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H1Z1 PS4 Gameplay | THIS MUST BE FIXED (H1Z1 PS4)

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H1Z1 gameplay has officially hit PS4 in closed beta, and I couldn't be more excited! Let me know what you think about the new style of gameplay and weapons here, and DROP A LIKE if you'd like to see more!! H1Z1 Playlist: https://bit.ly/2k1bIuF Subscribe for more videos: http://bit.ly/1eaoj9p New shirts and hats available now! http://bit.ly/2ty09kl Keep up with me on social media here! Twitter: http://twitter.com/OpTic_BigTymeR Instagram: http://instagram.com/TheBigTymeR Check out this book I'm in: http://opticgamingbook.com/ Use code "BigT" for 5% off your next https://scufgaming.com/ purchase! Check out our sponsors: http://www.turtlebeach.com http://www.turtlewax.com http://www.dxracer.com http://www.scufgaming.com
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Text Comments (398)
OpTicBigTymeR (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching everyone! I got a chance to hop into some squads matches last night and got some footage to show you guys! I've also heard that playing on a standard PS4 could be the reason I'm getting so much frame loss, so I've ordered a PS4 Pro for future gameplays to see if that helps. This could be a really fun game for console so long as a few of these issues are cleared up before the launch. We'll just have to wait and see!
Miamistormz (2 months ago)
EatA Snikrz pubg runs like dogshit on xbox one and pubg is coming to ps4 they already said that. H1Z1 does play better than pubg though already at least on these consoles.
EatA Snikrz (2 months ago)
Sassy Hercules yeh but I reckon it may be because of the Xbox being PUBGS hunting grounds, there’s no way H1Z1 is gonna release a beta on the same console PUBG is at, they would probably get nowhere. PS4 doesn’t have pubg yet and probably never because it won’t run.
EatA Snikrz (2 months ago)
OpTicBigTymeR The extra lag may be a result of you screen recording, I reckon when the game comes out, people who aren’t streaming it or recording it should play pretty well
MVRDA MONXY (3 months ago)
Sassy Hercules parasite.
Brice Steiner (3 months ago)
You need to talk to your team more
blazin hobbs (6 hours ago)
Its so much worse now that the full game dropped its so bad when you get close to multiple enemies
Arie y. (2 months ago)
So you have to keep the hats glasses and bandana on?
• Prince Zomboツ • (2 months ago)
The Tactical Helmet protects you more
TheDwarfishjoe (2 months ago)
how the hell did they think the current parachuting mechanics were fine?
Pizza Dude (2 months ago)
Where is the zombie?
school35724 (2 months ago)
they need to make 3rd person shooter again f first person
GrimReaper 7//GR7 (2 months ago)
The game won't even load for me...
Genocide Gaming (2 months ago)
Closed beta it's an open beta man the fuck you talking about
Andre Rogers (2 months ago)
Is there zombies in the battle royale?
Jamie020 FNBR (2 months ago)
I cant fucking shoot! But i can drive a car
MyDayVee (2 months ago)
GG minus the lag of course! Was in the 2nd match with ya man (dayvee-b-me) my friend told me that he saw me in an video of yours so I had to check it out! keep up the good work buddy, much luv!
KieranOwNz (2 months ago)
They need to fix the movement system which is a big issue to me and probably many others, let's get straight to the point. It's too slow when trying to turn around in any direction even when your sensitivity is on 100%. You can even jump high enough to be bake to dodge people and it's too slow when jumping, the recoil on the hellfire is rediculous I mean I know it's an SMG but you end up shooting birds out the sky rather than people Infront of you 😂 also the snipers and shotguns are so under powered especially the riot shotgun and the scout sniper I've noticed only had about 3 of combat training and they're the issues I've noticed so far other than that the graphics are great, really hope they take their time to sort these issues out 👍
Dalton Sherburne (2 months ago)
Anyone else think the shotguns need to be better. They seems really bad to me
Malik NS (2 months ago)
How you drop bandages? 😂😂😂on the ps4,
martin branwood (2 months ago)
My gun won't fire when I press the button ???
