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The Greatest Meme of all time... [LOSS] [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏 #24

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Text Comments (46293)
iiOmqItsNovia (23 minutes ago)
| | | | | | _
G-RoKTV (26 minutes ago)
Erik Somogyi (42 minutes ago)
Bandibroz (58 minutes ago)
mad cuz bad
Person 1 (1 hour ago)
Is this loss
doge (1 hour ago)
Where is grandaays intro
CaptainDigBick95 (1 hour ago)
I hit the bell button and the two lines disappeared. I will obey Lord Poodz till the day eye dye.
VexTheRex (1 hour ago)
I I I I I I _
Jadeite Wolf (2 hours ago)
Don't pay Brad, then tell him to do it for exposure
Ivan Maxwell (2 hours ago)
9:40 I'm not crying.. You are
Sushant Panwar (2 hours ago)
when he said "err i though i *reviewed* the meme already" he meant killed it.
Red Wolf (3 hours ago)
12:24 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS but it should have been despacito 2
Natalia Correal (3 hours ago)
| || || | _
Dapper Wolf (3 hours ago)
0:44 Is loss, for those who missed it.
Debate Boi (4 hours ago)
The first meme was a t-pose loss recreation... why?
LUCA kreitz (5 hours ago)
cool gamer Emrah (5 hours ago)
Khaos Chicken (6 hours ago)
i teared up at bonus mem
Mc Lovin (7 hours ago)
Fudge another year for bonus meme
fridge (7 hours ago)
meme review is the only reason i get out of bed
Alethea Martinez (8 hours ago)
The fact that I actually cried because of bonus meme LMAO 😂
RooRooShoe (10 hours ago)
l lI ll I__
The Thoske (12 hours ago)
Mudjine ideje ccc
TheSkeleton900 Gaming (12 hours ago)
Meme react / not copying pewdiepie
Jfreek5050 (12 hours ago)
I still don't get the meme. :/
Jfreek5050 (13 hours ago)
This just in... The T-Pose is a symbol of white supremacist patriarchal nazism.
Stylish Boombox (13 hours ago)
Bonus Meme is...... Not longer with us.......
Coolgames64 (15 hours ago)
Damn, the after credit scene is as great as always!
William Hadley (15 hours ago)
Lucky Wanderer (17 hours ago)
Loss, the only meme pewdiepie can’t kill
Red SeaGirl (18 hours ago)
Pewdiepie needs to play games again, like Detroit: Become Human.
Seth Mathews (18 hours ago)
Loss has become too normie. . . It was fun because it was original and you had to be pretty top tier memer to understand it But now everyone gets it and it is not funny anymore-'
BLu F8paIN (19 hours ago)
| | I | | |__
Tony Bayer (19 hours ago)
You know what would be better than Bonus Meme? Boneless Bonus Meme.
365 Days of Adventure (19 hours ago)
There was a lupus commercial before bonus meme and I seriously thought this lupus guy was the bonus meme.
Ir0n Gaming (19 hours ago)
*BONUS* 👏 *MEME* 👏
Liv Yeager (19 hours ago)
I legit cried at bonus meme dying wtf
Ammie Book (20 hours ago)
Noot Noot (21 hours ago)
RIP Bonus Meme you will be missed
hunter games (21 hours ago)
The end tho
hunter games (21 hours ago)
The bonus meme was bonus meme
ddboss25 (22 hours ago)
The first pic was loss
Volvo (22 hours ago)
Felix Ragnarok
Joel Aleman (23 hours ago)
I lowkey cried a little when he was reviewing bunos emem
Unh0ly (23 hours ago)
I'm doing this in school after summer lol
Lutz I (23 hours ago)
OMG now I can't wait for Infinity War II!!!
