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How to play games on android with PC Keyboard | AshTech Galaxy

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👉 Disclaimer 👈 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 👉 Use this app at your own risk, I will not responsible if your 'PUBG MOBILE' account banned 🙏 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, I am Ashutosh and you are watching "AshTech Galaxy". In this video I show you how to play android games with PC keyboard. Hope you enjoy, if you enjoyed give a thumbs up and share this video and don't forget to subscribe... :-) Also you can try on PUBG mobile, it will be work.. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ 👇👇👇 Without Root 👇👇👇 ---------------------- How to play android games with PC Keyboard and Mouse without root : https://youtu.be/OSCzIU51en0 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 👉 Required Devices 👈 --------------------------------------- 👉Keyword : https://amzn.to/2OJw50p 👉OTG : https://amzn.to/2y4NYgN -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Visit my website :- http://ashtechgalaxy.weebly.com ................................................................... Follow me on Google plus : https://plus.google.com/communities/100842001996270477134 ____________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------- First you need ''a rooted device'' and an app "Game Controller 2 Touch Pro '' ( if you don't know what is root, search on Google or YouTube ) ................................................................................ Downloads :- APK Link :- https://easymoneyearn.com/RKcGwgxL https://easymoneyearn.com/dlxQs ____________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------- OK guys thanks for watching , if you like this video please check my another videos. 1) How to make animated logo for Youtube videos : https://youtu.be/7tGuorqkxSw 2) How to enable/install MIUI Quick ball on any android device : https://youtu.be/NH_o4Q7MyPY ________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------- Contact me on YouTube shared https://youtu.be/addme/79TSbgcSG7m6gpFBtd5s5fBty7Bk6w ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #AppsReview #AshTechGalaxy #ATG
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Text Comments (176)
be indian prud (26 days ago)
bhai key nhi kam kr rhi Game me
AshTech Galaxy (26 days ago)
Dekho bhai iss app ko use mat kero logon ka PUBG Mobile account bannd ho raha hy. Mayne jab video banaya tha tabhi PUBG MOBILE nahi tha mager ab accounts band ho rahe hy... Description box me mayne likha hy..
kon sa game hai
AshTech Galaxy (1 month ago)
GTA San Andreas
Hrithik singh (1 month ago)
You'll get banned
AshTech Galaxy (1 month ago)
I do not know Bro, but I do not play with the controller, I just created the video on it..
Hrithik singh (1 month ago)
Fair play, people who play with control also gets banned
AshTech Galaxy (1 month ago)
GAMING WITH MAAZ (1 month ago)
Indians r genius
muammar faruq (1 month ago)
it is shareware ? any freeware for playing android using pc keyboard ?
AshTech Galaxy (1 month ago)
Visit my and watch my on same topic... Or you can check link is given in the description box...
Madni Raza (1 month ago)
Hat bhosrike
ItsTeckers (1 month ago)
can u do at headbasketball pls
parvez panwawala (1 month ago)
Bhsdk wo app download hi nai ho raihe bc konsi link diya he tune mc
AshTech Galaxy (1 month ago)
Mayne ek naya video banaya hy same topic pe aur wo withou root kam kerta hy check ker lo... Link : https://youtu.be/OSCzIU51en0
AshTech Galaxy (1 month ago)
Gussa kyou hote ho ye link check kero http://shorttoearn.com/0Q1Fh Wayse wo link bhi kam kerraha hy magar tumhare liye naya link de raha hu gussa mat hona ☺
Asif Abrar (2 months ago)
Sun chodu ram.chootiya banne ke liye youtube main video dalne ki zaroorat nahi hai.makichoot sala
PKALLVIDEOS (2 months ago)
Mera Nai horaha
AshTech Galaxy (2 months ago)
Kya nahi ho raha ?
All might (2 months ago)
Is this app for rooted devices
All might (2 months ago)
+AshTech Galaxy thanks mn
AshTech Galaxy (2 months ago)
No bro, this app for all Android it doesn't matter rooted or not.... Thanks for comment...😊
Hay can sombody translate for me?
Your Internet (3 months ago)
Wireless bro ? If not can you send me one
om patel (3 months ago)
Bhai link kaha hein
AshTech Galaxy (3 months ago)
Myne video k discretion box me link diya hy.....
Anurag Singh (4 months ago)
I hope there is no payload on this APK😁😁
Anurag Singh (4 months ago)
Woah you've made this app But why paid on Playstore
Achyuth kumar pala (4 months ago)
Awesome. Bro helped alot
AshTech Galaxy (4 months ago)
I maded a new video on this topic... Visit my channel for watch...
AshTech Galaxy (4 months ago)
Achyuth kumar pala (4 months ago)
Is it vice city bro
AshTech Galaxy (4 months ago)
GTA Liberty City
Saad Qasim (4 months ago)
bhai cheats code bhi lag jaye ga keyboard ke sath in mobile
AshTech Galaxy (4 months ago)
Nahi Bhai typing work nahi kerega.....
AGAM TANDON (4 months ago)
Can we play with Bluetooth keyboard like this??
