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Awesome A-10 Warthog in Action / Firing the Dreaded

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Awesome A-10 Warthog in Action / Firing the Dreaded The Air Force Is Re-Winging A-10s After All It's official: The U.S. Air Force will buy new wings for aging A-10 Warthogs that risked a one way trip to the boneyard. The Air Force has made clear its intention to keep the A-10 flying after concerns surfaced that the service was taking advantage of the issue to get rid of the iconic close air support plane. Earlier this month, a Pentagon official in charge of the A-10 program announced an effort to re-wing 110 of the jets “was not going to happen.” Of the 280 A-10s still in U.S. Air Force service, 173 have received new wings to keep them flying into the 2030s. The original re-winging contract with Boeing was for 242 sets of wings, but the contract ended when it was no longer cost-effective for the company, and the Boeing production line is closing later this year. That left at least 110 A-10s high and dry without new wings, a state that threatened to ground them for good unless a solution was found, reducing the number of A-10 squadrons from nine to six. The Air Force, focused on getting the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter up and running, didn’t include a new wing contract it its 2018 budget. Congress, however added funding a new wing assembly line and four new wings to get it warmed up. Now, the Air Force has committed to buying more wings. According to DoDBuzz General Mike Holmes, the head of the Air Force’s Air Combat Command, announced last week at a Washington D.C. think tank that the service will buy more wings beyond the initial four. Exactly how many wings will “depend on a Department of Defense decision and (the Air Force’s) work with Congress”. The U.S. Air Force has tried to retire the A-10 since the 1991 Persian Gulf War, allocating its mission to the F-16, and now the F-35A. Retiring the A-10 would free up $4 billion over five years, enough to fund about 44 F-35As, as well as free up nine squadrons of personnel who could be reassigned to other projects. The A-10’s popularity with the public, ground troops who received support in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Congress have repeatedly saved it from an early retirement. Critics outside the service believe that the F-35A is ill-suited to replace the A-10, and that no other plane has the firepower, protection and performance characteristics that make it a viable replacement. The F-35A lacks the GAU-8/A 30-millimeter gun for close air support missions, the large number of hardpoints for carrying a variety of ordnance, and the armor and redundant systems to keep it flying after a hit. Contact US Here : twitter : https://twitter.com/MiliterDunia
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Text Comments (357)
sik3xploit (14 hours ago)
Something that needs to meet up with that caravan invasion.
Ken Yh (1 day ago)
When you hear them it is too late.
Clyde Ellzey (1 day ago)
Hell it has titanium cockpit
Clyde Ellzey (1 day ago)
Maga jesus!!!!
Tregeta (2 days ago)
That's alottaa damage!
Gordon Fernandes (2 days ago)
A truly iconic weapons platform.
johngalt857 (2 days ago)
Keep ‘em flying! It can only be upgraded, never replaced. #rattatattattattatatlikedat
Melvin Lam (5 days ago)
Everyone likes A-10 except Mr Taliban.  Too wasteful to write-off.
Jacques Grove (5 days ago)
This is the best A2G platform ever built.
David Michaels (16 days ago)
Such a beautiful plane
Didi Mohican (16 days ago)
The destructor... I really like the A10 . The design is very atypical
Eric Hansen (21 days ago)
Unleash the beast !
FlyingBanana (26 days ago)
I smile and giggle every time I see these in action. Such an awesome plane. Always and forever will be my favorite.
jw '46 (27 days ago)
Love 'em!
Elijah Lafolafo (28 days ago)
wow america is the riches country on earth those planes cost a million $ but there like 100 of them there
Winston Churchill (29 days ago)
If you got hit by one of them 30mm there would be nothing left!
Joseph Clark (1 month ago)
Last thing a tank wants to see, the beast!
MrHarbinged (1 month ago)
They're putting this gun on the F35's
Al rezza (1 month ago)
This machine kills my family in syria
zoran radojevic (12 hours ago)
in syria americans
rob temple (5 days ago)
I'm so sorry for your lost😮😞😢
Hawt Dawg (19 days ago)
Collateral damage.
