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All Bioshock Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets feat. TheBioshockHub

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Check out my countdown of the Top 100 Easter Eggs In Video Games - Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_d96WaoiOY --~-- All Bioshock Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets feat. TheBioShockHub In this video, TheBioshockHub takes you through all of the Easter eggs in Bioshock Infinite! Sub to the TheBioshockHub: https://goo.gl/Vw5ac2 *Be sure to follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/PFqGhx *Support Me On Patreon: https://goo.gl/giuey9 *Top 10 Far Cry Series Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/fjJoPu *Fortnite Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/zbrCQ2 *Battlefield 1 Easter eggs: https://goo.gl/m8nkyo Subscribe for more Easter eggs, secrets and sometimes the odd moan. All Bioshock Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets All Bioshock Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets All Bioshock Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets All Bioshock Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets All Bioshock Infinite Easter Eggs & Secrets
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Captain Eggcellent (22 days ago)
Please go and check out TheBioshockHub: https://goo.gl/Vw5ac2 We both hope you guys enjoy the video. Bioshock Infinite is one of my favourite games ever and it contains so many small references and Easter eggs!
Layla Azure (21 days ago)
Captain Eggcellent if you do some more battlefield videos... Why not collab with like, Jack Frag or Westie... Some more Collab to help out the small channel would be great as well... I love the video... Keep it up...
Aaron Vazquez (3 days ago)
4 ads on a 17 minute video. Have a dislike.
Lung Tung (4 days ago)
3:01 The way he says 2010
IDyce88 (5 days ago)
WARNING SPOILERS: what is Bioshock series about asks everyone: fans say: a utopia called rapture under the sea creators say: WRONG, bioshock is about quantum physics and the theory that multiple realities co-exist and can only truly exist because they exist together and reflect each other...constants and variables; religion and science, above and below, sea and sky, prophet and king (Ryan never claimed to be a king this is true but he was a hypocrite...he basically wanted to create a free society but had to control it in order to do so...hypocrisy at its finest people XD), vigors and plasmids, songbird and big daddies, rapture and columbia. a lot of people were upset about how Bioshock Infinite revealed that the worlds were connected...well i say "go suck di£$" it makes the story even more ingenious and those people just wish they thought of it first. Bioshock Infinite chronologically happens FIRST in the series...and we all know it was thanks to Elizabeth that Rapture collapsed...oh how fickle fate can be (Bioshock |Infinite, Burial at Sea, B1, B2...where Minerva's Den fits into it i don't know). i will never stop loving Bioshock...as for other people...love it or hate it that is your choice...but accept it for what it is...it is about quantum physics...not just rapture.
Serena M. (6 days ago)
This brought back so many sweet memories(: Ugh thank you for this!!!
superplayer 4000 (10 days ago)
5:56 “Columbia’s gayest quartet”
Mr chef (11 days ago)
The song tainted love is also another anachronistic cover in Bioshock Infinite and the song "Will the circle be unbroken" is a reference to Johnny Cash's song Daddy sang bass.
Jose Martinez (14 days ago)
There was one Easter egg in burial at sea 2 i think where before entering a tunnel As Elizabeth is about to enter and theres a chair where booker is sitting down playing a guitar before disappearing
MegaHellstrike (15 days ago)
13:15 On my first playthrough I initially didn't turn around cause I thought something might happen on screen if I do so I walked backwards, and when I suddenly got blocked I didn't want to turn around anymore lol
Jamie Johnson (15 days ago)
Most of these are not easter eggs. They are just elements of the story and are part of the overall narrative.
SakuraRedfield1996 (15 days ago)
I noticed something while playing that not many pay attention to, and it's a pretty cool detail. Before reaching Elizabeth in the tower, Booker passes through the Siphon room. In that room, there's a series of speakers look-alike things and from each one of those a different and distorted instrumental of 'Everybody wants to rule the world' is played. I stayed like 20 minutes in the room running around from speaker to speaker singing the song out loud and it was awesome. LOL Then when Eli opens the Tear and the song is played again, with Paris and 'la revanche du jedi' I was like, ok, this song is important in tha game. Noted.
Sergio M. Urbizu (15 days ago)
He dosent row
Stephen Robinson (16 days ago)
The Lutece's first appearance in the game isn't when you look through the telescope after you get the telegram, they're right at the start of the game, they take you the lighthouse in the rowing boat.
