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Far Cry 4: Vietnam Flood Trench (Xbox One)

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I made this trench map with low detail water and added many lights. You can find this map in the community maps on the Far Cry 4 server. Map name: Vietnam Flood Trench.
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MEB Quartermaster (5 months ago)
Welcome to the rice field mother fuckers
IDK?! (5 months ago)
Are you planning on getting far cry 5? Heard it has a good map Editor
Mike Burger (4 months ago)
Already got it and yes it is a fantastic editor, better than FC4, not if Ubisoft would get off their butts and lets us share and play our maps like they were meant to be we would have some great times out there. I made 4 deathmatches, 2 of which were the deathmatch and 2 team DM. I mostly just make SP and CO-OP because of that reason.
The Aussie Cunt (5 months ago)
IDK?! It's fucking good I love it
Michael O'malley (6 months ago)
Not Bad Not Bad, Good level design, lighting and enemy amount.
Mike Burger (6 months ago)
Thanks, Michael, it's tough trying to throw bits and pieces together in FC4 with the tools that Ubisoft has given us. Hopefully, with FC5 right around the corner and over 9,000 objects to use we can accomplish better maps. :)

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