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5 Signs Your Crush Definitely Likes You Back

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http://bit.ly/sub2Gurl "5 Signs Your Crush Definitely Likes You Back" Wishing you had a sense if your crush was crushing on you, too? Cheyenne is here to share a few signs to look out for that could be proof your crush likes you back. For more fun Gurl stuff, check us out http://www.gurl.com/ And there's always tons of talk and lots of cool girls on our boards: http://my.gurl.com/ Gurl hearts you big time! Do you heart us? Then be our bud: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2Gurl Boards: http://my.gurl.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/Gurl.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/GurlDotCom Tumblr: http://Gurl.tumblr.com
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Tarun Kureel (6 hours ago)
I had a crush on a girl in 7th, but i was fat and short, she was like the famous girl. I never tried cuz i thought she was out of my league. Few years later i got fit and noticed her staring me and trying to talk to me, often smiling even though we never interacted that much. We both had a crush on each other for like 3.5 years, but my awkward ass couldn't do shit. I even texted her a few times but never worked out. Well that still bums me out to this day.
Elise (1 day ago)
talked to my crush once and i cried bc i was so happy im never doing it again
Rosemary Quiin (1 day ago)
I Had a Crush ON this Guy , ( I'm gay btw , and he straight )recently we Had a School activity That was Held in another town . During our trip we always Went together . And sometimes shared things . But a week after the trip . He acts like I'm not around . A week later he showed up to my jingle practice and stares at me for the whole hour . Though he had his friends . He was never the silent type . After a month of stares and awkward smiles . He tends to stiffen up and goes silent . When I'm around and if we happen to gaze to each other . He awkwardly smile back then rush off to he's peers . What should I do ????
My crush is my best friend and he's also a dude. I really don't think he cares
natty_cakes (1 day ago)
I remember a long time ago when there was one guy who kept staring at me during class 0-0 I had a crush on him until I realized he was a jerk.
TacoTalks (1 day ago)
Oh my god. My crush asked me to skate with him and I turned it down just because I can’t scate *holds gun* well it was nice seeing y’all
Dtsuga (2 days ago)
...He's a loud person and a nerd When I look at him he quickly looks away and covers his face And even curses like "Son of a b--don't look at me!" in an annoyed voice. But he always plays songs about the band he likes which I also like and even sings when I'm near because knows I'll hear Does he like me? I dunno. I think it's pretty obvious that he doesn't.
Duoc Huynh (2 days ago)
when your crush is in a different class and they haven't said a single word to you for about a month or two and you don't even have their number yeah he definitely doesn't like me lol, he shows no signs
Aline Mayrani (2 days ago)
Shpoopy shpooopy (3 days ago)
Well...that describes me
Calley Taylor (6 days ago)
My crush doesn't talk to me but he looks at me..
Gacha-chan (6 days ago)
Hmm... 1 sign my crush does NOT like me is... she’s straight.
Green Leaf (9 days ago)
And what if your crush is kinda introvert and doesn't talk much?
Tangent of circle. (9 days ago)
Sing number 1: your are living an imaginary world
Craig Rushin (9 days ago)
I get shy around my crush I don't know much about him but I do know he's kind and outgoing he does catch me staring at him in class but I catch him glancing at me for a good second in the corner of my eye all the time he is sweet in all but I am so young that all these sighns don't really benefit me too much
Emily M (11 days ago)
Today.. In math class my crush came up to me and whispered, " yo, you wanna date?☺"
Ayalaisaboss (11 days ago)
Also he and my bother were playing basketball and he said look there is my son I asked who's the mother and he said me!
isabel burns (11 days ago)
My crush is usually super quiet but around me he’s way more talkative
Møønlight Candace (11 days ago)
When He Started Video Chatting with Me... My Heart Beat Fast Like sonic >//~//<
Ayalaisaboss (12 days ago)
My crush is in high school and I had the most awesome dream about him I always say I'm fat and he always assures me that I'm not and the same thing happens when I call myself ugly but I really need advice sometimes he rude to me and sometimes it feels like he has interest in me plz help
Juz sica (13 days ago)
You are so cute 💗
Cookie Swirls (13 days ago)
I hope they do, I confessed to him...
