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TTT w/ Nova and Immortal Episode 56 - "PATTY AND VODKA"

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Text Comments (30)
hayden woodard (3 years ago)
Wats the sever name
Michael White (3 years ago)
What server are they playing on
Twinkle Toes (3 years ago)
I just realised that Chum Bucket sounds like cum bucket mwhahaha im so immature XD
StormLocks Bunnie (4 years ago)
I played TTT once . I got blamed for rdming people and then banned from the server and I haven't played since :D
Lucas Mota (4 years ago)
Fucking bullshit butthurt kids slaying Kevin, this is why I don't play Gmod anymore
Jay Kiddy (4 years ago)
That bass drop tho
DarkDragon1889 (4 years ago)
OK seriously; what the fuck is up with the butthurts on this server? First we had the tryhard Jareth kid, then Kevin gets slain because some other kid got butthurt and lied in his rdm report? This kind of shit is why I don't like Gmod stuff as much anymore. 
Sylvester Seli (4 years ago)
Nova:let it go let it go lol by frozen
ThePlasticDucky (4 years ago)
Ms Teri (4 years ago)
l o l
Warhawk (4 years ago)
Dumb admins slaying Kevin.
The Beak (4 years ago)
Poor Kevin. Never got to enjoy the Krabby Patties.
Laukalac (4 years ago)
9:25 Sandstorm?
Giordano Pezzutti Bini (4 years ago)
Yes, James was playing Darude - Sandstorm.
Discordedluna (4 years ago)
let it goooo.....let it (nova voice) LET IT GOOOOOO!
Josh Hickman (4 years ago)
i was view number 666 o.o
Reese Labbe (4 years ago)
Darude- Sandstorm
Taryn Clouse (4 years ago)
Awesome Video:)
Flame Wolf Xalf (4 years ago)
Those slays were pretty fucking bullshit, if you ask me.
TheUltraDonic (4 years ago)
What did vodka say
Zea RahyulVihkin (4 years ago)
spengbab fency pents 2 stronk 4 u
KeyBoardBasher2897 (4 years ago)
Bob (4 years ago)
...Why does Kevin keep dying?
Sarinatu (4 years ago)
Killed a player because they were swinging around a minecart, they reported him saying they didn't even have a minecart..
Specificify (4 years ago)
+Sarinatu What did Kevin even do?
Sarinatu (4 years ago)
Because a butthurt player had him slain
Explodicy (4 years ago)
Kevin, Nova, and Immortal have all seen some shit. 
NOPE.exe (4 years ago)
ChrisHuppey (4 years ago)
10/10 would like
Frost Bite (4 years ago)
Love you cx

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