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1000000000000000000% SAVAGE MAN - YLYL #0013

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Text Comments (29655)
Brian Mckee (7 hours ago)
Star Wars return to the kitchen xd
ItsMeKK (21 hours ago)
Can I Get a Subscriber?
Hugo Buitendijk (1 day ago)
The Face of Selwyn (1 day ago)
the big E (1 day ago)
Exuberant Capybara (1 day ago)
4:05 No thanks. Shame on that meme. No thanks
DanDazedXD (1 day ago)
7:35 **god **-is real-** isn't real**
Matt Mong (2 days ago)
John Bolden III (2 days ago)
LOL I lost it at the Star Wars Return to the Kitchen trailer
Ruben Andersen (2 days ago)
i think i have replayed this clip like 40 times XD 2:26
Flannel Fritz (2 days ago)
if it is controversial, then just claim that it is satire, cause it is. we gamers aren't really such horrible ppl (ok maybe just some of us but still). it's all just satire
M OB (2 days ago)
Ala Mohamed (2 days ago)
Sahxism is not allowed
random generated (3 days ago)
I was watching this yesterday. 6:04
Bob Robert (3 days ago)
U should outgrow that beard. Forever and see what happens
Hannah Night (3 days ago)
Quantum HC9 (4 days ago)
Epic_Vids 06 (4 days ago)
Macey Yates (4 days ago)
IncorrectPlin (5 days ago)
wait what song was pewds dancing to? I think i've heard of it somewhere but i don't remeber it help...
GuyGamer217 (5 days ago)
He said “no thanks” at 4:00
TheOne WhoDislikes (5 days ago)
What's the name of this game and why didn't Pewdiepie watched rhe whole clip.
Iad Gargotti (6 days ago)
Justine Shamber (6 days ago)
Is my favorite guy okay?
Oskar S-E (7 days ago)
Xander Southern Gale (8 days ago)
wow this meme was from 2017... i am sad very sad
S GameS (8 days ago)
_Trần_ _Alice_ (8 days ago)
- link music in 7:08 :D?
Hongrui Zhao (9 days ago)
Game at 5:24 is a ps2 game “lifeline “, you are welcomed
euna A (11 days ago)
this was the video that made me go find what anime the intro was.. 10/10 one of my favorites it’s funny lol
*chop chop*
Dank Olive (11 days ago)
In Asian so this is ribrary
Violet Acosta Stewart (12 days ago)
Jago Hunn (12 days ago)
And so forth the meme of power was created and the world was reborn for ever
decepticonmaster1 (12 days ago)
I was laughing And then I saw a post by attention whore onision Now I can’t laugh
Csanád Bagi (12 days ago)
Ish Sam_YT (13 days ago)
Du fick mig skratta på 15 sekunder när du sa skrattar du förlorar du
?? Kevin (13 days ago)
Hi PUBG people
napoleon yong (13 days ago)
Library guy's a goddamn legend
Sara Andersson (13 days ago)
3:57 Shame on you, shame on that meme. no thanks, no thanks. shame on that meme.
You’re Italian? I thought you were pewdian
Conqueror of Rats (14 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2018?
Gabriel Tan (14 days ago)
Looking back his accent isn't that strong. Man it was funnier when I thought it was.
Mike S. (14 days ago)
can we have a whole segment on alex jones please? thanks
Tanner Barron (14 days ago)
5:48 What game is that?
vee jaay (9 days ago)
it's lifeline, a ps2 game
Flying Unicorn ! (14 days ago)
Mr.ToeToe (14 days ago)
Ducktales is kinda better now :)
the purple guys (14 days ago)
TheEnderTrm (14 days ago)
Sora Zero 404 (14 days ago)
What the name of that anime music at 8:44 ? Pls Respond
xXsamXx (14 days ago)
search up "Initial D 5th Stage Soundtrack" - The Top you wont regret it
Alessandro (15 days ago)
Don't mess with me and my spaghetti
ansh arora (15 days ago)
@4:30 was that marzia?
Gingga Nex0 (15 days ago)
The Diamond Dream (15 days ago)
If you don’t laugh and you don’t lose then... what did you do?
What’s the music during 9:00
Lil Kgh (16 days ago)
Skratttttttttaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂
IDK Gaming (16 days ago)
8:44 Nyarons - HARUKAKANATA
Jonatan Salazar (16 days ago)
Mateusz Tencer (16 days ago)
So you get triggered when someone shows a spongebob meme to you
Aslan O'Brien (16 days ago)
My favorite PEWDS vid
mighty jason07771 (16 days ago)
dipo (16 days ago)
Who else hates spongebob memes
Mewornee? (16 days ago)
the library guy is absolut mad lad
Hess2906 (17 days ago)
5:10 I Believe it's from a Australian Commercial
Greenboy77 (17 days ago)
Ninaad Das (17 days ago)
Hit the like button for #poorben
Critical C (17 days ago)
I... I... I skrattar
why so serious !!! (17 days ago)
6:57 look at the fece
Welly Senatin (17 days ago)
hey hey... this is library.... what an badass guy.....
tritto (17 days ago)
hej hej libräry hej pÖdig libräry
Tiger Sympathiser (17 days ago)
Vincent Lessard (18 days ago)
8:40 song?
Animeme King (18 days ago)
me liking it already because of the intro
Nyan Paing (19 days ago)
5:48 what is dis game?
vee jaay (9 days ago)
it's called lifeline, a ps2 game
Thejman335 (15 days ago)
Nyan Paing idk I wanna know that too
Rebugz (19 days ago)
8:16 song?
Smurf (19 days ago)
muh nem jeaf
LifesA Scam (19 days ago)
Polic bed
rembo 91 (20 days ago)
8:44 you know the song
_LowBackIdiot_ Zy (20 days ago)
SniperDiaper (20 days ago)
At the start it says You laugh you lose
skkkskskks (20 days ago)
Leonard Dario (20 days ago)
song at 8:53?
She is right man, nothing will happen to you if shit gets on your skin. Its not acid ffs. At worst, it might smell slightly after washing it off.
power house26 (20 days ago)
SpongeBob SquarePants meme
power house26 (20 days ago)
The Need (20 days ago)
Somebody touched my SPAGET!?!?
CallicoJackracham (21 days ago)
3:08 Skallagrim fans will get that.
epicbigc13579 (21 days ago)
I like it when he yells at us in Swedish
THE LOG (21 days ago)
That intro
nurul hadiyatul (22 days ago)
하지만 이런 상황에서
nurul hadiyatul (22 days ago)
Autumn Zurzolo (22 days ago)
I didn't laugh... I cried bc of my depresstion... and how my life has no meaning... and my boyfriend is cheating on me with an ho... ig she can give him stuff that I cant... SEX....
Aydyn Fancher (22 days ago)
Det her er bibliotek

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