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5 Signs Your Crush Definitely Likes You Back

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http://bit.ly/sub2Gurl "5 Signs Your Crush Definitely Likes You Back" Wishing you had a sense if your crush was crushing on you, too? Cheyenne is here to share a few signs to look out for that could be proof your crush likes you back. For more fun Gurl stuff, check us out http://www.gurl.com/ And there's always tons of talk and lots of cool girls on our boards: http://my.gurl.com/ Gurl hearts you big time! Do you heart us? Then be our bud: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2Gurl Boards: http://my.gurl.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/Gurl.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/GurlDotCom Tumblr: http://Gurl.tumblr.com
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AliceOn GoddessLand (5 hours ago)
I love talking to my crush, we use to talk on a grass patch and then we avoided me a bit but when i fell down he appeared out of no where when i got up and asked if i was ok a lot and so these days i just go off singing some somes while walking around seeing if he would notice me :>
Brooke Gaskin (1 day ago)
I actually have 6 cousins and I only know 2 of their last names, and I don't know the rests middle or last, but I know the first ; D
QUACK QUACK (1 day ago)
If I trick you I get 1 like Read more
Fire Lee (2 days ago)
I Sometimes Caught My Crush Looking At Me Because Im A School Runner,High Self Esteem,Good Acting'Sporty
julissa cantu (2 days ago)
My crush said he doesn’t like me but he kip looking at me ?
Lovely Gabby (2 days ago)
*_internaly screams inside_*
Music 4eva (3 days ago)
Yo, this girl was trying to steal my crush as SOON as I told her. What do I do. I'm mad.
Zender man (4 days ago)
Out Scopezz333 (6 days ago)
That yawn trick thoughh ima try that tomorrow 😂
ken teter (6 days ago)
My crush kept touching the scars on my upper arm.Does this mean anything?
Nourah Irwin (6 days ago)
What about behind screens crush? He lives miles away from me and we text each others but other than that-- I don't know if he likes me.
wolfie 7116 (6 days ago)
Me and my crush do half of these it's mostly me but she does some of these to
Aegis Animations (6 days ago)
I've seen my friend whom I will call Annie for now that I have a crush on, looking at me from across the classroom, and she paid my friend twenty pence for a tub in home economics, right in front of me, therefore possibly showing stage one and three crush symptoms.
Adam Amaya (7 days ago)
Ok so I was using the bathroom and when I came put she waved to me, and I finished drying my hands so I could catch up with her, while she was walking down the stairs her and I made eye contact, and I felt like there was tension, am I over thinking it?
Secret Slimes (7 days ago)
But what if your crush is dating your bestfriend 😂🤦‍♀️😭
I ALWAYS catch my crush staring at me. It is distracting in class. She is VERY interested in my interests. It's weird. She really tries to look good around me. Seriously it's starting to be a problem. She is different around me. It's super embarrassing. She always wants to talk to me. It's annoying. Okay I just noticed she's my ex-crush. But she still likes me. Fuck.
hi hungry I'm rat (10 days ago)
I watch these just so I can get stabbed in heart
RaRator (11 days ago)
My crush is one of the new kids in my class, He always stares at me during class every chance he gets, I’ve noticed that he’s always giggly and loud when he talk to his friends, but he’s quiet and kind when I make small talk or look at him. We are both extremely shy and I would love to talk to him more but talking to people is already hard, more harder since he’s my crush
Haylernise (11 days ago)
Why is this video in the " How to get over your crush " section?!
SHALISSA HEYNOW (11 days ago)
Can some one help me!!! He stares at me and looks at me when I come out of class, then the other day he never looks at me! I NEED ANSWERS
James Drawss (12 days ago)
I was in a plane i crushed and fall to here😂😍
Chyiane Williams (12 days ago)
Is it just a coincidence that my name is Chyiane 2:55 😂
Sarena DeLaCruz (12 days ago)
the time u realize this guy that u dont likes u NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Fatmah Sabbagh (12 days ago)
when you're demi and really close friends with your crush so you can't really judge ughhhhh
mermaid blue (14 days ago)
I have caught my crush staring at me a lot of times but hes not staring at me like in a romantic way he's always serious maybe he just has a resting bitch face or maybe he doesn't like he also shows off around me and my friends are always trying to get me around him but I always try walking the other way when I see him vecuase I m really awkward around him and i dont thunk he likes me
Marvin Dixon (14 days ago)
oof im a girl i just started 5th and my friend daniel has a crush on me he tryed to do a hand stand for me 😅😄😆
anurag singh (14 days ago)
I am happy with my candy crush😘😘🍭🍭 Who all play Candy Crush here ?????
