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IK Rig: Procedural Pose Animation

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In this 2016 GDC talk, Ubisoft's Alexander Bereznyak breaks down the basics of IK Rig technology for animators, and explains how it can be used for everything from video games to feature films. Register for GDC: http://ubm.io/2gk5KTU Join the GDC mailing list: http://www.gdconf.com/subscribe Follow GDC on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Official_GDC GDC talks cover a range of developmental topics including game design, programming, audio, visual arts, business management, production, online games, and much more. We post a fresh GDC video every day. Subscribe to the channel to stay on top of regular updates, and check out GDC Vault for thousands of more in-depth talks from our archives.
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C. A. Husted (23 hours ago)
Thank you, Mr. Bereznyak. Your talk was very informative and inspirational. Now, I know what I've been thinking has a definitive name—I just need to do more research to find out how to implement it with what I'd like to get done. GDC… You may want to have Mr. Bereznyak train some of your uh-uh-uh-uh–other speakers, so he can teach them how to keep their thought continuing in a single process without interrupting the talk for a repetitive word, sound–annoyance–and keep interest. He has done a fantastic job, and I hope to see more GDC talks featuring him, his technology, his ideas, and any news that he has on the development process.
Alepap (18 days ago)
28:08 xD
Obiwan Kenobi (1 month ago)
I wanted to see quadrupeds and wow he did show quadrupeds. Very impressive. I am curious to see how his quadrupeds fare on laterally uneven ground though.
CedricZombie17 Roblox (1 month ago)
David A.l (1 month ago)
Today we have the T-pose
Stashmaniac (1 month ago)
43:08 This is what I'm making now and this is perfect for my game.
Monmonstar (2 months ago)
This is what I do in my spare time at college, stare at GDC talks for 2 hours and get inspired!
Zwenk Wiel (2 months ago)
the fat guy on the horsey needs to be a game, make it happen Ubisoft!
Wanderer (2 months ago)
What is Kinect?
Laniel _ (2 months ago)
I suppose this might have been great in a game like For Honor.
William Xie (2 months ago)
I just wanna know that how can we map the bone-rig animation into the ik-rig one?
AwesomeVindicator (2 months ago)
a youtuber called GRANDOS (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb59XkST0rEiM6ugIdLjiCw) has ripped content from this video and reuploaded is as though its a competitor to euphoria.
Dangn Abbit (3 months ago)
So then if this is new tech Spore was never technically feasible but heck they tried
Martin Sisifa (3 months ago)
good talk
Gustavo Santos (3 months ago)
Igor Volkov (3 months ago)
Zafrius Rasnake (4 months ago)
Lusiogenic (4 months ago)
Very nice use of physics in those animations. Top notch work!
Keddiels (4 months ago)
Horesey :)
Spartan War118 (4 months ago)
28:08 "What do we do here? After we fire the level designer.." LMAO Ain't slipping a joke that funny past me
Spartan War118 (4 months ago)
I could imagine this sort of stuff being used to recreate Spore Damn i bet it'd look awesome in 2018
Chris Loree (4 months ago)
What is he saying he used? blackjack?
Ben Arthur (4 months ago)
If this guy left ubisoft and made some of his own games this tech might go into a game worth buying
Petr Shchepilov (4 months ago)
Assasin's creed?
RandolTheFox (4 months ago)
Pretty wierd that wow a mmo have diffrent highest from 2004 and forward but FIFA is the same Hight
Víctor VVitiji (4 months ago)
Because they don't have complex animations with IK and blendlings. They aren't diferenced by the size of the steps, rather the velocity of the animation when they run or the character's race.
Colby Mabrey (4 months ago)
gerry deserves an oscar... jus sayin
TheZibaro (4 months ago)
"What do we do here after we fired the level designer" Haha love it :D
Ryan Ash (4 months ago)
So... Is any of the recently announced Ubisoft titles one or more of the NDA things?
Korenn (9 days ago)
+Blue Rain01 It looks like AC:Oddysey uses this tech
Blue Rain01 (2 months ago)
the talk was on 2016, so i bet the games would be Division 2, Assassin creezd :Origin , thier Avatar game and matbe Mario and rabids
Sajek_Alkam (4 months ago)
Truly revolutionary! Can’t wait to see this implemented!
suicidal.banana (4 months ago)
Interesting, but it was mostly just a sales pitch, would've much rather seen a lot about how it actually works, now im just left guessing (their rig is bscly just some points in space + a ton of ue4's 2bone-ik nodes? and the 'rig' for a model is just defining said points?)
ShintyShinto (4 months ago)
Great stuff
eskoff99 (4 months ago)
Great presentation and great technology
Lil Sickness (5 months ago)
This is something that Unreal developers have been using for a while now, but it's good to see it be expanded into full body animation adjustment for mocap. Taking an animation and remapping it to a different rig is possible in UE4, but all the bones have to be the same, and it's VERY finicky and can't be done real-time like this can. Very interesting to see this happen. Curious to see what titles this will be in :D
James MustPlay (5 months ago)
Is there any game that use this?
