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Parents Who Have NO CHILL

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PARENTS WHO TOOK IT TOO FAR! Has your mom or dad shown no chill via funny texts (or in person)? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! MOST SAVAGE TEXTS EVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VFE5-hPysw Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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Text Comments (5247)
SSSniperWolf (6 months ago)
love all you, have an awesome day :D
SuperStar Teigan42 (3 months ago)
Taylor Mixon (4 months ago)
SSSniperWolf Thanks. U yoo
xxxtentcio n (4 months ago)
Sharlissa Cooperdnobwd (4 months ago)
ThaGamingPotato2018 (5 months ago)
SSSniperWolf after I saw this comment and went to play football ⚽️ we won 10-0
Devin Wilkins (1 hour ago)
I would like it but i have no reapect
Melissa Linton (10 hours ago)
People roast me
cris : (13 hours ago)
I don't want to hear your text Read it slowly
madmouse 101 (1 day ago)
Good thing my parents will never be like that. They can't do shit, especially since my mom has a broken back.
Vianey Perez (1 day ago)
Everyone from my class started screaming
Mishca Khan (1 day ago)
"a dog with a mans" im crying lol
Jin For The Win (1 day ago)
*sPiCy pIcS oF dReSsEs oF lAdIeS oVeR 50*
AxetheX (1 day ago)
last one is the best
Grace Young (2 days ago)
The Pic just a bedroom
kevin cydzik (2 days ago)
Mr.heffer is ny teacher
Epic SportZ (2 days ago)
Hey your vids make me laugh 😂 I love your content👍 can you pls sub to me✌
Vanessa Ganser (2 days ago)
Have you noticed that in everyone of the videos, she has her hand over her face. 😅
Trinh Tran (3 days ago)
Ronda Johnson (3 days ago)
I <3 ur videos i don't mean. 2 be rude/ before i say it 💖 ur. Vids i give this vid a👎 because i got n trouble doing something from this # i am not a Ashely. Fyi 💖 vid an the. Ones that r here an the ones that r coming cute🐶 gs
denishia buchanan (4 days ago)
😓🔫🔪 😑 😑☺🏹
Lucas Bone (4 days ago)
No bra day
Altha Darcy (4 days ago)
My mum actually went up to a guy and asked him if he wanted to date me and he said he all ready had a girl friend I was so embaresed!!!
misty_mage (4 days ago)
Ive never really done anything savage but i did sneak out of class and steal sweets from a teachers secret stash once.....
Funny Tube! (4 days ago)
Dont click read more Ha got ya 😂
Addison Sieber (4 days ago)
This is Lindy 👩 👗 👢 She is 0, 1 like=1 year
sable dad probably thinks that hooters is a striper club no it's a restaurant xD her dad had a big miss understanding
Gone to the Animals (4 days ago)
Lia your the best ! Wolf 🐺 pack for life. Awooooooo
Trista Smith (4 days ago)
I love your outfits😭😍
Ava W (4 days ago)
Lol, the last one tho it was amazing
Jan Cooper (4 days ago)
love you SSSniperWolf
Bob Bob (4 days ago)
In the one where the dad asked if the person was home when he was pooping... my dad does the same thing, but it isn’t because he gets anxious, but it’s because he yanks me into the bathroom to smell it 😭😭😭 someone help lol
Alyssa Lopez (4 days ago)
My mom and dad literally hate each other so no worries about them doing anything bad 😂
Rin._. Chan (5 days ago)
My mom told me she was on the top when she had my brother and the bottom when she had me and I did not need to no that and I did not want to know that and if you reading this you probably did not want to know that either
420 Inc. (5 days ago)
I accidentally hit the unlike button then realized if I press the like button it changes
Alyssa Mann (5 days ago)
angelica (mom) 👩 👚 👢 David (dad) 👨 👔 👕 👖 they had 2 children 👧 👗 👢 Kendra And Kendrick 👨 👕 👖 They had one more baby not sure of the gender but there not positive the baby will even live 👶 1 like is one prayer for the baby to live
