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FALLOUT 76 First Look (E3 2018) Xbox Conference

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Text Comments (295)
Braydenvlogs (8 days ago)
Is it even gonna be on PS4
JustinBrownGames (10 days ago)
I had never played a fallout game before until fallout 4, I didn't like the game at all to be honest. the last of us, tomb raiders, uncharted, God of war, certain horror games are my style
Kevin Woodsmall (10 days ago)
Robert Moore (10 days ago)
Lets not forget that it'll be "Entirely online" with no option for a Server Selection. Ensuring you are forced to use Bethesda's Servers removing the potential for Private servers. Which means that Modding is DoA for this Fallout game. Unless you want to use Bethesda's garbage Creation Club 'mods'. Thereby removing the competition in quality from the dedicated fanbases' mods.
Marc G (10 days ago)
Thumbs up!!! If you played fallout 1, 2 and tactics on the PC way back in the day!!
RevanIo09 (10 days ago)
Is it bad im crying because of that song only
JJohntarious Jairrels (11 days ago)
Shut up and take my money
Juan Doe (11 days ago)
Oh boy who's ready for some half baked retcons for the sake of references and marketing, who doesn't love the media equivalent of jingled keys in your face?
PCLHH (11 days ago)
I have tears of joy in my eyes! Man, I can't wait!
Hugo Smith (11 days ago)
Hugo Smith (11 days ago)
chris mescudi (11 days ago)
Was that a flying deathclaw??
DANENZ channel (11 days ago)
I like this music🎶
Wong Daniel (11 days ago)
As a fallout game, the environment is a bit too good
corruptyouth (11 days ago)
First version of power armor as a nod to Fallout 1, especially the way the character looks towards the camera at the end. Nice
Preston Garvey (11 days ago)
It's 4x the map of fallout 4x times the amounts of settlements Here I will mark it on your map
TheDreddRed (11 days ago)
Preston Garvey god dammit not again!!!
XxZelda LovexX (11 days ago)
I'm excited!
Wetarded (11 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the mothman
Hero 04 (11 days ago)
Fallout 76 It Will Be Like Fallout New Vegas, Because Look, Fallout 3 Was Taken Out In 2008 And Then They Taken Fallout NV, The Same With Fallout 4, They Taken It Out And Almost 3 Years Later They Take Out Another Fallout, Also Watch The Graphic Engine Or The Suits (As The Military Helmet Or Shirts And Faces And Character Hike) Is The Same That Fallout 4, Let's Say That It Will Have The Same Graphic Engine That Fallout 4 But Improved (As They Did In Fallout NV)
Marine Jarhead (11 days ago)
Love that they stuck with the hard to kill plant life wv theme i mean this stuff is everywhere #finallywv
Ronald Mcdonald (11 days ago)
At least there isnt a Preston in this game to annoy you
Ozzy Sherrod (11 days ago)
Nappyheaded Josh (11 days ago)
Andy Gerard Marino (11 days ago)
2:04 YEET?!
Silva Panda (11 days ago)
I love this game already!!!!
Force General (11 days ago)
I want it now
Miranda Mayes (11 days ago)
Where do I sign up?
Cookie Monster (11 days ago)
Is it just me or does fallout 4 seem like it had better graphics?
Cookie Monster (4 days ago)
Jake Lover yeah. I guess it is me. I dont mean the map graphics cause they seem awesome i mean like the character graphics.
Jake Lover (4 days ago)
Cookie Monster you
Z.HUNTER 38 (11 days ago)
This is so beautiful ima cry.
Ethan (11 days ago)
SAAAH DUDE (11 days ago)
Noah Keniston (11 days ago)
Dude what's going to be at the Bethesda conference
Magnificent bury (11 days ago)
Don’t re-upload shit.
Sheogorath (11 days ago)
The holy one is here!
shinji ikari (11 days ago)
4:10 that better be mothman or im suing
shmayday (11 days ago)
What if they make a fallout game where the rest of the world is compleatly unharmed and 200 something years later China finally decides to invade America.
Chris Morelli (11 days ago)
I'd like to see more variety in armor rather than similar fallout 4 armor and character creation features, otherwise it'll just feel like a heavily modded fallout 4.
