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Awesome A-10 Warthog in Action / Firing the Dreaded

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Awesome A-10 Warthog in Action / Firing the Dreaded The Air Force Is Re-Winging A-10s After All It's official: The U.S. Air Force will buy new wings for aging A-10 Warthogs that risked a one way trip to the boneyard. The Air Force has made clear its intention to keep the A-10 flying after concerns surfaced that the service was taking advantage of the issue to get rid of the iconic close air support plane. Earlier this month, a Pentagon official in charge of the A-10 program announced an effort to re-wing 110 of the jets “was not going to happen.” Of the 280 A-10s still in U.S. Air Force service, 173 have received new wings to keep them flying into the 2030s. The original re-winging contract with Boeing was for 242 sets of wings, but the contract ended when it was no longer cost-effective for the company, and the Boeing production line is closing later this year. That left at least 110 A-10s high and dry without new wings, a state that threatened to ground them for good unless a solution was found, reducing the number of A-10 squadrons from nine to six. The Air Force, focused on getting the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter up and running, didn’t include a new wing contract it its 2018 budget. Congress, however added funding a new wing assembly line and four new wings to get it warmed up. Now, the Air Force has committed to buying more wings. According to DoDBuzz General Mike Holmes, the head of the Air Force’s Air Combat Command, announced last week at a Washington D.C. think tank that the service will buy more wings beyond the initial four. Exactly how many wings will “depend on a Department of Defense decision and (the Air Force’s) work with Congress”. The U.S. Air Force has tried to retire the A-10 since the 1991 Persian Gulf War, allocating its mission to the F-16, and now the F-35A. Retiring the A-10 would free up $4 billion over five years, enough to fund about 44 F-35As, as well as free up nine squadrons of personnel who could be reassigned to other projects. The A-10’s popularity with the public, ground troops who received support in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Congress have repeatedly saved it from an early retirement. Critics outside the service believe that the F-35A is ill-suited to replace the A-10, and that no other plane has the firepower, protection and performance characteristics that make it a viable replacement. The F-35A lacks the GAU-8/A 30-millimeter gun for close air support missions, the large number of hardpoints for carrying a variety of ordnance, and the armor and redundant systems to keep it flying after a hit. Contact US Here : twitter : https://twitter.com/MiliterDunia
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Eexpers (2 days ago)
I live literally right next to Martin State Airport where they fly these beauties every single day in formation. The Maryland national guard has the A10 C variant - For anyone interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_State_Airport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairchild_Republic_A-10_Thunderbolt_II#Variants
Michael Sakamoto (2 days ago)
Until the Air Force can find a better plane the Warthog should remain in operation. The current planes being evaluated are not in my personal observation a viable replacement. They don’t carry the ordinance of the A10 including the GAU-8. Yes, it’s old (1972), but the armor plating a reliability of the plane is unquestioned.
MILO BROWN (4 days ago)
Not much action/firing here dip shit.
paul mcclaren (5 days ago)
this is absolute rubbish. veterans of all FOREIGN wars of the yankee empire; you've fought for the wrong cause since 1861. Leave these people along; you are the enemy and not them.
Bad Boy (6 days ago)
Where there is no interception, the result always comes better.
Beer & Coke (6 days ago)
594bolt (8 days ago)
What happens to them when they retire them? I'd buy one. (not the aircraft, just the Gatling.)
Brave Heart (8 days ago)
It sounds like someone who kept farting , belching and emitting all sort of cacophonous noises
Mr. P (9 days ago)
The nastiest beauty ever to fly the friendly skys :)
peter7166 (12 days ago)
Envíen todos esos sobre miraflores
Jilaysak Vihaphat (14 days ago)
El phouvan es militares
Jilaysak Vihaphat (14 days ago)
Era cantante ING y Thai y castellano todos hinternacional
Jilaysak Vihaphat (14 days ago)
El phouvan era cantante ING y thai
Jilaysak Vihaphat (14 days ago)
Ese re viracho jilaysak
Jilaysak Vihaphat (14 days ago)
Jilaysak es pobre infeliz trabajado particular
Jilaysak Vihaphat (14 days ago)
Ese soyksan roba cosa militar
chemical mike (15 days ago)
Ths A10 can take substantial damage and still land safelyl Awesome!
