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Nuclear Explosion Power Comparison

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We take a look at the size and power of explosions created from a hand grenade to the Tsar Bomba and beyond. Its not just nvkes but supervolcano eruptions & meteor impacts as well. It is indeed a terrifying true scale of nuclear weapons. PS: It is supposed to be Cobalt Bomb instead of Colbat at 0:58 . Additionally, at 1:37 , "Whole island sank" instead of sinked. Note: This video is for information and entertainment purpose only. Please support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/reigarw and receive limited edition posters, cards, wallpapers, deleted items and more. Special Thanks to our Comparison Master - Bud1964! Explosion Effects created by Pigment Ajans - Visual Effects (used with permission) Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQSLwcK_lejOco-TX6mZutg (Do subscribe to him!) Music: Ossuary 1 - A Beginning by Kevin Macload Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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Reigarw Comparisons (10 months ago)
Hi everyone. We've created Patreon so that you can experience much more than just a Youtube Video. Hop on over to our Patreon to see Deleted Items, Visual Posters, Limited Edition Cards, Easter Eggs, Wallpapers and much more! https://www.patreon.com/reigarw Please also visit & subscribe to Pigment Ajans who created these amazing explosion effects.
Zeven RT (11 hours ago)
Reigarw Comparisons 2:29 por que Mexico ... video de mierda .me dususcribo
Daniel Jung (5 days ago)
What about the black hole bomb
Janie Roberson (26 days ago)
The Crazy Tornado the biggest tornado at you seen
Janie Roberson (26 days ago)
Reigarw Comparisons a video about nukes
Oakley Maclean (1 month ago)
Reigarw Comparisons thanks for including the Halifax explosion for your examples because I know a lot about it because I’m Fromm Nova Scotia which Halifax is the capital
Adam Meatballs (4 hours ago)
So basically we America can destroy everybody
Patrick Killyou (9 hours ago)
well ...i must admit that my fart is twice powerful than any gamma supernova blast...
Zeven RT (11 hours ago)
mclightning88 (13 hours ago)
[Nuclear] Winter is coming!
Rodrigo Tiger (15 hours ago)
Ray gamma will kill only life on earth but earth it self will remain.
John Foudy (23 hours ago)
John Foudy (23 hours ago)
Wait... the meteor that wiped out the Dinosaurs hot Mexico
Juanxito 837 (1 day ago)
Y la bomba cae en mexico malditos estadounidenses
Outer space to earth: WANNA PLAY A GAME?
Albert Lopez (1 day ago)
Earth's deadliest explosion was when theia hit earth
unicorn pug (1 day ago)
US has a strange bomb fetish
Micheal bay wet dream
Vaidik Patel (1 day ago)
big bang is largist .
Tom Win (1 day ago)
😲 Omg
First Builder Cedor (1 day ago)
3 Chapters of Truth (1 day ago)
You will see magnitude 10 shortly
SHAWN BISCUIT (1 day ago)
3:20 That's worse than Starkiller base. That's because it lasts several seconds. (I'd hate to be Mexico)
Richard Dudlets (1 day ago)
Way to quick. No time to take anything in
lauren :0 (2 days ago)
Well there goes my speakers and clean underwear
Marko Banovic (2 days ago)
Actually the Yellowstone is a super volcano...
bomba 64 (2 days ago)
Can you go faster next time?
Exajerodo el wiro
Aytron Senna (2 days ago)
Tsar waoow
Fnaf kill 23 (2 days ago)
dc Glam Girls (2 days ago)
me is the gamma burst thing because i eat alot of food and i fart like that...
Muizzudd Gamer (2 days ago)
Im feared if happen in irl,war nuke :I
sr creeper (2 days ago)
Tatical nuke incoming
Alberto Olivo Mtz (3 days ago)
men i love your animations, please do more like this
Zane Hutchins (3 days ago)
War never changes
Gabriel GamerTV (3 days ago)
Gamma Ray Bursts Only Destroy Weak And Small Planets But... Earth Is A Strong Planet and Gamma Ray bursts Dont destroy Earth.
ScarredDemon565 (3 days ago)
Hypernova star is the worst explosion in the universe? Well you haven't seen my mothers farts yet
truebigboss (3 days ago)
Most powerfull in the US, next also the most powerfull in the US, also the next one is also that!
l (3 days ago)
great editing skillz
Thais Lara (3 days ago)
hey have more one : a supernova
TheLordMemeGenerator (3 days ago)
The most deadly thing is the stupidity of humanity.
Rakha Kasep (3 days ago)
Whos watching in 2018?
Unknow Name xD (3 days ago)
under every title "Made in US" is with little title writed "Made in China"
Cameron Wolf (3 days ago)
It might not have been a fucking asteroid!!!?!?!?!?!!!??!?