PSN: STEEZY_BUDDHA (2 months ago)
This game is not playable in fives mode. 10-15 FPS in gun fights. What a shame.
Rossi JR (2 months ago)
We can switch to First person on Ps4?? I tried my best here , and i cant ! :( Anyone can Help ?
drea s (2 months ago)
Are there zombies in this game?
Vallahleqit Quit (2 months ago)
Its free now rip your money
damion hampshire (2 months ago)
i dont see no lag just bad aim
al zolez (2 months ago)
Id like to see a 50v50 mode eventually or even four squads of 25
Jesse Boston (2 months ago)
I can not wait for H1Z1
SHAUNCARTER1 (2 months ago)
U good at this game tho
SHAUNCARTER1 (2 months ago)
U complain a lot buddy lol jeez it a BETA not even the full game it not suppose to be PERFECT smh
GB Bluer (2 months ago)
I didn't get a code..... maybe this is a sign to stay away from H1Z1
LaughCade (2 months ago)
I dont like how you can only aim by going in 1st person. It bothers me
Marc Patterson (2 months ago)
I thought i was sick of BR, turns out i'm down to give H1Z1 a go
Pharell Tot (2 months ago)
I self Play on ps4 and i say it needs more color its all so grey.
Michael Larson (2 months ago)
Signed up on the 24 of April and never got a code 😢
josh9jpg 56 (2 months ago)
It’s still a beta man
bassmakerboom (2 months ago)
The lag won't be fixed when it comes out we all know that by now. This will be the game for at least a 2 months.
A1 (2 months ago)
They need to increase the brightness
TS Zombie (2 months ago)
Yo they might release an update before the game launch’s
robert fair (2 months ago)
That lag is nothing compared to pubg Xbox 1 lag when driving
luke little (2 months ago)
Terrible. They need to fix it now or im just gonna have to stick with Fortnite, sadly.
MusicBlastingPsycho (3 months ago)
The slow ass sensitivity and input lag needs to change or flop
ownedweezybaby (3 months ago)
This game looks unfinished tbh or is it just me?
luuk vis (3 months ago)
I Love ut
timoe (3 months ago)
This game looks like its gonna be boring fast and soulless.
Itz Kahnverse (3 months ago)
Nope, I didn't get my code BigT 😢
Thunder Killer (3 months ago)
i was gonna say it looks like a 1999 game when he was shooting but its the lag i guess..... can you aim like we used to? just zooming in the dot or thats just not a thing anymore?
Miro Ahponen (3 months ago)
Picked the worse helmet at the start of the video
pacthug (3 months ago)
Even with the lag you'll pull thorough
Klee Klee (3 months ago)
The quick game thing needs to go. Fortnite has quicker games and that’s one of the major reasons why it sucks.
khristian8774 (3 months ago)
Big T’s fear of riding with people even shows up in H1z1 lol
Sl Blazer (3 months ago)
Ads to first person is so stupid I hope they realise and change it how it should be it’s terrible 😂
Brad Wriggles (3 months ago)
like so he sees - combat boots make you run faster bigt!
Hit's Gaming (3 months ago)
AR are available on floor loot just really rare. I have gotten a few.
RebelSeven77 (3 months ago)
think alot of that stuttering when getting to close to players is similar to a pubg problem maybe your running into players with really bad pings , also they cant properly test the game without sending out waves of keys because when they test it , it is all on a LAN connection.
Fif dasavage (3 months ago)
Bc your playing the game like your on pc lol it's ps4 bro nice gameplay tho
Are we still getting survive ?? zombie game because id rather play that than battle royale
EatA Snikrz (2 months ago)
PrawnQuackerz On Playstation nope, they basically abandoned it, not many people are interested in open world survivals, their more into open world shooters now, completely different things, and there are better games then just survive, like 7DTD and Dying light. You should check those out
bird (3 months ago)
Big T I love you homie, but FUCK ME if you gotta get your looting down my man!!!! Taking the 5.56 ammo but not the purple assault rifle, using the bum ass motorcycle helmet (3 defense) instead of the tactical helmet (5 defense)!!!! Shit is just driving me NUTS!!!! Keep this vids coming tho homie.....you'll get that shit down sooner or later ;) LOL!!!
the goon (3 months ago)
Graphics are so bad looking
Mark Trovato (3 months ago)
Lmao it's fucking h1z1 we all know us not gonna be fixed. Just playing for click bait
Spice N Spam (3 months ago)
I could barely watch this video, the FPS drop was giving me a headache.