Øyvind Hvaal (14 days ago)
chemical mike I've seen a pilot land his A 10 with a third of its wingspan missing and one engine dead. And the pilot also had injuries. But he survived. And the sound of the A 10 is like music in your ears when pinned down in a ditch under heavy enemi fire. And the big gatling leaves nothing to fantasy. Love the plane and its pilots.
chemical mike (15 days ago)
I want one!!!
chemical mike (15 days ago)
The damage from their machine gun at the front is way more lethal than you might expect. Its fire puts BIG F- ING holes in its target. Be afraid if one of these are stalking you.(if you have time to.)
chemical mike (15 days ago)
0:25 Look Mom! No cavities!! 😁
Quidam Publishing (15 days ago)
Retired ???? NEVER. If I knew one of those hell machines were coming my way, I'd drop whatever I was doing, or whoever I was doing it with and pray I could move fast enough!👍😁✔
czar6127 (16 days ago)
Have insomnia? Watch this video.
Slutty Mc'Slutface (17 days ago)
Any replacement would be costly, overcomplicated and there would be less of them
Richard Johnson (17 days ago)
Usa keep the warthog
Aton Holdem (17 days ago)
empenhe-se pela paz com todos, a guerra não vai a lugar nenhum........
Jack Hudner (18 days ago)
Shit, the warthog is actually huge compared to those other fighters. It looks twice as wide.
Den Boe (19 days ago)
I am thinking Warthog is most dreaded thang out there.
leon Warner (22 days ago)
0:00 that's not a runway that's a danger noodle full of birbs
Gropiaf (22 days ago)
Classy as a spitfire deadly as an AC130
Phil Brenner (24 days ago)
Rum, rum,rum...away with muslim scum!
JESSIE Eller (24 days ago)
Makes my heart glad. Fly low and get some.UNCLE JESSIE.
Jaxon1127 (25 days ago)
mynameisray (26 days ago)
That many A-10s is a scary sight
Abby Babby (27 days ago)
I love the A-10 and their Drivers. There is nothing that made me sleep better than knowing those A-10 was our cover. There isn’t anything that sounds like that A-10 whine, that unmistakable cross of death and then that gun fires, and everybody knows someone just got his free ride to eternity. It would be a shame to drop them from the inventory.
Ian Sliney (27 days ago)
Frank Feazell (27 days ago)
Don't mess with the us 🇺🇸
CZECH MATE (27 days ago)
Trance State (27 days ago)
This machine is lethal, it is deadly and a staggering piece of engineering.
sunking2001 (28 days ago)
They should never "put this plane out of service!"
George Rivera (28 days ago)
The problem with the Air Force Generals is that they're embarrassed that a plane has managed to kick this much ass for so long and they can't come up with anything better to spend our money on so instead of keeping them flying, they'd rather piss away billions now on a single engine turbo prop, that can't begin to do the job the A-10 does.
Ricky Reynolds (28 days ago)
Repaired many parts on these bad boys.
Alexander Hayden (28 days ago)
1:32 "Captain, we told you, you can't bring your lunch in the cockpit!" "Oh alright..."
MaximGhost (28 days ago)
I still can't believe Obama and his Pentagon tards tried to get rid of the A-10.
John Smith (28 days ago)
A-10's make me fell all warm and fuzzy inside. P. S. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrtt
William Howerton (2 days ago)
Well put.
tdstudd1996 (28 days ago)
too bad these things have a top speed thats slower than a jet liner
the red rocket ytuber (16 days ago)
tdstudd1996 it's like that for a reason
This junk good TO KILL CIVILIANS. try it against regular army
To the red rocket ytuber . Lol!!! KISS MY RUSSIAN ASS, you PIGMY nation
To the red rocket ytuber . S400?! Wasted rocket on "this"? Lol! Shouder lancher Verba will do it. Book is too much. Tor will shred them all. In the other hand Su-25 almost imune to rockets - from 2018 every Su-25 in hostile zone equipt with Electronic Warfare conteiner Vitesbk. Keep talking dood!
the red rocket ytuber (16 days ago)
Ватник Петров A-10 can take hits from s400
the red rocket ytuber (16 days ago)
Ватник Петров shut up Ruski troll
To vinny : easy target even for Shoulder Lancher. Like at shooting range... One tube - one killed. Antiaircraft system .... you are DEAD with no chance
Paul Glancy (28 days ago)
Pish! Don't watch.
