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How To Play Slap Jack

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If you have ever played this comment down below 1-10 how you liked it.
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I LIEK TURTLES (1 month ago)
Do you know what a sandwich is in the game? Its were you slap when it's one card the same but a card off.
Not Adriane Mamucud (2 months ago)
How many times do u hear umm?
simbelina22 (3 months ago)
Played this game with about 10 people before and had very bruised hands by the end of it. So much fun though!
Shell Larney (3 months ago)
You are do it rong
earthly (2 months ago)
Shell Larney The correct spelling is wrong... Get your spelling right before you criticize people's videos :)
Mahvelous 21 (3 months ago)
1:15 That’s a cheap move
Scarlett Galligan (4 months ago)
Just playef
Drake Boy25 (4 months ago)
10:42 good
itz me (5 months ago)
i thought that if it’s a queen the other person puts down two cards and if it’s a king the other person puts down three cards and you slap the deck if it’s a jack double or sand which and when you slap it you take the card into your deck and the first person to run out loses
Xyla Tube (5 months ago)
I think if its a Jack you put 1 card if its a queen 2 cards if its a king 3 cards and Ace is 4 cards and if you put the same card you slap it
Sleeping Blue (5 months ago)
Priscilla S. (6 months ago)
Saisudha Gudi (6 months ago)
Frank Tartaglione (9 months ago)
it was different on grand parents.com
Victor Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Ghost X (9 months ago)
its called egpytian ratscrew 10
Kimberly Hogin (10 months ago)
I just played slap jack
Stephanie M (10 months ago)
What the heck is a sandwich?
potato head (10 months ago)
First of all u did it wrong u don’t put your cards u slapped on the side u put them in your deck your playing with and if u have no more cards u lose it’s the first person to run out of cards that’s loses not just wait until he puts a jack...
Kanagasabai Rajarathinam (11 months ago)
You guys did a mistake, there were two times where there was a sandwich and nobody slapped it.
Madison Gable (1 year ago)
They did it wrong you have to slap it then the other person takes the cards
Felix Mai (1 year ago)
That is not how to play that games
Lox Coco (1 year ago)
This game is really difficult
Will Kibodeaux (1 year ago)
this isn't slap jack this is ERS But they added rules
James Bumb (1 year ago)
They missed so much!
Purpl (1 year ago)
they keep on slapping it as they put it down. That's not fair.
Owen Kerr (1 year ago)
Last One (1 year ago)
1:54 dude bents his card trying to slap a card
Last One (1 year ago)
I think it's funny that he vents his card that many times
XThe6h0st (1 year ago)
They forgot one rule, when they place face cards like kings queens and aces, for queen the opponent has 2 tries to place a face card or sandwich, for King, they have 3 tries to place face cards or sandwich, and ace is 4 tries to make sandwich or face card. If the person who placed the face guard down does get the other opponent trapped, that person takes the cards.
Jenn (5 months ago)
That's ERS (Egyptian Ratscrew) dummy
Ben Kavaliauskas (5 months ago)
That's Egyptian Ratscrew
Emma Aries (8 months ago)
it's the same game but it's just a rule they forgot
Lenore Dunn (1 year ago)
What the name of that game I’m trying to tell a friend
Albert Lam (1 year ago)
Lol 😝 zoomed in in the girl on the rights foot😜
Toby Studios (1 year ago)
the sandwich is when a card is being SANDWICHED by 2 of the same cards
Paris Grace Edwards (1 year ago)
I'm not for sure but t I saw somewhere that if you slap it when it's not supposed to then you have to put in cards
I'm person (2 months ago)
You burn a card
Rachel Marie (11 months ago)
Paris Grace Edwards yep
sNip (1 year ago)
Thank you both
oK.A.Y (1 year ago)
the guy on the right is a cheater.. when he puts his card down his hand hovers for like a second.
Nathan Moore (1 year ago)
Slap Jack is SO cool
Jen (1 year ago)
lol i saw that
Azadeh Khamooshi (1 year ago)
there was a sandwhich and a double at the biggening
J Animations (1 year ago)
this really helped
J Animations (1 year ago)
John Garcia (1 year ago)
JamOnToast (1 year ago)
This is a weird variation of snap
Hayden Grey (1 year ago)
10 -10
Jason Deng (2 years ago)
helped me a lot when I tried to translated a book.
ViSp Blaziken (2 years ago)
your buitiful
LPS Superhero TV (2 years ago)
just saying when you put a ace u put 4 cards when you put king you put 3 when you put queen you put 2 when you put jack you put a 1 and you dont slap when put a jack you only slap when you have the 2 same number digit
Ben Kavaliauskas (5 months ago)
That's Egyptian Ratscrew get it right
At the beginning of the video the color of the backs of all the cards are red and then at 0:52 they are blue.
Kaylee Shultz (2 years ago)
Sarah Woodham (2 years ago)
I thought u put down three more when u get a king
Belal Mobaidin (3 years ago)
Slezy D (3 years ago)
star dust (3 years ago)
At the end there was two nine that means you could of slapped it and he had a massive pile so the one u just slapped could of gone against his pile and then when your pile was gone he could of kept playing cards.
zachary cohen (2 years ago)
I know
anonomously anonymous (3 years ago)

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