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Which Far Cry Villain Is The Most EVIL?

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The best villains in Far Cry history. Subscribe to The Gamer! Click here: https://goo.gl/9cpWgf No video game series has had a better, more unhinged batch of villains than Far Cry. These baddies are usually equal parts cruel, charismatic, sexy and usually out for their own self interest. This is TheGamer’s list of Unhinged Far Cry Villains. #FarCry #FarCry5 The first iconic enemy in the Far Cry series is the big baddie in Far Cry 2. He goes by the name of The Jackal. This mysterious character has ample opportunity to kill you, but he always lets you live. As you play through the game, his true plans are gradually revealed. It turns out, he’s not quite the evil overlord he seems to be. Even so, his scheme doesn’t end with you walking away alive. Next up is Citra in Far Cry 3. Her arc goes the opposite way of The Jackal’s. She seems like a friend throughout most of the game. She sends you on missions and even sleeps with you while sending you on hallucinogenic drug trips. But by the end of the game, her true intentions come to light, and once again, you may not walk away with your life. Hoyt is Far Cry 3’s most powerful villain. He runs weapons and slaves on the tropical island of the game’s setting. He also chops off your finger just for the fun of it during a poker game. Good thing you have a knife of your own. Vaas may not have Hoyt’s power, but everyone knows he’s the real villain of Far Cry 3. A truly unhinged psychopath, Vaas toys with your life and the lives of your friends like a cat toying with trapped mice. You won’t get through this game without hearing about the definition of insanity. Pagan Min runs the show in Far Cry 4. He’s a fashionable villain, one you could easily side with if you were of weaker will. He genuinely seems to care for you, even as you gradually dismantle his empire. Far Cry 5 kicks off when Joseph Seed and his siblings start a militaristic cult and begin kidnapping the residents of Hope County, Montana. Can you lead the resistance and take back the people’s land? It won’t be easy. Check out these other awesome videos! 10 JRPGs You Should NEVER Play When Your Parents Are Home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL-XFAExm-U 10 SECRETS Gamestop Doesn't Want You To Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qTj9HbXFmU Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/thegamer_site https://www.facebook.com/thegamercom/ Our Website http://thegamer.com
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Text Comments (1927)
Jori Schröer (13 hours ago)
Honestly I wish I could have joined Pagan Min. The Golden Path are a bunch of drug dealing lunatics, and you'll definietly wouldn't be better off with them in control.
Liberty Droid (22 hours ago)
What about Ike Sloan?
why is the Golding Path not on here with Amita you turn Kyrat into a Drug Empire that force people to join the army, or with Sabal a religious cult that kills people who don't join?!?!?!
Luca Trost (1 day ago)
You missed ull and batari
Nxhu (2 days ago)
Joesph seed isn’t a villain, he actually is a messenger from god and is preparing everyone for ww3 which happens at the end if you do the nuclear bomb ending.
badboyfrom1 (2 days ago)
Faith Seed is a rare concept of villian,she's not very stereptypical and I like it, but my faves are Vaas and Pagan Min
Anthony Haven (2 days ago)
I will say that Jacob Seed is a little more twisted than John Seed. Yes, both John and Jacob use kidnapping methods. Yes, John captures his vics, tattoos their "sins" onto their chests and then cuts that piece flesh off. However, Jacob is a little more volatile because he served in the US military and was probably dishonorably discharged. Or discharged after enduring so much traumatic PTSD. Anyway, my points are: he creates a serum that activates when it has been shot into a vic via arrow and when the song "Only You" plays. Whether by audio or him just singing it. The point of it is put the vic in a culling state of mind to search and destroy Eli, the leader of the White Tales. Jacob also captures his vics and uses them as targets for the mutated wolves (also captured by being lured in with audio sound of cattle) called Judges to hunt them down and feast upon them. He is pretty much the definition of insanity since he bears some knowledge of human psychology, hence the creation of the serum.
H1N1 (3 days ago)
Citra, Dennis, Amita and Sabal
Bob Bobete (4 days ago)
am i the only one that hated far cry 5?
My name jeff??? (4 days ago)
i hate far cry 5
Toprak YILDIRIM (7 days ago)
Vaas is the coolest one,Pagan min is the right one (he knew the truth about kyrat),Seeds are dumbest ones so answer is probably batari from primal.
Nila Pathak (7 days ago)
It's vaas.. No question
Cree Mee (7 days ago)
Vaas hands down, that dude puts tourists in cages 😂
Hunter6213 (8 days ago)
My Most favourite: Vaas The most evil villain in my opinion: John Seed.
Franz Stoner (9 days ago)
Amita and sabal even though they are friendly whenever you kill one of them they force or kill the people pagan min is just evil beacuse the player is not that good to him the secret ending in the start he starts being nice Edit:I DID NOT NOTICE THAT
Jarno Datema (10 days ago)
Kingshuk Kirtania (11 days ago)
The father has got a point too
AssaultOPS (11 days ago)
Vaas is most evil
The evil villain is the one in far 😭 3
Chris Breezy (13 days ago)
Vaas or John Seed.