TheWalkingAmongTheDead (3 months ago)
They started using it on Assassin's Creed 3 I'm sure.
Mike D (4 months ago)
At the time of the presentation back in January there were 4 unannounced Ubisoft games in development that used this.
okh397 (6 months ago)
this is by far the most important GDC talk I've ever seen. That's what the Star citizen guys need.. it's a shame they didn't invest in R&D on this tech, they got only one male rig, female animations not done after years.. sounds like they would need that stuff desperately (esp. as they really need universe-scaling tech)
Patrik Nordberg (4 months ago)
I'm sure they're aware, there's been a number of talks on this topic in the forums for at least a year (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/61894/thread/hey-devs-there-is-something-your-character-animato). Not so sure what they've decided to do about it though. But I agree, they would definitely need something similar to this approach if they want it as dynamic and emergent gameplay as they say. At least they're not afraid of procedural tech so fingers crossed. Cuz the animations at the moment really breaks immersion .
Marvin (6 months ago)
Says he talks about the Tech and there is no single slide about the acutal Tech. Only visual. Like always big companies are only advertising their big new features at GDC and then still fuck up every single AAA title using those. Kind of hilarious.
Solve Everything (6 months ago)
Now we only have to wait 20 years until we see this in games..
TheWalkingAmongTheDead (3 months ago)
They already started using it for years.
Charles Van Noland (6 months ago)
This is somewhat reminiscent of Eskil Steenberg's animation system 'Confuse' he came up with for his game 'Love' back in the daze: http://www.quelsolaar.com/confuse/index.html
Jason Lawson (6 months ago)
you awesome! are you using any adobi animation tools ? Mya softwares?? , i tried some adobi editor /rigs/demos and i really like their stuff. ! huge library of helpers .
Shisou (6 months ago)
I'm not sure, but is the idea from this video not the same as the IK system (skeletal controls) in UE4?
anEngima (7 months ago)
until they make a UI for it, it's useless to artists as lines of code.
Blue Rain01 (2 months ago)
why do you think it doesn't have UI implentation on the editor ? also he's not selling this to you , he's sharing his ideas
Kinos141 (7 months ago)
Good thing Unity and Unreal does this, but I like understanding more of this.
Blue Rain01 (2 months ago)
it's called locomotion system in UE4 i guess, Unity took it even futher by using Machine learning , thier tool called Kinematica.
Nshankoff1 (4 months ago)
Look in their examples they have a guy punching a moving wall and the IK responds to it. Same could be implemented for foot placement.
MetricZero (5 months ago)
UE4 does this? How?
Sava Russkiy (7 months ago)
This guy has got some funky looking balls
D.Cipher (8 months ago)
great way to design worlds without caring for player animation matching all the terrain.
ironmac wade (8 months ago)
BlackDragonBE (9 months ago)
I'm sure Unity will implement something like this in 6 years.
Blue Rain01 (2 months ago)
BlackDragonBE why do you think that ? I already know guy who did , it just pure math not a new tech that need to be builtin or anything .
Leandro Oliveira (4 months ago)
Well, now Unity anounced Kinematica to somewhere in the end of this year. It's happening, sooner than you thought.
BlackDragonBE (8 months ago)
True, but that's a "regular" IK solution. The techniques shown here are much more advanced and can be retargeted to different armatures. It will take a while before we'll see anything like this on the Asset Store, let alone built into Unity.
Heatblayze (8 months ago)
He already mentioned FinalIK which is a Unity plugin
Florian Euchale Blum (9 months ago)
I´m always saying that at Ubisoft there are many good programmers, but no exceptional programmers. This video proofed me wrong.
Ryan Bailey (9 months ago)
Florian Euchale Blum The programmers at Ubisoft are incredible. The management is not.
noxabellus (9 months ago)
i know he said this is an idea not a software component but if someone did make something like this as a generic engine component like simplygon or bullet/havok etc they could make a million dollars
Yuri Kravchik (4 months ago)
How exactly would they do millions? Really wondering
BlacKeNinG (5 months ago)
Frankly speaking, a million dollars is pretty little. It is at most 10 (underpaid) devs for 1 year at the level that the devs need to be for this kind of project.
noxabellus (7 months ago)
Yeah, I know he addressed it, and I also understand all the caveats you have listed. All I'm saying is I think there might be a place in the market for such a solution, even given the difficulty and setup involved.