Al rezza (21 days ago)
+David Ross no, aleppo was under attack aganist rebells , my fam was in house . We only hear brrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt and the house was destroyed
David Ross (22 days ago)
Are your family members trying to kill Americans? They must be or we would not kill them. That or you are a Russian troll.
domyamaha123 (1 month ago)
yeeeehaaaaa !! don't you just love these when they are murdering brown women and children.GOD BLESS THE USSA.
David Ross (22 days ago)
Russian troll alert
Brandon Mclain (1 month ago)
Typical Military. I came for some action but had to spend the first quarter of the video waiting on the tarmac.
blaw11b (1 month ago)
Don't understand why airforce top brass is hell bent on getting rid of this plane,they have been for years. Still,they cringe and pout at any suggestion of giving the fleet to the Army because God forbid that the army ends up with fighter/attack aircraft requiring pilots trained in the skill. They(airforce brass) probably think it's bad enough that the navy and Marines deploy fighter jets and attack aircraft.
FlyingBanana (26 days ago)
In January 2016, the USAF was "indefinitely freezing" plans to retire the A-10 for at least several years. In addition to Congressional opposition, its use in anti-ISIL operations, deployments to Eastern Europe as a response to Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, and reevaluation of F-35 numbers necessitated its retention. In February 2016, the Air Force deferred the final retirement of the aircraft until 2022 after being replaced by F-35s on a squadron-by-squadron basis. In October 2016, the Air Force Material Command brought the depot maintenance line back to full capacity in preparation for re-winging the fleet. In June 2017 it was announced that the aircraft "...will now be kept in the air force’s inventory indefinitely."
Bill Allmon (1 month ago)
I was working in my shop not far from carswell when i heard this wiered sound brrrrrrrrrett i kepthearing it finaly i went outside as a worthog flew over brrrrrrrrrett you could see the fire coming from that gattling gun it was sooooooooo awsom
Matt Smith (1 month ago)
I will be a A10 lover till I die, as a kid at high School I lived under a flight path to an RAF live fire range just 5 miles away. Even then you could clearly hear the BRRRRRRRRRT and the whine of those big turbo fans. Love that sound, the sound of my childhood.
DcaCo123 (1 month ago)
Help us Donald Trump keep the A-10 Warthog. Please don't let the Bean Counters in the Pentagon take this wonderful tool away from our Military. Spend my hard earned tax dollars and update, upgrade the technology. This has been a proven offensive and defensive aircraft since its introduction in the 70's. God Bless the USA. Your friend DC Allen.
So many planes in that first shot, I thought it was a video game..(144p here)..there go all those Russian and Chinese tanks we've been shown recently in their joint war games. https://youtu.be/b8ec7Wohdt0?t=6 the tanks
John Blue (1 month ago)
Miss'em flyin' over my house in NC a few years back!
Andrew Helmke (1 month ago)
Sounds like it's farting...
Lionel Hemmerle (1 month ago)
What happen at the end. With the flare and then the wingtip lite up???
今晚打胖虎 (1 month ago)
ON STEP? sh1t, it's NO STEP 0:14
danny blackhorse (1 month ago)
as old as these planes they are still one the most feared, like hell on wheels.or hell with wings lol
JIM30747 (1 month ago)
Is this in Kunsan, Korea? Lined up doing the "Elephant Walk"?
Steven Feil (1 month ago)
5:09 through 7:20 That is all folks.
