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LowSpecGamer: how to run Grand Theft Auto 5 under the minimum requirements

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is the ultimate do everything sandbox, here is how to increase performance on a low end computer. Here is what is on the script shown at the end of the video: start steam://rungameid/271590 timeout 60 wmic process where name="GTA5.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" wmic process where name="gtavlauncher.exe" CALL setpriority "idle" wmic process where name="subprocess.exe" CALL setpriority "idle" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The laptop used for this video has the following specifications: CPU: Dual-core 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7-2637M RAM: 4 GB DDR3 VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M All gameplay footage is taken using an external video capture device. Intro footage taken from the official GTA5 trailer by Rockstar. Some very short GTA3 footage is taken from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM8KKIoZ5dA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the LowSpecGamer on twitter! https://twitter.com/LowSpec_Gamer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Used: Victory by Will Bedford Victorious by SpiderDave Blargh by Rocoow Quelle Surprise by Rocoow
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Text Comments (10556)
Mohammad Alshaher (1 day ago)
I Have A (Low_Good) Spec But I Really Love Your VideosYou Are Smart Person Subscribed..
Oliver Kandir (3 days ago)
please make a video of just cause 3
Ayoub .G (3 days ago)
Hit like if you a low spec gamer
Omq (3 days ago)
i'd rather take ur pc and play the game at the default settings
CR7 playZ (4 days ago)
Sanandreas 2
im pussy? (4 days ago)
oof this actually got me banned for a month
Dhan The cuber (4 days ago)
You mean i7 is low end? I'm done😁
Mostafa Tarek (4 days ago)
But........but HOW???? 😂
Satyanarayan Goswami (7 days ago)
Its my dream game....i will play it one day
GABRIEL MATOS (7 days ago)
esse cara é muito foda
Gaming Disaster (8 days ago)
Can u please give a .bat file for csgo pleaseeee reply!!! Please! I really want to play and I have a prob after the map loads it goes black and when I minimize and maximize 3 or 4 times then it comes back.. lowspecgamer please make a .bat file and tell tips. For increase in csgo from 20 fps (I get 20-30fps)
Today we download TWD (9 days ago)
0:28 find u funny😂😂
Killer786 (9 days ago)
sad news is i have a chipset in which gta sa lags
Darius Andrei (10 days ago)
Can I play GTA V ultra super low on my pc specs Intel Pentium 3 1.4Ghz 512 mb ram 8mb vram windows 7
A.kadir İbrahimoğlu (12 days ago)
thanks bro
Nikhil Joseph (14 days ago)
thank you so much for giving those of us gamers without a bottomless pocket a chance to enjoy these games!!
Yash Kumar (15 days ago)
It work in 4gb ram no graphic card Intel i5 ??
Solarmon (15 days ago)
Why am i here? I can play gta atleast 80fps with veryhigh-high-med graphics AA is on 16x. Probably cause i enjoy lsg alottt
Gta San Andreas Remastered xD
soumalya babu (16 days ago)
Can it run on 2 gb ram?
Benjamin .v (16 days ago)
Mi pc es de intel 3,7 GHz intel 3 y 4 RAM y resolución 1920.1080 no tengo tarjeta gráfica me corera
julian butler (16 days ago)
Anybody notice dickbutt in the documents folder?
Joshua Rebello (17 days ago)
I'm running a gt 610 card and I almost lost hope until I found your channel last year, keep making videos mate! Also, could you check out Rings of Elysium? Thanks !
RufsGamingLv (17 days ago)
Water looks like GTA IV 🤣
The Noob (17 days ago)
my Dream Is Run Gta 5 in my Pc For 2.3 GHz 4gb Ram 128Mb Vram
Stasian Atanasov (17 days ago)
basically ps 3 and xbox 360 graphics
_SnoW_ (17 days ago)
one tip give resolution to 800:600 give shadows back and boost your cores in mscofig 1 to 4 and give maximum performance on baterie well done :}
tech with harsh (18 days ago)
RektBums (18 days ago)
How about Intel HD graphics, 1.10Ghz,4 Gb ram
Mustafa Sarikaya (19 days ago)
I have got Dual core E5200 2.5 ghz 3 gb ddr2 ram Hd6350 512mb Can I play GTA V with this tactics?