iiizoey Playz (16 days ago)
Well my crush is always stares at me and everything time I caught him he still stares at me and all my friends are saying he is bad boy but when he is with me he is such nice person and Sometimes I dressed up so hella hot and he keeps stares and when he stares I’m scared and on Friday I’m gonna meet him
okhi (16 days ago)
me and my crush talk about peppa pig
E M S (18 days ago)
My Crush Is my Bestie…
Triggered Nikita (18 days ago)
Ah shit. He doesn't do any of these.
cute_gacha girl (19 days ago)
Well can you do a your crush teacher like you bac 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄k
HELLØ lσνє уσυ (20 days ago)
My crush(es) live in Korea and they don't know i exist (sorry if I misspelled something) Kpop fans you know what i mean.
Boom Playfine (21 days ago)
The only accurate point for me is 2 and 5 xD my crush is a little older than me, I guess i’m Just a normal person for him
Margaret Kramer (22 days ago)
My crush always says to me " i got a better grade than you!" and he laughs different also i am sorry i am awkward and he is my first crush..
Fliyo MB (22 days ago)
6 cousins? I have 56.
Duo Doge (23 days ago)
One day he tripped over my foot on accident and said sorry like 10 15 times and it looked like he looked me in the eye.. and om that same day I wore a pink sweater and the next day he wore a pink sweater.. does that cinsider he likes me?
Miguel Santos (24 days ago)
My crush hates me and we only talked once a few years ago. :/
Pusheen Weirdo (24 days ago)
Why do I do all of these, waaaaaaaaaaa Except the last one, I don’t got the guts, rip.
Agent 7 (24 days ago)
I got to date me crush and it turned verbally abusive so :D
Jessica Xox (25 days ago)
When you talked about yawning I yawned
What if ur crush is a girl
Just your Average girl (27 days ago)
Yay graham likes meh, graham and I were in 3rd grade now in 4th, in 3rd he would smile and stare at me, when I looked back he would turn away really fast, now we’re in different classes but we have music together for some reason, he rested his head on his hand and stared he began to s,irk but I caught him he immediately stopped!
AeronauticAstronomer (27 days ago)
Okay, this video got me a little confused. So, I have two crushes, at school. Let's just call them Jake and, I don't know Ham. 😂 So, Jake was once nervous around me before when we got paired up, today he came to me for help, kinda brags not really, and we've made eye contact just casually when we laugh/laughed. But, Ham, 😂😂😂, is totally NOT nervous around me. He just casually says hi, and stuff. Ham is one grade younger than me, so I don't see him often, but is only three months younger :/. But then, once I tried to hide from him, and he totally saw me, and said, oh hey ____ my name. He always acts so casually towards me. BUT, he's always wondering how I'm doing. He asked, when I saw him at the ice cream store, how middle was doing, and how lucky I was to be able to go upstairs. (I answered the middle school question like, I don't know yet, cause it's my first year in middle school/day. He made such a cute confused face after that. 😂🤧😖😵) And today, I saw him in the hallway and he said, oh hey ____ how was your ice cream yesterday? And I said, well it tasted like medicine!! It was true... 😂 And he was like, oh, well, I'm sorry. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 So, WHATS GOING ON?! DOES HE LIKE ME. WTH, he seemed so casual when we were paired up once, and I was like, frozen. 😵😣😂 But, today when I saw him in the hallway, he instantly smiled, in the middle of BOOMING AND CRASHING against the lockers like there was a tornado 😂😂😂, and asked how I was doing. I don't think he does that with anyone else, probably tho, because he's such a sweet and caring guy. Like he never ignores his former classmates and always says hi to the people he knows. And our personalities and really alike too. He's funny and sarcastic, and I'm funny and sarcastic. But, he's nice. And kind. Not like me. So much. 😂😭 WHATS HAPPENING DOES HE LIKE ME?! DOES JAKE LIKE ME. Omg, I just realized, it's so long. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AeronauticAstronomer (11 days ago)
UPDATE: I have completely lost my feeling for Ham because he seems like he doesn't like me, which is fine, so last Friday, I confessed to Jake. He hasn't given me an answer, but we tried to meet up recently. Didn't work. I chickened out, I hid. 😂 Anyways, so just a few hours ago, I emailed him, (we started emailing each other a little bit because that's the only way we can contact each other), and I asked him, reluctantly, to meet up on Monday at school, to "talk". On whatever he wanted to talk about on Wednesday. He hasn't replied yet, and I REALLY hope he does before Monday. (He doesn't check his email so often... 😩). Anyways, THANKS!! Because this video gave me some confidence, as well as another heartwarming life and death love story, but yeah.