Justice Torch (14 days ago)
The seed family aren't bad guys because it turned(spoilers after read more) out they where right at the end but they still did horrible things so I guess you are right
Vivek Jha (15 days ago)
For me it's VAAS or PAN MIGAN :p
jamie c (2 days ago)
I'm so sorry, I know it's a typo, but just imagining Pagan Min yelling "I'M PAN MIGAN!" with the smile of that emoji made me laugh so hard! Probably partially due to Pan meaning bread in some languages. It's so good!
NYRangers0623 (16 days ago)
Joseph seed is the worst because of the far cry 5 ending. I just watched the video and I probably will have trouble sleeping tonight because of how sad it is.
vlog s (16 days ago)
What was the move on the 2nd one
vimal pandey (16 days ago)
The most evil villain is Donald trump
Arshad Ali (16 days ago)
joseph seed
JR William (16 days ago)
Ubisoft is the most evil
AJ Thom (18 days ago)
Vaas with his definition of insanity
Trying not to spoil far cry 5 the seed family is definitely the best you have THE FATHER which is a intimidating name for a villain who leads a religious cult in Montana John seed is a very interesting character to say the least and then there’s Jacob seed who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq who had to kill his friend and eat him just to make it out of there then he whas sent to a military hospital and then a homeless shelter before being found by THE FATHER aka Joseph seed Jacob also likes to drug people and starve them to death Also there’s faith she uses a drug thing called bliss I meen honestly the seed family is most interesting group of people definitely my pick is probably Jacob for being the most villainess honestly I would go as far to say Jacob is more insane than Vaas but that’s just my opinion
robo man379 (19 days ago)
I don't know which to choose between vaas or the seed family
alpha toothless (19 days ago)
I thing the most top 3 bad guys (SOILERS ALERT) is vaas beacuse he killed my best friend sam rip sam and citra i know i spollet it wrong beacuse it took us like hours and days to get friend if you join her it will be bad beacuse you kill little brother and friends and that well be time wasted and she kills you in the end best ending is to save friend she need to eat her modisen and the seed family beacuse they kill alot of our poeple what the you guys is the most evil from my top 3 i thing its citra
alpha toothless (19 days ago)
Beacuse jason died
Assil Cheniti (20 days ago)
vaas the best
Amirmohammad (20 days ago)
I love farcry games , cuase farcry is the game evils more than good charcter, The best farcry is farcry3 , but farcry 5 has best ending and joseph never die ,
TwistDour Seer (20 days ago)
The father is the best clean in the far cry
Lynryannino Alegarme (22 days ago)
How about the villians from far cry primal
alpha toothless (19 days ago)
Wow your smart no people thinked about that i thing the best is farcry 3 and 5 and primal
Aivaras (23 days ago)
Let’s just admit it. Vaas was the best villain. Overall, I’s say that FC3 was the best one so far.
DISTRUCTO29 GaMeS (23 days ago)
Pegan Min wasn't even that bad after all he helped spread the Main characters mothers ashes after we destroyed his whole palace and he wasn't even that mad. Vass was actually somewhat funny in a way but he was still a little crazy but he wasn't the worst bad buy, the worst was probably the seed family they were all insane but somewhat not, their methods were insane anyways of so called "helping" people. Oh yeah thats right, did i ever tell you the meaning of insanity?
Antonio Centeno (23 days ago)
Vaas is the best, altough i love the Jackal as well
4Potato Fan4 (23 days ago)
I think vaas is funny And joseph seed is probably the most evil
Jacob Stack (23 days ago)
Pagin min is a annoying rich dude and Vas is a Trevor philps wannabe.
ucup_jav69 (23 days ago)
john seed the best villain tho
gerald smerea (23 days ago)
Robik Grundza (23 days ago)
Best is Vaas
Taevyon Daly (24 days ago)
Vaas duh
Blackeye games (24 days ago)
i pick far cry 3
hunt bay (24 days ago)
My fav is vaas
Jalaj Puri (24 days ago)
All noob think vaas.actually hoyt was main villain of far cry 3
Ethan Wong (7 hours ago)
Jalaj Puri your a dumbass the question is who’s the most evil not main villain. Fuckijng retard
alpha toothless (19 days ago)
Beacuse his evil i completed the game today and i got best ending in farcry 3
alpha toothless (19 days ago)
Yeah i know they thing is one men but is to men vaas is funny and wierd voice and hoyt is anoying
Dan Baum (24 days ago)
Pagan minh is the coolest (not even that evil) Vaas is the best most realistic character, Jacob seed is the most evil, it literally goes into how he killed his own baby.
