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Skyrim Dragonborn (DLC): Hermaeus Mora - An Ancient Evil

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Text Comments (291)
TooGayForYay (1 month ago)
Since this video is old as dirt and no one is going to find this comment, I'd just like to say that Hermaeus Mora turns me on.
Bertalan Fabian (2 months ago)
This voice is so epic!
knightlitesoldier (3 months ago)
I have a Witcher 3 music overhaul mod and it replaces the music in apocrypha with Gaunter O'Dimm's theme. It honestly fits perfectly imo
Thanator Rider (4 months ago)
I am Hermaeus Mora. I love books. And this Plane of Oblivion is a true treasure trove!
rjlundholm89 (6 months ago)
I am going to assuem that the books are just alot of Tenticle Hentai.
Kyn Chan (7 months ago)
You get so many gifts from Hermaeus Mora.
fizzie (8 months ago)
Yog-Sothoth for real tho.
Zyl'Aaeria (10 months ago)
Love this guy. I remember when I first played Skyrim I wanted to stay away from the Daedric shit, but Hermaeus Mora's offers were just far too tempting for me. His offer of infinite knowledge is exactly what I always sought my entire life. I'd never turn that down in all honesty & if he were real I'd probably worship him. Bethesda did an amazing job with him in this game.
Aurjelling (11 months ago)
6:00-6:05 I thought the first time he said; "Send the Skaal semen to me"..... uuuuh, wait, what?!
Memento Mori (1 year ago)
My favorite daedra.
Sexual Lobster (1 year ago)
He's not really evil but its hard to explain
Nihilus (1 year ago)
Why does he sound like he touches kids?
The Black Flame (1 year ago)
I never knew Tai lopez was a daedric prince.
the big boys (1 year ago)
does hermaeus mora's dialogue change if you've already become his champion? i remember seeing it but this was my first playthrough with the dlc and i haven't become his champion yet
Mr. Salad (7 months ago)
Yeah if you meet him with septimus and then go there the options will be: what do you want this time, or you calling him your lord again
arun bhattarai (1 year ago)
after talking with mora i am stuck in same place. plz help me?
Samantha Barber (1 year ago)
Okie, he reminds me of someone. Not in terms of looks or voice, but he kind of reminds me of Wu Shi Tong, from Avatar the Last Airbender, and Legend of Korra. :33
The only difference is that Mora doesn't care what you do with that knowledge, as long as you pay him with knowledge.
dihydrogen monoxide (1 year ago)
hermaeus mora's spare eyeballs looks like a discoball
TheDymed (1 year ago)
I always loved how H.P Lovecraft in influenced this DLC was.
I think his appearance is to also point out that Knowledge while enlightening, can also be incomprehensible at the same time, besides resembling Yog Soggoth.
TheDymed (1 year ago)
You are correct sir he did. The Yog Soggoth re style of Hermaeus Mora just hit the spot for me, not to mention the atmosphere of Apocrypha. :D
Furkan Sevgili (1 year ago)
actually this guy appeared before in tes 2 :D but his look were totally different
Jane therockAusten (1 year ago)
Awesome voice! sounds like an evil Winnie the Pooh😂
Jeremy Chicken (2 years ago)
he kinda has voice cracks
Wolfger Lynel (2 years ago)
he is so gross...
"and he was rewarde ded" xD
VAUHTERI (2 years ago)
his voice makes me wet
Nazeem (2 years ago)
mora reminds me of yog sothoth from hp lovecraft
Katelyn Bodiford (1 year ago)
Hermaeus Mora looks like Black Doom's Third Eye from Shadow the Hedgehog because of his appearance
Zellig (1 year ago)
Oh Yoig sothoth you ALWAYS say that but YOU'RE just waiting to drop some knowlege on a fool that will make him pry out his own eyeballs, no!?
Yog-Sothoth (1 year ago)
Cthulhu is a bitch. Trust me.
Zellig (2 years ago)
I want to lick your eyeballs.