Mustafa Sarikaya (18 days ago)
+Ricardo The PC Wizard so? Can I play it 😂😂😂
Ricardo The PC Wizard (18 days ago)
You're lucky to run windows on that thing
POnale CocktailS (19 days ago)
thinking about to test low end laptop or a budget laptop what about u test the acer spin 1 it has petty much some kind of low spec https://www.amazon.com/Acer-SP111-31N-C4UG-Celeron-Storage-Obsidian/dp/B06VY28NR3/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1538139067&sr=1-3&keywords=acer+spin+1&dpID=41st2j7Au6L&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
Ricardo The PC Wizard (19 days ago)
I have an intel core i5 3470 with 8gb 1600mhz ram, and a Gigabyte GT 1030 OC, Over clocked to 1690mhz core clock and 6190mhz memory clock. The GT 1030 is a picky card depending on the graphics settings, if set too low the graphics will slowly render. GTA 5 at 1600X900 resolution on the highest graphics settings, no distance scaling or anti aliasing. I average almost 40 FPS.
Nintendo Fan Unity (19 days ago)
GTA IV but playable graphics!
adolf hitler (20 days ago)
in 26 of octomber 2018 gta needs 81 gigs
Spyzer (20 days ago)
will my pc run gta 5 on normal settings my specs 12gb ram nvidia gtx 650 intel core i3 3.30ghz
shameel farzana (21 days ago)
You are my hero
Cristian D. Diez C. (21 days ago)
hey, great videos, some method for play fortnite to good fps ?
WarZ (21 days ago)
Get one of the Rocket League updated
XDA Softonic (21 days ago)
Looking like GTA V Graphics 😂🤣😂🤣
mastakilla2234 (22 days ago)
i have a somewhat strange problem. My PC will easily run the game at medium settings but after about 5 (10 if im lucky) it will just crash and freeze my pc. i have tried a few things and nothing helps. if anyone has had or fixed this problem please help me.
Makio 23 (22 days ago)
"i can hear my computer crying" xddddd
Satwik Pandey (23 days ago)
Will this work in 2core cpu
Satwik Pandey (23 days ago)
But my pc lags while playing gta sa
Enzoque (23 days ago)
My pc is Amd radeon 6570 4gb ram ddr3 Core i5
Dylan Brookbank (25 days ago)
That looks cheeks
mrcal3132 (25 days ago)
you give me hope sir!
Hbskywalker02 (25 days ago)
Behicles. Hehehe
Hyoudou Isses (26 days ago)
lol this is look like a shitty mobile simulator game :)))))
Just_ Destroyer (27 days ago)
@3:53 why is there a folder called "dickbutt"?
Umair Amir (27 days ago)
Can I play Intel core i3 2400 2gb ram Intel hd graphics 3000
NitroWasHere (23 days ago)
OOF dear god no
Kasper Dobel (28 days ago)
can we talk about the dickbutt folder in his documents? no one?... alright then.....
Eugene DropOut (28 days ago)
Gta v run: Amd athlon x2 II 270 Amd radeon hd 5450 4gb ram 64 bits ?????
Ricardo The PC Wizard (18 days ago)
Allyouhadtodowas (29 days ago)
Lmao looks like San andreas
Johanz Santiago (1 month ago)
i7-4500u gt740m 4gb ram can i play?
Ricardo The PC Wizard (18 days ago)
Yes maybe medium settings.
malcolm the husky (1 month ago)
ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em *Read more*
Tiny TinaDK (1 month ago)
When I run that script it says: there is no program associated to preform the requested action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel. What should I do?
Andrea Bello (1 month ago)
Tip 2 I just buy the game from the Rockstar site how I do??? 😭😭
Rishav Paudel (1 month ago)
my spec is intel i5 8 gb ram Nvidia g force DDR5 2 gb ram but when i open GTA5 it says system cant respond
nepin HD (1 month ago)
2gb ram ?
Notdaflyking (1 month ago)
I have gtx 1050 ti and icore i3 am i a low spec gamer.
The Nuker (1 month ago)
you are my hero
Tomas Baniar (1 month ago)
Hey please do you think game will be run without lagging ? Windows 10, VIDEO CARD: GeForce 920M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz RAM 4 GB
Ricardo The PC Wizard (18 days ago)
It will lag
AlexM (1 month ago)
Anyone else has a gaming PC but watches these vids cuz they're entertaining?
MADE BY WATER?! (1 month ago)
I have some bug when i drive on the roads. Te texture bugging, not load. How to fix it?
Royalcs (1 month ago)
Problem with Driving low fps
Larry the lobster (1 month ago)
Can my PC run it: GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4200 CPU:AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 B24 Processor Memory:3 GB Systems: Microsoft windows 10 pro(64 bit)
AlexM (1 month ago)
On low settings and windowed resolution under 1366x768, yes.
hacker man (1 month ago)
dickbutt is a folder name
Kemo (1 month ago)
gt 420m gta 5 4 ram i3 can i Play gta5?
