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5 Angels Caught On Camera Flying & Spotted In Real Life!

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5 Angels Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life! Transcript: An angel is primarily a spiritual being found in various religions and mythologies, but there is quite an amount of evidence caught on tape that shows that Angels may exist in real life. There are obviously hoax videos of angels but the ones being shown in this list may leave you thinking the complete opposite. So prepare for 5 Angels Caught On Camera Flying & Spotted In Real Life! Lets....Begin! 1. Angelic Superhuman What you are about tosee is an unseen Angelic Superhuman person that saves a man on a motorbike from complete destruction by teleporting him a few meters away in less than a second, and then flees from the scene as quickly as possible. There are all sorts of opinions for this one, so you be the judge. Here it is... 2. Man Saved By Angel What you are about to see shows a very short clip of a man riding his bycicle when all of a sudden a truck and a car rushes to hit the man on the bike. Luckily, he is saved, and stated from the man shown in the video, he believes that he was saved by an angel. The conclusion of many after seeing the clip indeed also believe that the man was saved by an angel. What do you think? Here it is. 3. Angel In Mall The footage about to be shown shows an angel sighting caught on cam at a mall in Indonesia, children come running up to the spot moments after the angel leaves. Many believe this to be one of the most realistic footage to be ever recorded of an angel. What do you think? Here it is.. 4. Angel Of Mosque In the footage you are about to see shows an apparent Angel that appeared glowing in a mosque in Azerbaijan. The video was recorded on a low-quality phone camera which is extremely difficult to edit to make it look as real as it looks. This amazing video has people questioning whether Angels actually do exist. Here it is.... 5. Angel In Brazil What you are about to see is a cameraman in Boa Vista, Brazil that caught on camera a very strange and rare creature flying. The cameraman at the moment thought he was capturing birds flying, but when zooming in, he realized they were two strange winged creatures that resemble angels. Here is the footage. Music Background: Kevin MacLeod ~ Arcadia : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_J5KvhYPNg VIDEO LINKS: 1. Angelic Superhuman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZHUzHbFkJs 2. Man Saved By Angel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LDEN4f152M 3. Angel In Mall: https://blindside.me/ 4. Angel Of Mosque : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2tQXio9_uY 5. Angel In Brazil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4edinafjGQo _________________________________________________________________ Smash that like button for more and make sure yo share it with your friends! Make sure to follow me here: http://twitter.com/itsamerikano
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Top 5s Finest (1 month ago)
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hi12381 (11 days ago)
Top 5s Finest
Makki Shipper (19 days ago)
sohail ahmad you can't spell
Luis Zuniga (19 days ago)
JD Mc (20 days ago)
Jayan Hussain (20 days ago)
Top 5s Finest mm
MidtownParker (3 hours ago)
The thumbnail is a bird, lmfao
MashaMELLOW Panda (3 hours ago)
Rename the vid: 5 haux caught on tape
ROSE PH (11 hours ago)
Omg is this real
Real Memes (16 hours ago)
Any lights or bright orbs are spirits, good spirits. Manifesting them selves into visible form.
sclconstruction gensan (18 hours ago)
Scarfy (19 hours ago)
Of course angels exists
ItsMe NoName (21 hours ago)
what a load of bs.
Deni Mancebo (22 hours ago)
My question is, why those video never look clear, with all the actual technology?
Pia Salvato (22 hours ago)
The first one you showed is already a known CGI.. LOL they re all fake stop lying!!!
Christopher Savund (23 hours ago)
What fucking bull shit. Call up Walt Disney and get them to animate more shit.
Sarah Ellie (1 day ago)
I am a Christian, and my brother and I saw an angel when we were younger. They look nothing like this, and these videos do them no justice. And for all of you saying that they aren't real, or that they are evil, or that they don't show themselves to us as angels, No God's angels are very real, they are not evil they are holy (minus the fallen of course) and they are perfect through God, the bible events where angels have shown themselves to people. My brother and I were so extremely fortunate and it's a sight that I can never forget. God is real, Jesus is real, angels are real, heaven is real. It's all real.
Aidan Cael (1 day ago)
Damnit berry! Quit flash points!
Aidan Cael (1 day ago)
It’s not hard to capture a person in fucking sun light, such edited bullshit out of Asia!
Toni Cute Toni (1 day ago)
Aku tak percaya ini hoax mana ada angel terlihat oleh semua orang
Julius Witter (1 day ago)
I believe in angels, but the only real-looking video was #4. It deserved a much better spot on the list.
Abdul Hakeem Amani (1 day ago)
The first is jinn/jaan
Melissa M (1 day ago)
All angels are males
Slavic Lord (2 days ago)
Where my other atheists at?
Sweetpea (2 days ago)
Oh goodness the clips are from a tv series in china.
Robert 😊👍 (2 days ago)
\\BRUH_xD// (2 days ago)
Thats Not Fake !