Michelle! (16 days ago)
Also Everybody wants to rule the world plays in the little music shop near the grave site. It's my favorite song they 1910ized in the game
Danny DeVito (16 days ago)
I came from the Bioshock hub. I've been scheibe for quite a while now
Thomas Regnart (16 days ago)
6:17 as a Frenchman, hearing "La revanche du Jedi" made my ears bleed. The last "e" in Revanche is silent, so say it like "revansh"
IDyce88 (3 days ago)
i think we're missing the point...as funny as the mispronunciation of words can be...Elizabeth opened a tear into another world. I have the remake version of the Bioshock series and in Infinite you see three or four tears that weren't in the original...one is by the statue of Robert Lutece just before the raffle...if you walk too close you will miss it...it turns Robert's statue into a statue of Rosalind Lutece. Later there is one on the boardwalk in Soldier's Field near the Ice Cream place...as the First Lady airship flies over it appears near ice cream shop to your left. In Finkton you hear a song coming out of a tear in a building...i can't remember the name of the song. You later hear the song "Girl's Just Want to have Fun" come out of a tear in Albert Fink's place. Both the Fink's profited off using the tears to make money, stealing ideas from Rapture and other places like the songs...Slate was furious because Comstock changed the past using the tears...rewriting history...that is why he wanted to kill Comstock. and of course we can clearly tell that Infinite...despite being made later...is the PREQUEL...to B1 and B2...not the sequel. 1912-Columbia, Burial At Sea- late 50's (set when Rapture was thriving), B1-1960, B2-1968 (the GOOD, ending of B1 was the direct cause of B2...with so many little sisters rescued more were stolen from the surface), from what i can tell Minerva's Den takes place after B2 but i'm not sure...it could be DURING but elsewhere...because it doesn't involve the same people as much.
Deathrider (15 days ago)
I'm not French and I knew he was pronouncing that wrong. lol
Chaney Houk (16 days ago)
At 8:56 you should’ve explained why the songs are in that time zone.
Jammill Khursheed (16 days ago)
AND you should learn how to pronounce 'anachronistic' while you're at it fella
Fei Li (16 days ago)
I want part 4 so bad...
young & r3ckless (16 days ago)
Aren't they making another bioshock game that's been rumored to be called "bioshock underworld"??????
AlienToppedPancakes (18 days ago)
Nice summery but might want to turn down the background music/audio when you want to show off voice lines. Kinda difficult hearing it all. Also, could cut down more of the less important video clips
jesse demers (19 days ago)
0451 keeps re appearing. But do you know why? It's a book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, about a future where books are outlawed and if found will be burned by "firemen".
Danktankhank ! (20 days ago)
Been looking forward to this collab
TheBioshockHub (19 days ago)
Good! We're glad.
Danktankhank ! (19 days ago)
TheBioshockHub I did!
TheBioshockHub (19 days ago)
I hope you enjoyed it!
ghoul jack6666 (20 days ago)
Elzibeth can sing I would love her to he my mom
TriggerFinger04 (20 days ago)
Just to let you know you'll get bad reviews for putting other people's videos on your Channel I'm just trying to let you know I know he let you and all but most people don't like that
TriggerFinger04 (20 days ago)
Captain Eggcellent oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were helping a friend and some people do get annoyed by it but I don't so you do what you want to do it's your YouTube channel 😀
Captain Eggcellent (20 days ago)
TriggerFinger04 huh? I’m helping a friend out. We’ve been talking about doing this for a while. Why on earth would some people be annoyed by that?
Tanya von Degurechaff (21 days ago)
i prefer sub then dub
Finn Williams (21 days ago)
The quartet sign says "Columbia's Gayest Quartet."
BET VLOG (20 days ago)
Gayest means happiest though
Isaacfess (21 days ago)
BiiP Gaming (21 days ago)
I think it’s amazing that after all these years people still make videos about bioshock.
TheBioshockHub (19 days ago)
Yessir. There's so much backstory to cover, kind of like Fallout.
Mendicant Biased (21 days ago)
The thumbnail is a facial gone wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, please don't bite. It hurts.
Ron Nicklas (21 days ago)
still my all time favorite game
Eddard (21 days ago)
I just finished playing infinite and all the dlcs yesterday! How odd
TheBioshockHub (19 days ago)
Perfect timing lol.
Like my comment cause i said so
Killer 149000 (19 days ago)
Random Nigga who triggers people I think you mean would you kindly like this comment
Captain Eggcellent holy shit thanks mate, i didnt expect it to be you😄
Captain Eggcellent (21 days ago)
Random Nigga who triggers people done
MultiPaco06 (21 days ago)
Also in the Paris segment, the man who offers you the painting is Monet, then all the painters that you see on the river are famous impresionist and post impresionist painters, you also encounter Cossette from Les Miserables book and many people on the streets are recreating famous paintings by french authors, just to show that this is a reality that Elizabeth created based on her knowledge on french culture.