George Spix (1 month ago)
Manny and I worked together on occasion over many years A true patriot and hero. More at the link, but just a hint. He built the A-10, on his own dime because the brass wanted fancy and fast, a "fighter" that they claimed could do this job. there was no meeting of every meeting of these agencies he wouldn't walk into unannounced sit down and quietly listen, but his friends, the ground pounders, said "God please God, we need a tank killer, please give us a tank killer" were being ignored. And it's happening again, as the fighter jocks decided to do their RIFs here. You want shock and awe, dead tanks and live soldiers, A10. Ok, for real shock use a MOAB or AC-130.He had tears in his eyes When RR gave him his award. If I had my way, I'd put a bronze of him on the mall. And besides Donovan's in OHB.As a young teen he was a runner for the Greek resistance, caught by Gestapo several times, broke his hands, and worse. There are nearly no U.S. defense and intel miracles he did not have a hand in creating or saving. Died too young, a dear friend, mentor and hero of mine. Humble and patient beyond belief. As well as Hermione his blessed wife and skiing partner . https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/business/1989/04/26/fairchilds-emanuel-fthenakis-old-school-new-challenges/2dcabe9f-9726-4f7f-a58f-fb449cb40ad0/?utm_term=.613c520007df
César Andrade (1 month ago)
Anyone know what that missile loading caddie is called? At around 4:30.
Marvin Hall (1 month ago)
The A-10 Warthog is a lethal killing machine. I want to win this war in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are already creating mechanical spiders in the USA. You mount incendiary grenades or maybe phosphorous grenades on the back of these spiders. Send maybe 100 of these mechanical spiders into the enemies encampment then detonate all of them. Believe me the killing fields would be covered in blood. They would have go pro cameras and microphones mounted on them so you can see the enemy in the kill zone. Also on our airplanes mount gattling guns and middle launchers on the rear end of your death machine. You can destroy enemy aircraft and other troops on the ground completely obliterating our enemy. Let's win this war and get our troops home. We can establish military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep the security of our country safe. We should also get an iron man nannode suit for pilots that fly armored jet packs to swarm and kill our enemies on the field of battle. These jetpacks would be mounted with miniature gattling guns and missiles to kill and destroy the enemy. I have told the military and President Obama years ago I wanted to win the war not lose it and prolonging spending over $$$1 Billion dollars a day and watching 18 of US soldiers committing suicide in these wars. Warthogs should also carry nuclear missiles to wipe out any country who opposes us or wants to destroy us. They should also have robot Ninja assassins inserting over 200 laser discs that can be shot at the enemy. My Uncle Tadashi and cousin Kasihara are designing them now. You get 1,000 of these robots that also have machine guns and attack the enemy. The battlefield would be full of the enemies blood and we would win every time. Japan is our ally. Let's win this war decisively this way no human will be spilling their blood. We can then send our troops home and win this war.
Gregory Alban (1 month ago)
The F-35A sounds like a money grab.
Mark Ward (1 month ago)
Classified shame on you Youtube.
M. P. (1 month ago)
Ну по группе велосипедистов зачётно попали. Но это лишь вне зоны ПВО противника.
Chris Lanzetta (1 month ago)
Just redesign it with simple technology upgrades and call it a day.....no improvements on an already proven effective machine. Simple basic upgrades as cheap as possible......roll those bad boys out!
Terry Ferguson (1 month ago)
Very nice
Steve Gluck (2 months ago)
Sick fucks ...
Edward Warwick (2 months ago)
The A10 was developed with input from former German Luftwaffe dive bomber pilots
Dave Rogers (2 months ago)
What an ausome killing machine
T Batman (1 month ago)
Lol! Awesome....
Manny Lozano-Damm (2 months ago)
The terror of terrorists !!
Manny Lozano-Damm (2 months ago)
A peace of Art...we could hear them in Kandahar KAF, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, BRRRRRRRRRRR. Happy that Mc Cain will keep them....amazing plane, slow. low and never missin a target . salute !!
Eric Ocasio (1 month ago)
McCain passed away this last week.
David Robbins (2 months ago)
If the Air Force doesn’t want the A10, then give it to the Army and Marines! Close air support just doesn’t get better than the Hog! Why do you think the Navy still finds uses for Iowa class battleship So? Sometimes there’s just no substitute for big guns!
Thomas Bartley (2 months ago)
That is far ahead of a Stinson Voyager!
manwar999 (2 months ago)
what was the white globe flash light at end of tape?
