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Only in Battlefield 3 "Ride of the Asdfs"

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Abadabasobasdas Thank you Dice for the honorary mention. If you want to see the other 4 honorary mentions check out the link below. http://blogs.battlefield.com/2012/02/honorary-mentions/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BedBananas Twitter: https://twitter.com/bedbanana Only in Battlefield 3 Community Challenge:http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield3/1/only-in-battlefield3
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Text Comments (777)
Moots9000 (1 year ago)
Now this takes me back, the good old days
the_snoo_muffin (1 year ago)
I wonder if he'll play bf1
김현수 (3 years ago)
Ms. Barrientos And Hyun Soo Kill Swat Team At Battlefield 3
김현수 (3 years ago)
Battlefield 3
DosEggys (3 years ago)
if this could happen in real life i would join the army
NYMEMES (1 year ago)
DosEggys it could you just have to be extremely Badass and Extremely Lucky.
Nameless Stranger (3 years ago)
This is one of the key differences between BF and CoD. In CoD, these would all be scripted events in the campaign as where all of these things can actually take place in any Battlefield match.  
doomninga596gray (3 years ago)
This is a masterpiece from space!
Bor N (4 years ago)
Rice (4 years ago)
Brings back memories of this game(never thought I would say that)
Logan Letchford (4 years ago)
This looks like it should be an ad for this game!
Rylo (4 years ago)
SexyDuck (11 months ago)
Hi children, here to remind you
Undead Unicorn (2 years ago)
+ChuckyTheSqurriel ik
Rylo (2 years ago)
+Undead Unicorn this was two years ago lol
Undead Unicorn (2 years ago)
Blake Belladonna (4 years ago)
I know a lot of people are going to hate me for this BUT I've played every Battlefield game that been released on PC and I must say that BF3 was my favourite. I know most fans prefer O.G BF but I like the chaotic fun of having a dogfight with an enemy jet and then send the jet screaming into an enemy Helicopter while I jump out of it and detonate the C4 I stuck to it.
clapthony claptano (4 years ago)
BF3 was great, it was BF4 that sucked. Also even though Battlefield 2 had no destruction, or as good graphics as the others, it had one thing that made it better than anything, teamwork.
Damaris Riley (4 years ago)
Um i dont hate u im a boy
Zapdog (4 years ago)
1:45 Happened to me TOO MANY TIMES. Almost gave me PTSD.
Destroyer120296 (4 years ago)
You cant just join. There a group of friends.
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JayCookies (5 years ago)
Meanwhile in mw3, shoot overpowered guns.
Zachary Bajusz (5 years ago)
can i join the ASDFs?
LinkToLight01 (5 years ago)
Austin Garza (5 years ago)
Why u talk ,bout call of dutys in battlefields.
collt smith (5 years ago)
idk bout you guys, but that jet V jet scene was PRETTY BADASS :D
GingerBred MANN (5 years ago)
The Jihad Jet into the Helo was the best one... by far.
richbandicoot (5 years ago)
Thank god BF4 is coming out
wutevaidc (5 years ago)
ah, scripted sequences......so much....fun..... NO MUTHAFUKA THIS IS BATTLEFIELD!
Epikaman (5 years ago)
Totally epic
Mitel (ALT) (5 years ago)
It's an L96, I don't know how to get it. I think you just have to level up the Recon kit a bunch.
Angela Trabold (5 years ago)
Sharp Knife (5 years ago)
ButtMasterHurterson (5 years ago)
Morale o the story: BedBanana might goof off a lot, but under that silly part of him there's a fucking badass.
Tony From Syracuse (5 years ago)
WHOA....there was some serious eyecandy in this vid!
Vinoyl (5 years ago)
Dude, I'm being stereotypical, i wasn't being serious ._.
Niko Lindroos (5 years ago)
So epic
Jackson Boyd (5 years ago)
Anyone know what the name of the sniper was at 0:32 & how you get it?
Dead Pixel (5 years ago)
you know that joke isn't funny after you hit puberty right? Go get some sex and grow up.
TRIPPLE G 915 (5 years ago)
1:47 reminded me of cod black ops 1 campaign where i think wood steered the jeep from the incoming flameing plane
Mitel (ALT) (5 years ago)
Heck no
PJCMD-HD (5 years ago)
it took me 4 years to go from a shitty laptop to a $1200 gaming setup
Psyché Roadtrip (5 years ago)
Wow, I wish I had a gaming Pc. I'd love to make one but when I'm out buying 4 Gigs of Ddr3 Ram what are my parents going to think? I think what Pc gamers don't understand is that most console gamers are around my age and have no money and as I said... they'll think i'm a retard.