Mr Art (24 days ago)
Cull the herd
Nikkizzz (24 days ago)
Min is evil but maybe least evil out of the 3 bad guys in Far Cry 4
Corny Biscuit (24 days ago)
seed family is the most evil.
MrVercettti89 (25 days ago)
Son Far Cry 3 has a 3 villians lol
Claude Droid (26 days ago)
Noblegaming 1176 (26 days ago)
Leaked proof farcry is prt of assasins creed timeline john seed is a templar
SebasCraCk11 (26 days ago)
did i ever tell you the definition of insanity? reading the comments, watching the video, and expecting the comments to change after you watch it
Skudududu (27 days ago)
my fav villain is jacob seed part of the seed family because he drugs you after each misin when you team up with the wihte tails
Crovo Attano (28 days ago)
The most crazy and evil is vaas. The best is pagan min
Asha Devi (28 days ago)
Horryx (29 days ago)
666 dislikes
Dragon Bits (29 days ago)
Now Hoyt is a complete psychopath and a devilish villan in far cry 3 and is the complete leader who made Vass Kinda Crazy and Evil
Dragon Bits (29 days ago)
To me pagan doesn't seem to be a villain to me in the game and I realize that the only people I felt that were villains were Amita and Sabal
Dragon Bits (29 days ago)
Honestly Vass is one of my favorite villains through out the far cry series
oh my 666 dislikes
Potato Gaming (30 days ago)
I love Vaas
Lovi Poekimo (30 days ago)
Plus, Vaas is hot.
Shane McSorley (30 days ago)
You guys forgot to do Dr. Krieger and Colonel Crowe. My villans from most fav to least favourite would be Vaas, Dr Krieger, Joseph seed, Crowe, pagan min, Hoyt, then the Jackal
Vaas is the best he's to funny
Nexxi (1 month ago)
Dante (1 month ago)
Vaas montenegro wins
Selenator93 (1 month ago)
The leader of the Sun Walkers in Primal, can’t remember her name because it’s a weird Neanderthal name, she’s the most evil!!! She burns people alive!!
William Stephenson (1 month ago)
Amita and sabel not on the list?
Benjamin Marx (1 month ago)
What really freaks me out is at the end of Farcry 4 Pagan Min says "Just as you use those ashes as an excuse to do whatever you want. God damn if it isn't fun." He was right. Ajay was using his mom's ashes as an excuse to kill anything and everything dressed in red. And it was really damn fun. That got me thinking... maybe he isn't so crazy after all... Maybe I'm just as bad as him...
Vgutierrez4109 (1 month ago)
Pagin min is actually a good person
Trash bag (1 month ago)
Faith is a pretty cool villian
Joseph Seed (1 month ago)
Personally I think Pagan Minn because the fact he tortures and slaughters people for the thrill of it. What you thought I was gonna pick me?
Zek Games (1 month ago)
My Favourite Villain is Vaas, For me... Someone More?? Uhh.. No?? uhm....... Ok
B K (1 month ago)
Pagan dindu nuffin wrong! Joseph Seed was just trying to save ya!
Impulse Member (1 month ago)
What about Krieger ?
Pagan min is better cuz he hates golden path and kills his men and is funny
The RexyBeast (1 month ago)
De pleur in farcry 4?
ALi ZeRo (1 month ago)
Did I ever tell you about the devination of insanity
Liam Hair (1 month ago)
Sherine Barakat (1 month ago)
the father was evil and like he won
Blacksidemre TV (1 month ago)
angela stewart (1 month ago)
Ok seed is the evilist they nuke ur town
Cameron Deane (1 month ago)
You didn’t mention the fact that Joseph seed nukes the world at the end of far cry 5
MawMaw Gwen (1 month ago)
What about ULL and Batari from far cry primal
Samarjit Parija (1 month ago)
Zachary Norton (1 month ago)
Adrian Trinidad (1 month ago)
The seeds win
bgh19 h (1 month ago)
is it just me or does Faith really remind me of Yuma Lau?
Sentinel Raider (1 month ago)
Faith asks me to join the bliss and she will give me anything I said bang me
ROCKSTAR GAMING (1 month ago)
pagman was the best we was vary hilarious
Darwinian Life (1 month ago)
You know vaas may be badass but he’s not mega evil, he clearly suffers from bipolar as one minute he’s a pretty nice, witty guy the next he’s an absolute raging monster.
Cooper Nesbitt (1 month ago)
Far cry primal
- joonthetic (1 month ago)
i love vaas and pagan
Kasra Khavoshi (1 month ago)
I really hate the father
Tj lomin (1 month ago)
My favorites villains are vaas pagan min and John seed
Shane Bilsborough (1 month ago)
The seed family are not actually bad guys if you have played all the way through you’ll see why (;
Pagan Min (1 month ago)
Pagan daughter dead and he mad if I agreed that the golden path is assholes

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