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Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone

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In this video Andy from the Xbox team talks to us about all the cool gaming experiences that can be had on the Windows Phone. Andy also shows us how the Home Screen can be personalised and how to get the most out of the Xbox Games Hub Tile and Spotlight Screen. He even manages to find time to say a quick hello to his Avatar! There are loads of great Xbox Live games to be played, and remember, with a Windows Phone you can always try before you buy!
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Text Comments (8)
Frick Lick (3 years ago)
How do I change Xbox live accounts
Derpy Bass (4 years ago)
How do I create an account xbox live on the phone nokia Lumia 610
Andrei (4 years ago)
why the fk i can't download xbox live games on nokia lumia 520?
Stylussteez (5 years ago)
I just hated looking at this guys teeth lol
Dr Blackburn (5 years ago)
@xXFmjmadnessXx yes you can
Uellinton Bonfim (5 years ago)
eu sou brasileiro não sei falar ingles e ainda entendi bastante
Murmufy (5 years ago)
Ex.: can i get assassins creed even though i dont have an xbox live
Murmufy (5 years ago)
Do u need an xbox live to download apps

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