Warthog is the best get me out of the shit card you can have in your deck......🇬🇧🇺🇸Thanks lads
Billy Ramsey (29 days ago)
If our country is stupid enough to retire The Warthog,I think they should give them all to Israel.-God bless Israel! -God bless The United States! -God bless our allies.Amen!
Trudi Ashmore (27 days ago)
Billy Ramsey AA54
Jadden (29 days ago)
Watching an a-10 video that ist 10 minutes long...
hedojake (29 days ago)
ALMOST a friendly fire incident at 5;24
Jeff Hill (29 days ago)
These bad boys fly over my house every few days so low I can see the pilots wave, love them!
Crypto Trojan (29 days ago)
But how many democracies does it fire per second....and how many freedoms does it hold on its wings?
denny merx (5 days ago)
Bernd Heiden (27 days ago)
Crypto Trojan So far it has made sure that you did not get your throat cut by a peace loving taliban and can write your nonsense.
LemonSkates A. (29 days ago)
Crypto Trojan infinite
Derek Placeholder (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful and terrible aircraft.
Barry Pfost (1 month ago)
The terrorist fuckers killed a bunch of us ,payback time!!!
Scott Odonahoe (1 month ago)
Never get tired of the BBBRRRRRTTTT ! The plane was built around the gun !
Mike Sowder (1 month ago)
How terrifying must it be to be on the receiving end of a fire breathing warthog. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Michael Cowan (1 month ago)
Need this on the US / Mexico border.
edmc1000 (24 days ago)
The border is porous by design because businesses like cheap labor.
Robert Brunston (1 month ago)
I agree with the person below me! I just can't understand why they retired such an effective air craft! Thank you.
Jack Hudner (18 days ago)
Chances are they're looking to make room for the F-15, a complete joke of an aircraft that has wasted huge amounts of money, but can't be cancelled because of the contract's rules.
Donald Mach (27 days ago)
Robert Brunston : I suspect they're going to replace the A10's and perhaps the C-130's etc. with the alleged reverse engineered alien vehicles like the TR3B or the Aurora that also possess reverse engineered alien weaponry far more advanced and destructive than the mere A10's and C-130s etc. Just something to chew on!
Stephen in OZ (1 month ago)
...and when Isil is defeated, who with they shoot at? Have to go and find another war to justify the expenditure. The US spends $1.1 trillion on defence and armaments each year. If you take the 19 other members of the G20 countries, thats more than all their own defense budgets combined. Thats simply obscene. And yet the US has some of the lowest wage rates for semi skilled and unskilled workers amongst first world countries. Considering its supposed to be the wealthiest country in the world, that wealth does not reach the common person in the street. Trump said he was going to fix that, but as he gets to half way in his 4 year term, thats gone into the too hard basket. You have all been conned.
Sylvio Kolley (1 month ago)
Super klasse Maschinen die A-10 schade das die Babys nur noch mit Ersatzteilen fliegen . . . Ich wollt das man sie genau so wieder baut es sind mehr als nur Flugzeuge , es sind Legenden 👍👍👍👍👍
Abdullah Seba (1 month ago)
154 likes and 300k subs??
Blorox Cleach (1 month ago)
How many rounds of freedom in one second?
the red rocket ytuber (16 days ago)
Claudia Juarez shut the Fuck up
the red rocket ytuber (16 days ago)
Blorox Cleach about 5 eagles
Ronald Bosch (16 days ago)
Blorox Cleach I 8
Jack Hudner (18 days ago)
Just to get this conversation back on track, the GAU-8 mounted in this aircraft fires 65 rounds per second.
Alexander McInnis (28 days ago)
Claudia Juarez "Here, let me just marginalize and exaggerate rumors and conspiracy theories that I have heard and try to use them in the real world against people..." I hope you find the ability to diss your pre-confirmation bias against the U.S. and start to understand that the entire world is imperfect. The U.S. has not done anything that any other nation has not, to deny that would only make you seem more ignorant.
