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Alien Captured by NASA full video

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Amazing videos of Alien captured by NASA, real alien secrets the government wont tell us. UFO Disclosure soon.
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Text Comments (61)
CriptedSilence (2 months ago)
Total shit
funtimemangle87 and arri (4 months ago)
This is fake alleins are far far far far away
your dad (1 year ago)
that's not alien stupid,that is my pet monkey...
SuckyStep (1 year ago)
there all Bigfoot!!
SuckyStep (1 year ago)
the first one looked like big foot
Aryan Jain (1 year ago)
YouTube pe alians k saath insanao ko b dekha gya he kya ye baat such he
Anthony m Salazar (1 year ago)
there are just something's that is not real
Khan Rahman (2 years ago)
This videos share us many secret matter of this universe. We are the real alien in this earth. Many cause we can find out. more details here https://monbadsha.blogspot.com/p/alienspot.html
zelpofgamesNL (2 years ago)
SHHolmes (2 years ago)
Chewbacca, is that you?
Lapis The Arctic Wolf (2 years ago)
lol so fake
Hassaan A. Lal (2 years ago)
yeti , bigfoot. then comes fake masked bitch.
phoenix Ghe (2 years ago)
I have a video a REAL one leaked from NASA showing flying unicorns attacking humans anally raping their victims .How can i get in contact with you im afraid that they gonna kill me ( NOT THE UNICORNS ) NASA , so i can give it to you so we can expose the real deal.I warn you...if the unicorns find out where you live i would not be responsible if you get raped by them!
Charantej (2 years ago)
+phoenix Ghe its ok dude....
phoenix Ghe (2 years ago)
+Tej Charan Its a joke dude ;) lol like this video 
Charantej (2 years ago)
really!! send me that video to my mail Charantej47@gmail.com
Nicole Drak (2 years ago)
That is so fake !!!! You can TELL!!!! STUPID
Carlos Trejo 2187 ! (2 years ago)
Fake and Gay !
phoenix rising (2 years ago)
SASQUATCH & YETI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzana Petrica (2 years ago)
he is a bogfod
KotElen (3 years ago)
please tell me , what is that song ;_: ?
salma tajwar (3 years ago)
Sab bKwas hai
Chris Dors (3 years ago)
these are Bigfoot youtube videos... nothing to do with Nasa.
Ehron Wells (3 years ago)
awlays out of focus.
FAUX_cOn ENE (3 years ago)
C un big foot pas un ufo
An Australian Bush Man (3 years ago)
The first one was me, I threw a frisbee and it landed in that long grass, I was trying to look for it. I didn't find it :(
Elisha Doyle (3 years ago)
Wow that is interesting. I've always wondered what aliens look like. Now I know, they look like men dressed up in costumes!!!
Deadpan Barry (3 years ago)
Fuckin waste of time watching this shite
KenHorse2 (3 years ago)
Attention Finding Bigfoot.. NASA has what you're looking for LOL
Short Side Snipe (3 years ago)
:35 is a guerilla
lol fake erry1 knovs humns ar only life in universesus
Cuong Lam (3 years ago)
I think lying in the title says it all
jmb jamili (3 years ago)
change the title of this video instead alien change it to gorilla !! gorilla captured by NASA full idiot !!! 
Sheriff Booger (3 years ago)
This song.......... Aliens and Ghost videos and sometimes myths and crim videos :P it seems to be the song for that kinds videos
mikeyjames1000 (3 years ago)
Where's nasa? Did they catch It? Haha
goob (3 years ago)
My crew and I not me and my crew idiot.
Craig Sibley (3 years ago)
NASA? Pray tell, what makes you believe that?
Tony Greco (3 years ago)
Nasa huh?  Why get people to watch by lying in the Title?
Schon Lake (3 years ago)
Nonsense because NASA doesn't conduct ground operations on earth to hunt for aliens or bigfoot. Just because NASA is space oriented doesn't mean they investigate aliens. Most of this stuff is hobbies. Real agents of MJ12 or Secret Quarter9 CIA agents get zeroed out before they are released or killed. So what we did by the end of the day we don't remember. but it may come back in dreams or bits as it isn't 100% effective. 
XxItsPrimeTimexX ! (3 years ago)
Im scared
Jon-Luc Prudhomme (3 years ago)
OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS!!!??? Oh they're just people in costumes that are scripted to scare people? Oh ok.
Gavin Hadley (3 years ago)
Definitely an alien...from Mexico
Aichomancer (3 years ago)
It looks like a gorilla in a deciduous forest. It's highly possible that it escaped from the zoo. @Original guy who recorded, instead of putting a green filter over your video put your camera in night vision mode so it doesn't get so distorted ._. People on the internet WILL believe an escaped gorilla is an extraterrestrial (unfortunately).
Carley-Sue Sieklucki (3 years ago)
I agree completely.
Ro Jones (3 years ago)
Wow.. by far one of the worst fake video's
Carley-Sue Sieklucki (3 years ago)
anacorita salazar (3 years ago)
OfficialBassMerchant (3 years ago)
Moron !!!
CamelHole (3 years ago)
Dallas Rein (3 years ago)
what a shit video...the blair alien project.
Fiona Delhaye (3 years ago)
rick rijnierse (3 years ago)
anusha kamalakannan (4 years ago)
not too scary i think so may be an eye rumourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
MrMarkone66 (4 years ago)
Carley-Sue Sieklucki (3 years ago)
MrMarkone66 (3 years ago)
+Sweet Sweettarts thanks
Carley-Sue Sieklucki (3 years ago)
That f****ing funny what you said(:
Valiant Thor (4 years ago)
What a load of shite!
Zachary Pflieger (4 years ago)
Sarcasm cannot be read guy
Hando Crow (4 years ago)
Amazing I'm convinced now, i really am.
JustMakinProgress (4 years ago)
Pretty phukin stupid.

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