Alayshia Ford-Page (14 days ago)
My crush will stare at me and when I look up he makes this weird face like I as looking at him the whole time. GOD HE IS SOO CUTE 😍😍
4 4 (16 days ago)
I'm 13, I had a crush on this boy for 6years now and I have a dance in a week and a half, everyone in my grade think we would make the perfect couple. And he always stares at me when school starts. And I have to ask him out in a week to the dance, but I don't have the guts to do it ( also he is really shy)
Piano Lover (16 days ago)
My dream come true I like my crush back
1:34 Put my crush in a trash bag and he'll still look good to me!
Prudencio Mangaoang (18 days ago)
so at school when i grabbed the eraser i felt her hand instead vwry akward
3:50 - 3:54 made me die. GirlxGirl gang where u at
Katty The unicorn (19 days ago)
I have a crush, sometimes he's watching me and if I catch her eyesight,im the one who is look away not her.
Bloxy Cola (19 days ago)
I keep seeing my crush starting at me in class a lot
EarlGray_24/7 (21 days ago)
Well *I have a crush on my best friend...*
BlueInkA (22 days ago)
The last thing I remembered is when we were texting about random things and suddenly he is quiet for 3 minutes. So then I said " -my crush's name- is online" and then he said "why? Want to kiss me?"...and I was like 0////////0 "oh no what have I done" What does that mean?
BlueInkA (21 days ago)
+ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ oh ok thx for replying 😍😁
ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ (22 days ago)
So he randomly mentioned kissing him if it had nothing to do with the conversation? This story is a bit confusing and I don't quite understand, but from what I can tell, it seems good. If he mentioned kissing him and even asked you if you wanted to, it's probably because he likes you.
annabelle w (23 days ago)
what if my crush doesn't speak to me
Sara Shatula (24 days ago)
Okay, so. I like this guy in my class. But I'm scared he likes someone else since he does a little amount of these things to a significant other. I don't know what to do, because people always joke around that he likes that "significant other." But he always stares at me during class, but the thing is, the significant other sits right beside me. So. Help?
Oecy Ok (25 days ago)
So I basically like this boy called Aditiya and I love him so fucking much, it has been a year since I liked him. The problem is that every time I'm around him he looks at me but then he goes back to what he was doing. The other day my bff and my friend went to him and asked him what his name was (They already knew but they just wanted to ask, i had to go to them.) and he said his name was Pavjot even though his name is Aditiya. As soon as i got there he started staring at me and saying "Yo" that was like the first time I heard his voice because me and him don't talk or shit, we don't have any lessons together (sad Ikr) because I'm in A band and he is in B band. I want to ask him out but I'm so scared to get rejected, i barley cry but i feel like I would this time.
Popcorn Film (25 days ago)
1. sometimes i catch him looking at me          2. ehhh we both like dc and marvel especially the band gorillaz. that all ik for now.         3.mmmmm nope        4. hmmm...he does seem shy around me.         5. NOPE CAUSE IM SCARED TO!!!!
lili zavala (25 days ago)
My crush is a girl ig I can call her my best friend/favorite person and we are rlly close so I don’t wanna ruin anything
finesse. britney (27 days ago)
A have a crush on this kid in my class. Today he kept staring at me during ELA and he just wouldn’t stOp. I kept laughing and smiling at him (kindly) and also at my friends. And he kept looking at me but he looked different idk how to explain lol. And we were separated in groups, I was with two boys and I kept laughing with them. My crush looked mAd lol yeH idk anymore
Vanessa H. (27 days ago)
This Video showed me I have a Crush
Roa Zidar (28 days ago)
All they do is _stare_
Woodlands Vlogger (28 days ago)
This video is accurate
Angelic ASMR (28 days ago)
So I just had my first kiss with my crush last night but idk if he genuinely likes me back or if hes just a fuckboy :(
바보O_O (29 days ago)
I need advice!pls read..okay so in school I made friends with this guy like 8 weeks ago and I made friends with him because I got put into a class without any of my friends so I made friends with him..we started to get to know each other more and more and started hanging out outside school....after some time I realized I caught feelings for him I don’t know if he feels the same way but..because now we are so comfortable with each other even tho we know each other for like 8 weeks...we started to touch each other a lot like for example we are holding hands but not the relationship type just in a playful way...we also started walking to school together and hanging out everyday if there is no school..we also text quite often..well very often...I feel like maybe he also likes me back because he has mentioned that he has a crush on someone...after just seeing me..but because I never dated or he I feel like that’s what is stopping him and me..I’m
바보O_O (22 days ago)
ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ thank yo my for reading oml 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕♥️👍🏻😁
ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ (22 days ago)
All of these signs point to the fact that he's probably interested in you. Not sure what else I should be saying.