Joe fish (11 days ago)
Playstation is better
Anthony Walnutz (11 days ago)
"it may look like the bombs completely decimated and wiped out all life in the land, but that's just Virginia."
Luis Lopez (11 days ago)
if you pre order do you have to buy it again when it comes out
Jello Pudding (11 days ago)
This is amazing
demani robinson (11 days ago)
I can't be the only one who is underwhelmed
Who knows (11 days ago)
haha I knew it! Looks exactly like fo4. I bet it will play exactly like Fo4, just with more junk to forever store
H.Walker (11 days ago)
All the armour looked like it was ripped out of fallout 4 would have been nice for them to update it a bit.
Conn Davis (11 days ago)
H.Walker I’m pretty sure it running on fallout 4s engine unless they refuse to change textures.
Crosseye_ McGee (11 days ago)
My dick kept getting harder through the whole video
Thedappercharking (11 days ago)
Aj Felder (11 days ago)
Fallout: Redneck
Crimson260 (11 days ago)
was todd clapping himself in? ... so cringy...
Pygmy (11 days ago)
You don't say that about our leader
shmallowlol (11 days ago)
Here's hoping they actually updated the walk cycle for once. Because goddamn is that same engine being something of a serious problem.
Karen Evers (11 days ago)
Wtf is at 3:35
Karen Evers (11 days ago)
Edit 1 what is at 4:09
THE ANGRY CANADIAN (11 days ago)
If its multiplayer I don't want it
Meme Machine (11 days ago)
Jesús crap dem graphics look amaing
Boyke Emerald (11 days ago)
it came back with the old power armor
CaptainZlex (11 days ago)
All aboard the hype train to disappointment.
Geez_ Mahn (11 days ago)
I would like to join the enclave please.
Conn Davis (11 days ago)
Geez_ Mahn id like to be the one to start the Brotherhood of Steel after the war
Durty Dan's Meme Stash (11 days ago)
Okay so it looks like just another Bethesda Fallout. That's a relief.
Gameboy0104 (11 days ago)
Matthew W (11 days ago)
Dude at 1:35 $ounds like he bust his nut lol
Game Ranger0570 (11 days ago)
There are another settlement that needs rebuilding. I'll mark it on your map
LoganHeroPro (11 days ago)
So getting this for PC
TheFirstOneOut -.- (11 days ago)
I swear watch one of Preston’s ancestors be in this game giving you radiant quests just like he does in Fallout 4
Masanko (11 days ago)
The new daggerfall in fallout
Soul Purpose (11 days ago)
Let’s hope it’s a RPG LIKE NEW VEGAS
Toad Tramp (11 days ago)
i... think dc is returning as part of the map along with point look out
Raiyan Islam (11 days ago)
Looks good.
Ray Revolta (11 days ago)
I'm just sitting here wanting to be able to rebuild Hyrule to its legendary status in BotW when this drops.
faZe lime (11 days ago)
Noah d (11 days ago)
If this doesnt have a battle royale mode i'm not gonna buy it
Tenryuu (11 days ago)
Homer Simpson (11 days ago)
I want to see Herbert back
MinersLoveGames (11 days ago)
Nice to see that West Virginia hasn't changed at all from since before the bombs hit.
UnsungLegend (10 days ago)
Krockl also the radiation only makes things smalller and dumb, it doesn’t make things 10x the size
123456789E? (11 days ago)
What did you say bout west virgin you sumbitch
Krockl (11 days ago)
Radiation will be but when people or animals are effected their offspring will be mutated after manny generations everything would be fucked but the radiation levels will go ahah but organisms will be mutants
UnsungLegend (11 days ago)
I did research and actually the radiation would be worse in early years and fades away slowly.
UnsungLegend (11 days ago)
MinersLoveGames 20 years after bombs fell, the entire nation looks like this. It takes a while for radiation to alter things and in 150 years it will look awful.
The Roman Eagle (11 days ago)
If this game is single player, take my money now!
The Roman Eagle (11 days ago)
if this is a prequel will we see large herds of deathclaws like there were meant to be in the lore during this time period.
gumball godzilla (11 days ago)
When I hear game pass and fallout 76 in one sentence
gumball godzilla (11 days ago)
Shrimp3r JR I think u have just made me cry
Shrimp3r JR (11 days ago)
gumball godzilla that would be cool but you didn't hear that, Fallout 4 is on game pass
Double D (11 days ago)
Make America great again?