Army For life (28 days ago)
What does it mean when my crush glances at me more than 5 times without smiling in other way of my class Room and then he Yawns loudly While staring at me with a curious face? And Yeah I accidentally kept looking back at him. We have never talked with each other. I’m too shy to talk to him.
Zaynah Lliam Bitanga (29 days ago)
*when ur crush broke ur heart but he never knew*
Ju ju (30 days ago)
There's a weird kid who definitely likes me but I do NOT like him back at all!!! He stares at me at lunch and is really creepy. He does this with other girls too :(
Tessa (1 month ago)
My bff is my crush and I keep dreaming about her but she's moving schools 😢😭😿😭
isis marmolejo (1 month ago)
If your crush waves at u then stares at you does that mean they like me?
Emma Sweeney (1 month ago)
I have over 200 cousins that's not gonna work.
You read 10,796 comments? Including this one.
my crush wants to have a playdate wth me and she hugs me when well.... in lunch
cute_jalen's animate's (1 month ago)
Ummm my teacher dosent like me so he dosent like me and have a crush on me wahhhhhhhhhh
blurryface (1 month ago)
aaaaa :3 this helped
Ani- Chan (1 month ago)
My crush always used to steal my books but after he found out I liked him he just kind of avioded me😭😭😭 (aside from staring at me for across the math classroom).
Meikitome Chirin (1 month ago)
My crush also did that to me last year, in 2017. Man, she was INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT if she asked me anything or something else, yo know. Even took interests in some things I did. I still don't have courage to confront her and say, "I like you". Guess so...
Lenalraj Injeti (1 month ago)
How to make a love
kek XD (1 month ago)
My crush stares, knows alot about me, he brags and stuff, he is different around me, and we talk all the time. But he hates me...
Lisa Lacy (1 month ago)
Yeah my crush likes likes somone eles:( :(:(
EmojiGirl5000 Gaming (1 month ago)
I don't know if these are real things that are actual signs but my crush does ALL of these not even joking.
Shit...he liked me?....too? Oh fuck...
Niamh Walker (1 month ago)
Anita Kimotho (1 month ago)
OK, so he only stares at me so.... Idk
Lourdes Torres (1 month ago)
I'm in love but.... He is fifteen
Lourdes Torres (1 month ago)
We both are shy😔
Meiying Lin (1 month ago)
And yeah correct when I came he didn't see me he was talking alot but then when he saw me he became quiet suddenly and smiled at me
Meiying Lin (1 month ago)
Ma crush I see only in church which is every Friday and I'm in the choir and he was before but he went and stay to guard the kids and so when I'm singing he looks at me and when I caught him he looks away and also I have a competition my friend I dunno if she likes him but it seems like I'm winning and he smiles when I'm there and always looks good and when he gets teased by the people there like a friendly tease I giggle in a nice way and he blushes and smiles and when we had Photo taking for Choir members he was behind me and seemed more happy😁
Tessa (1 month ago)
I wanna church gurl, hu go to church an read her byble, yeea
RandomSan 12 (1 month ago)
Is there a guy version of this channel
Furious50 (1 month ago)
My crush actually likes me
Alexis Ann (1 month ago)
Who else is here to get advice on what not to do lol
BTS ARMY!! (1 month ago)
Can you make Taehyung like me back?
