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Money - Pink Floyd - Bass Cover (With Tab)

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Money tab: All riffs below: G||-----4--------------- D||------4---------0--- A ||--2---2---0-2----- E||----------2---------- G||-------------------4----- D||--0-----------0----4--- A||----2---0--2---2----2- E||------2------------------ G||-------------------------------------------- D||--4--4----------4-3-2-2-----------0---- A ||-------4----0-4----------2----0-2---2-- E||---------2-------------------3------------- G||-------9--------------------- D||---------9--------------5--- A ||---7------7-----5--7------ E||---------------7------------- G||--------------------------------------------||------------------- D||--4--4----------4-3-2-2-----------0----||------------------- A ||-------4----0-4----------2----0-2---2--||--2-2-2-2-2-2- E||---------2-------------------3-------------||------------------- G||-------------------------------------- D||-------------------------------------- A ||--2---2-5-4-3-2---2-5-4-3-2-- E||-------------------------------------- G||-------------------------------------- D||-------------------------------------- A ||--2---7-6-5-4---4-7-6-5-4----- E||-------------------------------------- G||------------------------------ D||------4-3-2-----4-3-2---- A||------------------------------ E||--2-2-------2-2------------ G||--4-2-------------------- D||-------5-4-2------------ A||---------------5-4-3-2-- E||-------------------------- G||----------------------------------- D||----------------------------------- A ||-------5---5-----5---5-----5--- E||--7-7---7---7-7---7---7-7---- Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656701874
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Text Comments (299)
Stefan Batory (1 month ago)
Sergio Cresta (2 months ago)
Thalezord (4 months ago)
o safado e brasileiro kk
Randall Snyder (4 months ago)
I play it on the 7 on the E
Brian Martinez (5 months ago)
Solid! Awesome video
D P (6 months ago)
Great. ..
freddiemercurious (7 months ago)
well done, sir! Good looking guitar, too.
Mauricio Gasiuk (8 months ago)
Excelente amigo!!!! Saludos.
Cameron Cyr (9 months ago)
Great video but I think he uses a pick
GuItAr (10 months ago)
I play guitar but cover the bass line
TheBreathingCreeper (10 months ago)
ummm there is not tab
ama salvarredy (9 months ago)
TheBreathingCreeper read the description
Peter Marko (1 year ago)
Thank you Eddie!
Dominique louvois (1 year ago)
Bravo. Good feeling.
The Fallen Crow (1 year ago)
a bit cringy
DoctorB (1 year ago)
Right on the money Eddie !
Jerre Batson (1 year ago)
Outstanding. I used your video to learn this great song. Not only a great tutorial but I also enjoyed the background video of The Floyd. Your extra effort was much appreciated. Well done. Thank you.
PBL187 (1 year ago)
Wow probably the most perfect bass cover I've ever seen, beautiful bass too ❤
hide kaji machine (1 year ago)
M. Carloos (1 year ago)
i don't know (1 year ago)
This and wish you were here are my favorite Pink Floyd songs
Bits-Of-8 (1 year ago)
Were is the second riff used?
Colin Wrona (1 year ago)
The bass guitar is great. Just the effects and stuff like that was a little too much. Great playing.
Vaxu (1 year ago)
I always enjoy playing this when I pick up my bass
Craig Shiman (1 year ago)
Hot playing and Sweet video brother
Tobias Amaya (1 year ago)
dude looks so relaxed and into it, love it ✌
Mick Kinton (2 years ago)
? Awesome,How long did it take you to play this song ,i am just about to embark on this journey myself even though iv'e only been playing bass for 3 months.
Mick Kinton (2 years ago)
Cheers for that..
Luci fer (2 years ago)
Its not about how long it will take you mate! Just keep playing and learning and you will get it :)
Rachel Elizabeth (2 years ago)
dude, this was rad, what type of bass you got?
average gamer101 (2 years ago)
fake and gay
Flamerizo Flamer (2 years ago)
Buen vídeo Peter Parker xddDx
Lucas Pisano (2 years ago)
oye parque estas demente
Contestame Por Favor (2 years ago)
Alexandre Barrère (2 years ago)
sounds like the real one :O
Miguel Ângelo (2 years ago)
Qué buen video Eddie, saludos desde México, he visto varios videos tuyos, todos son material muy, veo que hiciste mucho esfuerzo para hacer buen trabajo. Felicidades
Victor Camacho (2 years ago)
best cover!
andrew piera (2 years ago)
Effort and talent to the power of 3.I threw on my guitar and played along.So relaxed and nailed it baby.I look forward to when we can jam on different continents via streaming. I hope to do it with you .
