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On June 12th 2018, T.B. Joshua will turn 55 years old. Join us in celebrating this milestone by reflecting on the remarkable journey God has taken His humble servant on. "Who are we celebrating? Don’t forget – he is not a superstar but a man of the people. This record is not a way of saying I have arrived but to encourage the weak – those without fast legs or human help – that there is hope, and Jesus is the hope." - T.B. Joshua
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Emmanuel TV (10 days ago)
Emmanuel!!! Please drop a birthday message/ greeting to T.B. Joshua in the comments below:
felix mafikiri (20 hours ago)
felix mafikiri (20 hours ago)
Emmanuel TV .FM R.DRC
Domini Selma (1 day ago)
Emmanuel tv
Babas Afrikaner (1 day ago)
Hopefully too you birthday tb joshau lve s
Vutlhari Nkosi (1 day ago)
Emmanuel TV Happy birthday to our father in the Lord , on that day a gift was given unto the world to save, to heal, to guide the children of God. We are grateful ,we thank God ... More life to you Man of God. We love you!
Marian Plescan (7 hours ago)
Marcel Sh (12 hours ago)
Happy Birthday Man of God.
namrata Rai (13 hours ago)
Happy birthday 😍😍😍
iam_alwayshappy / (15 hours ago)
Happy birthday sir more miracle and more life
felix mafikiri (20 hours ago)
Christy D. (22 hours ago)
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to T.B. Joshua. You have truly been a blessing to me! Much love and many blessings from the U.S.A.
costantine magola (1 day ago)
Happy birthday Prophet.......I thank God for your life and his calling you into his work.
dny sandy (1 day ago)
Happy b day tb joshua
Jullry Agho (1 day ago)
Happy birthday to you MAN of God happy birthday to you
Donovan Reid (1 day ago)
Happy birthday my Father,my real father has rejected me when i was a baby please pray for me man of God i love you very much,you my papa.
matidza mutshidzi (1 day ago)
happy birthday man of GOD
Sakhile Majogwe (1 day ago)
Happy birth day Man of God, I wish you all the best in future and many more years to come. God bless you.
Olusola Funmilayo (1 day ago)
Happy birthday to u sir more of it in good health
Samuel Godday (1 day ago)
thank you Jesus
Babas Afrikaner (1 day ago)
You still some today tomorrow night lve you tb jesus thank see my te light of god amn
Ann Reid (2 days ago)
Happy birthday man of god may he keep u continue to keep u in is care
Adewale Ojeniyi (2 days ago)
Happy birthday pastor tbj more anoithing ijn.god bless your new age sir
J Lo (2 days ago)
HBBD my Dad
Marisa Rampersad (2 days ago)
Happy birthday Man of God. As God continue to bless you and keep you
Simphiwe Moyo (2 days ago)
Happy birthday day pastor T. B Joshua may God grant you with many more years to come and bless up👼💕🍰🍰🍫🍭🍭🍔🍬🍬
Julia Gift (2 days ago)
Happy birthday man of God..may God bless u with more years..long leave Daddy
Jakes Time (2 days ago)
BLESS YOU! Prophet.... Joshua! THE LORD'S calling on your life has impacted the world..... This includes myself..... 55😉 HAPPY Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!
meffa tsakama (2 days ago)
Happy birth day Papa,i am proud of you,you are my teacher i have rent alot from you.God bless you ,HAPPY BIRTH DAY once again.
Gowon Gabriela (2 days ago)
Happy birthday to you my father TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA
אליאב דסה (2 days ago)
እሽ ጌታ የሱስ ካንች ጋር ይሁን።
vijay hopc (2 days ago)
Happy Birth Dsy man of God plese pray for me
Omokhoa Monday (3 days ago)
Happy birthday to you long life and God bless to you
betty Alannnkjd (3 days ago)
For sure we have gift from God profit tb Joshua thank u for the wonderful prayers,for loving people,happy birthday my dad distance is not barrier betty from Saudi Arabia
betty Alannnkjd (3 days ago)
I have been missing u my profit tb Joshua am late b'se Wi-Fi but happy birthday tb Joshua u look like 40 not 55 long live in jesus name distance is not barrier betty from Saudi Arabia
so profound (3 days ago)
Happy birthday sir! 🎉🎉🎉
Carlos Alvarenga (3 days ago)
Happy birthday prophet I thank God you accepted suffering humiliation today I’m one those benefits from all you go through (you save my life) happy birthday beloved servant of our living God alleluia.
Abimbola Odeyemi (3 days ago)
Grateful God
Freda Mensah (3 days ago)
happy birthday pastor
Abimbola Odeyemi (3 days ago)
Happy birthday sir llnp,which to come to your church one day.
Happy birthday papa!
Belated Happy Birthday to you my dear beloved Brother T.B.Joshua
gofaone motsumi (3 days ago)
I was there
gofaone motsumi (3 days ago)
I was there
Vlyn Duque (3 days ago)
Happy birthday Prophet i wish to be like you so that i also can help people who's in need,thank you Jesus🙏
Jayaraju Chintakula (3 days ago)
Please pray for me my financial problems.
Jayaraju Chintakula (3 days ago)
Belated happy birthday pastor T.B.Jashava Garu.
Jimony Amore (3 days ago)
Happy birthday senior prophet tb Joshua
Fatmata Bangs (3 days ago)
Happy Birthday prophet TB Joshua we love you god bless you for your good work the work of your father who sent you for this propose you where born to deliver souls to heal the sick to set the captive free you are a wonderful man a real man sent by God
Sunilkumar D'souza (3 days ago)
Verry sweet happy birthday to grate man of god.from small family.sunil .vijaya .joyruth...india
menchie almenar (3 days ago)
Happy birthday propeth Joshua
Sihle nsele (3 days ago)
Happy birthday Man of God
please pray for me and my ministry in india
Grace Kimani (3 days ago)
God with us ,Emmanuel hallelkujay ,am blessed ,prophet TB Joshua God bless you soon much,thank you
Helen Wuganga (3 days ago)
Happy birthday TB JOSHUA my God grant you many years
Happy birthday the man of God Prophèt Tb Joshua.
