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My Reluctant Journey Through Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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I never saw the appeal of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and couldn't understand the hype surrounding it, but after our interview with Patrick (TheComicFiend) we decided to make a blood pact. This video talks about my journey through the bizarre world of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with my friends Delf and Jamie. I later ditch them and binge watch all the way to the end of season 4. There is no going back for me now.... Time to watch Part 5: Golden Wind! #jojo_anime #anime #storytime Written and Edited by OniMaru Cellphone guy voice by Patrick aka The ComicFiend (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdQfaiFLhJc) Check out Patrick's channel TheComicFiend: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQaYbs_-yCxPp6XsNHI-W0A Link to the interview with TheComicFiend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdQfaiFLhJc Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_JustNerds Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_justnerds/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Just-Nerds-258246224685636/ Faceoff by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100403 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Jacend (23 days ago)
How I got into JoJo was I decided to watch it one random night and immediately loved it. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
Captain Aziz (1 hour ago)
Extra Medium (3 hours ago)
Same here
CyberLance26 (3 days ago)
You should never judge an anime on the first couple episodes because it usually takes a while for the story, the characters, the action, the world and other stuff to really get going and become the great, exciting and interesting stuff it will become
Michael Levitan (5 days ago)
Far Cry 5 in 2018 SUCKS TOO MUCH (WHY) Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 1610)
Dr.Kuhmilch (6 days ago)
yeah basically me, im a proud anime hipster who found jojo before it blew up in popularity some time ago
the Decoy (44 minutes ago)
Started on the second season of starsade crusaders. The old adaptation. It is actually better in some regards. It is shorter, but the dio part is better since it builds tension a lot better then the newer adaptation. In my humble oppinion.
sanjurosama (2 hours ago)
I don't think band names can have a universal trademark. Judas Priest took its name from a Bob Dylan song, Black Sabbath is the English title for a Mario Bava movie and Duran Duran is a character in Barbarella. If these bands can use names taken directly from a copy righted work, let alone other music releases, I don't know why Jojo's Bizarre should be any different.
Seijin 442 (3 hours ago)
That thumbnail tho, priceless! XD
Extra Medium (3 hours ago)
This man really got into jojos bc of the stands
salmaan ejaz (4 hours ago)
Anyone who can't take samyang spicy noodles isnt a true ramen enthusiast.
amightyadam (6 hours ago)
Strange that part 3 was were I couldn’t stand it anymore, the Stands became a monster of the week annoyance to me pretty fast. The dog wasn’t a great edition to the cast either, but I wanted to make it to part 4 but haven’t been back to view the series in a while.
sam anderson (8 hours ago)
Ugh guess i'll give this a shot
Le Xez (9 hours ago)
You wanted me to hate jojo because of part 1? Well, i mean it is boring and all *DAGA KOTOWARU!*
The Artist (13 hours ago)
I got into JoJo since I saw it on Netflix… and since it was the ONLY ANIME I WANTED TO WATCH (until Batman Ninja came) and I came to like it, coming to start Part 3.
Quin Moriarty (16 hours ago)
The manga is better
MaverickHunterLuneth (16 hours ago)
The way I got into it was: I saw a clip of Jotaro fighting Dio from the old 90s adaptation, had a little interest, but didn't actually watch until I saw that Vargskelethor aka Vinesauce Joel was big on the series, then I went over some confusion about there being two anime adaptations and with the main character not being Jotaro when I decided to watch the new adaptation and started from part 1, but confusion aside, I was hooked after episode 1 of Phantom Blood, and pretty much binge watched it until I caught up with where the anime was at the time, and was eagerly waiting weekly for the group to confront Dio, and so on.
GWAC store (17 hours ago)
people like you make lives better you're kind and you have a great mind and a talent for this and made my day
Ryan Tiemann (18 hours ago)
I started watching the same way, a sort of "let's see what all of the fuss is about." Vento Aureo is now out and I still watch it religiously.
Talaras Gaming (18 hours ago)
My friend locked me in his room and forced me to watch the first episode, after which I was interested. By episode 3 I was hooked. Id say part 1 is my favorite, closely rivaled by part 4
VCorleone 1 (21 hours ago)
Part 5 only jotaro lives. Part 6 EVERYONE IS DEAD BUT NOT BUT STILL DEAD
Coughy (21 hours ago)
"It just seemed absurd" you could say it's Bizarre
Squidyrious The Great! (23 hours ago)
You don’t get it it’s a reference
Ian Johnson (1 day ago)
P1 and P2 we're the best as far as the anime goes
Decoy (1 day ago)
Got recommend to watch jojo by a friend. Put it on the cursed backlog for years. Until one day at work that i got the wifi password and downloaded all of part 1, still i only started watching after a couple weeks later. Got hooked like a drug and couldn't stop.