Soul ab (29 days ago)
i confessed to my crush and he told me we should stay friends ,and since then , i keep catching him staring at me as in an intense way !!! it's like he is focused 😂😂😂 i don't know what to do , also !!! he's been asking me lately weird questions about my birthday , my weight , my intrests and stuff like that , what should i do 🙄🙄🙄 alsooo he has this cold personality 🌚
ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ (22 days ago)
I think he might've not been interested in you at first, but after you confessed, he started to catch feelings. Sometimes, people don't feel anything for a person but once they think about the idea of that person liking them, their perception starts to change. This could be the case with him. It's not certain, but at least that should be enough to give you hope.
1 like=i will confess to my crush
My crush is a fricking pro at fortnite lol!
*Rita Torres21* (29 days ago)
My crush is so confusing 1)So someone that sits next to him says he likes me 2)She said again he liked me 3) someone said he didn’t like me 4) he’s dating someone 5)she said he liked me again 6) I got rejected 7) I got rejected again 8) I catch him staring 9) he flirts with me a lot 10) he broke up with his gf (idk why)
ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ (22 days ago)
So he rejected you twice and he's dating somebody? I know you don't want to hear this from a stranger online, but you might need to move on. He has made it clear he isn't interested and if you keep pushing it then he might start avoiding you or something worse.
Niki play’s roblox (30 days ago)
All my crush does is stare at me and he always texts me hi or sup I don’t answer :/
Niki play’s roblox (22 days ago)
ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ idk
ʟ ᴏ s ᴇ ʀ (22 days ago)
Why don't you answer?
Lj Wolflover (1 month ago)
New subscriber
Lavender Crystal (1 month ago)
My crush always looks at me and smiles and laughs at my jokes and also I just look away in “I AM SO SCARED” way
Total Girl (1 month ago)
Mischa MSP (1 month ago)
1 2 3 and a little bit 4! EEEK if this get's to 52 likes I'll work up the courage to ask my crush out!!! (Don't ask why 52 OK?) I bet you asked didn't you.. Well it's my lucky number :3
Kook_ jeon (1 month ago)
(About my crush:) *he's new at our school Dis is a problem because I don't know him well. *my friend likes him too. Well I know this sounds childish but... this friend always talk about on how she chatted with him and some interactions or something and I get annoyed at her. We only became friends when we found out that we have the same crush. The thing is, she always come to me and talk about him overr and ovveerrrrrr.... and ughhhhh I hate it. She only talks about him and I just fake smile and say, "really? That's great" or just laugh along or nod. *my crush likes somebody else. Saddd..... I know. This girl that he likes is a beautiful petite woman and dayummmm his crush and I are on the same club. Our club is an art club and I didn't expect that her drawing is cool. *we don't chat too much 'cause I'm shy It's kinda my fault at this point and I understand. But when I do chat with him he left me hanging :( (About my other crush:) *he's giving me mixed signals Sometimes he would look fun and goofy when we make eye contact but he also made an eye roll at me and glared at me for some reason. I was hurt that time. I didn't know what to do.... *I feel that I don't have a chance with him There are rumors that he has a girlfriend or some mutual understanding with his crush... *we are akwarddddd In the past, we always talked and laugh with each other. You could say that we are close. I didn't knew that I was falling for him so.... this happened....When I was in grade 5, there's this boy that shouted that my crush likes me and people started teasing us. I was sensitive that time, so I cried. After that, we are more distant and I ignore him at that time. AND THE NO. 1 PROBLEM IS THERE'S TOO MANY BEAUTIFUL STUDENTS AT OUR SCHOOL AND I STILL FEEL INSECURE WHEN I TRY TO ACT COOL AND I DRESS MYSELF NEATLY....
