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Parents Who Have NO CHILL

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PARENTS WHO TOOK IT TOO FAR! Has your mom or dad shown no chill via funny texts (or in person)? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! MOST SAVAGE TEXTS EVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VFE5-hPysw Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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Text Comments (5902)
SSSniperWolf (9 months ago)
love all you, have an awesome day :D
sosTech (22 hours ago)
Love you all
I am Da one (2 months ago)
Unicorn Gacha 1243 (6 months ago)
Taylor Mixon (7 months ago)
SSSniperWolf Thanks. U yoo
xxxtentcio n (7 months ago)
Hdpdbdj Rueda (6 hours ago)
My name is Mia
sleepy puppy (10 hours ago)
Its the FIRST TIME I came out of it....... 6:56
brian hilton (18 hours ago)
PrincessAra (1 day ago)
Too bad i sleep with my parents!
ItsJust Me (1 day ago)
Lumpy is so cute
Bing Bong Studios (1 day ago)
When the Dad said your mom after the kid said what are you doing, the dad ment he is having sex with your mom.
Zorcoom (1 day ago)
0:46 whats your backround
Elizabeth Krueger (2 days ago)
... ... ... Us kids need to move to a new online social app. Things are getting out of controll with parents going on social.
Sayla Morris (2 days ago)
I was eating.... ☹️
由紀Yuki (2 days ago)
Luna (3 days ago)
My mom asked me if my boyfriend was good in bed and then started talking about how I should know what I like in bed. Lol i'm like 14 and she's already talking to me about sex. Anyway love your videos.
Abigail Ratliff (3 days ago)
Yes it is my dad and mom are cops they are not a holes
Cool kid gaming123 (3 days ago)
When a 10yr old kid hears about a vajajay. Be like N1&&@ the f u mean?
Liam Vide0 games (4 days ago)
LOL Mom: Get burger king Me: ... Mom: you're ugly Me: whos fault is that?
Alexa’s World (4 days ago)
The quick picture if you Want to know what it is it’s a bed and rose pedals
Rihanna Jackson (4 days ago)
Nessa Davila (4 days ago)
Except for rack city
Raleigh Brecht (5 days ago)
The most savage thing I did was make ask someone what I did when they instantly blasted comments at me assuming what I did, then they didn't respond after I mentioned it.
ChocolateKoKo (6 days ago)
my mom thinks it’s disgraceful that i try to talk to her normally fOr exAmpLe “hey can you get some ice cream” “do nOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT. THAT IS DISGRACEFUL YOU DISRESPECTFUL CHILD”
This is Mia 🚺she's cute Right MARRY HER
....this is weird........... 😫😫
Alyssa R. (7 days ago)
Once this guy named Gavin was dared to come up to me and say “I wish you looked at me like you did when you first got your fidget spinner” and I replied with “Like what? With a small package?”
Is mrs heffer pregnant???
Get it? Heffer means pregnant cow? No?ok
Axe zordsYT (8 days ago)
I was eating soup while watching and at 3:30 I laughed so much I spit it out
Goldie the bear (8 days ago)
mom:dont drink water from the sink or your gonna get sick me:I KNNNNNNNNNNNOW mom:im just saying! whos gonna tell you? you dad? o wait! you dont have a dad ;) me:BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN but im still telling dad! my parents are not to together :/ but atleast i know where i got my savageness from XD
Kaneki (8 days ago)
Im a guy and i dont show people my poops dats nasty.... ew
NBA Fan (9 days ago)
Love u sniper wolf u always make me happy 🐺😃
Kingof Kings (9 days ago)
Idc if u are AI so am I and look where I am now and I even have true feelings. Dream big and you could be a real girl soon
Sorry can't watch this Simpsons is on and I love simpsons
Senpaiis Bts (9 days ago)
Never wet Ok *LiKe* *YoUr* *GiRlFrIeNd*
Anna Golemme (9 days ago)
5:26 then pause the video as you can
JassieVlogs (9 days ago)
incredible umi (9 days ago)
This is john. 🙌 👕 👖 1 like. 1 year old.
siddiqa chowdhury (10 days ago)
My friend says I'll be one of these parents one day because I apparently have no chill
LPSMINTY12345 12368 (10 days ago)
WaterFall xX (10 days ago)
Savage thing I've ever done: *Wet the bed*
Sam Ham (11 days ago)
Horses live in Stables, not in Sables
andrea perez (11 days ago)
Well watching this in the care my mom said " SHES SAYS BAD WORDS" i was dyinggg
Sharon Witney (11 days ago)
I used to be a fan Now I'm an air conditioner
ARNAV PANDEY (11 days ago)
This is bob👴🏿 He is 0 years old Likes won’t increase his age Bye
Daily ASMR (12 days ago)
👱🏽‍♀️ 🧥 👠 This is Molly one like equals one year older 100 likes equals one new job
Chuckie Moore (13 days ago)
I love how SSSniperWolf says mans with an s
Kayla cockson (14 days ago)
Ayden Marie Wittmann (15 days ago)
I wuv u I meant to say it okkkkkk 👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕🌸👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕👚👕 💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧❤️💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎💧🍎 Find the odd one
Brooklynn Bentley (15 days ago)
hi sssniperwilf. if you read this, i hope you have an amazing day. i know you probably won’t even see this but you are one of my many inspirations. have a great day.