Ben Alexander (1 day ago)
Though I had trouble with appreciating most of JJBA, Part 4, strangely enough, was quite enjoyable. The whole plot consisted of a small town thrown out of whack by crazy super powers. Naturally, small conflicts arose because of this, which was good writing on the author's part. There were no crazy vampires bent on world domination, nor a series of villains to be taken out one by one. It's like the Chronicle done right. Then Kira came on the scene. This guy wasn't your standard, run of the mill serial killer. He was surprisingly relatable, so long as he wasn't trying to steal some chick's hand. Yoshikage killed so many people, some likeable, some not so likeable (lookin' at you, Shigechi). He completely, utterly terrorised Morioh. He had to be stopped, and in the end, it took quite a bit of plot armor and planning on the heroes end to do it. His death made for a sad, but ultimately satisfying ending. While not the most popular Part, I liked Part 4 because of how easygoing everyone was. It was simple; just a bunch of friends going around, marveling at the world around them, making personal adventures for themselves. That's something that I, and all people, can deeply relate to. Araki, you have my respect.
ThePointlessBox_ (1 day ago)
"I love how the fights aren't about divine intervention" Bruv have you really watched part 2
Justin Jacobs (1 day ago)
My best friend went through this same process. He watched a couple episodes and didn't get the appeal. Then one evening I decided that I'd force him through the first arc. He has now fully embraced the JoJo.
UndeadFred (1 day ago)
I watched this for the same reason I watch first-time LPs of Dark Souls
How I got into JoJo 2 words Vinesauce Joel
ShouVertica (1 day ago)
Kinda obvious you made a video because the hype when you spend so long explaining yourself.
Just Nerds (1 day ago)
You caught me but the blood pact with Patrick was real. And it wasn’t until I finished Part 2 that i decided I wanted to catch up before Part 5 began in order to make a vid. Hence why I decided to binge without the guys lol
My name is Joshua. My fiance's name is Jolene. JOshua. JOlene. .....fuck.
FirePheonix (1 day ago)
I also had a blood pact. Couldn’t put it down once I started
Shubham Anand (1 day ago)
Jojo give birth to Hunter Hunter. Hunter Hunter give birth to Naruto Naruto Give Birth Black Clover. Admit it!!!Jojo is heart of Shonen Gerne
Shemz Love (1 day ago)
I personally watched it backwards starting with stardust crusaders then going part 1 to fill in the gap then part two to fill in the other You get a prequel feeling and then I watched the rest and now my favorite character in all JoJo is Giorno Giovanna
TheKnowerseeker (1 day ago)
What turns a lot of people off to JoJo is the first arc. That's what happened to you and me.
Some Guy (1 day ago)
Absurd shows are so rare in anime.
miqvPL (1 day ago)
We started watching Jojo recently, 2 best buddies and I drinking our asses off but to be honest I would enjoy the hell of it sober anyway. Also between meetings for Jojo we started working out as this stuff motivates to excersise like hell. Your friends could benefit from that, jesus christ why are they so absurdly fat
Kaiser Kotaki (1 day ago)
Yo why does no one like part one? I can't wrap my head around it. I was immediately hooked because of it.
zaelaporrou (1 day ago)
IMO part one is the best and the most interesting. I was bored so much on stardust crusaders I almost dropped jojo
avatarofcloud (1 day ago)
All it took was STANDO POWA! for you to like Jojo's lol
Matilda H (1 day ago)
I found Jojo because I really like colour theory and shows that aren’t afraid to get dark,and when I heard that JJBA had no canon colour schemes for any of the characters, I was hooked.
Voltage (1 day ago)
I literally watched it because of old Joseph screaming “OH MY GOD!!!”
groto man (1 day ago)
3:22 I love that he's like hey that was good oh nevermind
Callie (2 days ago)
WAMUU!!!!....Mezame tamae, waga aruji tachi yo
6zer (2 days ago)
It was a choice of steins gate... el psy kongroo...
Then it turned full on gay in part 5
11-12 (2 days ago)
hahah buddy you gonna watch GOLDEN WIND
MCMC (2 days ago)
part 5 niggga
OriginalZero3 (2 days ago)
My best friend did exactly the same as your friend Patrick and I’ve been hooked on jojos ever since
marcos zamora (2 days ago)
Regret 26.95 (2 days ago)
Anne is best girl, not reimi smh
MODS Green (2 days ago)
My friend just slapped me at school and said " i found a show youll get moist for" i watched it now im addicted, owning all main character figures and buying all the mangas, and i hate manga xD so yea
FaizaLKuntz (2 days ago)
Just knowing the ending song of JoJo, i know i'm in the right path
Kajetan Nakonieczny (2 days ago)
Well this vid is BIZZARE
Adamotek33 (2 days ago)
Memes is what brought me to Jojo, Jojokes were the thing that made me stay.