Aaliyah White (1 month ago)
Or maybe your crush does these things because they're your best friend
Aaliyah White (1 month ago)
I yawned near my crush and they didnt yawn back
Sparsha Edupuganti (1 month ago)
I have a crush and he likes me
Yeung Tobias (1 month ago)
Jeniah [iHotdogs] (1 month ago)
Does it make you feel sad or jealous.... when ur crush is hanging out with ur friend?
Umut kanyilmaz (1 month ago)
When we catch one of us looking we just look each other for like 1 minute straight and smile
Faction Gaming (1 month ago)
My crush is dating some one I just learned yesterday and I thought progressively he was getting into me and then he starts dating someone else
LayLaLay 12 (1 month ago)
1.Sometimes we share these "staring awkward moments" 2. We know almost nothing about each other even tho we knew each other for 5 years ;-; 3. Sure,he brags a lot... 4.He is pretty quiet when we are alone. 5. We almost never talk on on our phones. Except when we talk about homework or going outside.
TheBtsArmy._ (1 month ago)
Wonder if he likes me back Lol he is Park Jimin from BTS..
Toneng PD (1 month ago)
You really read all the comments? Now read 10k comments
My crush likes me sense last year I think and he is a bit shy but when he is with his friends he is kinda loud *groan* ;(
LPSGalaxyBunny (1 month ago)
I catch mine staring at me and then he smiles, and puts his head down quickly. It's so adorable that i can't stand it, and be told me that he likes me back :3
Um I have a big problem so this is my story....3rd grade had a crush then she said she didn’t like me so now 5th grade haven’t seen her in two years I return to that school for the first time and she kind of likes me now what should I do please send replying recommendations because I’m in what they call a sticky situation!
Tatiana Plays (1 month ago)
This Is me ;-; im sharing to my crush
Zoe Sartoriuss (1 month ago)
The other night I had a dream about my crush.. and it was such a seeet dream.. is this a sign for something
Zoe Sartoriuss (1 month ago)
I asked my crush if he liked me and he said. “Ya, a little” He is always always calling me pretty or hot, and I often find him staring.. we talk a lot and stuff Do y’all think he really likes me?
karin stupar (1 month ago)
Well, I guess my crush doesn't like me☹️
Julianna Panganiban (1 month ago)
The signs of my crush is that I catch him staring at me so that mean *squeli-*
Cassie Reed (1 month ago)
My crush asked me out yes!