Dadur Vemuri (3 days ago)
Many more happy returns of the dayto bro. T.. B.Joshua.... God bless TB. Joshua..... From India
Rita Day (3 days ago)
H B D Profect tbjoshua, grow, grow like a stone, showers of blessings upon u, prof. of my time. Amenn
Hemlata Pise (3 days ago)
Happy birthday . May God bless you. Praise the Lord
Linda Gudla (3 days ago)
Happy birthday Prophet
Loide Sh. (3 days ago)
Happy birthday pastor and man of God prophet T.B Joshua
Soppo Christine (3 days ago)
Happy Birthday papa, may God continue to use you in great dimension. Long life Prophetess Christine MASSANGO Cameroon
Ikani Finau (4 days ago)
Happy birthday man of God! 😘
Linet Ombalo (4 days ago)
happy birthday papa
Nyemera Monica (4 days ago)
Happy Birth Day Prophet T.B Joshua. Ugandans love you Man of God. Amen
Mary John (4 days ago)
Thank you TB Joshua, for encouraging me to go on and never to give up
Mary John (4 days ago)
Shalom Prophet TB Joshua. Happy Birthday and congratulations to you. God have blessed you and will continue to bless you in Jesus mighty name, Amen.
margaret tami (4 days ago)
Amen to God be the glory we celebrate your life you are indeed a man of people not a superstar you are my role model prophet T.B joshua thank you for your love and care God bless you sir we love you so much Emmanuel
Kendraya Robbs (4 days ago)
Anyone know how to get in touch with him????
Kendraya Robbs (4 days ago)
Kendraya Robbs (4 days ago)
Does he ever go live??
Kendraya Robbs (4 days ago)
I'm in America I can't go all the way to Nigeria!!
Kendraya Robbs (4 days ago)
How do you get in touch with him??
Kendraya Robbs (4 days ago)
Is he a real profit??
Faithful Mbah (4 days ago)
Happy birthday daddy. Many many more years to come. I love you and am bless beacause of great people's like you .Any where they gatherand talk bad against you. God will bring them to confuse and tell the world about your true gosple
bobby baksh (4 days ago)
Such a man is most deservant of a wish of Happy Birthday. The entire world should send him a comment. We here on earth are so blessed to have such a one as T B JOSHUA.God is pleased with him.
Vincenzo Makoni (4 days ago)
Happy birthday papa and many many more to come in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
Ebisco Ziboumor (4 days ago)
Happy birthday my father in the Lord.
Claire Kasseda (4 days ago)
Happy birthday daddy
Nohemí Morán (4 days ago)
Emmanuel que Diosito lo siga vendiciendo
Toti Mateo (4 days ago)
Necesito un milagro!por favor. Diga la palabra y sanare!no doy mas,la hipertension,la columna,el corazon!lagrimas d dolor salen d mi alma!con mi poca fuerza y debil fe,creo!que Dios lo usara para sanarme!ojala pudiera ir alli!gracias jesus!
Happy birthday prophet of God, may God increase you and grow older in your statue
Root Root (4 days ago)
Happy birthday sir
Perpetual Owobia (4 days ago)
Emmanuel! Daddy happy birthday sir. More grace, long life. I CELEBRATE U my great mentor.
Father faithful (4 days ago)
Happy birthday daddy
Yash Yashwin (4 days ago)
Happy birthday to you
Janet Kasaro (4 days ago)
Happy birthday to my father in Lord.May God keep adding mor annointing on you!!!
Richard Gondwe (4 days ago)
Happy birthday sure prophet TB Joshua. Watching from Malawi. We love you!!!!!
Angel Mau Taek (4 days ago)
Happy birthday to pastor TB joshua
Gufts Testa (4 days ago)
hbd sir more years to celebrate
Life Story of Kusumalatha - Out Of Darkness 001
you tube
Cyan W (4 days ago)
Happy birthday man of God wish you the best long life with good health
Jack Bola (4 days ago)
Happy Birthday prophet. I've learnt truly God know and very close to His children
saccoh ansu (4 days ago)
I really want to come to you sir. I need your prayers in Jesus name. But am far away from you am in Gambia I did not have transport to come. I want you pray for me in Jesus name. Thank you for your blessings God bless you 🙏🏿
saccoh ansu (4 days ago)
May God bless you more and more. And give you long life
Theosebia Cleland (4 days ago)
Happy birthday to you
verinah caroline (4 days ago)
Happy birthday prophet T.B JOSHUA may God bless you abundantly .continue to live long you will forever a blessing in all generation. I Love you
Tim0511 Shimrey (4 days ago)
Belated happy birthday dear man of god tb Joshua
Clemence Sheyapo (4 days ago)
Goodmorning church! Emmanuel Tv!
Lei Lopez (4 days ago)
advance happy b-day tv joshua
Rash Chris Irakoze (4 days ago)
Happy birthday Prophet!you are really a man after God's heart!
Success Love (4 days ago)
Happy birthday
Amara hantofa (4 days ago)
God bless you pastor tv jhoshua ...because you're lighting of the people. ...man of the God
Mini Rajeev (4 days ago)
happy birthday father
CLARE NAMUSOKE (4 days ago)
Happy Birthday Prophet may God Bless u and what. Ever you touch

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