MythicHunt (2 years ago)
+Zellig uh you actually think there real I mean it has the same probability of existing but still those gods drive you mad
Phenurio (2 years ago)
He sounds better in german :D
gloud00 0 (2 years ago)
his form can seem to be gross. but at the same time, it can be seen to be mysterious as looking.
Dustin Massow (2 years ago)
This isn't from the original skyrim, is it?
Reign Svpreme (2 years ago)
+LazerBacon Actually Dragonborn is Skyrim's third dlc. It goes Dawnguard, HearthFire, then Dragonborn ;)
Gladiator Studios (2 years ago)
+Dustin Massow It's from Skyrim's second DLC: Dragonborn
crapshoot (2 years ago)
I can stare at Hermy blinking all day O_O
MrDibara (2 years ago)
"*Knowledge... for knowledge.*" My favourite line. I'm just glad your character doesn't seem to belosing his/her sanity anytime soon, if you know what I mean.
Jonathan Tramel (2 years ago)
Wish I had that voice...
Hermaeus Mora is demonic, yet very humble.
Sabr3cat (3 years ago)
His voice is so darkly alluring, perfect voice for a daedric Prince.
Einsam Scheissekopf (3 years ago)
I'm still deeply turned on by this lovecraft shit. And his voice is perfect.
TooGayForYay (1 month ago)
This is a mood *sweats*
Katelyn Bodiford (1 month ago)
Nathan Piliponis He kinda reminds me of Doom's Eye Black Doom's Third Eye from Shadow the Hedgehog because of his appearance the eye in the center and the starfish like body.
Katelyn Bodiford (1 month ago)
Einsam Scheissekopf He Who Waits Behind The Wall.
Deryl Lovecraft (10 months ago)
That voice gives me a woody
Nathan Piliponis (1 year ago)
Forgotten Syrup cosmicism mainly. I feel like herma mora is more of an homage to yog-sothoth which is an ancient deity older than time appearing as a mess of tentacles and eyes. The dimensional-jumping and forbidden knowledge aspect of the dlc is also very lovecraft-esque, for a lot of people went mad from their thirst for power and herma moras influence.
204863 (3 years ago)
Hermaeus Mora, Aka the voice int he Void, and the Antigod of anything, is the 16th Daedric prince. He's the most powerful of God of Oblivion. Yaaagh'rghgnh Herma'Morath Ekt !
Franken Stein (3 years ago)
Mora is as Lovecraftian as Daedra get man.. I love that.
Jakob Hallberg (3 years ago)
+Franken Stein As an avid reader, I absolutely love the homage to the tentacle-goodness....
Tsumefan2 (3 years ago)
he sounds like sidorak from bionicle and the strange thing was i just had a dream where i heard his voice
DSFARGEG00 (3 years ago)
Too bad Tony Jay wasn't around to give ol' Herma-Mora his voice.
iknothatukno (3 years ago)
This is literally one of my favorite voices ever
Tim Meijer (3 years ago)
I like the original voice better for some reason. More graceful
Nagoragama (3 years ago)
I love how the voice actor goes from a breathy whisper to a gravelly growl then back to a whisper in one line of dialogue. It's a strange delivery that emphasizes the alien-ness of Hermaeus Mora.
Katelyn Bodiford (1 month ago)
+blood and silver His voice kinda of reminds me of Him from The Powerpuff Girls because Him's voice changes tone when he talks.
Forgotten Syrup (1 year ago)
there's something about Herameaus Mora's design that gets to me. his voice combined with his body actually seems more perfect and divine than any of the others who apear in the elder scrolls.
Forgotten Syrup (1 year ago)
gloud00 0 (2 years ago)
+Fine Carpa creepy! you are right. i have forgotten it before you said.
FineCarpa (2 years ago)
+gloud00 Powerful, but creepy at the same time
Some dude (3 years ago)
My favorite Daedra :)
jelloegg (3 years ago)
He sounds sort of like the Sloth Demon bear from the Mage origin in Dragon Age: Origins. (Nope. Different voice actor. Sound similar though.)
Jakob Hallberg (3 years ago)
I got incredibly relaxed while listening to Mora, almost fell asleep xD
Helljumper 4 (3 years ago)
I could see him snapping a tendril like he was snapping his fingers yelling "hey! Wake up! I'm talking here!"
