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Nuclear Explosion Power Comparison

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We take a look at the size and power of explosions created from a hand grenade to the Tsar Bomba and beyond. Its not just nvkes but supervolcano eruptions & meteor impacts as well. It is indeed a terrifying true scale of nuclear weapons. PS: It is supposed to be Cobalt Bomb instead of Colbat at 0:58 . Additionally, at 1:37 , "Whole island sank" instead of sinked. Note: This video is for information and entertainment purpose only. Please support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/reigarw and receive limited edition posters, cards, wallpapers, deleted items and more. Special Thanks to our Comparison Master - Bud1964! Explosion Effects created by Pigment Ajans - Visual Effects (used with permission) Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQSLwcK_lejOco-TX6mZutg (Do subscribe to him!) Music: Ossuary 1 - A Beginning by Kevin Macload Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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Reigarw Comparisons (1 year ago)
Hi everyone. We've created Patreon so that you can experience much more than just a Youtube Video. Hop on over to our Patreon to see Deleted Items, Visual Posters, Limited Edition Cards, Easter Eggs, Wallpapers and much more! https://www.patreon.com/reigarw Please also visit & subscribe to Pigment Ajans who created these amazing explosion effects.
Klajdi Bako (23 hours ago)
How but a full power kamehameha from goku
Dislike My video (1 day ago)
don't read my name
Dislike My video (1 day ago)
Don't read my please please
Man In The Wilderness (3 days ago)
The Asteroid that hit the Earth is still just a theory....not proven.....
Dennyboy (1 hour ago)
why do you stop using further multipliers after kT? Instead of writing ''1,000 kT'' write ''1 GT''
Ujjwal Gulati (1 hour ago)
1:01 fat man and little boy are same
shittu oluwatobi (3 hours ago)
What is dead may never die
joyce8708 (3 hours ago)
JollygoblinPlaysMc _ (4 hours ago)
What have we humans created .......
Gordon Sun (4 hours ago)
Wouldn't the deadliest explosion be the black hole bomb? Explained bu kurzgesagt: If we put a barrier around a black hole until the black hole overloads with energy, it will create the biggest explosion.
Gordon Sun (4 hours ago)
1:57 Yellow Stone Mountain: Get ready bois
Fucci Gang (5 hours ago)
I forgot the Minecraft 🧨 TNT
Raffay's Universe (5 hours ago)
0:59 how tf are those 2 named little boy and fat man
ЯД (5 hours ago)
Tsar bomb is ≈58 MT
Collien Empleo (6 hours ago)
When the dinosaurs died I think God repaired the earth because there's no way earth can recover so fast with that destruction that is what I'm thinking like if you agree
pivot (6 hours ago)
this atomic power is the solution to everything
The_TNT_Hunter (6 hours ago)
>:D (I don’t play minecraft btw)
scp 049 (6 hours ago)
*stop resisting am here to cure u*
Muhammad Fahreza (7 hours ago)
what about Toba's Explosion?
CADEN CADDELL (7 hours ago)
Michelle Hand (8 hours ago)
Well... you failed to mention one explosion far far greater than any gamma ray. The explosion that happens when i crank my pickup, especially on cold mornings. Its significantly larger
Paul Donvito (8 hours ago)
video educational yet depressing... dare to read the comments?!
Cat Courageous (9 hours ago)
How did the world not end?
Ibrahim Dragon (9 hours ago)
Really giant
Felipe Gianordoli (11 hours ago)
my cock is bigger
William burd (11 hours ago)
Well if the earth does get destroyed, I rather it be from space of a gamma ray burst so we just vaporize pain free ....
FoxyJuniorTPF Roblox (12 hours ago)
V lone (13 hours ago)
Why do the explosions look like they belong on meme comps
StarRider8 (13 hours ago)
Rip headphone users.
A B (14 hours ago)
Only the God can create.
Gunner (14 hours ago)
Man! Its like Darth Vader or Darksied's ultimatium video to Earth surrender or perish 😂
erick001bc (14 hours ago)
The Big Bang...."Hold my beer."
Furkan Çelik (15 hours ago)
where is tic tock
daepic dramatic3 (15 hours ago)
daepic dramatic3 (15 hours ago)
daepic dramatic3 (15 hours ago)
Bedanto Sen (15 hours ago)
Wait you forgot the kamehamehaa
Valentin Willmann (16 hours ago)
#UdSSR and #DDR
Adith Mohan (17 hours ago)
You missed diwali explosion
Cristobal Bbb (17 hours ago)
The last one is a Kame Hame Ha? Lol
ankit siruvani (17 hours ago)
For now..... Damn a shrill ran down me
Vinny Nguyen's Channel (18 hours ago)
Until God Decides to Play too
It's sad how leaders kill many innocent families 😔
{ŚÄŚ}PŔØ HÃĆKÉŔ (18 hours ago)
@3:32 if you where that RICH!! 😲😲😵
Bilfahmi Ahmad Ramadhan (18 hours ago)
The all mega boom is krakatau Maybe
Blackfirefox (19 hours ago)
Next Time i want The biggest Explosion in The multiverse
DesGreySkry (19 hours ago)
0:58 Megumin
#0000FF (20 hours ago)
Admiral Ackbar (20 hours ago)
where can i buy one
Admiral Ackbar (20 hours ago)
i want tsar bomb
Peter Wyndham (21 hours ago)
Sweet vid but info/explosions flashed way too fast to be read n appreciated.