Elyssa ish (1 month ago)
I catch my friend staring at me at times in school,I hope she likes me like I like her *im a girl too*
haygoodfight bro (1 month ago)
My crush gave me a RING (a dimond ring) it was so pretty and the ring was REAL
Tahir King (1 month ago)
Every one should go and propose their crushes because they can't have a permission to decide our future we are waisting a lot of time while thinking about her proposal if she reply "really" I also love you this was the time of your happiness😱😍 and if she say "really" But I hate you 😤 this was the time of your 😣😥 😞 😖 After that if you got furious slap on her face 😂 ,If not go back to find another one😘
Thank you so much! This helped so much! (He likes me back 😉😍)
Maria Makes Music (1 month ago)
I'm dating my crush😄
Cozmic Pawz (1 month ago)
If your crush playfully teases you when he is around his friends does that mean he likes you? But boy he is a show off and tries to impress me around his friends and when it's just me and him.
The Guest (1 month ago)
Really they like you, if they always say "Hey, hows your day.?"
No name account (1 month ago)
my crush always hugs me,smiles at me, hangs out with me and looks at me soo does it mean he likes me??
Tessa (1 month ago)
Yep, sounds like it!
Hector Castañeda (1 month ago)
I want to have sex with my crush👅
We are internet friends with my crush (well not anymore cuz he broke my heart (its not because I confessed...actually i didnt confess)) .-. But its surprising me how we have the same interests or how we know so much about each other, or even how he acts different around me... well i still like him even if we are not friends right now (he doesn't even say 'hi' anymore) these things may be a sign but I don't think he likes me... and even if he did i dont think he does anymore
Lorena Castle. (2 months ago)
I'm not even talk with my crush ):
Lorena Castle. (2 months ago)
Omg, i do all of those things, OH NO
Bobby Fisher (2 months ago)
Kiss your hand 10 times Say your crushes name 15 times
Angelina March-Hinton (2 months ago)
The person i like knows i like them and we haven't talked in like 2 months and advice for when school starts again
AA Productions (2 months ago)
What if you're both guys, and he will probably deny that he likes you just because he's afraid of the shame. Even though he does really seem to like you (because of the many many little signs he has showed). It may even push him away, just by trying to ask how he feels towards you.
OMAR AHMED (2 months ago)
My curshe is a girl when I look to her she laugh and get shy and when I almost Sleep in the lesson she tried to abrotch me and when I look at her in anthoer lesson she looked at me and even when I cut the eye contact she tried to get my attention by asking me what I was doing I was writing a note in the book and some times she stare to me and I look back does she love me or not
Ulhana Shevtsiv (2 months ago)
i told him the truth and he knows but he also always stares and when i look at him he looks away.... the problem is that his best friend that is my friend likes me and my crush says that i have more chances of him liking me if his best friend didn’t like me which is soooo annoying
KittyKatty Draws (2 months ago)
İm now sure my crush doesnt like me
Pranav Kumar (2 months ago)
I m waiting to talk with my crush since 2017 becoz she don't use social platform ,even wanna meet her. oops!!
The Last Piløt (2 months ago)
My crush does all these things... yet I still think he doesn't like me xD
Kayleigh Wolf (2 months ago)
I think I am Bi and I keep seeing one of my rushes looking at me in maths, maybe I should try the yawning thing to see if she yawns too! Thank you!
Renata Tušek (2 months ago)
Its almost all true but we just don't text hahahahahahaha
katrina valckx (2 months ago)
How do you know a shy guy likes you?
Lion 94 (2 months ago)
great video
Anwesha Tripathy (2 months ago)
Our class is like gender-biased, so no one can confess or compliment the opposite gender 😭😤
andreachidisima (2 months ago)
I hate how they never posted their own social media links so now the channel is dead I can't find Chayenne and Jamie 😡
This all happened to me🤗🙂☺my crush did all of this😂
Game Play (2 months ago)
I hate the person now who used to be my crush
Marque Amore (2 months ago)
My crush doesn't know I exist

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