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Far Cry 3 - Sam (All cutscenes)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 These are all the cinematics with Sam Becker, a supporting character in Far Cry 3. The text on the screen is in swedish. He is played by Stephen Bogaert. Not much is known about Sam, other than that he is an infiltrated agent, posing as a mercenary for Hoyt Volker in collaboration with the CIA through Rook Islands operative Willis Huntley. Huntley describes Sam as the last agent on the South Island. In-game dialogue reveals that Sam was born in Texas, who then moved and was raised in Germany due to his father, a Navy SEAL, being stationed there. Sam plans to asssassinate Hoyt but instead, is killed by surprise during the Poker game with Hoyt. Sam was apparently a US Marine at some point, sporting at least two USMC tattoos. Jason and Sam plans to kill Hoyt while they are playing Poker with him. Later, Jason and Sam joins Hoyt to play poker. After the game, Sam tries to signal Jason that he is going to attack and Hoyt then pulls out a knife and stabs Sam in the neck. Jason tries to assist Sam, but he is restrained from a soldier.
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Mentalno Poremećena (7 days ago)
Lol he looks like clasic nazi sterotype did and his reich cross on chest makes him even more like it but he is just good guy 😂😂😂😂😂 i loved him sadly he got 3 knife in his neck
Thompson M1928 (9 days ago)
Future Jew Overlord (17 days ago)
Sam fooled everyone... except for the great Hoyt. That’s why he promoted him so quickly
The husky :D (21 days ago)
Canadian Bakon (2 months ago)
Can anyone tell me the name iof the song that starts at 11:30? Heard it a few times in the game and been looking forever. It's my favourite part of the soundtrack.
Super British Cheese (2 months ago)
Holy shit, I just realized that in far cry u never blink...
teppolundgren (3 months ago)
6 years later, and it still hurts when thinking about how cheap Sam's death was. He was the greatest character in the franchise, and they literally stabbed him in the back (well, the neck, anyway). Fuck Jason Brody. I want a Sam Becker prequel. Fuck, ja!!!
Danny SJ (4 months ago)
"So, I was thinking on going stealth, knock out a few heavy armored guys, disabling any alarms and taking out the snipers in the vantage po-" *"BLITZKRIEEEEEEEEG"* "Or just battle cry and rush in head first against an entire army... Sure"
Viktooorio (5 months ago)
Das its gut, ja?
Valorene (5 months ago)
Despite seeing his death coming from a mile away it still made me sad.
Mac Russell (5 months ago)
I'm gonna miss that kraut.
I AM THE BOSS (5 months ago)
I hid a kinfe in my boot. Well yeah he certainly won't notice the one STRAPPED TO YOUR FUCKING CHEST
Schoen Perkins (5 months ago)
Peace Sam, you where to good for this world. Im sure he'se up high blitzkrieging with all 5he other good guys
king_of_bad_ ping (5 months ago)
22kingdomheartsfan (5 months ago)
He's my favorite.
maccrawinthejaw (6 months ago)
Sam's my favorite Far Cry character (Vaas just makes me angry). It's truly tragic that he was killed by Hoyt, of all people - I truly wanted to bash his face in with a brick, both for being a despicable sadist and for killing my favorite character.
01001100 01001101 (6 months ago)
KingStark (6 months ago)
“I have a knife hidden in my boot” He literally has one on his chest that is extremely visible lmfaoooooo
Umar Madagov (9 months ago)
Arno Müller (5 months ago)
gun master army (1 year ago)
Blitzkrieg means flash war
Claude Gyroside (9 months ago)
gun master army He was referencencing the Nazi Army attack style
michael burn (1 year ago)
sam is popular because one he looks like a bad ass. Two he has a mad cap love and zest for life with a zany surreal dude bro sense of humor. Three he something of a blank slate you know so little about his past you can project what you like onto him much like Boba fett from star wars.
A.D. DAS (1 year ago)
When I met uncle Sam for the first time, I presumed he will die by seeing his lively hood.
Redneck322 (1 year ago)
Sam: Ready? BLITZKRIEG!!!
Mr Spying (1 year ago)
5:30 that's why you were
Minchken (1 year ago)
Sam was so nice and bad ass, it was very fucking sad when he died.
Minchken (1 year ago)
+RI Bread yeah because only homosexuals show emotion, come on dude.
Mathis Kretschmer (1 year ago)
When you play that game @ german, you dont understand the jokes, haha xD Greetings form Germany <3
BarbieQ & Gaming (1 year ago)
Sam. So good man. He did lot of good things and he liked to take down Hoyt, he liked Jason and I liked him. I was So sad when Hoyt killed him. RIP Sam Becker. He was a Big character in the game.
mircea blacky (1 year ago)
Sam's die was the sadest moment in this game(( rip
An Average Human (1 year ago)
"who do you work for?" most badass qoute in all gaming.