I'M OUT (1 day ago)
Number 15 burger king foot lettuce the last thing you would want in your burger king burger is some on else's foot fungus
rajaa (1 day ago)
Finally i got the loss one
Tima Antonov (1 day ago)
Reptile Man (1 day ago)
I II I I I _
Mr. Deadly (1 day ago)
Here Lays Bonus Meme May It R.I.P
Andor Balogh (1 day ago)
Retas V (1 day ago)
Epic ending *CLAP* *CLAP*
Pepe Thx Man! (1 day ago)
hola khe ase
david ben hollweger (1 day ago)
Bonus meme will Return in infinity war 2
Lord Lol23 (1 day ago)
Rip meme review killed by article 13 😰😰😰😰😰
Restock Sosa (1 day ago)
Rako Fesagaiga (1 day ago)
I've never cried this hard, not even at my mom's funeral 😭😭😭 #LongLiveBonusMeme
Sassk 3 (1 day ago)
No time for money
The Official Alpha (1 day ago)
*it didn't die*
Fall Out Fivos (1 day ago)
that's racist
M Isa (1 day ago)
Subtitles starting from 2:15 you fools! I, officer FAST BOI have seen the truth there is only one true god and his name is pewds i was his subscriber this whole time **melodramatic gasp** how could you betray us no matter even if you are a traitor we will defeat you **laughs** i am FAST BOI and i have devoted myself to pewds with my devotion he has granted me a vast sum of power **teleports behind you** nothing personell, kidd **stab** what is he doing oh no he's going to sabotage our supply of v-bucks without those we cannot lure his cult away he's also sabotaging our encryted radio lines pewdiepie now knows our plan **static noises** **the feed cuts** now back to your regularly scheduled captioning mwahhahahahah (evil pewdiepie laugh) ???????
MakeupByLee (1 day ago)
Now we wait till Infinity War II comes out 😭😭😭
(Clap) (clap) meme review (clap) (clap) demo nitized
Ya boi Steve (1 day ago)
He's getting to old for the mem us
Asiltürk Kılıç (1 day ago)
👤 👥 👥 👤🛌
Daniel Prytz (1 day ago)
Loving the memes
Karl Andersson. (1 day ago)
You kild loss, you monster!
UVRaged (1 day ago)
Cycrostic GD (1 day ago)
| |I || L
Whos the real Pewdiepie? De Gea or Felix?
tyler yarde (1 day ago)
| || || |_
dantescringymemes (1 day ago)
This is insanely emotional
Zach Man (1 day ago)
Love the Halo music in the background.
Amanda Nicholas (1 day ago)
*I just nееd sеriоus bоу whо wаnt tо Рrivаtе rооМ with Ме,* *i саn dо аnуthing thаt Маkе уоu fun, саll Ме hеrе* » http://whx.io/2c13?e=bV6GWg9r196
William Davis (1 day ago)
If thanos is a meme himself,wouldn't pewds be the only one who can defeat him
Alvaro Barquero (1 day ago)
Loved that ending tho
Juliene Ysobel (1 day ago)
Blake Ripley (1 day ago)
S te Ve n.
OnijinxJay 03 (1 day ago)
I'm crying
VeNtIOn (1 day ago)
No one noticed the first T-Pose picture was actually loss 0-o.
ZackAttack (2 days ago)
| || || |_
Electronic-Tan (2 days ago)
Brad was that a god damn Deadpool 2 reference
PacoTheTaco (2 days ago)
| | | : -------|-------- | | | |__
TheEpicMoney (2 days ago)
Can't wait for infinity war 2
TheEpicMoney (2 days ago)
He dated it an 8/10 and that's why it still lives
Marcelo Arcos (2 days ago)
👏👏 *meme review* 👏👏
Ryu Kamazaki [Raven] (2 days ago)
What was the intro song name
Alvin Hallberg (2 days ago)
"Everything that is born will at some point die..." - Felix Kjellberg
priti mukherjee (2 days ago)
Sad face
Ivy Emoji (2 days ago)
Is this loss?
Goat Plays (2 days ago)
Don't worry guys it's returning in Infinity War 2 so we have nothing to worry about
Nicole Boutaugh (2 days ago)
have you seen Big Marvel's song for you yet? legendary fanboy
Madison Torbert (2 days ago)
The other memes were weak. this one is stronger than the others.
LibbyDoesStuff (2 days ago)
Omg guys. I did a T-pose as punishment. For hours.
gewoon games (2 days ago)
Hahaha lul meens penis in Dutch
LastKnownMan (2 days ago)
"Bonus meme is dead becoz we turned bonus meme into a meme" is not dead becoz look at the eye movement when Felix is saying it. He is reading OMG therefore he could not remember it in the whole. The capacity of the meme is to strong so he took the easy way...Shame on you Felix....Bonus meme lives on....
mkikas real (2 days ago)
winton HI THERE (2 days ago)
i think you should review the bus driver meme
Sayo-Nara (2 days ago)

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