Kim Bach (4 years ago)
Only played Skyrim so far in the TES serie. But this has to be one of my favorite daedric princes :) How Clavicus Vile comes close, I love how he tries to fulfil your wishes, but in a bad way ;)
Kekkonen (4 years ago)
how on earth has he got that far whit that gear?
Kimberly (3 years ago)
+Olli Eskelinen I think i got to this quest too soon too, idk man it just happens, i think i got through most of it becuase i hired marcurio.
Papa Nurgle (4 years ago)
Plagueman (4 years ago)
I love how there is one Daedra-centric DLC for each of the recent Elder Scrolls games. Morrowind had Bloodmoon which focused on Hircine. Oblivion had Shivering Isles and the wonderfully demented Sheogorath not to mention its main quest was focused heavily on Mehrunes Dagon. And now we have Dragonborn with Hermaeus Mora my favorite Daedric prince. I've gotta be honest, I was not expecting the hideous eldritch library we see in dragonborn so when I first got into the Apocrypha sections, the inner Lovecraft nerd kinda jizzed in his pants.
Sabr3cat (3 years ago)
+Plagueman I'm of pretty heavy belief that it'll be in Elsweyr, since the Hope of the Redoran in Skyrim mentions a Khajiti name for the hero instead of an Argonian one.
desmond duckket (3 years ago)
The most credible one would be Sithis, if it is Black Marsh
Plagueman (3 years ago)
Maybe next game. Which I hope is in Black Marsh. pls.
Van Bur3n (3 years ago)
A shame that Molag Bal's potential was wasted on that crummy MMO and not in a real TES game.
Sol AFRO (4 years ago)
That was confusing voice acting...can that even be considered good voice acting because it sounds like a joke to me...
TheRealCheddar (2 years ago)
+Sol AFRO I know your post was made a year ago, but I don't care. Can that even be considered good voice acting? Yes, yes it can. Wes Johnson shows a great mastery of his voice when acting out Herma Mora's lines. It's not terribly easy to do what he did in the slightest. Herma Mora is an ancient being that puts Knowledge before all else, so it's only natural that he would speak slowly and deliberately. As if individually picking each word out of a dictionary to fit his needs. The way he speaks(a kind of shifting tone) shares parallels with the physical form he often chooses. An amorphous body of formless tentacles and more eyes than you can count. The speech pattern reflects how his form ebbs and flows. Wes put out the most fitting voice for a character such as this.
DeutschKind (3 years ago)
+K. Mufasa His point was the voice actor did his best for a prompt that made no fucking sense. Tell an actor, that isn't messed up in the head, to act as if they are on the moon for the very first time. Very, very few can make the scene look believable. Now take that to a whole new level, and tell the voice actor that you're a ball of tentacles trying to convince a guy who kills dragons for a living to become, essentially, your thrall.. They're gonna look at you like you're fuckin' nuts. Honestly, the guy did the best he could do, and it came out a lot better than I think a lot of other voice actors could do.
Lura (3 years ago)
best voice in the game
Sol AFRO (4 years ago)
+roman11777 I feel like he'd talk that way to anyone..
roman11777 (4 years ago)
Hermaeus speaks to the Dragonborn in an affable and beguiling voice because he wants the Dragonborn to become his emissary.
Escape The World (4 years ago)
The japanese tentacle monster
Taimps (4 years ago)
i hate some daedras because they talk too slowly :).
Sir, Memester (2 months ago)
Taimps Exactly! Im So... So Mad That You cant skip it, and no one else thinks that, thats not even a tiny bit annoying.
Gregz (3 years ago)
+ComputerDoggz Don't you care for the feel and immersion of the game world?
Taimps (4 years ago)
at same mission when herma mora talked it was so annoying because i wasn't able to skip that
Valdet Paumi (4 years ago)
It's weird how an immortal being who can appear however he wants chooses to appear as a frog-eyed tentacle monster which doesn't even relate to his aspect.
Noble Ward (4 years ago)
Now I wish I had been more respectful when he was the wretched abyss.
