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After Effects Tutorial: Text Animation in After Effects - Writing Text Effects - No Plugin

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After Effects Tutorial in this tutorial I'll show you how to make Text Animation (Writing Text Effects) for beginners using Adobe After Effects. No Third Party Plugin Needed ★ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/YQ1sAB ★ My System Specification - Download - FONT DOWNLOAD LINK - http://www.dafont.com/gloss-and-bloom.font 1.PROJECT FILE DOWNLOAD - https://goo.gl/Mjy9hm 2.BACKGROUND FOOTAGE DOWNLOAD - https://goo.gl/a2qdGE 3.BACKGROUND FOOTAGE DOWNLOAD - https://goo.gl/7kYXDG if you enjoy this video then please hit the S U B S C R I B E button and also LIKE this video it's FREE And Please Comment Below !!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Create intro for you channel / blog/web site just one click please check my profile ! Link - https://goo.gl/GaU8Sp follow me on - instagram --- https://www.instagram.com/wasiful007/ facebook ---- https://www.facebook.com/flimlionvisualfx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- check my other Awesome After Effects tutorials - • Audio Spectrum Effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/esP3HWXwKm4 • How to Make Cinematic Film Intro - https://youtu.be/6z0YlebhTyw • Spark Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/lMBTwp7TkzQ • Writing Text Effects - Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/LSmDzScPsTY • Text to Sand Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/yKoHkCJUSnc • (Farcry 4 logo effects) Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/58Z3sYBFrXc • Cinematic Titles Raees trailer effect - https://youtu.be/TeXQS2RbPPU • Google logo with Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/vOzwCbLl89Q • Gold Text and Gold Particles Text Effects - https://youtu.be/wuP0-PQduwc • Cool Element 3D V2 Tutorial in After Effects - https://youtu.be/x2NgwaUlXek • Cinematic Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/emdV3v0vOIc • Shiny Gold Text and Particles Effects - https://youtu.be/fqGMGBrdUcU • Real Fire Text effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/XPRB1dZFOCw • Simple fold Logo Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/3YYFOjbTrPE Background Audio - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA Thank you for watching ! :)
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Text Comments (322)
FLIMLION VisualFX (1 year ago)
Thank You so Much Everyone For your Love and Support ! i really thank you for all your support ! Love You All !!! :) :) :) also you can like my FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/flimlionvisualfx/
Morgy gAMING (8 months ago)
Hey Dude Whats Up This Helped Alot
كيَت-Kate (9 months ago)
You so so so coooooool man!
JOSH GRAVES (9 months ago)
your the best at tutorials, great job.
Inês Melina_Arts (4 days ago)
thank youuuu so much
Ramya Ravi (9 days ago)
The after effect does not accept to import the mov animation file.It show corrupt format or file damaged.please sent me the full project file
SGT F (13 days ago)
project file error, cant import to AE :( . it say damaged or unsupported .help
nicholas eric (21 days ago)
i want to ask the part at giving the end timer 0 when i follow your instructions the ease in cannot be clicked
All Around Jay (1 month ago)
Great video
superb bro... thnq so much
Gian Carlo kazuto (1 month ago)
bro, how to save it ? i only made the text animation no background. thanks. nice video
Prashant Nayak (1 month ago)
Thanks bro I was searching for this since a month and I found it here, Thank's a lot bro for this
Trang Nguyễn (2 months ago)
i am start to learn AE, i really love your tutorial. How do you increase the Brush Size past 50 on the Stroke
Erwin Rz (2 months ago)
what font did you use for that?
Naveen Maheshwari (2 months ago)
Which software are you using in this video?
편집자 (2 months ago)
this is fonts free?
Edwin Ip (2 months ago)
Hello, how do I export the file to mp4?
betty ip (2 months ago)
Question. After click u on 3:14, theres no keyframe or start and end. What did I do wrong??
digital artist Rmp (2 months ago)
help jone (2 months ago)
Thnku very much ..........nice
Thanks, it's useful 😚
Ibrahim Khalil (3 months ago)
After effects version??