Bilal Moussaten (3 months ago)
BigT do you play on ps4 or ps4 pro
Kristopher Armstrong (3 months ago)
One of my fav new series
View (3 months ago)
I can't wait to play this bro!! Never had a good PC to run it. Super bummed I haven't gotten a code yet but I'll be on when it drops
Rf.Highflyer21 (3 months ago)
Please ask them to change the ADS to third person with a first person button like metal gear! Like so he can see
Rf.Highflyer21 (2 months ago)
Longbertus and you talk like it's not already a third person game lmao
Rf.Highflyer21 (2 months ago)
Longbertus Are you mentally challenged? They want something more like Pubg with the OPTION to do either I compared it to metal gear your honestly fucking retarded lmao
Longbertus (2 months ago)
Don't you understand? If H1Z1 gets a thirdperson mode it is going to be like fortnite. Only fortnite fanboys want a third person aiming
Rf.Highflyer21 (2 months ago)
Longbertus since when does fortnite have first person? U gud bro?
Longbertus (2 months ago)
This is not Fortnite. Don't to this for them kiddies
david cuevas (3 months ago)
You’ve always been the worst at looting I get anxiety watching you play
stampede230 (3 months ago)
The PC version also had micro sutters in shotgun battles as well.
Donald King (3 months ago)
PS4 or pro?
G P (3 months ago)
Hellfire is and always has been OP in H1Z1 BR since they implemented it, that was one of the biggest complaints from the h1 PC community.. it's basically a noob weapon. They should nerf the damage or nerf the fire rate considering how ridiculous it is. Outside of that and some lag issues, the closed beta has felt and looked far more polished on my ps4 than Pubg has ever looked on my Xbox. I'm hoping this game takes off and they support it and actually listen to console feedback.
Coco Davison (3 months ago)
Big T blind as shit lol
Hailey Phillips (3 months ago)
Oh and it’s to dull
Connor Realmuto (3 months ago)
How do you sign up for this
Epic Brandon (3 months ago)
5 man squads thought it was only 4?
Epic Brandon (3 months ago)
UpWiThIroNMaIdEn oh never played H1Z1
Aspirati0nz- (3 months ago)
h1z1 squads is 5
Hailey Phillips (3 months ago)
We want FPS
Ashen Twisty (3 months ago)
I got to try H1Z1, i played Fortnite, but i can't get alot of kills, and build. Ramps, Walls, Shields.
Ťhìŕty Ønê (3 months ago)
KenBren Gamers (3 months ago)
Does ammo take space??
young Stunah (3 months ago)
So long fortnite I'll let the kids play that game H1z1 here I come
Gamer Hamno (3 months ago)
Ok some people got the code but when is 22 may do i have to get code to play it or no?
Lol280c (3 months ago)
Gamer Hamno yes. Like fortnite it will be free.
Gamer Hamno (3 months ago)
BigBallerBrad YT For free on the ps4 yeah?
Gamer Hamno (3 months ago)
BigBallerBrad YT Okay thanks :)
BigBallerBrad YT (3 months ago)
No on May 22 you should be able to play without a code
SPANKINGMICEELF (3 months ago)
you should expect lag in a closed beta. they will optimize the game when open beta starts. This is exactly why they limit the amount of people on a server in closed beta. so they can test out the servers and see what the problems are before they go full scale. I do expect to see some good updates within the first month of the open beta. things should smooth out soon after the release.
iNCOGNITO L (2 months ago)
yaw funny
SPANKINGMICEELF (3 months ago)
benjidope that's true. They need to start making games at 60 fps standard. There is no real point in having the ps4 pro honestly.