AshTech Galaxy (4 months ago)
rameshwar chahar (5 months ago)
Bhai ye bad PSP games ma jam Karega Kya??
AshTech Galaxy (5 months ago)
Nahi, Ye sabhi game me kam kere ga
Crazy Guy (5 months ago)
Which generation phone are you using?
Crazy Guy (5 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy lol
AshTech Galaxy (5 months ago)
3rd generation
Can it be done with rooting the phone
maria heloiza (5 months ago)
Trcvjb b ghvtfv. Vrdvvfd. Reegvvcv fgggftcr. Frsdc. Reffdrv ghggv fdfgcv grtyf tu hhbjbih gtvbhuyg brsrffffb b bjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiutob Jjnkbfcibg Njmuhfgn N
AshTech Galaxy (5 months ago)
No, but I am making a video for non rooted device just i need a pc. Wait for it... Okay..
AshTech Galaxy (5 months ago)
Which language is it ?
maria heloiza (5 months ago)
you can play without root
maria heloiza (5 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy l'm from Brazil, l do not Know How to speak in English
AshTech Galaxy (5 months ago)
I don't understand..... Write in English.... :-)
ItxFaran (5 months ago)
I'm currently trying to play Megaman zx advent on an emulator n I tried n did everything u did but couldn't work plss help
PRIYANSHU SAHU (5 months ago)
Bhaiya apke phone ka screen bar bar chamakta hai .
PRIYANSHU SAHU (5 months ago)
App bol kar samjhao na.
Deepak Kumar (5 months ago)
keep updated (5 months ago)
bakwaas video kuch to smjha do bhai khud hi sab kiye ja rahe ho
DK Gamer (5 months ago)
Bro background music must ha please mujhe background music ka naam batyu by the way nice video
AshTech Galaxy (5 months ago)
It's NCS music...
DS Tech (5 months ago)
Yeah all tech things are Indians made
SONAM BAKSHI (6 months ago)
bhai root hi to nhi ho paa rha h ye phone
AshTech Galaxy (6 months ago)
Kon sa phone hy ?
Avneet Sidhu (6 months ago)
chirag chirag (6 months ago)
Samir Tambe (6 months ago)
will it work on pubg mobile
AshTech Galaxy (6 months ago)
bong ya (6 months ago)
Crazy Guy
Pradip Sharma (6 months ago)
How to make a intro like yours Please make a video on that
AshTech Galaxy (6 months ago)
I made this inter through Legend app which is available in play store and panzoid.com You can try.. : )
Lengga Buana (6 months ago)
I cant catch wht u r sayin
KINAT14 (6 months ago)
Why do you have two intros?
forgotten 21 (6 months ago)
KINAT14 the last one is called outro
SSG Samy (7 months ago)
Wasted My Money you should of said some devices are not compatible
TRICKS with me h (7 months ago)
how to setup the keyboard mode for playing games
jhay manalad (7 months ago)
rooted phone?
AshTech Galaxy (7 months ago)
Ya bro... If you don't know what is root you can search on YouTube...
MAGE TRIPPY (7 months ago)
Here is link👇👇 https://www.allfreeapk.com/game-controller-2-touch-pro,1414831/download.html
Irfan shaikh 786 (8 months ago)
how do play GTA Sa Android this keyboard
SamPlayzAndroid (8 months ago)
Do I need root bro?
AshTech Galaxy (3 months ago)
Yes, you can...
nathan helton (3 months ago)
yea can play gta vice city without root and gta 3
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
Yes bro.. Without root it doesn't work..
Priyansh Gupta (8 months ago)
Hey, my phone is otg compatible. It is showing keyboard notification and keyboard is working in phone. But I am not able to use keyboard while playing asphalt 8. What is the reason for this?
itsamemario (8 months ago)
Why is every tech related thing by indians?
Lucian Mains (2 months ago)
LAiNZ Repeller (3 months ago)
Yes they suck because its always of different language
alex cam (7 months ago)
they are the tech support gods
RussianShadows (7 months ago)
dotHunter ikr
Suraj Tirkey (8 months ago)
bhi app link
Anish Raj (8 months ago)
Jab me baground chamge kar raha tha too keyboard me key's press karne pe buttons blink nahi ho raha he please help me bro
Rakin Haque (6 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
Ok, apna defolte keyboard ko game control 2 touch Keyboard se change karlo. Wo tumhe language and input setting me miljyga
Anish Raj (8 months ago)
I have not try it
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
Ab work kar raha hay ?
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
App ki data clear karke dekho aur root permission ek bar check karlo...
Anish Raj (8 months ago)
bhi plezz ek vedio banao ki asphalt 8 laise khele with keyboard or please help me in this
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
Ok I will try..
ho is dis
MLADEH bro (8 months ago)
The PR Show (8 months ago)
Improve your English
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
Ok bro, thanks for suggestion... But this is my old video watch my new video... Thanks for comment...
OLAVIO (8 months ago)
On stage travel
Abdullah Caesare (8 months ago)
Bodo amat kontol anjing bangsat
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
I don't understand, what you saying...