Robert Wiseman (2 months ago)
Don’t worry ,there good to go lm still doing the electronics repairs to keep them in the air after 25 years
2006 Rubicon (2 months ago)
I like watching them "feeding" the Beast.
djmdgo (2 months ago)
Right now the A10 is being pitted against the F35. Go to the WhiteHouse contact website, contact the President and ask that the A10 NOT be replaced by a flying computer! President Oblivious wanted to mothball the A10 because it is" to effective" against the enemy"...IE: his bro's yo.... To compare it to the F35 doesn't pass the straight face test! The A10 is about the most effective target aircraft in our military and can get the stuffin's shot out of it and still make it home.
David Goldberg (21 days ago)
And yet, you don't deny what I said. Our self-proclaimed very stable genius cares about himself. ONLY himself. That's it. You now know everything you need to know about trump.
David Ross (22 days ago)
David, are you a Democrat liberal Obama/Clinton supporter? Mmmmhuh, thought so.
David Goldberg (24 days ago)
Comrade trumpovitch doesn't care about freedom, he cares about $$$ in his pocket
Andrew Selph II (2 months ago)
I was a Crew Chief on these bad boys from 1998-2012
David Ross (22 days ago)
Andrew Please tell us some stories!!! You MUST have a few, right?
T Batman (1 month ago)
I was Avionics.....1989-1994
CVV Properties,LLC (2 months ago)
Love at 1st sight!
KINGWOLF GAMES (2 months ago)
2:44 4 total 😎
KINGWOLF GAMES (2 months ago)
My eyes had played Tricks on me hah The Total Acually Was 4 Lol 👽👽👽👽 Oh and btw. Brrrrrrrt
KINGWOLF GAMES (2 months ago)
How many were out the day when these videos took to filming ?? If anyone say 4 then sweet. If anyone say 3. Then the real question is why is there 3 lurking circular looking aircraft behind the one displayed in the video in one of these clips when the 1 departs to the right of the other 2 shown. Thank you sir!!
Charles Pieters (2 months ago)
The last sounds they'll hear before curtains fall, are the sounds of those Hogs.
Rick Milligan (2 months ago)
The plane shown at 5:08 is not an A-10. It has swept wings and a single tail. A-10s have straight wings and a double tail.
FlyingBanana (26 days ago)
Also the wings look that way cause the fisheye lens recording the video. Look at something that is long and straight recorded from gopro cams that straight object has a curve to it.
Bovine One (29 days ago)
Rick Milligan - Wrong. That's definitely an A10. 100%
Jon king (1 month ago)
This is the A-10. The wings look swept in that video because of the fisheye lens. The single tail that you think your seeing is actually something that is taped to the ceiling of the cockpit. You can see the double engines behind the pilot at the back of the aircraft and if you look closely, the tops of the double tail that look like they’re coming out of the engines.
Brian Arce (2 months ago)
Is this really what we need against dudes on some old rusty motorcycle?
Curtis Sullivan (2 months ago)
a grunts best friend.
Keith Sage (2 months ago)
This is Sex on the wing..
Luca Staiano (2 months ago)
Hahahaha gta5's best planes. (Lazer and the striker)
Kinga Daroad (2 months ago)
I want one
Richie T (2 months ago)
What happened at the end why were there flayers fired? Can anybody please tell me
D Dingus (2 months ago)
Action starts at 5:20Your welcome
Michael Kaiser (2 months ago)
I likei,each
Bhanu Narayanapuram (2 months ago)
Very nice
Craig Shreve (2 months ago)
I have never been in the military, however I thank GOD for all US soldiers! May GOD bless all of you!
Mark Rice (2 months ago)
I'm only here for the BRRRRRRAATTT.
Rob Sorgdrager (2 months ago)
It's gotta be a good feeling knowing your walking into a knife fight carrying a .......well a wart hog !!!😏they should rename the a10 to ..." Merica hell yeah gonna get you sum screamy death eagle thunder gun hawk!! " . Also it needs t-shirt cannons that launch bald eagles that are shooting Roman candles and drinking " merica " beer!
