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Dota 2 Stuck at 0 byte or update is unreachable (fixed)

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how to fix dota 2 won't update and update unreachable
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Malthe Bruhn (6 days ago)
Shitty music, but it worked, thx!
Artian Muaremi (1 month ago)
Thanks sir it worked with the first step !
Naes (1 month ago)
none of it worked
ZAHID KHAN (1 month ago)
Yes! none of it work. I am using organization Wifi. Is anyone have a better idea for wifi?
BuffedCuTiE (1 month ago)
try /watch?v=ka0X12zGEG4 OR vpn is ur answer.
Julius Villahermosa (2 months ago)
not working
Zack Zakwan (2 months ago)
thx dude work in my first step
Lester Robles (2 months ago)
thx bro!!
RHGamingYT (2 months ago)
thx bro.
joke frost (3 months ago)
it works
Eduardo Saffe (5 months ago)
muhammad fadhil (5 months ago)
bro kalau aku ade problem mcm ni bole fix ke ? - steam store dngan profile blackscreen - stuck 0% byte masa syncing - bile dah dpt kluar dari steam , nk msok balik slalu update lama lama aku cari solution 3 masalah ni
Mat Madara (5 months ago)
cuba try cara atas dulu. sbb penah kena benda ni
Milan Rakinic (5 months ago)
Worked for me with first 3 steps.Thank you
Adam Prime (7 months ago)
dalam banyak2 nama...sajat jugak kau guna xDDD
Mat Madara (5 months ago)
XD ggwp
Ty bro.
omega samaddar (10 months ago)
it works.. ty mate
Nigthcore-Sama (10 months ago)
ipconfig /flushdns my likes :)
Marko Kućan (10 months ago)
Still didnt work for me.. :(
Mat Madara (10 months ago)
try step no 4, for me it work because windows suddenly turn on auto proxy and need to turn off

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