Galaxy cringe (1 month ago)
I catch him staring at meh all the time 😆
Emily Mily (1 month ago)
0.0 my "ex-crush" (I still like him a bit) all ways stare at me so here is my story. So I was in science class and my teacher said my name and his name and all of his friend was like 'oooooo' so we just laugh it of and then idk why but...when he look at me and smile ...I fall for him. And I just started texting one of his friend (let's just call his friend Luke) so I ask Luke everything about him and he said 'why did u ask me about him anyway . Do u have a crush on him' and I said 'idk ...maybe' like said back 'I can be ur wing man' so I was like sure! 😂 so one day I ask Luke to ask him(My crush) who is his crush . But Luke ask my crush's best friend . So they chat when like this C. Bff: so he have a crush on(been blure out by Luke) C. Bff: don't tell (my name) Luke: OK boss😂 So I said 'what the he'll dude I want to know who is it and Ik u tell him that I was the one asking right?! ' Luke said 'no' so then imma just cut to here.. Ahem.. We hated each other (my crush) and idc anymore but ... Today... It was different.. It feel like... When I look at him... He always turn around... And then I notice him looking at me 😂 he even smile(OML THOSE EYES!!!) And I believe when u hate someone , it turn around and u will love them... Why I believe it u ask? Because it happens to me when I was little well it's a whole different story... So yea Bye sorry for taking ur time to just read this story 😂
My crush likes anime and kpop and I like anime and kpop
Snowkit03 Aj (1 month ago)
My furture is going to be lucky! 😃❤ Ok, soo um, pretty sure that my crush liked me last year in 3rd grade because, he sat down with me and, we talked alot!!.a..and, um he makes me laugh! 😖😖😳😳😳
Dihya Zer (1 month ago)
But now i live in spani now i lost my crush
Dihya Zer (1 month ago)
Thats why i spy on him
Dihya Zer (1 month ago)
I had a crush but i was too shy he actly liked my friend a little and my friend liked him much and i saw her kising him i was actly mad but i actly never say to anyone i liked him
Lily (1 month ago)
my crush ended up moving during the summer, and i found out that he really liked me back, but didn’t say anything. I feel really blind now, it’s completely obvious here. 😭
The E.C show (1 month ago)
Is their a way to get someone that rejected you to get her to like you?
shhxr (1 month ago)
Sometimes i caught him stares at me, and he OFTEN caught me staring at him while he was playing basketball, 😂😭
Alivyah's Channel (1 month ago)
My god, I am in 6th grade, and my crush ALWAYS stares at me...ALWAYS. But we are so shy towards each other, he always is first to talk, and I wish I could elaborate on when we talk, but it's hard I need to be more loose...halp! But that's what Imma do on Monday.
Prinses Nicole PH (1 month ago)
There is only two of this sign that my crush crush me 😓😌😥😕🙃😞😟😢☹️🙁😖🤧🤕🤒
Lorenzo Forbs (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.......omfg brutality
danniella jacks (1 month ago)
I like someone but I don't know if they like me back 😭
Theyluv. briaa (1 month ago)
when my crush playing fighting somebody he say to them that they gonna get me smacked....what does that mean
Galaxy Wolf (1 month ago)
Problem is i havent talked to her since year 6 and im in year 8 and im 13
Awkward Humor (1 month ago)
Idk if my crush likes me. He is 3 years older than me though. And we dont talk. But i would find it odd if he did like me saying that he is 3 years older.. i catch him staring alot. He tends to show off in the gym whenever im around. And me and him both walk home, its the same way but this time when we noticed me coming, he looked back then slowed down . Even though he is such a fast walker like i am. He is one of my brothers BESTFRIEND MY DUDE
Avin Khajehzadeh (1 month ago)
HELP: I really like my crush! He likes me back too but both of us are too scared to ask each other out. And plus he has no phone so i can't text him. Our brothers are also really good friends. He also knows that i like him. And we have a social dancing thing coming up what should i do????
AliceOn GoddessLand (1 month ago)
I love talking to my crush, we use to talk on a grass patch and then we avoided me a bit but when i fell down he appeared out of no where when i got up and asked if i was ok a lot and so these days i just go off singing some somes while walking around seeing if he would notice me :>
Brooke Gaskin (1 month ago)
I actually have 6 cousins and I only know 2 of their last names, and I don't know the rests middle or last, but I know the first ; D
QUACK QUACK (1 month ago)
If I trick you I get 1 like Read more
Fire Lee (1 month ago)
I Sometimes Caught My Crush Looking At Me Because Im A School Runner,High Self Esteem,Good Acting'Sporty
julissa cantu (1 month ago)
My crush said he doesn’t like me but he kip looking at me ?
Lovely Gabby (1 month ago)
*_internaly screams inside_*
Music 4eva (1 month ago)
Yo, this girl was trying to steal my crush as SOON as I told her. What do I do. I'm mad.
Zender man (1 month ago)
skrty derr (1 month ago)
That yawn trick thoughh ima try that tomorrow 😂
ken teter (1 month ago)
My crush kept touching the scars on my upper arm.Does this mean anything?

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