Joel Alcain (2 days ago)
The real angels dont have wings u should read the bible
true to myself (2 days ago)
SMH angels don't even have wings nor can they appear like they use to on earth because that's has been put to a stop.
Sabreen Saeed (3 days ago)
Hey don’t mean to hate because I believe god but if you see an angel you would die that is what Muslims in my country believe
Saundria Naylor (3 days ago)
I love Angel s
Amir Pirzada (3 days ago)
Angels in Brazil? Must be off duty cop!
Les King (3 days ago)
Chikau (3 days ago)
Please don't promote ignorance and paranormal nonsense for views. Fucking pathetic.
Brianna the dog lover (3 days ago)
I think this is crazy
küçük ışık (3 days ago)
TaeLice Purple (3 days ago)
It really gives me goosebumps.
MIDHUN K.M (3 days ago)
I am an angel. It is a secret and i disclose it here. Dont tell it to anyone. God bless you.
Maria ortiz (3 days ago)
drawme frisk (3 days ago)
Don't hate on me but angles aren't beautiful and majestic they are terrifying in t the bible there are (I'm trying to remember) but it has the head of the lion the hooves of a horse and the wings of an eagle I don't remember the rest but that terrifying
Random Ashes (4 days ago)
The last one was true!
Rico G (4 days ago)
Fake? Maybe. But what if they're not?
Adam awan (4 days ago)
I love angels
Patricia Alexander (4 days ago)
Why are angels nowadays portrayed as young blonde girls with porn star outfits and wings which resemble big tatty feathers? Not very angelic is it?
gamerpro guy (4 days ago)
Pfffffffffffffffdfddggsgsgsgsggehshsehjsjwhs fake
Val Kajinov (4 days ago)
lps unicorns (4 days ago)
there real.
avner girl (4 days ago)
How do we teleport?
Gabby Mims (5 days ago)
Roderick Barnes (5 days ago)
Not Real but nicely put together...nice light show.
Joecelle Aragon (5 days ago)
I believe in God and angels...Amen
Stevie Wonderz (5 days ago)
Philile Ramahlo (5 days ago)
I like it it's pretty cool and I love angels and God
Gamer Cutiee! (5 days ago)
Oh my Jesus@
Joseph Ngonyani (5 days ago)
last is one is very true love angels 4 hard work with us
Joseph Ngonyani (5 days ago)
plzz Dear God protect us frm devil!! oooh angels is existing in real life love this
Hey Zeus (5 days ago)
"evidence" uses a cgi as opener. Always shitty quality in the age of photoshop. You're a fucking liar.
so fake so so fake somebody edit
Makenzie Townsend (6 days ago)
Im as nice as an angel
PitbullLover12345 (6 days ago)
I think I may be an angel. One of Gods hidden ones they are called. I'm surrounded by demonic beings trying to harm me. When I first noticed them I became enraged that evil was taking hold of Gods earth and I attacked and tried to kill them. I would call them out and even testified to them about all they had done wrong. I had work in the harbor cleaning hulls of boats diving. One day they sent a beast to destroy me. It roared loudly from the water giving me every chance to turn boat around and flee as most would. It's different for me. I don't think I'm powerful myself I believe in God's absolute authority and only He is sovereign. There is nothing to fear in evil. It has no power. It can only harm you if you harm yourself. I dove in the water and cleaned the boat with the giant beast. It was dark shadow black creature the size of a big rig. It engulfed me but wasn't able to hinder my movements. It put it's face on mine and smelled me the entire time. I felt it's rage and it wanted any window of opportunity to kill me. All I had to do was challenge it as I had been doing to demons for months. This was different because it was a test that I could die if I failed. I humbled myself before the beast. I did not honor it or fear it to empower it I was aware I was a very small human with no powers against a giant that had permission to kill me if I showed it anything aggressive or boastful claims it can't harm me. I was aware God had stepped back and was trusting me. I was not harmed and when I got out of the water I was aware of this silence and awe. Heaven and earth had never seen a man with such courage. After this I began to get messages from people telling me who I was. It took years before God finally downloaded the information and gave me all the reason and proof. I'm targeted because Satan knows who I am. I don't behave as a man does. I take it personal that evil is harming people. I have a need to protect innocent. I am a guardian angel. I'm in human form until things go really bad. I have promised to protect Gods children with my life. They will send out hunting parties to kill anyone they find living off the grid. They will never fire a shot not return. I can do what humans are commanded not to do. I am allowed in the final days to kill anyone that plots to harm people. I am to kill demons and will engage in battles before your eyes. We will walk together as a family and I will bring you to food and water. I will lead you away from all harm. It is my duty and I am humbled and have great respect for humanity. There is no living beings that can say before they were born they were with God. Know how special you are. You are loved above all things and are given privilege in these times. It will be hard times for everyone. It will be torture for the dead ones and the followers. Don't give them any remorse. They are demons that had taken human form and God anchored there souls to there human bodies for all eternity. These demons are now humans and can't be anything else. God has imposed no human shall lose himself to another but has anchored his consciousness to his body. Demons are in us now and always have been but they can't do what once could. This is why the flood. All flesh corrupted by demons. God promised never again and made this rule. God does not punish humans. God has only been trying to protect them and not interfere with life. The dead one only interferes and cheats and breaks any rule thinks can get away with. God has made adjustments for this. I am one. I will do the brutal things forbidden by your commandments. Sounds crazy I know. Just know I love you all very much and you will be safe I am tasked and will die to protect your tiny pinkie toes. God is alive and we must prepare for Christ arrival. We are blessed to be alive to see the coming of the Messiah. God bless you all. I love humans and think you a beautiful harmonious lot that has been pulled away your entire existence by jealous and dark things.