ManicallyMetal (2 days ago)
JoJo is incredible, stardust crusaders is one of the best anime I have seen
JustCallmeZo (2 days ago)
Oh Lord. How I got into Jojo? It was in I wanna say Senior year of Highschool (I'm 21 btw), a friend of mine told me I should watch Jojo and even sat me down to watch the 1st episode. At first I was a little reluctant because whenever I looked at Jojo, all I saw was Fist of the North Star with poses. However, i decided to watch further on and had fallen in love. I finished the first two parts and thr first half of Stardust Crusaders in like a week and a half. I was on a Jojo fever and to this day or hasn't gone away. So Freek'n (see what I did there) happy that Part 5 is finally getting that anime treatment it deserves.
Daniel Butler (2 days ago)
How i got my gf into watching jojo it came on tv and she loved it ever since
Jamón (2 days ago)
Also, Giorno should not be pink and it’s GIOGIO.
sideswipe123103 (2 days ago)
I ended up watching part 3 first, then 1,2 and 4
Meta Jericho (2 days ago)
I was sold from episode one. The weirdness and exaggeration (especially from Dio) were just eye porn to me. Wait no that's just regular porn-
Questionable One (2 days ago)
god i fuckin LOVE JOJO. You have to be patient with it, and it pays off in the best of ways.
SimGunther (2 days ago)
3:22 My reaction to the first arc of SAO
Brendan Powell (2 days ago)
I got into JoJo kinda like you, except JoJo was like the second anime I watched instead of already being an established weeb. A friend of mine whose taste in culture I trusted a lot binged part 1 and 2 with me, and my reactions to them were just like you. Part 1 is boring but now nice to think about having finished it, and part 2 is a good time overall. Now I’ve went and caught all the way up through part 8 and man JoJos has a special place in my heart. All I want now is for the world to experience Steel Ball Run.... then maybe people will learn to love JoJos from around the globe
Brendan Powell (2 days ago)
I’d love to hear your opinion on it all combined with how you make videos, it’d be a good time
Just Nerds (2 days ago)
Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely catch upto the manga at some point! I’ve heard so many good things, and I’m definitely interested in making a video about it
CummingNico (2 days ago)
Just by the tone of this kid's voice I can see why he would dislike it. Such an effeminate little flake.
Solar (2 days ago)
I'mma keep it real part 3 was the hardest part to watch
SpyengoEen (2 days ago)
"Not on Crunchyroll", because JoJo is heavily censored on Crunchyroll. Violence, alcohol, smoking and copyrighted names are censored. And that is just bullshit. So be happy your friend "aquired" the anime as it was intedned to be watched.
pat (3 days ago)
Well I knew others died but not cuckoyine
If Josuke was born out of wedlock and his last name doesn't contain a "Jo" in it, then is it JoHoe's Bizarre Adventure? Ok that was just in bad taste I'm sorry...
Rules of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 1. The first two Parts are the best of Parts 2. The first two Parts were made in the 80s but still was ahead of their time 2. Part 3 wasn't the part that introduced strategic fighting... it was Part 2. 3. You're not a fan of JoJo if you don't even like Part 1. 4. Duwang 5. Read the manga 6. King Crimson has an ability that everyone can easily underStand 7. *S p e e d w a g o n is the Best Girl no matter what* 8. JoJo was the one that changed every manga at the time (storytelling, female characters that actually do something, always does something different) 9. It has the best art style 10. Ariaki is a vampire *And the last rule:* 11. You were expecting a rule that you can't understand, but it was I, Dio!
PokeSteez (15 hours ago)
Hahahahaha "King Crimson has an ability anyone can easily understand" I actually hear some people saying "Idk why no one gets King Crimson like did you not read the part its not that complicated" I think ive heard that from Meti and Kaleb IA but honestly it really confused me like nothing else in jojos has haha but hopefully the anime will make it nice and clear as Araki intentionally makes things vague and lets you figure out your own connections in your head m
Cody P. (2 days ago)
This comment wins and should be pinned.
