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WARFRAME RAP by JT Music (feat. Fabvl) - "A Tenno's Dream"

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Subscribe for More Music ▶ http://jtmch.co/SubJT Get Your JT Merch Here ▶ http://jtmerch.com **Song Download Links Below** We've been getting song requests for this game for as long as we can remember. We hope this Warframe Rap lives up to the hype! BIG thanks to Fabvl for crushing it on this song! Fabvl's Channel ▶ http://jtmch.co/2ELvt5q Download Links iTunes ▶ http://jtmch.co/2syX44W Spotify ▶ http://jtmch.co/2szaLB6 GooglePlay ▶ http://jtmch.co/2sE38Ju Amazon ▶ http://jtmch.co/2sH9uba Want to See our videos early?! Become a FIRST Member ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMFirst Use Referral Code "JTM" *********************************************** Follow us on Twitter! ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMTwitter Like us on Facebook! ▶ http://jtmch.co/1rojUWT Follow our Instagram ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMInsta Powered by Xidax. Check out custom PCs here! http://www.xidax.com/jtmusic Want to use our music? Read this first: http://jtmch.co/MusicUsage WARFRAME RAP by JT Music (feat. Fabvl) - "A Tenno's Dream"
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Text Comments (4570)
XxdayZer0 xX (1 hour ago)
Get fabvl in more raps this was awesome
Crow of the Abyss (14 hours ago)
The warframes part is so dope I'm crying that is so majestic this is so beautiful ;-;
Kamica (15 hours ago)
Love this. Just a shame Nezha got forgotten in that line up, but very good work.
Justifier (16 hours ago)
by far the best music video... one question tho? why was nezha left out?
sans (17 hours ago)
Kili Walker (21 hours ago)
*F R O S T <3*
Re3oo HD5450 (23 hours ago)
4:25 I didn't get that part, can someone explain?
effe'n aey man (1 hour ago)
Its a destiny diss, because you know destiny is horrible and warframe is amazing
Re3oo HD5450 (2 hours ago)
effe'n aey man I meant the next part 4:26
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
Saryn spreads poison and when you feel the time is right you press 4 and kill EVERYTHING
lightneen mqeen (1 day ago)
Fucking intense but badass
Jeremy Tuite (2 days ago)
How come every time you said infested you showed ghouls they are grineer not infested. Otherwise I love this song
siepfh awc (2 days ago)
kimberly glass (2 days ago)
COR7G ER7G (3 days ago)
I hope people remember this game is Free. No joke, it’s on parr with Destiny at it’s peak, and steadily this game is putting Destiny into the grave in comparison in terms of replayability, content, community, utility and all besides Raids where Destiny wins but if you ask me paying 60–100-Even more money for Destiny when you can play Warframe free, unless you’re going into Destiny for friends or just Raids you’re much better off in Warframe. Especially if you’d rather spend that money on something better. There’s of course micro transactions in Warframe but all of it is optional and you can still get it just by playing the game platinum is just a short cut. (Platinum is the premium in game currency, don’t worry you can trade rare items you get in game for platinum meaning if you want premium currency? Never have to spend a dime to get it just time) The only things exclusive in game are the founders pack (First people to back the game financially for a certain amount of money received the pack and it’s a collectors pack) and prime accessories. There’s lots of accessories already so there’s no incentive to buy the pack besides if you really like it or want to collect it. All in all if you want to game smart and still have fun just play Warframe. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and it’s easily a triple A level game. If you stopped playing it two years ago, it’s entirely different, reinstall it and try it now. There’s really not many reasons anyone wouldn’t try Warframe at least once unless you don’t like, well gaming.
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
100% cold hard facts right here
Franco Ortiz (3 days ago)
lol .-. "MY WARFRAME IS STORNG" (my warframe is umbra :v)
Madi Rose (4 days ago)
Jeez that chorus gives me chills
EDSProGamer (4 days ago)
My main Valkyrie was not even mentioned 😢 at least volt and mag were
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
Her name is Valkyr not Valkyrie
Professor Alba (3 days ago)
"Valkyr with rage move on"
Logen prime (4 days ago)
I’m going to play this when umbra comes out
Logen prime (10 hours ago)
Btw July 3 is when umbra comes out on ps4
Logen prime (14 hours ago)
Ya I’m on console
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
Umbra has been out for a week you have to do all the story quest to unlock him (unless your a console in which case I'm sorry you have to wait)
Robert Romero (4 days ago)
I have no words of how awesome this song is and the talent behind it
bewak86 (5 days ago)
This song stuck in my head now.. Sending CHills down my spine everytime the chorus kicks in... LOVE IT!!!!
h2okidlireuos 40 (5 days ago)
It's been a long time since I've been on Warframe and it's time I go back and save the world it is time I must be Excalibur and then be stalker Excalibur and I miss my krubrow and I will not let this day or other days take me from Warframe I will save lotus and then the universe corpur infested gernieer watch our I'm coming back and if eney of other threat stands in my way I will let them know that a coward or scared but they will all know this I'm a Warframe and I will take you out like my ninja frame brotheren
Jayden Clark (5 days ago)
When the lyrics went to "gaze on a dinstant star which you long to see" I could only hear gaze on a distant star which long to see, same for " no frame so fragile made it far on just a dream" I only haered made it far just a dream. I get rewinding it back to see if I can hear it but I just can can you fix this please.