Paul Tomlin (1 month ago)
Wow! @ 6:38 ..... and 7:08
arkJ7 _ (22 days ago)
ceboz yeap
ceboz (22 days ago)
arkJ7 _ exatly! Of course it looks white because of the flir vision, but it’s clearly visible in both angles.. not my imagination, right?
arkJ7 _ (23 days ago)
ceboz at first i tought it was part of the camera but nope its not
ceboz (23 days ago)
Wtf is that white light globe?
arkJ7 _ (28 days ago)
Paul Tomlin 😲
Lee Hilton (1 month ago)
My 2nd cousin usta fly these. I've loved these bad boys since i was a little boy. Even had a model of one hanging from my ceiling in my room
garvin centcia (1 month ago)
There no dogfighting wheres the dogfighting. Man one of the only PLAIN in the U.S. fleet thats able to fight close range airbactics i was expecing a real dog fight wressing in THE air a qouter mile squer fighting ring.. hay flyboys thanks for your survives making ezer for ground trups. I wasnt to see a A-10 tellspin
phaed .tingley (1 month ago)
whats awesome about killing machines.
Jack Hudner (18 days ago)
What's awesome about them is they go BRRRRRT and everything on the other end gets fucking obliterated.
Bernd Heiden (27 days ago)
phaed .tingley That they kill those who want to kill you or your loved ones! Before they get a chance. I served in a F104 fighter-bomber sqadron in my days and I still love the sound of a Vulcan gattling gun! Or do you mean that you would love them to have their way and rather get killed than fight back? Or is killing other people O.K. as long as they don‘t kill you personaly? Sounds pretty selfish to me!
Lawrence H (1 month ago)
phaed .tingley everything is
That is some serious ordinance, anybody in a enemy tank hates that here the warthog coming .I don’t think that plane should ever be retired😎🇺🇸⚓️
robert brooks (3 days ago)
I 100 percent agree with you . I was in the Army we had a squadron of A10 on base. There bad ass
Enjoys Anal (25 days ago)
I agree
Naistus Family (1 month ago)
Are aliens real?
the red rocket ytuber (16 days ago)
Naistus Family yes they have been found but only unintelligent stuff like germs
goli880 (1 month ago)
the best is to explode all the arms factories like Lockheed the jewish military industrial complex in united states
Brandon Brandon (1 month ago)
goli880 You exhibit your ignorance quite openly. It's better for all if you just keep your opinion to yourself.
James Andrews (1 month ago)
goli880 And who protect you from external enemies for the balance of your life? You think people will not bother you ,simply because you ask them not to do so? Or worse , because you did nothing to them. Grow up !
goli880 (1 month ago)
looks like americans are so miserable that don't see anything but to make wars and be killed or kill what a mentally sick and deplorable nation
proudnavyveteran (16 hours ago)
go fuck your self
Watcher 2050 (11 days ago)
Troll Schill Bot!
patrick dullea (17 days ago)
Pick another country..why wait??
Soldier 88 (18 days ago)
john Blair I said Hoooahh
John Barracliff (24 days ago)
Claudia Juarez then stop calling us to bail your people out of the messes you all create if we're so ugly!
Mitchell Golston (1 month ago)
Love this plane grew up around it at England Afb in Alexandria Louisiana . the best tank buster ever
Mike Turco (1 month ago)
All these weapons are bullshit, merge the services and stop duplicating weapon systems. Army, navy, marines, airforce should become one, ww2 is long gone.
Robert Cornelius (1 month ago)
Millions of us don't want to be a tax payer anymore. Why should WE be paying for things that WE don't believe in?
Scott Carlon (16 days ago)
Go live in china.....by by.
patrick dullea (17 days ago)
Pick another country..why wait??
Jadden (29 days ago)
Claudia Juarez ... I don’t know where you got your information from but we don’t serve no one but our country. Now fuck off
Jadden (29 days ago)
Mitchell Golston . Why are you being a dick. I have friends and family serving & they serve for the country. America is ONE of the strongest nation. Fuck off now
dogprod sarazin (1 month ago)
7:15 what s the white point he fall and go by left quickly!??
george Clawson (1 month ago)
Awesome , glad they are on our side!

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