Ryan Reel (1 year ago)
WTF with the German stuff
RI Bread Sam is german thats why
GraverobberGrim (1 year ago)
Sam was the only good part about the campaign after Vaas died, that being said Sam and Vaas were the best npcs in that game
SirMalo (2 years ago)
Well faked german accent. Sincerely....a german speaker. Verfickte Idioten von Spielemachern....mir raucht der Sack von so einem Maß an Faulheit.
Hung-chan (1 year ago)
he is the same guy that narrates Air Investigation and Mayday series.
Austin Hebert (1 year ago)
SirMalo uhhhh hola?
Cole Phelps (1 year ago)
deutsche swine
Darth Nihilus (2 years ago)
*blitzkrieg intensefies*
gun master army (1 year ago)
Linus Newman (2 years ago)
lol I thought vaas worked with hoyt...How stupid
Linus Newman does he?
The Priest of YouTube (1 year ago)
He did work for Hoyt. But after Vaas was killed, some of his most high-ranking members sought to take Vaas' "empire" for themselves.
Linus Newman (2 years ago)
oder means "or", not "men" (but)
Linus Newman (1 year ago)
+Bertram The Lace Curtain Irishman thats my point the subtitles were incorrect
Austin Hebert (1 year ago)
the allmighty Lord Inglip well the subtitles are swedish
Limppu Man (2 years ago)
!!! MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW!!! Sam gets stabbed in the throat and dies during the poker game with Hoyt. Then you bet your life during the poker game and your ring finger gets cut off. After that you fight against Hoyt in a knife fight and you kill him by stabbing him in the ribs and throat. And after that, Riley is being held in the airfield, you rescue him, you get to the helicopter, Riley flies and you shoot an MG at the Privateers down below in order to escaoe. After the battle at the airfield you fly to Dr. Earnhardt's Mansion, you find him on the groubd badly wounded and before he dies, he tells you, that your friends are at Citra's palace. Then you fly there, go into her temple and you ask about where your frends are, but Citra blows some strange powder into your face and you walk The Path. At the end of The Path Citra hands you over the Ancient Blade and after that you have the choise of either saving your friends and killing Citra or joining Citra and slitting your girlfriend Liza's throat. Those were the spoilers.
Khalid Abdalla (1 year ago)
Shell Shock
Cole Phelps (1 year ago)
Good point
Please, do not watch the second poker game...
Limppu Man (2 years ago)
And for a very good reason...
If ya are watching this.
Luke Brown (2 years ago)
thats the way he was directed
German Stalker (2 years ago)
BLITZKRIEG!!!!My favorite line from Sam XD
Abraham Perez (1 month ago)
Flash war
gun master army (1 year ago)
Ishak Pasha same
Khalid Abdalla (1 year ago)
Thorgrim Baldrson
Balderich (2 years ago)
Blitzkrieg basically means lightning war and it was the germand main tactic in WW2. Blitzkrieg is basically to rush to the enemys capital, to force a quick victory (btw sorry for bad english and greetings from germany) :D
Limppu Man (2 years ago)
Rognvaldr (2 years ago)
Best Far Cry 3 character!
The Shadow Of Anarchy (2 years ago)
i wish sam didnt die
noob gaming (1 month ago)
We all do ;(
Tube-O-Lube (5 months ago)
gun master army it's been years since the releash of the game, get over it
gun master army (1 year ago)
Thanks allot spoiler I haven't finished the dang game yet!!!
matt linthicum (2 years ago)
I love Sam, I miss him
Michael96 (2 years ago)
2:14 :D
mcwendys11 (3 years ago)
this nigga was the best part R.I.P sam lost but not 4 gitten
Cole Phelps (1 year ago)
he's white tho, nigguh
Skankhunt42 (3 years ago)
The Almighty MLG (3 years ago)
Sam and Willis may have been good I did really hate it though when sam died it was unexpected to see him just die there. In far cry 4 Willis is back but you end up finding out that you were just killing CIA agents when you thought you were killing Yumas lietuants for intel. You were really just killing CIA agents for Willis to cut all ties that the CIA had with Kyrat. He only gives you a small bit of intel that is almost as good as useless.
Randy Joseph Larsen (2 years ago)
+Big Boss Boss!!! salute
The Almighty MLG (2 years ago)
I know it's a reference it's just really annoying.