Stephen Borntrager (7 months ago)
He even addressed this in the presentation... including the fact that there are existing IK runtimes... though, most of this is not really that new. Havok has had an animation system capable of 're-targeting' for several years now. (Not IK based though, so it would not work well when pitted against stairs, etc.) It's also not just something you can plop into an existing game. It's an entire content creation "pipeline" (impacts how humans create content). It means you have to make your animations and rigs with this process in mind right from the start. He says that if you have already started motion capture, it's probably too late to convert to this setup. This is because instead of representing animations as bone rotations, you represent them as abstract 'parameters' to various constraint drivers. (If I understood correctly, though I imaging it should be possible to convert existing captured motions into this format, even if only by hand tuning.) Of course, having a good IK system is a prerequisite, so this is where your middleware comes in, and not all existing IK solvers will necessarily be able to support these kinds of constraints... (or rules as he calls them) he completely glazes over the fact that you need an IK system in the first place, as if everybody just has one, or that they are so trivial to implement they aren't worth mentioning. I've never looked into it, but from what I understand it's about as hard as making a constraint solver for a physics engine... certainly not trivial.
noxabellus (9 months ago)
Yeah but so is physics. People still use a third party solution for it, though. Because if someone takes the time to focus all their effort on that one component they can make it much better and more polished
Miah Elf (9 months ago)
Star Citizen needs this
Amy Dentata (9 months ago)
Super cool stuff. Animation tech has been neglected for so long. Also we gotta move beyond this whole stereotyped female animation thing, dudes. It's 2018, abandon the runway model hip sway already
You wanna known why it is that way? *Fooken human anatomy.*
TissuePaper (3 months ago)
It's not a stereotype, it's just anatomy. believe it or not, males and females *are* different physically.
Decoy Sheet (4 months ago)
Sajek_Alkam I completely agree
Sajek_Alkam (4 months ago)
Different body types move differently .-. I’ll admit most female animations these days are heavily exaggerated and pretty bleh, but it’d be cool to see all body and personality types included honestly and completely to their last little motion~
Decoy Sheet (4 months ago)
Amy Dentata um what? I’m pretty sure that female hips sway more than male hips, because of the different anatomy in male and female bodies. Also, even if it’s not that big of a difference in real life, Kevin, makes a good point. It’s a game, and it’s good to exaggerate movements.
ric (9 months ago)
kinda sotc animation system
AdamW_Parker (9 months ago)
This needs to be in everything.
ThrA-X (9 months ago)
Fascinating tech and some very good analogies. heck, some pretty good comedy too.
bubble king (9 months ago)
It's weird that there aren't many people at the talk. It should be full.
Blue Rain01 (2 months ago)
Probably the timing of the talk .
M4Me (3 months ago)
It's because he looks like a gangsta instead of a metalhead... He can't be successful in the game industry...riiiiiiight? Let's go drink a beer. Then I can continue working on my massive open world racing space mediaeval rpg that I will surely finish soon, who needs to learn things any way.
Ryan Martin (6 months ago)
That's because the title sucks :/ It has 0 appeal.
Jan Tuts (8 months ago)
Exactly my thought immediately when they zoomed out at the end of the video.
David Medlock (9 months ago)
So cool. I wonder how easy to get these types of techniques/tools/libraries into, say, Blender and Unity/UE4.
Oh well, I had forgotten that at 50:10 he actually mentions Final IK(by Partel Lang - the developer at RootMotion). So there u go - Unity has tools for it but you still have to do a lot on your own, and particularly if you wanna save time probably buy the assets I mentioned.
David Medlock in Unity: Very hard. A lot of work has to be formulated on your end - and I would suggest getting plugins such as: Final IK, and PuppetMaster (both assets are by Partel Lang (sorry: the spelling might be wrong), he's an awesome dev and you won't regret these purchases). Both of these assets will make your road to an Animation system like this 30 times lighter and easier to go through. It probably will still take months to develop and you will need some 3D maths skills and programming skills too. Amazing ideas tho, I've been working for years to do this kind of stuff in Unity.
Chris Sawyer (9 months ago)
Incredible idea and even better explanation!
Momizer (9 months ago)
Finally! It's so great this talk has been uploaded, there's a lot of great information on our self-imposed constraints in game design that this tech manages to break!
MTRredux (9 months ago)
I bet this tech will make some interesting bugs and glitches too!
MAyDay8 (7 months ago)
After watching many videos about funny problems with characters at Ubi-games, I guess it actually true!
Life Art Studios (9 months ago)
This is some next level stuff that we should be using already. We could make so much better games if we use these design principles in all aspects of development.
Riley Jarvis (1 month ago)
Slaxbox: He's not talking about any old IK setup. He's talking about a system that allows for animations to be used on different rigs with the same IK technique. Life Art Studios: Toolsets like this take a lot of time to do and developers have to figure out how to manage that time and resources. That's why a lot of that stuff is iterative. Look at how Sony's first party devs crib tech from each other. Everybody stole animation stuff from naughty dog, who in turn borrows stuff from insomniac and Guerrilla.
MovieMakervIs (2 months ago)
fortnite would not run on ervery pc or smartphone with benchmark killing animations like this..... capitalism baby
Slaxbox (4 months ago)
This is old stuff, my dude.
Ronak Man (9 months ago)
Kiven 7 (9 months ago)
no !u r not!
Erich Bauer (9 months ago)
Venomek1985 (9 months ago)
First ! Oh my... Mom! I’ve made it! Finally...I have made it. My life is complete!
Junpei Iori (9 months ago)

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