Fart in car is the worst
Andor Ferencz (3 days ago)
What about Goku's spirit bomb? 🤔
Arcana PS2 (3 days ago)
Your comparaison is false, le most powerfull thing exist in our univers is the Higgs's Boson, if you stimule it, it destroy ALL of the univers, it's litteraly the exact opposite of the Big Bang
Xx stylo xx (3 days ago)
You are just rushing with the video
Melanie Tinoco (3 days ago)
Me taking a dump
Aqui muestra la mente desquiciada de la gente al crear tal masivas y destructivas. Bombas. El video estuvo en ingles
Saqib Javed (3 days ago)
Not bad
Matthew Kim (4 days ago)
Kim jong un must be proud
Heather Coronado (4 days ago)
Malen Owen (4 days ago)
Thanks, you made me cry in front of my friends (18 of them) an I'm 16
saitama (4 days ago)
Human logic: create power, to kill themself *slow clap*
Annoying Derp (4 days ago)
RIP Yellowstone Park
Ultra Instinct Boi (4 days ago)
So if you stood right next to a supervolcano and it erupted, you will be destroyed instantly?
alex castro montero (4 days ago)
halo tacos (5 days ago)
Porque la bomba la pones en mexico
Zaeboshi (5 days ago)
Too fast
Alexis Zaragoza (5 days ago)
been honest it sounds like some illuminati shit its going on , i cant imagined 30% of life or not event a 5% of all species cant really survived that type of impact , just that simple fact makes me realized that this mother fuckers are excusing all the inosent people they had killed and eventually they will be continue killing on the future , hitler i dont understand ¿¿where is your mistake?? you attacked the inosent poor jewsh and you let this sionist , racist classist people destroying the beautiful world our enemies are those how always abused of all the inosent and make this political asociations of corruption like the O.N.U that they does nothing to those countries who kills billion of billions of inosent people countries where i was used to serviced as a member of the special forces as a formal delta forces alpha and i had to said that this people is crazy literally this mother fuckers are really phschopats in specific 12 families and the family mother's of the real satan the 13 family or the bosses if you seems the reallity
Epic Songs (5 days ago)
2:36 rip headphones xD
Montanose sebalian (5 days ago)
What if the whole universe exploded
JSTG YT (5 days ago)
Tsar from URSS URSS > USA
Vincentalot-XD Elite (6 days ago)
Tsar bomba exploded in WW2. So did any scientist before see if its visible from outer space?
Pablo Chen (6 days ago)
How many tnt worth ton
Ella Jackson (6 days ago)
Luv graphics Please never show this again
Simon hong10 (6 days ago)
Kame hame haaaaaaaa 03:08
B. A gamer136 (6 days ago)
When some explosions they are the same but different names🤔🤔🤔
lloyd abaigar (6 days ago)
Nothing compared to my fart...
Jakub Jakub (6 days ago)
Ucing Garonk (6 days ago)
Bullshit!! About the extinction of dinos. Why another creatures still alive? Such kind of insects, fishes, primitive mammals? But it could be evident of another bullshit, such of fake atomic bombs of wwii. How could tiny bombs could flatened hiroshima - nagasaki? It required thousand bombs.
Lou Lou (6 days ago)
The nature is stronger than human
Bart Tare (7 days ago)
Ieltxu (7 days ago)
2:35 are the dreams of donald trump
Root Root (7 days ago)
Why did people invent those things
Locky (7 days ago)
Search up the black hole bomb, it's theoretically possible
Aiman Respawn (7 days ago)
I dont think astroid kill dinosaurus....cause i think human is bigger than dinosaour long time ago....we have big human bones as proof that human is big and then human from time to time became smaller until now...so im just imagine that animal being eaten by human .hahahahah
Deal with it (7 days ago)
Weebly Boy (7 days ago)
Where'd you guys get my mixtape from? It can cause a gamma ray burst don't play it!
PaxStyle (7 days ago)
Gamma ray actually bursted my eyes
Torch (7 days ago)
I won't sleep tonight
Rudstarvids 226 (7 days ago)
My eardrums there dead I had the volume all the way on
AkyraMS (7 days ago)
50% belong to north korea (no offense)
Krzysiek Dobrzański (8 days ago)
kamehameha 3:06
tryhardninja 2 (8 days ago)
3:07 Goku turns so big and mad that he dose Kam e hame
pacarnya ocong (8 days ago)
Ugandan Man (8 days ago)
Use your finger to scale it that way you feel safer
Konradas Kanapickas (8 days ago)
gamma burst is KAMEAWE?
Jam (8 days ago)
Gamma Ray Burst: Yet it only did 3 damage against shuckle!! (only pokemon fans will understand)
KingJazzaD12 (8 days ago)
How about comet shoemaker-levy that slammed into jupiter 10 or so years ago?
Zred (8 days ago)
i love this explosion, remember me for the good old time !
PlasmaYT (9 days ago)
Should’ve added the N1 rocket explosion. Largest known non nuclear explosion created by humans.
ed tm (9 days ago)
nice easter egg in 3:11 and it said that video by roigaraw (youtube )
Michael Ross (9 days ago)
Kanye west says "poopity scoop"
mlg guy (9 days ago)
BOOM SHAKALAKA BOOM! nothing, sorry
Atréyu 45 (9 days ago)
2:29 why mexico ???
THE LAST JEDI (9 days ago)
1:39 krakatoa!
Aureliano Delgadillo (9 days ago)
Wow......so much BAMBS
krazor8 (9 days ago)
Your forgot to add the explosion out of one's a us when consuming to. Much taco bell.. Or water in mexico
SnabDude Sevilla (9 days ago)
Big bang theory: hold my beer

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