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10 Most Controversial Video Games

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Robert Yeager (3 days ago)
Command and conquer came out in 2003 not 2006
Jim Conrad Gobot (8 days ago)
I love GTA San Andreas
Alex Wang (8 days ago)
Australian rating department is a hundred bullshit
Alex Wang (8 days ago)
Whenever a game is trying to state a social issue, let’s say uhh the call of duty series stating the horrors of war. But whenever a game tries to do this, people would label this game as inappropriate and fucked up always banning it, they are really pathetic as they are always trying to escape from the social issues rather than saving them, always blaming and banning games just cuz they think they cause violence in the real world. Also those parents of kids need to see another more beneficial side of those games, I’m not saying that all kids should play gta, I’m just saying that parents should stop judging the games based on some bullshit esrb rating, seriously, a lot of games rated M by the esrb are actually teaching important lessons. The people that roasts those games are the ones that never Played them... Also by the way, Jack Thompson, you disgust me and shame on you.
Ethan Hallberg (9 days ago)
"eDgY gAmEs"
Tawit Tawoo (9 days ago)
Hahaha, a pixilated boner.....
Tattoo Johnny (14 days ago)
@2:54 Huffington Post picture shows "Hotel Coronado" I actually LIVED there in 1968. It was close to the "NOA-NOA CLUB" where I played Electric Guitar! I was 19 Years old & had a Blonde Hooker taking care of Rent. We both Hitch Hiked from Hot Springs, Arkansas. When we got home (I lived in Morning Star, Arkansas outside City Limits) Cutter-Morning Star School had the New Roof torn off by a Tornado!
Juampa Gambetta (17 days ago)
Really Ugly Games
Felipe Salas (19 days ago)
É muito bem confirmado o mundo tá fodido
Angel Soto (27 days ago)
I have medal of honor on my xbox 360
Terminal Sarcasm (28 days ago)
I included Rapelay in a report i did about Videogame Censorship. I got an A but the weirdest thing was when someone told me that my report gave them a weird boner...and that was the last time i spoke to him.
Lapo Loga (1 month ago)
did she even play any of these games? better yet. does she know what she is talking about?
kaz kk (1 month ago)
There should not be a rating system on these things.
Kyojin_9 (1 month ago)
the way she pronounces Geralt makes wanna slap a puppy
WellBeSerious12 (1 month ago)
Who gives a fuck about those shitty Chinese communists? They ban everything anyway for no good reasons. Remember about them completely banning all video games from 2000 - 2015?
Hendir Hendri (1 month ago)
Im ready so boyfriend
IAteMyShoes Studios (1 month ago)
The first game to get banned worldwide was Pokémon brick bronze in roblox
Baby NOOB (1 month ago)
There is drug violence in Juarez bc u Americans consume more drugs than any other nation in the world and u are the largest exported of weapons.
Dreamtreater (1 month ago)
You fail to mention that that particular Ghost recon actually plays in Mexico, thus offending the officials. So this is unclear journalism.
Thai hoà Tran (1 month ago)
Boooooo.....u da worst
Tomate Jamz (2 months ago)
Super Columbine Massacre RPG
Vijay Solnaki (2 months ago)
Reply gams
B Ogletree (2 months ago)
Rape Play, really???????
Richard Kieffer (2 months ago)
Custers Revenge wasn't even realistic. Taking than many pixels that deep would of killed those pixelated women.
Flare hi (2 months ago)
Rapeplay should be banned
zensai69 (2 months ago)
if you take any of these games serious your a pathetic dingleberry.
Nathan Thomson (2 months ago)
How mass effect
mini shrek (2 months ago)
custer the lucky one cause I never got laid ;-;
Shadow Wolvez (2 months ago)
Only liberals hate gta
Darth Ruin (2 months ago)
I liked the guy game it was great
lastmoonchild (2 months ago)
Wu tang
Joe Pierre (2 months ago)
Wow that's some sick people in this world to play these video games especially the ones with torture and stuff I guess these people are really demented but I had to check it out I guess that makes me just weird
Litleo Thetruth (2 months ago)
who is that steamer at the end
thegdoat1 (2 months ago)
So when heterosexual games get banned, it's ok, but ban a game about homosexuality, and it gets overturned? That's bullshit!!! I'm so sick of the world bowing down to homos!!!
Marta Sloane (2 months ago)
I thought at least one version of the sims would be there..odd...
remytron83 (2 months ago)
1st and 3rd person are two different things.
TRN Rager (2 months ago)
so mw2 where u get to shootup an airport isnt on this list?
Reece Trotter (3 months ago)
I was expecting to see BMXXX in this list somewhere.
Curt Campbell (3 months ago)
I owned "The Guy gsme" when it first came out. Wish I'd kept ir! Probably worth a bundle now!
Joel HC (3 months ago)
Did she said Keedad Warez, Mexico? 😵😂
Alexander Nygren (3 months ago)
C&C Generals was released in 2003 lol
Psychonaut HD Gaming (3 months ago)
Manhunt 2 is my favorite game
Psychonaut HD Gaming (3 months ago)
Is the guy game unobtainable in USA?
Ben Thomas (3 months ago)
how did HATE not make this list?
Rick M. (3 months ago)
Kaidad, lady, it's See-udad.