Benny Harriston (2 months ago)
i hope to see you back in america too...and help us kill our traitors
Benny Harriston (2 months ago)
and i mean that wart hog
Benny Harriston (2 months ago)
that jet has been around for a hot minute.and it still does its job
Benny Harriston (2 months ago)
better than a harrier f35 waste of money anyday
Benny Harriston (2 months ago)
i used to love watching these jets fly over maryland
Benny Harriston (2 months ago)
what do they call it....a tank killer
ghostypup (2 months ago)
WTH! (2 months ago)
i though there is same simmelar gun in the ac30 right?
ghostypup (2 months ago)
Leo Cazun (2 months ago)
Este avion es uno de mis preferidos. ..letal con esas municiones....es uno de los mejores de origen EE.UU. ...
Emmett Cunningham Jr. (2 months ago)
Yak1B (2 months ago)
How much does it cost to fire all those rounds in mere seconds?
George Balint (2 months ago)
It cost about 50 taliban lives
ProtViewer (2 months ago)
Waffen brauchen Aggresoren!!
merc1967 (2 months ago)
To bad they never got to fly the Fulda Gap and fuckup some T 62s
wayne k. (2 months ago)
Airforce bean counters do not have the best interest of the grunts. The f35 is a terrible ground support craft, but the nay-sayers say it can it can bve if you really try, click your heels together three times and shout 'There' no place like lockheed'. why use a 100million aircraft that is not designed for the role, doesn't have the weapons or the armour, and must rely on million dollar missles to swat a fewtalibunnies, when you have the A10. Nobody asks the ground pounders what they want.
Suzy Qualcast (21 days ago)
wayne k. Well put sir!
YAU FA Hu (2 months ago)
MrJesusweeps (2 months ago)
I had to wait 8:02 on this 10:05 video for my first brrrrt. Not cool.
Frank Welch (3 months ago)
The A10 "Warthog" is a very tough bird, that should NEVER be retired because of its ability to taken so much punishment and keep flying to kick some enemy and!
Larry Wilson (3 months ago)
I have watched them come in on targets and just schred them....just take them apart.
Eexpers (3 months ago)
I live literally right next to Martin State Airport where they fly these beauties every single day in formation. The Maryland national guard has the A10 C variant - For anyone interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_State_Airport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairchild_Republic_A-10_Thunderbolt_II#Variants
Michael Sakamoto (3 months ago)
Until the Air Force can find a better plane the Warthog should remain in operation. The current planes being evaluated are not in my personal observation a viable replacement. They don’t carry the ordinance of the A10 including the GAU-8. Yes, it’s old (1972), but the armor plating a reliability of the plane is unquestioned.
MILO BROWN (3 months ago)
Not much action/firing here dip shit.
paul mcclaren (3 months ago)
this is absolute rubbish. veterans of all FOREIGN wars of the yankee empire; you've fought for the wrong cause since 1861. Leave these people along; you are the enemy and not them.
paul mcclaren (2 months ago)
warthogs; pretty scary bunch aren't they?  I will ask you a question:  would you want troops from another country invading and occupying your home and telling you what to do?  The original founding fathers warned us to stay out of foreign affairs.
George Balint (2 months ago)
Ironic coming from a European colonialist. And Neville Chamberlain fame
Super Cop (3 months ago)
Where there is no interception, the result always comes better.
DIEZEL (3 months ago)
594bolt (3 months ago)
What happens to them when they retire them? I'd buy one. (not the aircraft, just the Gatling.)
Brave Heart (3 months ago)
It sounds like someone who kept farting , belching and emitting all sort of cacophonous noises
Mr. P (3 months ago)
The nastiest beauty ever to fly the friendly skys :)
peter7166 (3 months ago)
Envíen todos esos sobre miraflores
Jilaysak Vihaphat (3 months ago)
El phouvan es militares
Jilaysak Vihaphat (3 months ago)
Era cantante ING y Thai y castellano todos hinternacional

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