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No Man's Sky Easy Money 1.3 (Update Works In 1.34)

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New method makes the most money for advanced players remember to subscribe for more awesome daily videos and thank you for watching
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Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
I know i said no more videos today i had to push this one out tonight instead of tomorrow due to the size of the next NMS video huge tutorial coming tomorrow couldn't start the recording today sorry for spamming you my sub's :(
Irish Cowboy (1 year ago)
Everton Jon hot planets. When you scan look for several purple icons clustered together. Also they don't grow when you're offline.
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
korvax freighters have been the cheapest for me so try a poor system with korvax and if they get attacked by pirates help them out it lowers the price of the firefighter and your graviton's try moving your freighter i haven't came across this problem they normally take about 30 mins in real time but that timer will pause if your on the pause menu so i suggest mining whilst you wait or explore ?
Everton Jon (1 year ago)
Sir Chompy Face All I want is to just finally find a god damn graviton ball Mines been growing for hours but it won't work It's fully charged Any ideas ? And what's the best way to get a very very cheap freighter Thanks 🙂
Freki last name (1 year ago)
Is this still working as of 1.37? If you answer I will sub.
Freki last name (1 year ago)
Clever Witty Gaming thanks.
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
im not sure i have to do some more testing to figure out what is the best way now i will be making a video soon on this
angeldown27 (1 year ago)
Just a quick question on upgrades in tech? Take the jetpack boosters do I need to keep sigma if I have tau does it effect it if I deleted sigma?? Any help Thanks
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
id keep both because the effect stacks unless it comes to warp drives sigma tau and theta all need to been installed to go to different types of star systems sigma:red Tau:Green Theta:blue but as for jetpacks so just like your multi tools the effects should stack i will do a full investigation at some point to confirm it
Thomas Craig (1 year ago)
Living glass is the best bro i think
Javier M (1 year ago)
there is a better bug the containers on a crashed freighter reset if you reload or enter/leave the planet ton of units + nanite
Олег Жданов (1 year ago)
Still work in 1.34?
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
If i find one ill let you new i just moved galaxy's. :P
Олег Жданов (1 year ago)
Sir Chompy Face btw, have you find any paradise planet, without storm, radiation and whatever? Mine was ruined with acid rain after 1.30 And I can't find a good replacement
Олег Жданов (1 year ago)
Sir Chompy Face thanks!
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
yes :)
Lamb Sauce Gamer (1 year ago)
I just scrapped cactus flesh and mordite :😁
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
oh no lol :P
Adiuvat (1 year ago)
So all of your money making videos depends on farming in a freighter which i dont have....they want millions and millions of money to buy a freighter what should i do?
Shawn Pittman (1 year ago)
Build glass domes at your base. They're basically greenhouses now with built in slots for plants (13 slots if you have a door going into the dome, 16 if you access the dome via ladder) They don't require fuel to operate either. Just plant and wait. I have a living glass farm that requires no effort past initially planting everything.
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
build a base cause you can do the same on a home planet :)
jesse B (1 year ago)
how do u get the blue prints for that shit
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
scientist missions in your base will unlock the blueprints for the stuff you need :)
Jason M (1 year ago)
I'd look into Living Glass production. 40M/hr roughly, once you have everything set up properly. Basically need to set up a farm with bio-domes (or planters, but you don't have to refuel biodomes) for glass and lubricant production. 30 minute grow time for Gamma weed and Coprite (for lubricant - 10 Gamma weed and 3 Coprite per dome), 15 minute grow time for Frostwort. With a single biodome on a frozen planet (to grow my Frostwort outside), I pull in just over 1M every 30 minutes or so. Once you're completely set up, you can easily make 40M/hr. Check here for in-depth details on it: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/6txrd8/optimizing_farming_special_note_living_glass/ Note: This was NOT my discovery - found the info on No Man's Sky subreddit.
Otter (1 year ago)
I feel like this will get nerfed after the next patch :(
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
That could be possible but its seems with each patch they are add more features to make and spend money i dont mind them nerfing it if we can own space stations :P
123toxicthug123 (1 year ago)
Ahh i see you took my tip from the other video.
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
Yes i did just needed to test it out first it took a while for the cactus to grow i collected the first lot from a planet but i messed up the end of the video so i had to get more and re shoot i released it early as tomorrows new video will be a good one
Edgar Poe (1 year ago)
For me, making circuit boards is the best way. I got lucky in my system. I have 4 planets right on top of each other that all have the ingredients for the circuit board. They sell for 1.4 million a piece in my system. With a 48 slot ship, at 5 circuit boards a slot at 1.4 million a piece, that's roughly 336 million an hour. I love this game!!!!!!
SerSmokes 92 (1 year ago)
Edgar Poe send me ur glyphs to your plant base
Edgar Poe (1 year ago)
Edit: Roughly 336 million including the exosuit spaces, minus the slots with tech in them on the ship.
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
yes its all about business and being and evil pirate or is that just me mu ha ha
Everton Jon (1 year ago)
Hey first here
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice to see someone eager for my video! :) <3

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