Bobble Head (21 days ago)
Kolct (21 days ago)
Had to put the video on 1.25 speed. The slow talking was really off-putting for me. Otherwise, a great video.
Kgearing 742 (21 days ago)
The video was sick mad props to you guys also Captain Eggcellent is like to tell you something over Twitter dms if that's ok?
Kgearing 742 (21 days ago)
Captain Eggcellent (21 days ago)
Yeah sure send it over!
TheBioshockHub (21 days ago)
I fucking love you man, thank you so much for this opportunity. I really hope you all enjoyed the video and I hope you guys have a great day.
TheBioshockHub (21 days ago)
To be completely honest with you, I have no clue why Irrational did this personally.
CrossfireGlitcher11 (21 days ago)
TheBioshockHub I'm low key curious about the last one, The death bodies easter egg, Is this like a '' Time loop '' thing but the body stays in the water because Elisabeth jumped in the water in all of the loops?
TheBioshockHub (21 days ago)
Pilot K (21 days ago)
Whadup muh due
TheBioshockHub (21 days ago)
Thank you.
Vlaka (21 days ago)
TriggerFinger04 (21 days ago)
On the road to a million i see
Randomcrap666 (21 days ago)
wiratara javier (21 days ago)
The jumpscare really freaks me out 13:20
wiratara javier (14 days ago)
Captain Neo .M and they also fucking loud
Captain Neo .M (14 days ago)
So People with Hearing Problems were Selected to Be those Things to Alert. Just a Little Backstory
Captain Neo .M (14 days ago)
wiratara javier What sucks is that They Attached the Metal thing To their Heads and They had no ears. So they put the Horns for them to Ear Everything.
TheBioshockHub (21 days ago)
I said heads up :P
DexterTheMightyGodwin (21 days ago)
why didnt i get some of this gameplay in pc version excluding the 2010 demo
Mootjer 1015 (21 days ago)
Bioshock has so many easter eggs love these vids. Keep it up!
DatUhu (21 days ago)
So you're not gonnatalk about the fact that you can hear Songbird dying in the original Bioshock?
Nahuel Da Luz (15 days ago)
KoKoYoung (20 days ago)
Both the background noise in Bioshock 1 and Songbird share the same voice sample: dolphin. Period.
Nahuel Da Luz (21 days ago)
it's not true,they didn't have planned infinite when they made the original
Captain Eggcellent (21 days ago)
That’s really debatable. I’ve heard it and I can’t decide if it’s Songbird or just background noise.
john paul songayab (21 days ago)
john paul songayab (21 days ago)
Exotic Razor (21 days ago)
john paul songayab There is a other Bioshock coming but 2K is calling it, Bioshock project.
demon slayer (22 days ago)
Genji 132 (22 days ago)
You the best Captain Eggcelent I like your YouTube video
Realgenra Genra (22 days ago)
Isnt the Outro another esteregg, cause in Infinite Burial at Sea 2 near the end you see the Death of Suchong ,whos body you can find in Bioshock as shown in the Outro.
TheRoflcer (4 days ago)
That's more classified a callback then an easter-egg since I don't think the writers and animators tried to be subtle about that addition.
TheBioshockHub (21 days ago)
I purposefully recorded/edited it in a way. Essentially, I had this video end where Jack breaks Fontaine's "Spell" and where Elizabeth breaks the "Cycle" by causing the events leading up to Bioshock 1.
ThatKidWhoGames (22 days ago)
Love his channel and this game.
Dušan Ristić (22 days ago)
I just started playing this game and so far is really good.
TheBioshockHub (21 days ago)
You'll enjoy the series :)
Mark Sicherl (22 days ago)
I really wish they make a new Biosock!
RealBellows (4 days ago)
you mean the close to the sun thing? cuz thats what i saw
IDyce88 (5 days ago)
they are making a fourth one...but it isn't being called Bioshock...but it is set in the same universe and part of the series...it is named after something to do with Ryan's past i think.
RealBellows (5 days ago)
there is a new one coming called "Close to the Sun"
Captain Neo .M (14 days ago)
Mark Sicherl I love Socks
marcing115 (16 days ago)
There might be a new bioshock already in the production but bear in mind that the story creator Ken Levine isn't working on it, a new studio took over the bioshock franchise so i doubt it will come even slightly to infinite lvl.
Hayden Hartsell (22 days ago)

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