Zeph Johnson (1 month ago)
Aviation Gaming (1 month ago)
Best part: 9:57
Michaël Gisclair (1 month ago)
haha Nice! It legit looks like GTA: SA! This is probably what I'd have to do to run it on my Toshiba Satellite. But I'd probably have to do a factory reset first. 😂 Luckily, I've been saving up for a laptop in the $600 and lower range. My aim with the specs is the recommended system requirements for GTA 5, which I know is pretty standard for 2018, but it's the most I can afford, unfortunately. Don't have $1000+ to spend on a decent gaming laptop. Even $500 will be breaking my bank. lol
KevinPrado (1 month ago)
I'll give it a try. Let's see if my low end laptop runa gtaV
Chucklz (1 month ago)
Stop, you are slowing my computer down
ruchika girdhar (1 month ago)
That's like GTA San Andreas REMASTERED!
Gage Parker (1 month ago)
i wonder if this will run on a fuckin geforce 210 and a core 2 duo e8400
DeadHead0ne (1 month ago)
Will i be able to run it on my laptop with these specs? 4gb DDR4 RAM Amd Dual Core A6 2.9GHz Amd Radeon R4s GPU
Halil Çetin (1 month ago)
Sniper ghost warrior 3
Joel Napadenschi (1 month ago)
haha i have a good gaming computer gtx 1060 6gb i7 7700hq ssd 256gb hdd 2000gb 16gb ram 1920x1080 screen 60fps up in ultra settings msaa 2x txaa on and i use redux mod is a graphics mod and it see ultra realistic normally in a comuter it slower with the redux mod.
Aleksi 64 (1 month ago)
I don't have settings in my Gta folder
Jay Shin (1 month ago)
I tried for my laptop to play this game, but its so laggy and every lunch shows low memory and its so hot...
PieseleQowskyy (1 month ago)
what if I got not-steam GTA V version?
Moyasser Mohammed (1 month ago)
plz can u upload tweaks for saint row 3 and 4 plzzzzzzzz
Zenzeki (1 month ago)
if you have such a bad computer how did you purchase gta v in the first place(idk how much it is in $ its like 160 in my currency here, and a gaming laptop is like 5k in my currency) .-.
Kalyb Holland (1 month ago)
Last gen
Poney (1 month ago)
It's looks like gta San andreas 😂
pro gamer nl (1 month ago)
Guitar Sam (1 month ago)
Me: *knows nothing about code or computers* Says something about coding Me: yeah yeah that’s what I was thinking
Arvind Shrimali (1 month ago)
Please tell me what are the specs of your pc
James Chua (1 month ago)
Lol looks like gta 3
CannyMations (1 month ago)
"Jiggabytes" Love it
Sem Futuro (1 month ago)
verdadeiro pai dos pobres
ilyes bence (1 month ago)
This working online?
MaN UniteD FCC (1 month ago)
potato pc 😀😀
Carl Johnson (1 month ago)
I have a laptop with i5 4300U 1.9ghz(2.4 turbo) HD 4400 4gb ram HDD and I get 25-30 fps with a lot of stuttering and lag spikes... everything low....I tried disabling shadows....less lod value.....missing texture thingy and all that..I get same fps when I set some setting to high....then I found out that my HD 4400 is not causing the stuttering/lag......my disk activity goes to 100% and stay there forever (I assume this is because the system is swapping data from HDD instead of ram because the ram is full)....when not in a completely open area....and when moving fast or near city....and in the city it becomes unplayably choppy.....I get 25fps...but with some serious stuttering....then I tried Smart Game Booster 4...and it reduced stuttering noticeably by freeing up ram....but still unplayable stuttering in city....
SmallXI (1 month ago)
How’s my set up? AMD ryzen 2200 3.47 GHz GTX 1050 (4gb) 8gb ddr4 Asus prime A320m-k motherboard?
Ricardo The PC Wizard (18 days ago)
It will play gta 5 on high settings
LoLplayer cimadon (1 month ago)
cade os br pc da xuxa
SluGGCat :D (1 month ago)
you think laptop with i7 and 4gb of RAM is low end?
I have 4GB ram, but it is not laggy for me! My CPU stays at 60% maximum
Sergei Mishkin (1 month ago)
Can i play GTA5 on my notebook? : AMD A8 4500m 6GB RAM HD7640G (integrated) I want just 30fps
The Big (1 month ago)
How to use this notepad toll my game is not from steam
Gaming clips (1 month ago)
Gta san andreas v

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