Josh Sammon (5 years ago)
laggervn98 (5 years ago)
destructable environment is good, man what would you do when you see a sniper camping behind a window? FUcking blow off the house he's hiding in
stride7860 (5 years ago)
Call of duty is worse in many ways but the people who are "good" out of a team in Battle field 3 (especially BF3) are just as bad as cod players. Mainly the snipers who quickscope really well, or spawn snipe constantly, or just continually wait for helicopters to fly out of a base so they can RIGHT AWAY snipe them. You know there's a lot of bullshit players in BF3 too, sometimes you literally can't do anything because you're going against a team of snipers from a clan or some bullshit.
Psyc4200 (5 years ago)
Meanwhile in TF2, hats.
Xyo Caliber (5 years ago)
bf3 is somewhat better in cod in some aspects and not as great in others. For instance, bf3 you can destroy terrain and its like an open world battle
pelon arroyo (5 years ago)
it was so sick when he was about to get hit by the jet but he proned thats hella sick eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackson Boyd (5 years ago)
What makes you think I give a single fuck about top comment?!
Spangbab Gaming (5 years ago)
That was some epic fucking shit
Jackson Boyd (5 years ago)
Someones feelings are hurt.
Jackson Boyd (5 years ago)
Nice job completely copying an earlier top comment. Down vote for unoriginality... -_-
Jackson Boyd (5 years ago)
The fuck is "c-f"? Do you mean C4?
lazy kaneki (5 years ago)
fucking epic
EmpdAChamp (5 years ago)
TMD (5 years ago)
Dogyphil (5 years ago)
Big Boss would be proud
B Shof (5 years ago)
SuperZOMGLOL (5 years ago)
I am so fucking scared right now ;-;
tfw no Bing account (5 years ago)
Imagine bf4 ride of the asdfs. Driving under collapsing skyscrapers
crcn11 (5 years ago)
I have a Bed Banana when I wake up sometimes
wolf atax (5 years ago)
And only with Asdfs :D
mythicDUDE227 (5 years ago)
Certainly. *finds and tips hat*
Killaginga1 (5 years ago)
Shall we tip our hats together sir?
Mr. Chopsticks (5 years ago)
mythicDUDE227 (5 years ago)
I literally dug in my closet for like 10 minutes, just to get my old top hat, and tip it to him. I'm serious.
William Rudberg (5 years ago)
Ur bad XD
Matt Games (5 years ago)
Super Awsome
Killaginga1 (5 years ago)
this sir, this was a fucking awesome display of well timed events, i tip my metaphorical hat to you sir.
jake matheny (5 years ago)
this was pretty badass
MisfitJoseph (5 years ago)
Have you guys noticed, the ending in this video is so close to the part of Bf4 trailer where they shoot the helo down and crash into it then it goes black.... did asdf's create the ending to Bf4???
MR. BRONZO (5 years ago)
i just jizzed a little
Alcoholic Doggo (5 years ago)
azzam-A- (5 years ago)
i want more bf3 videos
Taity Potaty (5 years ago)
Epicness of Epic Video
Taity Potaty (5 years ago)
i have an awesome game you should play......... SCP-087 "The Scary Staircase Simulator"
420BootyWizard (5 years ago)
Rapestab McGenocide (5 years ago)
Are you okay?
Shy Sun (5 years ago)
its like a real war
Shy Sun (5 years ago)
loved it!!!!!!
David Guillen (5 years ago)
How they act when they try hahaha jk
black_hawk3456 (5 years ago)
1:25 to 1:33 I could watch that a million times it's so epic!
King Capa (5 years ago)
Bf3 is soo good!
tubayit (5 years ago)
oh my JESUS. awesome
tubayit (5 years ago)
oh my JESUS. awesome
kaloyan zaharidov (5 years ago)
Dover (5 years ago)
Yeah fuck battlefield with 1000s of hours of entertainment! Cod beats everything,especially when I got banned off it for no reason!
THISISAGUN3 (5 years ago)
Nathaniel Mower (5 years ago)
Brian Welch (5 years ago)
If halo's banshees went as fast as those jets...
Meanwhile in cod a window breaks
Jan G (5 years ago)
Battlefield 3 Only in battlefield lol
Harry Styles (5 years ago)
This makes CoD look like a piece of shit...
Harry Styles (5 years ago)
1 year ago seriously?
doirealyneedaname (5 years ago)
love stuff like that
Quantum (5 years ago)
so old but soo badass
Kenny Hudson (5 years ago)
Me:Cool can we do that in real life? Physics:Nope
VSGamer2012 (5 years ago)
This would make an amazing movie trailer ._.
NomeFittizioQualunque (5 years ago)
Dylan Jones (5 years ago)
If this theme played during the actual game it would be amazing
Casual Bird (5 years ago)
PaxMatic (5 years ago)
Clinton Wright (5 years ago)
Great Work Guy's
Maltenge (5 years ago)
I wouldn't call Arma 3 realistic just yet...
HossDaBoss1998 (5 years ago)
Meh, still like the Battlefield 2 theme more.

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