ORN Fox (3 months ago)
Very easy and beautiful ! Thanks you !
Reali (4 months ago)
For Brazilians, (PT-BR) Stroke = "Gotejamento".
ちゃんNeko (4 months ago)
Yessss i need this type of thing
David Naul Villanueva (4 months ago)
Beautiful Explanation !!!
Tauseef siddique (4 months ago)
Hey man will you help me to get this Lyrics video 👇 https://youtu.be/6B6xBb_zgwU Plz mate help me to get this
glenn pena (4 months ago)
Hi! I tried and its great! Thanks for the tutorial... I'm having a problem though importing the brush stroke... It doesn't look the same in your video. It just a white screen... when i import and add it to timeline
Thanh Thảo (4 months ago)
How to make a lyrics video.?
Filmy Duniya (4 months ago)
thank so much
Adette Marie Rarela (4 months ago)
thank you so much
Jade Ho (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! This is awesome and easy to follow!
Diego Arquieta (5 months ago)
Can I separate the stroke? I mean, like doing two or more to reveal other parts at the same time? I'm trying but the other strokes does not reveal anything :(
K FX (5 months ago)
Where's the link for that white dots animation file❓ 😶
Irene Citromulyo (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for this tutorial!
Alexander Ling (5 months ago)
Thanks for share
Claudia Erminy (5 months ago)
great !
kofi Asante (5 months ago)
is good to learn from here
Kalvin KH (5 months ago)
Mrs Maldonado (5 months ago)
How do you plug in the font that you used into your After Effect Project?
tra Ex (5 months ago)
bottom left corner 0:30 how to do this admin :<<
Cindy Kuo (5 months ago)
Hey I am stuck on the easy ease part i dont know why it wont give me the option to do this here ! Help!
Ravi Kumar (5 months ago)
where is brush stroke bro??
Lemon Moon (6 months ago)
Really good tutorial, straight to the point and helpful for someone whose never used After Effects.
Alessandro Leite (6 months ago)
Quando coloco na busca o efeito Stroke parece que o meu AE não tem este plugin, oque faço?
Saiful Islam Mohammad (6 months ago)
I followed all the details. Why? What could be the problem. I am done putting Stroke on text but when I pressed U nothing has showd up..
rui huang (6 months ago)
Fewie GT (6 months ago)
omg at first i thought he was american but his Indian accent is getting more and more lol
euuunice (6 months ago)
i followed your flow, but at 3'19, to create frame assistant- easy ease,, i cannot right click to find this function, Have try at least 50 times, still failed. What's wrong with my clip?
I Love Music (6 months ago)
Các bạn qua kênh mình nghe nhạc ủng hộ cho mình nhé
DJ SHAMANTH (6 months ago)
Can you do and give one to me I'll send the background video and the title can you do and give me plzz 🙏🙏
Mahesh M (6 months ago)
I don't have the stroke what you use
Funny Foster Animals (6 months ago)
Thank you! You explained this very well and easy to understand for a beginner
OneWach (6 months ago)
The video of the link is damaged. Help me pls!
Moosa Syed (6 months ago)
hi quick question where did u get the file one from (the paint splashes), Did u download it from somewhere or did u make it urself?
Ullas Bhat (6 months ago)
DHASHU TALENT tv (7 months ago)
Glosen text after effect in no show how to show text in after effect
Jose Galindo (7 months ago)
having trouble rendering with FILE 1 .mov the video just renders in 1 frame not working. when I render the comp with out the .mov file it renders fine
Jose Galindo (7 months ago)
Thanks bro your awesome
Caniel (7 months ago)
what is the 'dext' ?
Knoxx Official (7 months ago)
Android version plz😭
sidra jabeen (7 months ago)
pen tracing is not hide plz gave a trick?