Princess Rios (15 days ago)
Lol the homework one lol
Question: What does the fat cow give you? Answer: Homework.
Jackson Lancaster (16 days ago)
5:29 her kitty was meowing!🤪😘
Ida Haugen (16 days ago)
my mom is worst than that😞😒
Elena Hernandez-Oliva (16 days ago)
W Wo Wol Wolf Wolfp Wolfpa Wolfpac Wolfpack Wolfpac Wolfpa Wolfp Wolf Wol Wo W
Galaxy Kittens (16 days ago)
I was an accident
Kelli Kocha (16 days ago)
I hope that a celebrity dad texts his kid leave me alone I’m famous 😂
She11lby Loves doge (17 days ago)
My mother picked my sister up *from her date* and rolled down the windows and shouted to these like seniors “HEY DO ONE OF YOU WANT TO DATE MY DAUGHTERS?!?!?” It was the first time I felt embarrassed for her....... *by the way she was in middle school*😳
Roveena Nagularasa (17 days ago)
Dezirae Tabbytosavit (17 days ago)
I think its the job at Hooters
Awkward Me (17 days ago)
like this please!
Basketball Gurl (18 days ago)
The last one
Gacha Athena (19 days ago)
Do you still do tik tok?
Mia Loayon (19 days ago)
My name’s Mia😂
jol z (20 days ago)
Your the best SSSniper wolf... I love you have a great day/ well its 9pm here so i guess a great night!!!
Braden Tapanan (20 days ago)
mom's: look at my daughter guy: but shes a dog moms: exactly
The OnlyLanceYT (21 days ago)
I’m gonna try to get u a bunch of comments
Musical Ly (21 days ago)
Resego Mmolawa (22 days ago)
7:13....I was eating😭😲😶😐💩
Kenakirex74 (22 days ago)
This is my story Me: mom can you teach me how to drive? Mom: why should I if you don't even know how to drive your life Me: 💔💔💔💔
Kenzie Sladden (22 days ago)
I came out of my mum's tummy, its called Caesarean birth
Sarah mather (23 days ago)
Why are all the hooters girls so pretty?
TheRealCalamity (23 days ago)
my most savage thing is my friend says she is ugly i sad ikr she told me to shut up because she said a old man probaly loves and then i said he must be blind lool
Alaya Haynes (23 days ago)
My parents are cops
Mint Fox (24 days ago)
I love u sniper! ❤️
Blue Yoshi (24 days ago)
Closed Captions: Neverwet like your girlfriend *Alarms* Excuse me it's called an airhorn
elora mya (24 days ago)
Ha u so punny
Julianne Jefferso (24 days ago)
I'd date tuna xD
Lan Feng (25 days ago)
"hear your text"
Dreamgirl2448 Cary (26 days ago)
I wanna have a kid and send them into the store to get something and then ima drive off and leave them ima come back tho ofc
AMAZ33 GAM3S (26 days ago)
lol i love how she always uses the name ashley which is my name
Franchesca Fletcher (26 days ago)
The last one is really funny
Gatcha Films (27 days ago)
This is Sniper Wolf's dog. 🐶 👕 👖 👟 How many likes this gets is how many pets this doggo gets.
Ella Yuyang (10 days ago)
Gatcha Films Why does Lia’s dog have clothes on?
Aubrey and Harmony (27 days ago)
I was hitting the Calculator on my desk One day and teacher turned around and said Aubrey would you like me to bang on the table like you’re doing that calculator and everyone started laughing I was so freaking embarrassed
Leah Kempsell (27 days ago)
Beth Crochet (27 days ago)
The most savage thing I did this year was tell my teacher I didn't like her
Willow Louise (28 days ago)
It's cute how she always says mans
RACCOON FARTS (28 days ago)
FunkyRage (29 days ago)
Ssniperwolf is a pro at everything Love you
5:28 if you didn't see it was a fancy bedroom
Noah thehuman (1 month ago)
this a pg 13 channel goooood job
Margie Reyes (1 month ago)
5:28 pased
Ultimate Destroyer (1 month ago)
My dog taking your dog on a date
crafty neha (1 month ago)
2:43, i had to take a screenshot😂🤣
tom carpenter (1 month ago)
My mom and dad would never and I mean NEVER send me a message like that
Oronsky (1 month ago)
I’m low key an anxious pooper
J Dog (1 month ago)
This Kaylee 👶🏽 She is 0 1 like is 1 year old
Cadence Rose (1 month ago)
Last night I heard my mom and dad doing it. I'm scarred for life.😨
Selah Soto (1 month ago)
*when your video loads* *presses every button and breaks laptop*
Sunlight (1 month ago)
“What do you get from the fat cow”? Homework.😂
Vanesa Woolf (1 month ago)
👯 👙 👢
Luis Acevedo (1 month ago)
Whats the point of texting when You never reply? Is like talking to my self, but I'll still like your videos
Salty Potato (1 month ago)
Lol I’d take up the offer on YOUR Daughter, Lia.. Even though I’m a girl. I know the doge is cute I know she be beggin I know she want stuff In specific, free bacon
Ur nipples r showing

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