benjidope (3 months ago)
SPANKINGMICEELF the problem is ps4 is trash, almost every game runs under 30fps
SwayzeEG AMV'S (3 months ago)
subscribe to me for no reason and watch my AMV
brandog 570 (3 months ago)
It was super laggy For me in the first match. It got kind of better as it went on
Mando Gucci (3 months ago)
Wish i had a code
Richard Trincia (3 months ago)
philip vanassche (3 months ago)
Signed up 3-4 weeks ago no code 🤬🤬🤬
xXjk 44Xx (3 months ago)
Is going to be free to play
stappers Plays (3 months ago)
The ammo for the rifle was under the jeep your team mate picked it up because you didnt pick it up plus the purple crate you didnt even chechked the weapon that was under the police car
totalblur123 (3 months ago)
Big T, Fuckass flys but wake up bitch wont?? damn son
KEM-KEM17 (3 months ago)
I normally can never see the small FPS drops when watching a video but my god watching this was making my eyes hurt, H1 fix your shit dude
Salty Dog Gaming (3 months ago)
It’s your connection bro! It’s shit. I just played 9 games on PS4Pro and my FPS never dropped below 50... and why are you even playing on console. PC is the master race, that’s what you guys say
BaddHabits (3 months ago)
Only ran into serious lag 1 game outta 5 today , games good though and fun 💯
Jonny The Weasel (3 months ago)
Can't see a thing when in first person view with the gun all up in your face.
Asylum Reaper (3 months ago)
I really hope that ARs not being floor loot is just the beta phasing everything into the game. No reason to not be able to pick up rifles as floor loot.
Kyrie Irving (3 months ago)
I hate the first person ads
C Shears (3 months ago)
I'm not here to watch a dead game now on console. I'm here to ask where tf Red Dead is? BIG T?!?!
Breakingthegame 460 (3 months ago)
Plz make it we’re u have a choice to third person ads and wtf is the ar spawns that it stupid I feel like every one has the same guns except the people get the military drops they need to make the gun spawns normal else this game is gonna go down fast and the looting should just be like pubg on xbox it’s so easy and fast plz I’m begging these dudes to do this Bc this game will die so fast but I know it’s still beta and not hating cause I love h1 just doesn’t feel like h1
Breakingthegame 460 (3 months ago)
Yes I watched the vid that says that too but tell me how many kills are u geting at far range with the ars in first person aiming u can’t even see barley when u shoot the hell fire cause of the smoke but I’m sure that will be fixed and the scopes are preety bad yes it’s in beta but still first person aiming all the time dosent feel good
Aspirati0nz- (3 months ago)
3rd person ADS is too difficult and is not fun at long range witha computer
The SuperMarioM (3 months ago)
REMEMBER it Is a closed beta
DerpyDabber (3 months ago)
Yo Big T the tac helmet is a higher tier armor than the motorcycle, thats why it's in air drop crates.
Colby The King (3 months ago)
Start taking new helmets when yours is damaged
1000SubsNoVids (3 months ago)
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Brandon Kane (3 months ago)
The reason you guys are getting limited codes is just to test the game out before it's released so all of the issues that are being reported are fixed, so try not to complain to much right now it will be fixed by the 22nd.
Brandon Kane (3 months ago)
Also yeah, anybody who actually games on the ps4 should have upgraded to a ps4 pro by now anyway that will help alot in this game.
Alex Diaz (3 months ago)
14:30 you missed a AR under the car
EatA Snikrz (2 months ago)
Yeh and it was purple as well
Coco Davison (3 months ago)
Alex Diaz exactly!
El Daishinkan 126 (3 months ago)
I see you in a porn video xd
teflon don (3 months ago)
Fortnite was like this with lag when it first came out.
Charles Couch (3 months ago)
I haven't gotten try it out but I've been watching your videos and I must say I'm kind of impressed it looks nothing and looks like it plays nothing like the PC version I think they actually did a pretty good job with this I'm hype

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