Kurogane 556 (11 days ago)
Gives new meaning to God Emperor.
Peter James Ledwith (11 days ago)
Leatherhead (11 days ago)
Probably a co op
Flower Power2 (11 days ago)
I can only get so wet
Ruben Claudett (11 days ago)
Everyone is overlooking that we can use a fucking fire axe as a weapon
IvanGoldBit (11 days ago)
Well this game is going to have many days of my life XD
bobsagget823 (11 days ago)
looks gay
Drace90 (11 days ago)
The trailers for Fallout 76 seem to have a totally different feeling. They feel very hopeful and encouraging, not at all sad, scary and comically absurd as the previous ones. I guess rebuilding really is the theme of the game this time. I kinda like that!
Sneakerheads Italia (11 days ago)
Poutati Pou Fallout 76 comes years and years before Fallout 3
Poutati Pou (11 days ago)
If you follow the fallout series you can see that at each new game the situation in the outside world gets better and there is still hope for mankind to rebuild something, vegetation gets better and drinkable water is accessible because of fallout 3
Drace90 (11 days ago)
The trailer for Fallout 4 featured a man in a dress and a broken bear mascot helmet firing a minigun and dropping a mini-nuke to the sound of Atom Bomb Baby.
UnsungLegend (11 days ago)
Drace90 after 150 years it would be sad that they still haven’t rebuilt it and it only got worse
Luke Price (11 days ago)
Drace90 You say comically absurd, but this one has mutants and creatures crazier than ever only 25 years after the nuclear exchange.
Yolo Bro (11 days ago)
Yep, it definitely is multiplayer! Cheers!
13Gangland (11 days ago)
furika666geko (11 days ago)
well i hope the put the RP back in it and not the "funny option or the tuff guy option or the smart option" like real come on i wanna be a bad dude i wanna be a good dude i wanna fuck up when i talk i wanna have what the old games had the RP element of it
Swift Boy (11 days ago)
Did they show us gameplay or something or just the trailer ?
Slugfly (11 days ago)
Oh shit yes!! I wonder if we're playing the beginning of the Enclave.
GhostPlayer (11 days ago)
Lil Penguin (11 days ago)
So hyped just pre ordered
Lil Penguin (11 days ago)
On amazon
Shrimp3r JR (11 days ago)
Lil Penguin you silly boy....
Daniel_TeamHigh (11 days ago)
Lil Penguin how can u pre order already lmao
Tongue Less (11 days ago)
Seems like I will not eat for 1 week with that price😁
Danielslammms (11 days ago)
but is there multiplayer?
Silenced Glow (11 days ago)
Game Over (11 days ago)
Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
w1ff (11 days ago)
4x the size gunna be a lot of walking (hyped for this shit tho)
Daniel Mc (11 days ago)
In all honesty it looked beautiful, I’d like to see some gameplay though.
Shrek Stirr (11 days ago)
John Seed (11 days ago)
Shrek Stirr Yes it will be on ps4 as well.
Bleeve (11 days ago)
looks like modded fallout 4
The Magic Thermo (11 days ago)
vivisectmu Actually it looks more like a borderlands, destiny, rust, crossbreed freak. Fuck.
vivisectmu (11 days ago)
actually, it looks more like unmodded fo4, and not in a good way.
The Magic Thermo (11 days ago)
Bleeve I really need this to be single player otherwise fallout 4 has some serious competition for worst fallout game.
Bleeve (11 days ago)
The Magic Thermo which kinda worries me
Bleeve (11 days ago)
I guess you're right; except there r rumors this will be online rpg and won't do mod support
VPagon (11 days ago)
lmaooo, he said 4x and I was like "I don't have that kind of space on my Xbox One buckeroo."
AaO Toxic (11 days ago)
The new creatures are insane I’m wondering what mutant like creature with big huge arms is
John Seed (11 days ago)
AaO Toxic it's your mother
Conn Davis (11 days ago)
AaO Toxic it’s a normal dude that jerked off 50 times a day in the vault and became ripped asf

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