HBR Nova (5 days ago)
Fortnite diss line I think 10/10
Ryan Wolver (5 days ago)
A tenno's dream is to bang with saryn prime.
John-Frederick Porter (5 days ago)
The tino collapsed the empire
PaleWhiteShadow (5 days ago)
This shit bangs. Hard. Loved that you got a shout-out every frame you could. Good work Tenno. ~ Shadow, Warframe chat mod
iLucasZ (6 days ago)
"[...]When One Mind Sheds Her Shackles, She Will Set Her Body Free[...]" Do you guys see the future? That part suits the Umbra backstory so pretty well!
Timothy Morgan (4 days ago)
iLucasZ holy shit your right... they must know de secrets
Dygo Mythro (6 days ago)
I just uploaded it coz' it's my fave rap so far from you guys.
Dygo Mythro (6 days ago)
Hey JT Music, I took this rap and uploaded it on my channel. But please let me do it because I put in the description that it all belongs to you.
Liam Doyle (6 days ago)
Bacon Slayer (6 days ago)
JT's rap songs are the best.
ja PiCKLE (6 days ago)
fabvl you killed it
Cole Macgrath :/ (7 days ago)
Wait Are We The Bad Guys
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
Good and Bad are points of view what matters are you actions
Satrio Agung W.p (7 days ago)
1.25 faster speed on this video 10/10
Megan Cherseman (7 days ago)
I love this song
where is my nezha? :´c
mynameisbob333 (7 days ago)
sacrifice is out, maybe want to do another?
Christian Ily (7 days ago)
Get on the hype train strong feels !!!
Kaski (7 days ago)
1:42 is this excalibur prime or excalibur umbra?
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
EviL BorZen (7 days ago)
Deb Copeland (8 days ago)
This is the song i listen to when i need some primal deadly energy.
VintageBones (8 days ago)
Finally this game gets some if the recognition it deserves.
undead top5's (8 days ago)
fabvl i love your voice #FFarmy
gamerokami (8 days ago)
Love the song, but why no shout out to Ne zha
Locke Green (8 days ago)
K FarnoOd (8 days ago)
Good job I really liked it
Rex Respects (9 days ago)
Ash is lit! Youre darn right!
Christopher Ambroziak (9 days ago)
What frame is that at 1:43
HansLuft778 (2 days ago)
of course not :D
Peter Wright (3 days ago)
HansLuft778: that we do but no spoilers!
HansLuft778 (8 days ago)
Peter Wright well, now we do ^^
Peter Wright (9 days ago)
Christopher Ambroziak: Excaibur Umbra. We don't much about them.
Kickdrawl (10 days ago)
Poor Nezha
Drunken Artist816 (10 days ago)
No Mesa or Nidus?
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
I know right?
Drunken Artist816 (10 days ago)
Heavy Nerdcore iz bakc!!!!
Samin Khandaker (10 days ago)
Yall here from destiny 2 being a bad game
Lightning Underpants (10 days ago)
I am the only one who is just really jealous of all the prime stuff in the video?
SharkOGAMEING omgz (10 days ago)
Said word form word
Deityfrostx (10 days ago)
CaMRfall996 (11 days ago)
No mames lo ame <3
cereal killa (11 days ago)
great. tune indeed but just a side note, you descend from the sky you don't ascend coz that's going back up too the sky ??. respect anyway nice tune just try the Oxford dictionary next time yo.
assasin arn0 (11 days ago)
I love warframe and this rap
Destroyer3604 Gaming (11 days ago)
Excalibur is the op starter frame
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
Yea... Yea......
Reaper_ 2018703 (11 days ago)
Amazing!! Now i have this song on spotify. Thanks for the link. That was extremly amazing.
Arric Marshall (11 days ago)
i listened to this song and i just wanted to play warframe
Dzon Vejn (11 days ago)
I will always support Warframe.
Aiden Jenkins (12 days ago)
a tinnus dream
Erin Oehler (12 days ago)
i become a god at this game when i listen to this
Well U beat Miracle of Sound on this one!
pako 1 (12 days ago)
kosmiczny wpierdol.
