcón Żurawka a bueno eso esta bnn😌
Tampoco tengo este lo siento :( Pero intento subir videos de nuevos moviles cada dia ;)

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