Christopher Baran (6 days ago)
I'm a Christian but this seems pretty fake. (No hate required)
AleAmy Urzua (6 days ago)
I want to blive it but I'm not sure
Dhonesor Boro (6 days ago)
Fake fake.....
sunnygrl Thompson (6 days ago)
Ocean sky (7 days ago)
I know that there are angels & demons but not on these videos, they look worked.
BeanBagJoe (7 days ago)
This guys voice sounds like a 15 year old's.
Selajh Soulh (7 days ago)
SuperHan (7 days ago)
Meeeeehhhhhh !
adam ariq (7 days ago)
Angels are made out of light. Human are made out of clay. Devil are made out of fire. See how fast angels move, it does make sense. I believe Angels travel at the speed of light. Light can travel 38 times from New York to Los Angeles in 1 second. Just think what angels can go in 1 second? They can be anywhere. Muslim teachings says all human has 3 guardian angels. 1 at our right shoulder that whisper to our ear to do good deeds, 1 at our back, 1 in front and 1 bad devil attached to our left shoulder. The duty of the front and back angels are to make sure we are out of life threatening event before our written fate to death has yet to come. I think video clip #5 proved it. SubahanAllah
aysan aysan (7 days ago)
It's so fake
Juandre Van Der Merwe (7 days ago)
There is no garenty that Jesus is real so dont believe every thing u hear or read
Atlanta EVE Calhoun (7 days ago)
I just want y'all to understand this Angel can not come to Earth unless God has told them to an angel will not come to you as a angel, angels come to you as a human and they will reveal themselves to you if they're meant to come to you.
ashique01 tirurangadi (7 days ago)
Evarannu angel
Sarya Burton (7 days ago)
Kristine Avendano (7 days ago)
I am a catholic blessed be god and may the angels who watches over us protect us always
Giorgio Dumitru (7 days ago)
Angels are not real!
Nonius Aries (7 days ago)
Another utube garbage video.
Bayatrice Walker (7 days ago)
ThE fLaSh
Kairo Kai Alexander (8 days ago)
Angels do exist.. but they def do not have wings.. I guess y’all ppl don’t read ya bibles..
Mr. NoobPlays (8 days ago)
The last one was actually the flash sorry because it was on "10 flash got on camera"
Playtime channel (8 days ago)
Ashton O'connor (8 days ago)
I'll have you know angels an not a
Don Haggard (8 days ago)
no.1 N.L.J (8 days ago)
U knew angefnm
Robert Gabuna (8 days ago)
Angels have the ability to manifest...
N V (8 days ago)
Zeid Kenth (8 days ago)
Oliver Soliman (9 days ago)
I love god
Adventure Mikey (9 days ago)
Low quality phone camera footage actually is easier to edit
Milkyway Aj (9 days ago)
That is just editing but angels r real they can only be found in haven but not on earth they are in. A diffrent world but they can see us some these are fake so don't lie to ppl about this stuff
Jassy Productions! (9 days ago)
The amount of dysfunctional Christians in the comments is literally killing me.
Luka Grlj (9 days ago)
This not fake
Ani Kurti (9 days ago)
I a.m. scary do they are real
colosalkompakt (9 days ago)
_Low quality cameras does not make it harder to fake, it's the other way around_. The fewer pixels, the easier it gets. It's common sence. But who am I to complain, this is after all a clickbait channel.
Maximum Retroyer (9 days ago)
If an Angel goes on the land they became Mortals.
tails miles (9 days ago)
These Are just birds
minecraft girl (10 days ago)
i belive in god
Wenwen Wong (10 days ago)
Praise God
Secrets IMMORTAL (10 days ago)
Who thinks that the voice in the video is Justin beiber
Kevin Clark (10 days ago)
Patricia Heatley (10 days ago)
There's a good and bad hours
Harry Hol (10 days ago)
You asked what I thought. I think you showed a combination of fuzzy shots of birds, a sunbeam hitting someone praying in a mosque and some doctored videos with obvious post production special effects. So where are the angels you promised?
Tim Fedchik (10 days ago)
Angels are real dummy you thouht they were fake dummy hahahahahaha
Of course angels exist! They protect us from satan!
Anna Marie (10 days ago)
This is amazing

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