SnowyBit (13 days ago)
Wake up... Tenno.
Professor Alba (13 days ago)
This is so good that I can't stop singing it in my head. Would there be any chance of getting an instrumental version? Cause that would be sic!
Ben Hayes (13 days ago)
I played warframe recently and the robot in my ship said "I hope you come back covered in blood.... in one piece" it was freaky
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
Everything in Ordis Operator? Is that a PUNNNNNN? Hmmmm Ordis will try to bypass these faults
Ben Hayes (10 days ago)
Ok cool thanks
Mahadi Ahmed (10 days ago)
Ben Hayes he isn't a robot actually but i don't wanna spoil
Less Than Common (14 days ago)
This was dope as hell
Dark Hound (14 days ago)
The chorus of this song is fucking amazing, gives me chills every time.
cryo blaster (14 days ago)
Gaze on a distant star for which when the mind sheds her shackles she will set her body free till you dream not of what you are but what you want to be
Kai Soulfang (14 days ago)
Can't wait to come back 4 years later and see an updated version of this rap, adding like 6 'frames to the list.
Nilas JunkYard (14 days ago)
I know no better warframe song!
Magic Grass Koala Boi (15 days ago)
No nidus reference :(
Galaxian Gamer (15 days ago)
Yes, Just yes
SILENTxKILLER 252 (15 days ago)
Did anyone else notice they forgot Nezha?
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
And about 15 other frames
Raiden god of thunder (15 days ago)
I'm a warlock and I'm not even mad.
Davi Monticelli (16 days ago)
TheReal Monkey (16 days ago)
death新 ドラゴン (16 days ago)
Warframe is so much better and richer in story than Destiny
Shadow gaming (16 days ago)
I love Warframe
The Mad Man (17 days ago)
Amazing 😎
Shade of the Nine (17 days ago)
Rest in peace John Bain
BallzOfBananas (17 days ago)
Now this is what i call a masterpiece
Santiago Otin Atares (18 days ago)
kidgaming018 XD (18 days ago)
Knight Of The Fallen (18 days ago)
Absolutely flawless, great job man!
Finn Underwood (18 days ago)
Ivara, Mesa, Nezha, Nidus, Nyx, and Titania. You didn't include them in this. Why did they not deserve mention, ey? They were out long before this video was released. ...Favoritism, that's what this is. Blatant favoritism. *Unsubscribied, Unliked, Unshared, Uncommented, much anger, much flames.*
CvBrony (18 days ago)
You forgot best warframe: Ivara.
Nuka Stick (18 days ago)
Phoenaxis (18 days ago)
I guess there was "Nyx" room for my fav frame :D Nice beat tho!
jérôme lebourg (18 days ago)
I'm not into rap. But damn.
Mike Tomlinson (19 days ago)
Great song
GameBoy Cooler (19 days ago)
i just started warframe yesterday on my Bday and with my ps4 money i bought 175 platinum and i used that to buy duel ether (after i bet vor) and since i'm kind of... no i AM a noob so i was wondering if anyone wants to help me with the early game (I'm up to the Venus junction) my name in the game is GameBoyCooler and i hope someone can help me cause I'm so bad at this game XD
GameBoy Cooler (4 hours ago)
shite and i only just got to Venus, welp thanks anyway
effe'n aey man (5 hours ago)
GameBoy Cooler Uranus unfortunately
GameBoy Cooler (5 hours ago)
ah okay thx... i was wondering, whats the best place to farm plastids and i think they were called nerodes but can't remember
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
One thing you should know though is play at your own pace, if you go through things to fast you will not enjoy Warframe nearly as much
effe'n aey man (14 hours ago)
I would help but I'm PC but if you need advice I would be more then happy to give it
ASIANBOII 42 (19 days ago)
my only problem is that on 2:31 you seem to be referring to the ghouls as infested. Obviously that isn't true, they are some sort of grineer soldier that have been buried in cetus a while ago.
Jerico Rosier-Butler (20 days ago)
Love the song so much except for the zephyr part cuz it sounded so wrong
M4terial (20 days ago)
for one second i was thinking that johny 3 Tears was rappin here lol
Damiyondj Porter (21 days ago)
4:26 is the roast
Damiyondj Porter (21 days ago)
Love the vid true Destiny is second
DapperBubble (21 days ago)
I got this game about a week ago and it’s my 6th most played game That never happens
Rosie Deacon (21 days ago)
This was _incredible_ and made me realise just how much I miss playing this game. Now if only my computer wasn't so garbage...
ZPG The anime fan (21 days ago)
at 2.0 speed is total hardbass :D

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