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GTA 5 Online Imponte Deluxo Customization & Gameplay (Flying Car)

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GTA 5 Online Imponte Deluxo Flying Car Customization & Gameplay doomsday heist update gta online doomsday update imponte deluxo flying car
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Text Comments (34)
Cool gamer (3 months ago)
Cann you not Deluxo fliegen haha
LopMuSiC1 (3 months ago)
nein ich can not deluxo flyingfliegen...
ML GAMER (3 months ago)
How to own facility? Cause ill park my Avenger how plz
BlakeKevin Gaming (7 months ago)
can you store it in a regular garage?
LopMuSiC1 (7 months ago)
yes i think so
Xano (8 months ago)
A pretty useful vehicle to get to your properties faster! It's a bitch driving to them.
bOOTLEG bOY (8 months ago)
Can i use this gameplay
bOOTLEG bOY (8 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 ill give you credit btw
bOOTLEG bOY (8 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 thanks
LopMuSiC1 (8 months ago)
Jaxsen Herbert (9 months ago)
Can you mod it in the normal facility or ONLY in the avenger?
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
Mike Gayner (9 months ago)
At 4:08...this is why I will never support flying cars in real life. People have a hard enough time driving on a straight flat road as it is. I don't want to be sitting in my apartment to have some moron fly into my living room.
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
reaper Razer (9 months ago)
between the vigilante or the deluxo, which car will you choose
millinea (7 months ago)
XD of course the deluxo its 10× better
reaper Razer (9 months ago)
Lui (9 months ago)
reaper Razer deluxo easy
Ajax Fox (9 months ago)
How much it cost?
Xano (8 months ago)
It's like $3 million with discount, another million or two for all upgrades.
Ajax Fox (9 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 god!! I think I’m gonna save some money!😂😂
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
$4,721,500 with no discount
Itchy623 (9 months ago)
Emmet brown: we got the future again Marty
warfare112593 (9 months ago)
This has unlimited rockets? Any vehicle with unlimited rockets seem a little op
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
warfare112593 (9 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 Oh okay. What’s the rocket count on It?
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
no it hasnt thats why i didnt shoot anymore at the end
Bálint Szigeti (9 months ago)
Can it fly to the mars?
AimedWolf 44088 (9 months ago)
how do you fly the deluxo
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
press R1
Numero Uno (9 months ago)
How i can transform it?
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
THE SLAYER KING (9 months ago)
Love the model
Nick Smith (9 months ago)
Flyong Delorean?

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