Orangy Pteco (2 years ago)
It's a reference Boss, to your new game Boss, we all salute you Boss *salutes again*
The Almighty MLG (2 years ago)
What the hell say something to me.
Orangy Pteco (2 years ago)
Nothing Boss, thank you Boss *keeps saluting*
LegendCreeps (3 years ago)
Thats not how a german accent sounds like :D He is pronouncing the german words so badly....
RhodosGuard (2 years ago)
+Legendzocker So, using the power of the Far Cry Wiki, I found out he is from Texas and just has german relatives. So in the end, he's not a german trying to speak english and pretend he's overly german, but he is an american who plays a german, that pretends to be overly german, to fit in with americans sounds odd, but thats the way it is. And everything in his language screams non-native german, because he is no native german. Also, I took the "Das ist gut, ja?" Part for comparison and to me it sounds pretty good, if he pretended to have a german dialect too. I could imagine him being someone from one of germanys many local areas that have a dialect all of their own. Probably in the north.
Angryboy (3 years ago)
+Legendzocker I believe there are a few tropes for this. A character is supposed to be from a specific region, so their actor is told to speak like someone from said region... unfortunately, most of the time this attempt at a dialect ends up being butchered... The same thing happens when non-English people try an English accent that isn't the Queen's English. I think they purposely made Sam use this butchered German though, to purposely emulate this trope. Also fits in with the "all Germans are Nazis, hence evil" idea. Sam isn't from Germany, from what I remember, so he has to feign the accent.
Durandal Callidus (3 years ago)
He's from Fort Worth.
xyzek (3 years ago)
Sam was probably the best character in the game if you ask me. Cried when he died
noob gaming (1 month ago)
Me too :(
Mario Craig (5 months ago)
so true
Alex K (7 months ago)
xyzek NO Vaas holds that title. Sam was amazing too.
xyzek (3 years ago)
+SickMetaller Aye man, i feel bad for you but still it's your own fault to spoiler yourself XD.
SickMetaller (3 years ago)
I assume that you're right. It is going to be very sad :( And I am that stupid again... Reading that he is going to die. Reading the comments before watching the video or playing the game till the end -.- :o I was playing the German version and just wanted to hear the German accent in the English version.
TheSloaningDead (3 years ago)
What's bullshit is Sam and Willis were basically the only character in the game that truly helped you when you needed it, which ended in one leaving and one dying. Buck was a backstabber, and so were Dennis and Citra, which then shines the light on Vaas and Hoyt. Everyone in that world but Sam, Willis and your friends were out to get you. So seeing Sam die in this was like watching the last good person on Rook Island die now that Jason had completed his downward spiral into insanity.
Merlith Gero (3 months ago)
Buck wasnt really a "backstabber" in that sense. He was already a pretty shady character from the start (dont forget that you are trading a knife for your friend because Buck bought him as a slave), who only became more manipulative and abusive throughout the story.
dragan Ljubenov (4 months ago)
and the doctor getting backstabbed by Citra,just rubs it in.
Mario Craig (5 months ago)
didn't Willis betray ajay in far cry 4
Dillon C (5 months ago)
TheSloaningDead It's sad that they didn't add any references of him in Far Cry 5. It was such a missed opportunity they had.
Irish Boi (5 months ago)
Rama Dinata i f***ing love this guy "DONT LEAVE ME HANGING"
SA (3 years ago)
Abraham Perez (1 month ago)
Flash war
gun master army (1 year ago)
S A that's my fave Sam line in da game!!!
Cole Phelps (1 year ago)
matt linthicum (2 years ago)
+SWBF2PS2 and who's the bitch that goes along with it? us x.x
Kim Jong Phil (3 years ago)
Ikito Husky (3 years ago)
lol "scheisse" schreibt man doch mit ß :o
ARIET 98 (3 years ago)
Sam was the best character in far cry. Fuck Ubisoft you left die the only good character.
Arber Dumi (3 years ago)
when he said america fuck ja i cracked up
Metal555Fan (3 years ago)
Sam is/was fucking awesome, such a cool guy
Kevin (3 years ago)
Typical game kill the German, the German always has to die in the end, of course, i know this game did well in making the character feel like he was a good person but im tired of other games and their anti-german shit and anti-german shit in general its been fucking 75 years bitch suck a dick and start treating germans like everyone else
Kevin (3 years ago)
+Nuthead 611 lol, i know.  But they could have used another character to die instead and had the story not kill him off.  