Hendrix Wolfgang (4 years ago)
Hermaeus Mora = Morgan Freeman of skyrim
Katelyn Bodiford (1 month ago)
+Aurjelling Hermaeus Mora is so cool. He should be in the Elder Scrolls Series more often.
Aurjelling (1 year ago)
He could talk me to sleep, so I could listen to him all-day.
Alex Melling (4 years ago)
That voice reminds me so much of Bane.
rorchach kovacs (4 years ago)
shuma gorath
KatakiDoragon (4 years ago)
Miraak, confirmed servant of Tzeench.
ikosabre (4 years ago)
When I went to Apocrypha, my brain almost collapsed in on itself of the amount of Cthulhu Mythos scenery I was seeing.
NoGoodPainting (4 years ago)
People say Cthulhu. I say Tzeentch. Tentacle mass of eyes, knower of all things, incredible amounts of "Just as Planned." Oh yeah, this is Tzeentch we're talking about here.
La Las (4 years ago)
Add to the fact that Hermaeus Mora doesn't care about his champions (he easily sends the Dragonborn to hunt down his old champion because he wanted to escape his control).
Cynical Cthulhu (4 years ago)
+NoGoodPainting *rolls eyes*
NoGoodPainting (4 years ago)
+iammadness That's what Tzeentch WANTS you to think. Tzeentch has you fooled, clearly.
Cynical Cthulhu (4 years ago)
The very idea of such beings are from Lovecraft who predates Warhammer.  Hermaeus is if anything similar to Yog-Sothoth.
Jon Young (4 years ago)
Tzeentch planned this from the start.
FAH Holliday (4 years ago)
Hermaeus Mora is deliberately inspired by Yog Sothoth, not Cthulhu. Cthulhu is small time compared to Yog Sothoth, his master.
mr. blank (4 years ago)
"...great globes of light massing toward the opening, and not alone these, but the breaking apart of the nearest globes, and the protoplasmic flesh that flowed blackly outward to join together and form that eldritch, hideous horror from outer space, that spawn of the blankness of primal time, that tentacled amorphous monster which was the lurker at the threshold, whose mask was as a congeries of iridescent globes, the noxious Yog-Sothoth, who froths as primal slime in nuclear chaos beyond the nethermost outposts of space and time!" -Derleth&Lovecraft, The Lurker at the Threshold
FAH Holliday (4 years ago)
Lovecraft openly invited people to work off his mythos, and wasn't beyond making slave races himself (Shoggoths), so, your point?
Superslash (4 years ago)
The good/evil master/slave stuff was invented by Derleth long after Lovecraft's death.
Burst (4 years ago)
this daedra scraes me...
Gabriel Garcia (4 years ago)
Ya know almost one of every dlc there has been for each elder scrolls game has something do do with a daedric prince. Morrowind had blood moon which had a great deal to do with lycanthropy and Hircine. Oblivion had shivering isles was all about sheogorath and skyrim had dragon born about hermaeos Mora. And I made a prediction based upon my feeling after oblivion was released that one of its dlc would have to do with sheogorath, I was right. Then I thought about sky rim and same as before I predicted that one of its doc would have a daedric prince in it and I predicted that it would be hermaeos Mora. Weird isn't it. So for the next elder scrolls game I'm going to make a prediction that one of its dlc will have a great deal to do with the daedric prince sanguine or clavicus vile... Let's see what happen..
Cléo Q (4 years ago)
+TheBrokenMadMan Ahh ok, I didn't get the joke because I play most of the time a female dragonborn, but now I get it x)
TheBrokenMadMan (4 years ago)
I just imagine the Dragonborn asking for the wedding ring then dr who music plays as you see him running away dodging fireballs.
Cléo Q (4 years ago)
+TheBrokenMadMan Yeah they look a bit like those witches in the Shakespeare  episode x)
TheBrokenMadMan (4 years ago)
+cleo958 I don't know why but as soon as I reach the hagraven I imagine a doctor who scenario
Cléo Q (4 years ago)
I hope it will be sanguine ! His quest in Skyrim is pretty... uh.. Special x)
Best Daedra!!! :D
Oh yeah! Him and Boethiah
Marek Vachalec (4 years ago)
What about Sheogorath ?