Zulaikha Abiri (7 months ago)
Thanks, great tutorial but I think the end was a bit rushed. It was difficult to follow you there
Bui Tu (7 months ago)
I cant press U so i cant click Key frame assit . Help meeee
Bin BựaTM (7 months ago)
please give me brush stroke in video, plssssssssssssss ????????????
Youtube User (7 months ago)
Can anyone help me please. My Time line indicator is skipping millisecond if I drag it it goes seconds to seconds causing the animation to go fast as hell
Youtube User (7 months ago)
Great tutorial!
Youtube User (7 months ago)
Sir I have a problem, my animation is so fast even when I click ease out, its like its just blinking
Yaroslav Rodionov (7 months ago)
Good video, thank you. But a lot of hand work. In fact, we have created a script of our own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvL-ZqG5aVo that produces handwriting animation without handwork at all. Check it out.
Vivek Sharma (7 months ago)
Does these tutorials of yours apply to Adobe After Effects CC 2015 too?
Vivek Sharma (7 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX That means these would work for me. Thanks a ton man!! ☺
FLIMLION VisualFX (7 months ago)
Yes. I'm using cc 2015
Muhammad Syairul Lizam (7 months ago)
Nice tutorial. Thnks.
Burff On Bike (7 months ago)
Bro You The Best Teacher Man Thank You So Much
Activate LA (8 months ago)
I loved it! Thank you,subscribed now 👍👍
Aravind U (8 months ago)
How can we fade out this text?
Nozomi Shirayuki (8 months ago)
Thanks!! you're amazing :3
張育銨 (8 months ago)
Is it fine to use 23.976 frames instead 25?
PlayStarDE (8 months ago)
the stroke option isnt there
Thank you for your post and free links. I have one issue, my text appears as all capitol letters with out the caps lock and trying clicking shift. I am very new to AE.
Ankesh Pandey (8 months ago)
Hey man This tutorial is awesome however my brush size is not increasing after 50 and yours is 98, how
Ivy Rivera (8 months ago)
Where I can find the brush stroke png?
bhajan mondal (8 months ago)
Hùng TP (8 months ago)
Thank you
Doble Ele (8 months ago)
Thank You, it was a great tutorial. You are a excellent teacher!
where you can download this text??
Camille Déchorgnat (8 months ago)
Hello, can the font be used in a monetized video ?
B& Zolboo (8 months ago)
Andrey De Ocampo (8 months ago)
Hi! I'm a big fan, i just wanna know what if i'm going to put that effect in a full music video, Will i just repeat the steps that you showed to us? Cause i have a project and it's to create a lyrical video.
Ivan Sinohon (9 months ago)
Can cs3 do this?
Q U I N (9 months ago)
Thankyou for your sharing, it's so helpful <3
Mateusz Sadowski (9 months ago)
Very cool tutorial man, thanks! It only lacks info on how to export it as a transparent layer to use on footage in premiere, instead of importing background
magical faith (9 months ago)
how do i download the font?
Kcireh (9 months ago)
Aff, odeio que sotaque chato pra caralho
La Zonna (9 months ago)
How to add this word form into my Ae
adeel janjua (9 months ago)
Very nice and easy to understand. Thanks
Shreeyash Haritashya (9 months ago)
Great channel , nice job
Андрей Гилль (9 months ago)
Отличный задание!
Marithess Liwanag (10 months ago)
This is awesome! Thanks for this tutorial.
IndoThink (10 months ago)
learned so much in this short tutorial, thank you !
Richard Tamale (10 months ago)
the best teacher
bigkebang (10 months ago)
very helpful and comprehensive tutorial! thanks mate, amazing!
Gurro (10 months ago)
hi sir i downloaded the font but i don't how to find it in the ae please can u help ?
a. b (10 months ago)
and how can i make it disappear?
Great tutorial, clear and concise I love your pace, not too complicated, and easy to follow, want to see more tutorial^^ Already subscribed your channel

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