Kevin (3 years ago)
Cole Phelps (1 year ago)
fuck you
Kevin (3 years ago)
+Phendoxia I'll make you bleed. 
pretoras (3 years ago)
+JMaster stfu
Appu Sajeev (4 years ago)
He isnt a true german. He clearly says he was "promoted due to an accent"
Merlith Gero (3 months ago)
This is a late reply. But you missed the point. He is not saying his accent is fake, he is saying that him being a german made everyone stereotype him as a cold blooded, ruthless and hard working soldier (because nazis and world war 2)
Gary (5 months ago)
elijahproto he's American born but raised in Germany on a military base. He was promoted up in the ranks of the privateers because of his accent sounded evil.
Schan Ninla (4 years ago)
Lol he pronounced blitzkrieg so bad lol but its funny!
Schan Ninla (4 years ago)
@Emil Scalibia your surname dosent sound german.
Schan Ninla (4 years ago)
+Dragoncurse4 actually the ubisoft who made this game is from canada.
xXxSadtechxXx (4 years ago)
Oh god ... why don't they just take a german voiceactor as Sam instead of this horrible parody of a german "accent".
Mentalno Poremećena (7 days ago)
Sam's accent is perfect he is American that was born in germany read wiki
xXxSadtechxXx (3 years ago)
Yeah possible too.
Angryboy (3 years ago)
+xXxSadtechxXx That depends on the age. Also he says his father relocated... is it not possible that he remained in America with his mother, since the Navy SEALs would be relocated to fairly dangerous locations that you wouldn't want to bring a family to? Children don't always follow their parents that closely. Also its possible that he moved to Germany at a somewhat older age, say his teenage years. He has already developed a native American-English dialect/accent and learned some basic German when he moved to Germany, while maintaining his American accent. Also most Germans do speak English very well, so its not that insane to think that he didn't know German very well (only a few words and a feigned accent) when he joined Hyot's privateers.
xXxSadtechxXx (3 years ago)
+angryboy2k9 I just ended the storyline again yesterday. Sam himself says, his father is american but he was born in Murica but he grew up in Germany due to the relocation of his father to Germany. Well you can say his ancestry is American, but he grew up in Germany. Soooo .... He is a German with American Migration Backround, or an American with German education, put it how you want it. To me he is German if he grew up, got educated and lived in Germany.
Angryboy (3 years ago)
+Kaiser Krysalis +xXxSadtechxXx +Zerqzy Zerqzy and Kaiser are right. Sam is an American with German ancestry. He uses the German accent to fit in, I'm pretty sure its actually explained that he uses it because everyone thinks all Germans are Nazis (and naturally that would make him fit in with the Privateers much better). Of course this is done a lot better with a parody accent rather than a proper German actor, because it means that the player can quickly realise he's faking it. Its part of the "butchered language" trope, except they are intentionally adding it in as a joke.
Stefan Peters (4 years ago)
its just so annyoing and sad how american gaming companies never want to employ native speakers for voice acting 'foreign' accents, but have an english speaking person imitate the accent... was the case in all assassins creed games, in fc3, and in all the GTA games. just why? any serbian guy would confirm that nico bellics serbian has a really bad english accent i can confirm that sams german has a serious english accent. just fkin get it right, guys...
Olanov (5 months ago)
Rockstar North is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It being the case of "American gaming companies" is simply a generalization.
dbelow _ (5 months ago)
It's explained in his cutscenes which are in the video this comment was left on, he was born in texas but had to move to Germany because of his father
ElijahProto (5 months ago)
Also technically Sam was born in usa but just picked up the accent from his father i assume
Stefan Peters (3 years ago)
Wow, i understand completely thanks
Angryboy (3 years ago)
+Stefan Peters Sam is American with Germany ancestry, as he explains in the game and this video. Now why would anyone who was born and raised in Texas have a German accent or speak any German? He fakes the accent and language (poorly) so that people think he is actually German. Hyot's men are all idiots and bloody-thirsty, naturally they think that most Germans are Nazis... Its kind of racist to assume that, but the Nazis were renowned for their acts of extreme cruelty, so of course Sam would do well in the Privateers if they think he is one. He even states that he was "promoted due to an accent", which confirms that he was raised through the ranks (and brought closer to Hyot) due to him being a "German". It works better with the voice actor imitating the accent because we gamers get the impression that he isn't /actually/ German, and it fits with his backstory that he reveals to us. A native-speaker would have been too convincing and nobody would have been able to guess he was actually an American (hence nobody would understand why he's loyal to the CIA).
Evil Gopher (4 years ago)
Love how Jason and Sam get to be best friends. The moment Hoyt jumped up and stabbed his throat, I was like: "SHIT! Sam, NOOOOO!" When I killed Hoyt I was like: "This is for Sam, you Son of a bitch!"