Zaro Zahariev (3 days ago)
I heard it's good and decided to watch it.Didnt know the order so i started from Diamond is unbreakable and then googled it and watched it from the beggining.Whoever reads this I wish you a happy day
"absurd show" *bizarre*
Isitrainingyet? no (3 days ago)
Omau-- wait wrong area. That was from the north of the fist. Fuck I don't know
Narutotheking Uzumaki (3 days ago)
When part 5 is the best
Cotton Playz (3 days ago)
Not Gay stuff totally
Just Nerds (3 days ago)
Oh absolutely gay
Oat (3 days ago)
I wasn't immediately drawn into it. I'd tried it twice long before my friends even liked anime and manga but then they got rly into it so i gave it another go and it was suddenly pretty epic
raccoon man (3 days ago)
'I also loved how the show has a legacy and heritage that it carries on from one season to the next' just wait till part six
Jotaro Kujo (3 days ago)
Im currently telling a friend to watch it He dosent want to cuz he said its overrated Pissed me off lol
justonemoretime _ (3 days ago)
Lmao how I got into Jjba was because my Internet friend told me about it and I said let's h ecking binge and I'm glad my Internet friend told me about it
Racingguy1432 RBLX (3 days ago)
Part 5 - Golden Wind
Sad Potato (3 days ago)
Jojo is a *Gold Experience* *Made In Heaven* Edit: kill me
Fred (3 days ago)
Ok so you got into the bandwagon and memes. Fucking newfags
Spectra OneManArmy (3 days ago)
Um... i think youve made a mistake in your video. Reimi isnt best girl. *The best girl is speedwagon*
CyberLance26 (3 days ago)
You should never judge an anime on the first couple episodes because it usually takes a while for the story, the characters, the action, the world and other stuff to really get going and become the great, exciting and interesting stuff it will become
Buferoto The Mad (3 days ago)
A friend just mentioned it to me one day two years ago, and I had seen another friend watch it when we went to school back then. So I figured I'd try it. I breezed through Phantom Blood, forgetting most of it pretty quickly, but Dio stuck out to me. I was horrified when the man Jonathan died. Not because I loved his character, but because he was the main character. Then Joseph comes along, and my response was the same as all of yours' was. I finished the anime, started reading the manga and I was hooked.
CyberLance26 (3 days ago)
The beginning of the show was not very different from other stuff about vampires so i dont understand why it felt so bizzare for you. To me Jojo does not really feel that more bizzare in general compared to other animes and other things about people with different kinds of powers fighting like superheros like the Avengers and the Justice League for example.
BigI_X78 Gaming (3 days ago)
The memes had to be explained
ARandomRoadSign (3 days ago)
How? Memes and references from other anime shows
Hidden Level (3 days ago)
3:55 what makes this all the more creepy is that my actual name is Anthony, and when I heard this I freaked for a second😂
nothing here (3 days ago)
legend has patrick still hasn't watched evangelion
nothing here (3 days ago)
originally I said code geass my dumbass
YouTube Whiner (3 days ago)
IvanTheBoring 1 (3 days ago)
One day, I just scrolling around YouTube and I find Josuke vs Jotaro live action clip. That’s how I got into JoJo
Golden Exp (3 days ago)
I got into jojo by playing jstars. When i saw joesph i was like what i gotta see it
Ari K. (3 days ago)
you should've gave me a spoiler warning. I just got to the part when Iggy showed up but then in this video I SAW HIS DEATH SCENE
Rosella (3 days ago)
Accidentally clicked this and said "oh guess I'm watching this"
Super Nut (3 days ago)
Omg I did the same thing 2 months ago
Afterlife Loner (3 days ago)
my older brother got me into it he sat down beside took the controller and got on crunchy roll started phantom blood i gotta say i liked the art style part 1 was meh i clicked on part 2 Josephs creativity,humor and his power to tell what his enemy was going before they even do it. and part 3 i'm watching right now so far its amazing like you said stands where what jojo was missing
Spidey Viewer (3 days ago)
Saw an ep of Stardust Crusaders on a cruise a year ago. Thought it was alright. This video has now gotten my interest peaked.
TheBestPart Tho. (3 days ago)
whats it matter if...... *One second has past*
Wendy S. (4 days ago)
Binge watching JoJo's sounds like the litest sleepover plan ever
Altaru554 Temmie (4 days ago)
At first I didn't think i'd like it that much either. But then one night before halloween last year, instead of watching a horror movie or something, I jokingly suggested that we watch the dubbed version of Jojo's. Needless to say, we watched the first 9 episodes that night and I was definitely a fan by the end
Intrinity Gamer (4 days ago)
After I finished full metal alchemist I didn’t know what to watch the I remembered watching a video on anime recommendations and jojo was one of them it took me a few episodes to get into it but by then I was already watching star dust crusaders
GreninjaNut (4 days ago)
Part 1 wasn't *that* bad was it?

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