Admiralhall2000 (3 months ago)
We need games that are linked to porn and anti feminazi propoganda
luvers darklegends (3 months ago)
Dark Legends
Lily Val (3 months ago)
omg this is cray cray rape play oriental; Asians lots of men can be crazy evil
tim Jamieson (3 months ago)
How is night trap not on the list
Dallas Perla (3 months ago)
Ciudad Juárez is City of Juarez. Who ever wrote this needs to do some homework.
Here we dont ban any games so buy any games on steam or ebay have fun just dont do crime in rea l life and blaming the game.
Biały Pan (3 months ago)
Wszędzie te pierdolone reklamy
Vislav (4 months ago)
So some of the best games are most controversial because some people are butthurt. Grow up sheeple.
Carlos Santiago (4 months ago)
Remember no russia
White Knight45 (4 months ago)
ghost recon warfighter hows that an FPS u retarded bitch
mrdeeds72 (4 months ago)
I had forgotten about Custer's Revenge, but wow!
Angela Taruc (4 months ago)
Mahamudul Islam (4 months ago)
Any way to download these game's????
All of these controversies were pathetic
Cali MikeT (4 months ago)
Eddie Najera (4 months ago)
Grand theft auto
StevenM801 (4 months ago)
"they fought and protested.. and it was banned in Oklahoma.."
Mic s (4 months ago)
I don’t know how god of war not up there lol
Ethan Perry (4 months ago)
I played 6 of these through my childhood and never got offended lol
Thad ward (4 months ago)
bbbbb boring
California Brotherhood (4 months ago)
Wolfeinstein New colossus. Man that pissed off a lot of KKKs and Nazis .
kano b (4 months ago)
Anyone remember bmxxx?
Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah (4 months ago)
where was leisure suit larry eh
hydere (4 months ago)
lol none of these are not banned in my country
rolanddes (4 months ago)
basicaly u can kill but u cant fuck
Bad Duck (4 months ago)
Wow totally missed the best one the airport shooting scene come on!
Lord Adz (4 months ago)
where's ride to hell that game legit potrays women as objects lmfao.
Michael Clark (4 months ago)
Call of Juarez.
Felix B. (4 months ago)
Prude americans. So ridiculous...
advanced warfighter 2 is a tactical 3rd person shooter not first person shoooter
Drew Nehus (5 months ago)
nandkishor upadhye (5 months ago)
nandkishor upadhye (5 months ago)
AUDITORE_Z2 (5 months ago)
WTF! A man in thailand played GTA and thought killing is easy? if this is so , Then children are much more intelligent than elders . At least 80% of childrens wont think killing is easy
Gabriel Vault (5 months ago)
What is AO?
Just A Fan (5 months ago)
All these people talking about GR not being fps are missing the fact the she said C&C Generals was released in “2006” talk about poorly researching something’s
ArticulatorSK (5 months ago)
GTA is a great series. Live out some frustrations while doing some wild driving & crazy acts of insanity. Get it out of your system, and go about your business the next day. It's a good for stress release.
King PlayzYT (5 months ago)
You made me wanna play ghost recon
Brumski (5 months ago)
Can't stop me from playing gta =}
Gorillaz Fan (5 months ago)
Games that should have been on this list: POSTAL POSTAL 2 Hatred South Park: The Stick of Truth Manhunt Wolfenstein 3D Any MK game
Farscape (5 months ago)
I'll play whatever I damn well please!
Randy Dewei (5 months ago)
orestesdd (6 months ago)
Where do I buy these games?
Marcel H (6 months ago)
sorry, but all of them looks chaste compared to postal 2 ;)
Cynthia L. Johnson (6 months ago)
GTA Online is just a bunch of immature people living in a their fantasy of killing other online players, you can't do your missions half the time, people want to cheat their way by modding accounts and having access to your profile to bother you with silly tricks. There is NO sense of team play because you are shot after a mission and robbed of your earned money. I would rather go back to control of my own stats instead I have to worry about strangers coming in my garage stealing my cars, trying to get in to my safe house. The list goes on and on Rockstar needs to place more control on online playing and stop these foolish hackers that have ruined the enjoyment of gameplay. I don't want to be online just for some other idiots enjoyment that can't seem to realize I would rather do missions with competent people. Those who want to kill the whole entire game go to the deathmatch lobby and stop interfering, it has just got way out of hand. GTA is fun, the online people who make it a useless killing field makes the game BORING.
akib imtiyaj mullick (6 months ago)
.vree Bad piccher
Michael Garcia (6 months ago)
I just can't believe how rediculous these people. Waste their lives on this crap... Amazing Government distraction toys work.
Texas Panhandle (6 months ago)
There's a reason why it's called rated M for Mature. Not rated P for pussies.
Crimson The Hedgehog (6 months ago)
Maniac742 (6 months ago)
Manhunt 2 is a fucking legend. The most banned game of all time came out in the golden age of blood and gore games. This was before blood and gore became a lot more realistic with strides in computer graphics and large developer giants controlled the industry.
Devajit Borah (6 months ago)
Where is the download links ?? 😣
AKHILESH HIREMATH (6 months ago)
U can't stop me from playing GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas
Gladiator The Turtle (7 months ago)
This list is retarded besides rapelay and Custer lmao
Gladiator The Turtle (7 months ago)
And guy game
Maryanne Connell (7 months ago)
Just play the games you love. And bs to everything else.
Mike Maloney (7 months ago)
BMXXX should be on here

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