Song Snippets (8 months ago)
Im gonna try this lol
AshTech Galaxy (8 months ago)
Ok, try
Talab BL (8 months ago)
thank thank thank thank thank thank you you are the best
Ralph Velasco (9 months ago)
Can i do this in keyboard and mouse at same time ?remapping them at the same time?
sayan saha (6 months ago)
You need 2 or 4 fort otg cable
sayan saha (6 months ago)
Enes9292 (9 months ago)
nice intro :)
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
MaceraTV Thanks 😂
King_B (9 months ago)
His voice looks like he have been raped then he made the video -_-
KrawVideos (7 months ago)
King_B i like to make your eyes pee
King_B (7 months ago)
KrawVideos u know me well 😈😈😈 but I have one question why TF u didn't like my comment 😑
KrawVideos (7 months ago)
King_B liking you own comment 0-O
Tinu Nandal (9 months ago)
It doesn't support redmi note 4
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
Tinu Nandal this app is support on rooted device
Hvdra (9 months ago)
intro song?
Hvdra (9 months ago)
i know what song is now but thank you for reply
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
DatBoiAlex it's default on panzoid.com
潇湘黄 (9 months ago)
can use mouse?
潇湘黄 (7 months ago)
Dan Ex thank you
Dan V. (7 months ago)
if you install aptoide there's an app called octopus that can help you
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
+微信号junhoong lim yes
潇湘黄 (9 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy tincore mapper want root😭
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
+微信号junhoong lim no this app is not working on mouse, but you can try Tincore Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tincore.and.keymapper
UltraGamerJosh (9 months ago)
What about Bluetooth mouse and keyboard?
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
+UltraGamerJosh both wire and wireless keyboard and mouse are working well. Thanks for comment
Guti Sds (10 months ago)
Is there any chance to play games whit keybord and mouse as well??? Please let me know
xhappy _ (9 months ago)
you can use usb/bt joystick center.. theres a video about using mouse and keyboard
AshTech Galaxy (10 months ago)
Deven Valisten I know, but wate some days, because mouse is not working so when I buy a new mouse then I will make video on this... Thanks for comment...
Deven Valisten (10 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy Do you know how to do mouse mapping on android??
AshTech Galaxy (10 months ago)
+Polish power I have not tried yet..
Omega Wolf (10 months ago)
Orange Justice (10 months ago)
Any way to use without root?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (7 months ago)
Try octopus
Someone - (10 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy help meeeeeeeeeeee
Orange Justice (10 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy TY
AshTech Galaxy (10 months ago)
+TheUnbelievable XerathZ OK, I will try
Orange Justice (10 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy i tried it i think it do not need root but i dont know how to keymap the buttons i dont know where is it if you know make a video❤
glenn moran (11 months ago)
How about the mouse?
Deven Valisten (10 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy Where's the video? I need it
AshTech Galaxy (11 months ago)
+bobby irawan OK
bobby irawan (11 months ago)
I am waithing u
AshTech Galaxy (11 months ago)
+bobby irawan Or you can try to surch on YouTube
AshTech Galaxy (11 months ago)
+bobby irawan OK, but wate some days because my exam is coming...
Arvind Thakor (11 months ago)
mouse price kitni hotihe
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
Arvind Thakor bhai google se puchho, tumhe jaysa mouse chahiye dam bhi waysa hi dena padega... Wayse, mayne ek video banaya hay wireless mouse pe https://youtu.be/DBGHKWxUjYk Thanks for comment..
XG DragoxzXX (11 months ago)
that keyboard just like mine
XG DragoxzXX (11 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy ok you welcome
AshTech Galaxy (11 months ago)
+XG Senx Thanks for comment... Watch my another videos I hope you like.....
TECHNICAL KING (1 year ago)
Bro file ka game ka liya kya kar na ho ga
AshTech Galaxy (11 months ago)
+TECHNICAL KING Koi saa game ho bus uska control screen kaa screenshot le ker merry steps ko follow kero Thanks for comment.....
TECHNICAL KING (1 year ago)
Thanks bhai
AshTech Galaxy (11 months ago)
+TECHNICAL KING Thanks bro for comment...
Prince Photoditz (1 year ago)
Without root btao bhai ?
Prince Photoditz (9 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy ok
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
+Prakhar Bajpai I don't know, agar mughe pata chalega to may bata dunga..
Prince Photoditz (9 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy i knw bhai uske ilawa koi game h acha
AshTech Galaxy (9 months ago)
+Prakhar Bajpai sanandreases jo play store me hay wo bina kisi kaymaping k work karega wo bhi bina root k. Mayne sanandreases ka lite game pe try kiya hay and it's working...
Prince Photoditz (9 months ago)
AshTech Galaxy konse game hai jo work kre like sanandreaes or ?
Epic King12332 (1 year ago)
AshTech Galaxy (11 months ago)
+Epic King12332 Thanks for comment...
Ernest Trisayogo (1 year ago)
Hi, can you set this up for modern combat 5 or versus?
AshTech Galaxy (10 months ago)
This app is working on all games.. Thanks for comment..

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