Joanna Vargas (2 years ago)
🎀hell yeah🎀✌
Danny Marcinko (2 years ago)
A great mix of good bass playing and sick video editing
Guadalupe Bonino (2 years ago)
Great cover and very cool editing!!
Zamudiox Bassman (2 years ago)
nice bass
SilverMate (2 years ago)
Great vid man.Have the same bass
Jahn Davik (2 years ago)
+Natty Dread Which is it? The bass, I mean.
Doxsmiley_Gamer (2 years ago)
Scarlett Begonias (3 years ago)
this is such a cool bass cover video I have ever seen
Rob Cormack (3 years ago)
masterful. well done.
Chase Plays Bass (3 years ago)
Love it! going to have some covers up soon.
METRO BOYZ (3 years ago)
I got myself a cort to. this is the first song I learned on it good job
Aubrey Martin (3 years ago)
Brilliant, Well Done!
hunterxbox11 (3 years ago)
really fun song to play on the bass in my opinion
TheMeanBean (3 years ago)
How many times did you play that second fret in the sax part?
daniel lopez (3 years ago)
4/5, good sense of timing, but it cant be a 5 without that phat pbass tone sorry
7 beats so weird when I first heard it
daniel lopez (3 years ago)
you just said, tad more growly. Doesnt have that p bass rumble. Its a great cover its just on a jbass
MrShaunh99 (3 years ago)
Wtf are you talking about? That bridge humbucker sounds a lot like a p bass to me. Maybe just a tad more growly.
Atomic Gumbo Surprise (3 years ago)
How could anybody not like this???
Adrian Tomo (2 months ago)
they're broke man
Tupac Is Totally Dead (2 years ago)
+MichaelD8393 Although I agree that a lot of it is complete trash, you are being so ignorant, you've only looked at the surface of today's music, which is pointless bullshit. Look a little deeper you might find something you like just yet.
MichaelD8393 (3 years ago)
+motonegros Because they already like the shitty pop and rap and indie music of today.
mxversion101 (3 years ago)
I'm I high right now what is going on? Haha
ThePeggler (3 years ago)
this is such an amazing album when you're high
joshie (7 months ago)
youve never been high
Greenocool (1 year ago)
Nope, it's the album that makes you high actually. :)
Alexandre Barrère (1 year ago)
totaly feel the same :)
SilverMate (2 years ago)
+ThePeggler you must get high,play this great album and turn the "black" light on
Mike Cray (2 years ago)
+Shyguy33Games I think I appreciated it more after I listened to it high. When you're high, at least in my case, you hear more subtle things in the album. You can spot then again afterwards when you're not high.
Jay Brito (3 years ago)
Great video! really enjoyed the special effects ahahah and good job on the bass as well
tumbleweedwalker (3 years ago)
Enjoyed lesson and nice bass!
alfieb2204 (3 years ago)
Brilliant. Can't stop watching this, you're so relaxed and obviously enjoying playing this bass riff. Thanks
McSireson (3 years ago)
Theres just something about playing the bass riff during the solo that feels aggressive,  its a superaggressive song to me, really menacing.. Great cover!
Bob Berch (3 years ago)
is that film intro from the Wall?
yes, it was also in the "Another Brick in the wall music video."
Barry McAllister (3 years ago)
Matthew Music (3 years ago)
+Mike Hunt  Yes.
Bob Berch (3 years ago)
what is it that's STRANGE about this bass line? -is it the time sig?   It sounds different the 2nd time around, when its actually the same...
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 eigh- oh shoot
frankie busby (3 years ago)
It's starts off 7/4 then changes mid way to 4/4
Ken Skid (3 years ago)
LOL...I play the main riff fingering the 5th fret on the E and A strings. You seem to be using open notes with less finger movements. It had me worried for a minute. I thought I was playing it wrong but then I realized I was just playing it different.
Lone Eagle (3 years ago)
an attack on capitalist consumer society, decadent, vile, and brutal
Maru Tana (3 years ago)
How could anyone not like this. Excellent!
wp4866 (4 years ago)
waters is green
Anna Esteve (4 years ago)
Dude, I'm in love with your bass. Such a great sound! Which model is? 
