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Dual Spheres BBQ Finale D&D style

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http://twitter.com/meatwagon22 texture pack Kaynecraft http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/741995-%E3%82%B7-dual-sphere-survival-1000-downloads-%E3%82%B7/
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Text Comments (215)
King'sHeadYT (4 years ago)
The mob spree didn't have enough TNT in it
Ahnalisa Binter (4 years ago)
You had to fail in one way
Maria Robotnik (4 years ago)
Cutepuppymann (4 years ago)
nader g (4 years ago)
Lol the enchanting table didnt blow up
Gabe Sioson (4 years ago)
You missed 1 TNT
Lexie Holman (4 years ago)
Leon Kleijn (5 years ago)
not enough bqq's these days...
Miguel Vicioso (5 years ago)
Miguel Vicioso (5 years ago)
10000 tnt please
Bo Wang (5 years ago)
Gabriel Fleming (5 years ago)
lol guns daed by meaty lol
DUB hawk (5 years ago)
Oh no oh no oh no no nooo *connection lost* OOOOHHHH NNOOOOO
herman klausen (5 years ago)
Amazing BBQ!!!
Glenn meeteren (5 years ago)
Your song should be errrrrr! And gangdom style! Whoop whoop doom and dumber style
FuNkEeMuNkEe (5 years ago)
I like steak from the BBQ
Marcelo Martinez (5 years ago)
Drew Crowell (5 years ago)
Nether Screwer (5 years ago)
Kipper Red (5 years ago)
nice sphere
brendan bossert (5 years ago)
TNT rules
Tommy mesa (5 years ago)
yes u can it takes 285 to destroy obsidian
Matthew Li (5 years ago)
Tameeka Vh (5 years ago)
that file was cool
Lemonss (5 years ago)
Chuck eee rrr
Tommy mesa (5 years ago)
me to trollololololloolololololollollololololllolo
DeFuZioN SaiNTz (5 years ago)
The gold is butter and the diamond is ice
Jorden Millhouse (5 years ago)
You mean ChuckWagon22
David Brooks (5 years ago)
Tommy mesa (5 years ago)
fuck you
Chibi Prussia (5 years ago)
obsidian can only be broken by a diamond pick
Tommy mesa (5 years ago)
yes you can but it takes alot of tnt,i think your talking about bedrock
Tyler Harris (5 years ago)
Come to marrietta ga plz
Soulifythemusic (5 years ago)
you shoud play zombeis all night
McKayla Flitton (5 years ago)
oh my god
Stan Schutrups (5 years ago)
sophie hirst (5 years ago)
lol the bbq is hillourious the best part of the bbq is the first CABOOM moment!
Chibi Prussia (5 years ago)
u cant destroy obsedian -.-
Brandon White (5 years ago)
make sure the blocks are filled up to that point and up higher
James Kaeha (5 years ago)
i get pushed off when on like the 5th piston and im dead center and fully back so idk why i doesnt work so yeah im not gonna bother
Brandon White (5 years ago)
please tell me how is it not working
James Kaeha (5 years ago)
ive been standing in the middle just like he did in meatycraft wtf
Brandon White (5 years ago)
stand in the middle
Meaty you sed don't
Vanguard3556 (5 years ago)
a little bit of tnt?
98dcaruthers (5 years ago)
Ppl always 4gt 2 destroy da neather
patryk karpinski (5 years ago)
you seen there big one all the water went down
justin browning (5 years ago)
what is the ip
9Generation (5 years ago)
This thing logged me out
Tim Muszalski (5 years ago)
The remains of the tree look liked a camel
TheMTGJASPERSON (5 years ago)
you cant craft a saddle you need to find it in a chest they did not find one
Hart Mershon (6 years ago)
You did not ride a PIG
T.J.Ball. (6 years ago)
I saw the first vid of this map and hated the map so I waited till the BBQ episode came so as to see the destruction of something i hate
MrNontaker (6 years ago)
why is it called dual spheres when it has more than 2 spheres
francesco losi (6 years ago)
press 5 for gunns singing LOLOL
Dazza Smuggzay (6 years ago)
lol at gunns looking around at 4:33
john biddle (6 years ago)
@jauntylittlemurder16 or meatnorris
Prophet_Nexus (6 years ago)
this reminds me of meaty's assassin prank in noobcraft
13angelb (6 years ago)
u guys forgot to ride the pigs
Matt Bratton (6 years ago)
Chuck Norris + Meatwagon = Chuckwagon
gwingcommander (6 years ago)
dumb and dumber's greatest challenge: the bbq
Littleredbuscus (6 years ago)
Where your going *lights tnt* where you going. FUNNY AS HELL
ReZ (6 years ago)
hunter4hire (6 years ago)
play Mt Everest Expedition Adventure Map
iYoshiGFX (6 years ago)
19,000th viewer!!
James Kaeha (6 years ago)
How the hell do youy use his elevator i have meatycraft and i cant use the elevator
Ryan Jones (6 years ago)
Meat you are so sly!!! that was a slick trick at the end
Zer0Bullets (6 years ago)
Chuckwagon!!Er Errr!!!
Kills4Guns (6 years ago)
Lol you blew up your server!
Dillon785 (6 years ago)
3:30 i don't know chuck meatwagon maybe if you had a sword in one hand an axe in the other and the tnt in the fist hidden under chuck norris' beard maybe
Ed1H3r0 (6 years ago)
The One (6 years ago)
@Hrbhotflames they are. they where talking about doing it
The One (6 years ago)
@Ihrmm832jp HAHAHA ci know right. that is the most funny thing lol
BOchamp01 (6 years ago)
Lol never can do it right
Ihrmm832jp (6 years ago)
Why do you two always find a way to mess EVERYTHING up?!?!?!
WAM 69 (6 years ago)
love it!
xInuZaKAx (6 years ago)
@BlueXephos1432 such a copy cat
Bobes555 (6 years ago)
gunns has a curved sword. curved. sword
therosss (6 years ago)
xralphyyy (6 years ago)
FAIL AGAIN? RLLY DUMB RLLY xD its all dumbers fault
PurpleTrident (6 years ago)
You could be infinitely more tougher if you get rid of the Chuck part.
Hugh Black (6 years ago)
You should do the harry potter map!!!!! Like if you agree
Bradley Hanson (6 years ago)
no wait your sphere is so dumb and dumber :)
Hobo1on1a1leash (6 years ago)
That was epic
MrDrclam (6 years ago)
Kevin Fernandez (6 years ago)
LOL epic fail in D&D style
Yousef Elkarimi (6 years ago)
Meat Norris or chuck wagon
Eric Porter (6 years ago)
Dumb & Dumber is the best series going on YouTube! I cannot express how much I am looking forward to seeing YouAlwaysWin in my sub box!!
yojiyow (6 years ago)
lolz another bbq fail meaty?
masacreman2012 (6 years ago)
@thelawzoshadow :truestory:
Last Archangel (6 years ago)
Last Archangel (6 years ago)
OMG so much TNT
smarr97 (6 years ago)
You guys should play planetoids
Jarred K (6 years ago)
Just seeing the amount of dynamite you layed out made me think something bad was going to happen.
lightningandcloud (6 years ago)
u had to say u didnt fail at the start ur gonna fail at the end lols best one yet
exar2207 (6 years ago)
awesome lol
Alex Harden (6 years ago)
you guys should have a series where one person has TNT and they chase the other person
WitheredSilver1 (6 years ago)
You should crash every server that you finish
Barry Stites (6 years ago)
Chuck + Meatwagon = Chuckwagon
iiStAyMoBBiiNG (6 years ago)
lol you guys are to much great d&d episode

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