아이고Aigo (21 hours ago)
The cgi of a top tier movie
Lava FX (22 hours ago)
*fat man* ... are you racist to fat mans?
ΕΚΤΟΡΑΣ TV (22 hours ago)
Shuric Scan Master David (23 hours ago)
Tryzer Electroshock (1 day ago)
The biggest explosion happened at.... MA FRIEND'S TOILET
Joel lafotanoa (1 day ago)
can't wait! gonna be so soon :D
Спанч Боб (1 day ago)
Tsar Bomb- Царь бомба
Mr. Clock (1 day ago)
this is kim jong un's favorite video
laldinsanga palian (1 day ago)
Among all the burst what I feared the most is still my wife
NX _Nighter (1 day ago)
What has the earth created.....
I saw a murshroom
Randy Suwandy (1 day ago)
Where is toba supervolcano in earth explosion?
big brother (1 day ago)
Doesnt compare to the explosions you get from Taco Bell.
Mr. Zorro (1 day ago)
This will probably make Michael Bay fail no nut november
very interesting
Spiltz #863 (1 day ago)
God's Power Is Strong :v
OWNPlayz (1 day ago)
Directed by Michael Bay
Lance Miller (1 day ago)
TNT bbbbboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmm
rubberhamburger (1 day ago)
You forgot to include Death Stars and whatever that planet was called that they blew up in the Force Awakens.
Mirusha Malantonio (1 day ago)
Wow didnt know that explosions say: video by *idk um i couldnt see* (youtube)
Actually, nuclear missiles have More than 100000 Mt, but we Don't even know-how how much
Mirusha Malantonio (1 day ago)
3:09 When im angery
Mirusha Malantonio (1 day ago)
John Wick (1 day ago)
1:01 Moab vs the guy she told you not to worry about (colbat bomb)
Friendly Fox (1 day ago)
I was looking for a Michael Bay joke in the comments. But I gotta say this is way better than all Michael Bay movies combined.
Wayne T (1 day ago)
That's nothing compare to my exploding ass diarrhea after eating enchiladas.
John connor (1 day ago)
White people created nuclear weapons smh their kind causes too much trouble to the earth.
you forgot one my nuclear farts
JaydenPlayz (1 day ago)
Welp only like a billion more years until the sun dies and creates a black hole
F6 Dark_2015 (1 day ago)
How about when the cube exploded
MaxStar56 (1 day ago)
Big Boom
materie-antimaterie bomb adolf hitler STRENG GEHEIM!
Challenges Awake (1 day ago)
Supervolcano explosion: Thanos snapped.
Wow the super eruption will be Yellowstone then oO
iRanast hell (1 day ago)
Gamer Lime (1 day ago)
You forgott the Death-Star.
Riley Simion (1 day ago)
Tamim Yaseen (1 day ago)
All of us are now on the US Watchlist
Jacob Li (1 day ago)
3:07 O_O
Pizza No Mi (1 day ago)
thunder0ne100 (1 day ago)
What about the death star ?
Snakey Mations (1 day ago)
That’s nothing, watch my butt explode
Farokh Kaardan (1 day ago)
this video was made by a forth grader
Muhammed Mufeed (1 day ago)
Slow down son.
PurkkiPvP (1 day ago)
I think people are stupid. They made bombs that can explode full world. Why the fuck?
Real The Snowman (1 day ago)
1:40 the whole island SINKED did it? It SINKED. The whole thing just SINKED right before me very eyes.
Albert Aquino (1 day ago)
I have this theory that this so called the strike of the astoroid that hit mexico is actually the Moon, then the extintion of the dinasor was actually caused by the "Great Flood" as said by the bible.
MaxSolar0713 (1 day ago)
Really Legit.
martinrv570 (1 day ago)
Forget about that planet that explosion made our moon
ToxicYT839 (1 day ago)
I love it when it says “Fat Man” on the list.
Richmond Harrell (1 day ago)
Those weapons are primitive I will show you the most technologically advanced weapons in the link. Click on it https://youtu.be/h7UMAToQczw
Diana Dee (1 day ago)
Huh not surprise half of that explotion created by americans

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