Lizette (4 years ago)
Looks like a Cort GB series model to me!
Grapefruit Simmons (4 years ago)
164,000th view! Do I get a cookie or something?
bobbobenson (4 years ago)
Nice super solid job. You are missing just one note, and you miss it every time you come to it. It's in the solo part. That will probably drive you crazy , but when you find it you'll get a good laugh.But other wise, that was spot on solid just like bass should be!
Borntu (1 year ago)
motonegros I'm pretty sure the walk down to B during the solo is a hammeron. D-C#-C-A/B. That's what I hear anyway. Sounds perfect otherwise.
Atomic Gumbo Surprise (3 years ago)
+bobbobenson I was listening close and I didn't hear it, where was it?
Luis Alejandro (4 years ago)
Excelente cover! :D 
Emanuele Ciccarese (4 years ago)
Sith (4 years ago)
Awesome Cover! Pink Floyd, my fav Band!
john doe (4 years ago)
thank you man, it help me
Джин Бизли (4 years ago)
Have you considered doing the vocal on this?  I know Gilmore has a pretty distinctive voice, but you really caught my attention with your cover of "If" sung by Waters.  I like the covers that you multitrack with yourself.
Renato Almeida (4 years ago)
Great Cover!!!!! []´s from Brazil
offspring04 (4 years ago)
gracias, me ayuda muchisimo para aprenderla! saludos desde argentina!
ThunderBassist Jay (4 years ago)
You're pretty well in control of your bass. Nice tone and a really good looking bass as well. I might do this song on bass in the future...
Cittadini Cancellati (4 years ago)
Chad Schwartz (4 years ago)
Totally Awsome !!! GREATEST cover I ever saw !!!
bacu62 (4 years ago)
Hell yeah that was sick! I just learned this song on bass. I like your guitar with the wood finish on the neck and body.
CrakelGuitar (4 years ago)
Good Cover !!
AreHix (4 years ago)
Excellent dude.
Luis Arrau (4 years ago)
Brady Mckendre (4 years ago)
i'm new to the bass guitar and would this song be good for a beginner? i love floyd
Atomic Gumbo Surprise (3 years ago)
+Brady Mckendre Dude, its the perfect first song to master!!
BOOMBABADOOM (4 years ago)
dude, just try and see how far you come.
Whitewolf Mountian (4 years ago)
whats the clip at the beginning from?
CallMeAdamB (4 years ago)
The Wall (The movie of course)
definitely an awesome work! great job
Wilian Alves (4 years ago)
Não canso de ver esse seu ótimo video. Ótima apresentação! Brasileiro?
Wilian Alves (4 years ago)
Only one word: Amazing! Congratulations man!
Diogo Hernandes (5 years ago)
Do caralho eddie !!!!!
Kiara Koval (5 years ago)
Hi, I have just started taking lessons and Im a total noob, i was wondering how long it would take for me to learn this song? Please answer :P
Jambodhi (5 years ago)
Very Cool. Nicely Done! I use Video Vegas and never knew it could display two videos like Green Screen, and fade in or out the second video. Did you create a Green Screen, HOW did you do two videos at once?
Sawblade2009 (5 years ago)
fantastic tab, great playing, great video, good work!
SacredReverie (5 years ago)
Thanks :) ... you kinda resemble Dali in your display picture, lol
Eddie Bass (5 years ago)
Yes I did. I used Sony Vegas.
SacredReverie (5 years ago)
Did you do the animation in the background? Is so, what program did you use?
Barry Russ (5 years ago)
Thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks.
SomeAwkwardRandom (5 years ago)
SomeAwkwardRandom (5 years ago)
how many times do you play each riff before going to the next one... sorry if it's a stupid questioon
Lucas Jardim (5 years ago)
I think this is a Cort GB74
Brian Wood (5 years ago)
Is that a squire or a fender jazz bass?
Thomas Holder (5 years ago)
This is amazing! your very inspiring, i just started bass and Im learning this song thanks for the video :)
Parsa Farhang (5 years ago)
thanks and you're really good, keep playing!
Eddie Bass (5 years ago)
Eddie Bass (5 years ago)
Hey Parsa. I play bass since I was 14 y/o. Never took lessons, learned by myself with magazines, etc. Bass guitar is an awesome instrument. :)

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