Assassin killer James (5 days ago)
The most savage thing I have done in my life is YOUR MOMA
Julian Noel (6 days ago)
I'll date the dogo see is really cute
Anttum 24 (6 days ago)
That dad came too soon What does your dad and Finnisv summer have in common? Both came too early and left without saying a wors
Jazmine Shaw (6 days ago)
OMG READ THIS CHAT BETWEEN ME AND MY BFF: BFF: I don't have a life 😭😭😭 Me: YES U DO! WHO TOLD U THAT?! BFF: A BUNCH OF BULLIES 😭😭😭 Me: Well u can have mine.. *gives life to her* (I like to rp irl a lot XD) BFF: I still have no life 😭😭😭😢😢 Me: But I just gave u mine! BFF: Yea but u never had one in the first place Then I realised, my bff a SAVAGE
Jazmine Shaw (6 days ago)
Many people tell me that my mom and I look EXACTLY the same. Liked same height, hair, facial features, etc. My mom acted to be me and found a cute guy and asked him out on a date at a VERY expensive resteraunt. She FINALLY told me about the date a HOUR before the date. I got ready quick enough and went to the date. He ate 7 plates of lobster and costed me over $100 dollars JUST FOR HIM. I cussed him out and I've never seen him since.. -_-
Chanel Phelps (6 days ago)
Teacher: this work is so simple Me ( whispering): yeah it is and so was yo lining ...... yet your barber fucked it up Teacher : you guys aren’t trying hard enough Me ( looks at my friends and starts giggling 🤭) 😂😂 lol that’s exactly wat happened
Chanel Phelps (6 days ago)
Lol sniperwolf so I was in class and my teacher was complaining abt us not getting the work right so he was like
CaptainVoice356 (6 days ago)
Fat cow gives hw...nooo!
Galaxy kitten 75 (7 days ago)
I hate little kids
Dedicated Spartan (7 days ago)
Jumped from one building to another.
curly Girls (7 days ago)
👩 👗 👢 This is mia 1 like=1 friend
Jibba Sauce (7 days ago)
I only have 281 subscribers 😿
Rolando Herrera-Ruiz (7 days ago)
I have a question? Did you buy overwatch origins edition
This so funny
Ava Wilson (7 days ago)
PorChoua Vang (7 days ago)
Somebody thought they were allergic to spicy stuff because they get runny noses
gohan savage (7 days ago)
I fell so sorry for u
Kristian Brown (8 days ago)
lol my name is mia
Galaxy_Rose YT (8 days ago)
The most savage thing I’ve ever done. Kid at my school: Can u pass me my lunchbox? Me: I can Kid: May u pass me my lunchbox? Me: No (Every kid in my class started laughing) 😭😂🤣😅😝😎 Actually, that’s not the most savage thing I’ve ever done
Burke Sebastian (8 days ago)
Pizza_ Gurl (8 days ago)
The only thing that my parents tell me about them is like we are going to the club and a party or something and I heard my mom say to my big brother we are going to the 🍻 tonight and my brother says welp don't get drunk and I don't want a baby brother or sister rn 😂😂
Cody and gianna plays (8 days ago)
One time I ate 1 pizza and a half my mom said what did Cody eat (my brother) I said "nothing" She said who at the other half of the pizza i said the cats she said they have food I said no that's Cody's food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angela Hernandez (9 days ago)
I 💓y loo u ssniperwolf
Lauren White (9 days ago)
When i was in kindergarten and i took off my sock after gym class and stuck it in this girl Ava's mouth. Omg the satisfaction was unreal!
SHARK NOM (9 days ago)
* knock knock knock * Hello? Who dat No who did The anxiety pooper Goodbye
Charles Challenges (9 days ago)
on the first text in the vid it couldn't have been taken secretly. 1he is looking at the camera. 2 the pic looks like its 2 feet away. ik u can zoom in but when u zoom I the focus isn't very good.