Blackviporgaming (4 years ago)
America fuck ya!!!! Willis would be proud of him...
offduty23 (4 years ago)
Sam is basically the US Soccer team.  5:28 is the start of the US vs Ghana game.
Spanic27 (4 years ago)
Of couse! Especially the USA starts a sport event with an foreign word :D
simplebodo (4 years ago)
Sounds more like a dansk xD
Colin Meikle (4 years ago)
Julio Brian (8 months ago)
Take Cover, Connir! It's the BLITZ!!!!!
gun master army (1 year ago)
saganist (4 years ago)
One of the few characters I liked in this game :)
MissMiauz (4 years ago)
I always have to burst out in laughter, when he says 'scheiße'. It is hard for a german to pronounce a 's' or 'ß' so soft like he did. At least it is for me. Very bad German accent. :)
Cole Phelps (1 year ago)
He's only half German, so it makes sense right?
TheDrunkHamster (4 years ago)
He was prolly the best ally in any game I've ever played. He didnt deserve that.
SchwarzundWeis (4 years ago)
Vaas and Sam, only good chars in this damn game. After they were gone, this game was gone imo.
noob gaming (1 month ago)
Mike Hunt (9 months ago)
hoyt and buck were good also
Evolve Games (3 years ago)
Late Response Here: But that means the game was over when the game was over. Sam died at the last mission.
Фредрик Чjен (4 years ago)
Actually I am thinking about this: why their plan is fully exposed to Hoyt? I think Sam and Jason should have sabotaged the communication center and fuel station with wearing masks so that nobody would see their faces...
Rama Dinata (3 years ago)
because, badass, you know?
cerevor (4 years ago)
Immediately when he he started to look like a helpful ally, I knew he was going to be disposed of in a way like he was. (It's a shame at that that they came up with a such a weak plan instead of doing the obvious.)
pahňázd (4 years ago)
Sam is so badass he drinks beer from a closed bottle.
Rocco. (1 year ago)
he chews the bottle with beer insted of gum
Cole Phelps (1 year ago)
oh my
Cooper Anderson (4 years ago)
@bottlekiller He is a Texas born character, his parents are German and his first language was english. The island has made him gone mad, and for some reason he exaggerates his German heritage, maybe he has a personality disorder. Bottom line is, he is probably faking the accent. 
Trueman Gibson (4 years ago)
No I doubt it because even though he was "born" in Texas he probably grew up mostly or at least spent half of his childhood in Germany. Its a fact that years in a country puts the accent into you, after that keeping it was hardly an effort to maintain his persona.
Nadine Punk (4 years ago)
Worst German accent ever xD
Trueman Gibson (4 years ago)
Yeah he was born American but grew up in Germany so its probably split
Mad God (4 years ago)
America, fuck ja ! :D
FrozenProdigy (4 years ago)
I'm gonna miss that German/American guy. RIP
Theo Thompson (4 years ago)
Who do you vork for lol
Luis McRotten (5 years ago)
5:32 "BLITZKRIEEEG!!" 5:39 - Sam runs trough the fire, that guy has some serious balls :DD
Extremely Moist (5 years ago)
Top 3 characters 3-Buck. 2-Willis. 1-Sam
Lord Maczek (2 months ago)
Extremely Moist i would replace Willis with vass
TheStrawberryQueen1 (5 years ago)
Wow in English he is waaay funnier! :D in German, well, he does not have such an accent at all -_-
Shawn Poole (5 years ago)
This guy was a fricking BADASS
JTelli786 (5 years ago)
13:25 Sam: "I have hidden a knife in my boot" Me: "What about that big ass knife on your chest?"
Mercenary Bassist (5 years ago)
He looks like Shavo From system of a down.haha x')
Dorphin01 (5 years ago)
the blitzkrieg was defenetly my favorite part :D
LaugingFishMan (5 years ago)
Far cry 3 was an orgy of AWESOME charters! Sam, Buck, Vaas! Just brilliant!
Sam Dobberpuhl (5 years ago)
correction german-american badass
zoro112112 (5 years ago)
zoro112112 (5 years ago)
Ist Deutsch?
RustyNaiil2 (5 years ago)
This guy was awesome. Let's have a German partner in every video game.
RNG Stalinium (5 years ago)
How much is your computer? o_O
milkduds1001 (5 years ago)
So lick my butt, and suck on my balls! AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!!!!!
SuperClassyGaming (5 years ago)
Terrorists your game is through! Because now you have to answer to... AMERICA, FUCK YEAH
milkduds1001 (5 years ago)
Freedom is the only way YEA!!!!!!
SuperClassyGaming (5 years ago)
John Iron (5 years ago)

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