Robloxgamer Sparklez (9 days ago)
I was mad at my mom because my baby cousin was hitting me with a hard plastic captain America toy. Me and him were arguing and she was taking his side over mine. I said “IF U LOVE HIM SO MUCH, HOW ABOUT U ADOPT HIM NAD LEAVE ME WITH MY AUNT. SINCE U LOVE HIM MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME!” I got in trouble but it was worth it. Leave a like if u wanna know another savage thing i said!
Meme Supreme17 (9 days ago)
I am male but i belive im a patatoe
Meme Supreme17 (9 days ago)
I do NOT do that that type of bull shit😑
Meme Supreme17 (9 days ago)
Mia Network (9 days ago)
Alexandra Everett (10 days ago)
The most savage thing over ever done is call a YouTuber in the middle of the night and they answered hahaha
Alexandra Everett (10 days ago)
I don’t have parents
Heather's Stuff (10 days ago)
Most savage? Jump off my bike.
Darryl Peeler (10 days ago)
When you say Ashley what's my mom's name
op luna (11 days ago)
no emojis
jeydann howard (11 days ago)
Lia is a name . My name is jeydann :(
Aya's Animations (11 days ago)
OMG, when you said your dad was disappointed in you I almost died laughing because I know that feeling
Jared Alexander (11 days ago)
The Ugly Duckling (11 days ago)
Cows are also called heifers LOL
Casey Rae (11 days ago)
Lmao when ur dad tells u he’s takin a dump. That’s what my dad does. We had to pause the third Maze Runner movie and he was taking forever and I yelled from upstairs “DAD, WHATS TAKING SO LONG?!” And he texted me “Poopin” and I texted back “Poop faster” 😂🤣
Peyton Doyle (11 days ago)
I love you very much (don't tell anyone but you are my favorite YouTuber)
Princess MM (11 days ago)
What do we get from the fat cow HOMEWORK
vivi susanty (12 days ago)
I just notes (bad english) u have 10M subs
Red Schleich (12 days ago)
If that happened to me I would say I don’t love you anymore problem solved
Angelina Olvera (12 days ago)
Dangerous Prince (12 days ago)
Watching in ×0.25 ur laugh sound so funny lmao
Earl Alcoseba (12 days ago)
Thank you so much
Power of LOVE (12 days ago)
Happy 4th of July everyone! :)
Rainbow Cactus (12 days ago)
Mom: You straight yet? Me: MOTHER!
Crazy Cool Kid (12 days ago)
Congrats! I am so proud of da WolfPack rn! 🎉 ❤️ 🎉 (and your dog is cute af) (also I said congrats on 10 mil)
Bay Hong (12 days ago)
Help! I don’t know how to swim well! Don’t let me drown !
Pugger Puff puff (12 days ago)
Nilima S (12 days ago)
I see, no one has reached up to 1k+ likes in the comments section
Ricardo Vargas (12 days ago)
I love ur daughter
Mallo Magenta (13 days ago)
I saw my dads penis before LOL
Cotton Eyed Joe (13 days ago)
Hey Lia is your ig Sssniperwerewolf ik it's Sssniperwolf but do u have one sssniperwerewolf
MelodyPlaysRoblox! (13 days ago)
In this vid u look like Camilla cabello
cutiepie_ sofee (13 days ago)
👩 👚 👖 👢 This is hayley 1 like means how much love she could get
The Karley Show (13 days ago)
Oh and♥️you
The Karley Show (13 days ago)
I am 9
MaryAudrey Matthews (13 days ago)
I would soo date your dog it's better than any boy
daniella i love my dog (13 days ago)
hi i love my dog
Callie Roberts (13 days ago)
one thing caught my eye *^* The pusheens in the back
Vyanca Ramos (14 days ago)
I bet u a like you will read this
Gacha Cookies (14 days ago)
Let's take a test. You dumb Read more
Juan Farias (14 days ago)
It doesn't sound like your dad is very nice
jamues269 (14 days ago)
My Grandma thinks u are "inappropriate" and "valger" but I disagree. u have the same personalty as me and I like it ☺. I wish we were friends in real life 💝

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