Raiden4019 (4 years ago)
fizzie (8 months ago)
Porsche Duésnburg (4 years ago)
One of the most majestic Deadra there is in my honest opinion. I hope he gets more screen time/role in the next major TES game :D
Kulan Gath (4 years ago)
He sounds sleepy as hell
TheHappySerpant (1 year ago)
SHotCOMeSinE ikr XD I think that was intentional
Nick H (4 years ago)
Hermaeus Mora is best Daedra.
Youtube guard (4 years ago)
 /   hi this is bob    Bob: HI... copy and paste bob and support us in getting the old  /I\ comment system back :D /\ 
Cody Cromarty (4 years ago)
+Nick H Now it's gotten weird.
Youtube guard (4 years ago)
+Demarest Deoxys  :O
Nick H (4 years ago)
I'll do whatever you say pretty pony!
Shad Tayeb (4 years ago)
is this herm nora guy in winterhold?
Beanmachine91 (4 years ago)
was that a house indoril helmet?
Beanmachine91 (4 years ago)
one of these days we should have to see azuras plane of oblivion, i heard its quite beautifull
Christopher Laws (4 years ago)
Am i the only one who gets kinda sleepy when listening to Herma Mora's voice?
tommy cheng (4 years ago)
hermaeus mora! stop talking when u are eating!
La Las (4 years ago)
Just for the sake of the originality i'd say Cthulhu,even though i think that Hermaeus Mora is the most interesting daedric prince in TES series (along with Jyggalag).
La Las (4 years ago)
Or maybe Lovecraft fans?
JuanJuanFive (4 years ago)
I love his intellegent sounding voice, and that constant heartbeat in the backround while talking to him. x.x
Hermaeus Mora (4 years ago)
All seekers of knowledge come to me sooner, or later.
J (4 years ago)
People continuously say Hermaeus Mora is like Cthulhu when he's actually more like a Shoggoth. At least appearance wise. If people mean personality wise then he's nothing like Cthulhu anyway.
Meckami-Sama (4 years ago)
I still can't believe that the guy who voiced the Imperial males and titus mede did this voice.
Ascendaeus (4 years ago)
Knowledge decides Fate.
King173 (5 years ago)
Sheogorath is now the Hero of Kvatch if you've played the Shivering Isles. Jyggalag and Sheogorath are now separate entities and Jyggalag is now free to roam Oblivion. However, Jyggalag is no longer the most powerful as he had to give some power to the HoK/CoC at the end of the Shivering Isles so he could mantle Sheogorath to become the new god.
Friedrich Nietzsche (5 years ago)
"Knowledge...for knowledge." God, I love that quote.
Wrathgoreable (5 years ago)
he actualy does reconize you, as his champion.
spookyscaryskeleton (5 years ago)
Hermaus Mora VS Gigyas VS Cthulhu. WHO WOULD WIN?
Skillow (5 years ago)
Imagine him narrating Mary Had a Little Lamb, the most dark and brutal thing ever
SuperTN A (5 years ago)
It's playing up
Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn
ssintesse essentiss (5 years ago)
Also,as i said before he has this Lovecraftian attitude against mortals that makes him more intimidating than other Daedric Princes. You can choose to insult him in the dragonborn dlc,refer him as a pathetic demon that isn't even nearly as powerful as other daedric princes. But when you say "i will find the word on power on my own",he simply replies saying "if you want to search for an eternity :) ".
ssintesse essentiss (5 years ago)
For me,he's the most entertaining Daedric Prince. Even though he,like all the other Daedric Princes, exists only to serve the sphere he rules (to learn all knowledge that exists) he does it in a much more subtle and lovecraftian way. For example: Molag Bal:Likes to see rape and domination among mortals - rapes a human woman and transforms her to a vampire to dominate other mortals. Hermaeus Mora:Wants knowledge - so he trades a powerful word of power to Miraak, in exchange for his services.
ssintesse essentiss (5 years ago)
Sheogorath,is still the most powerful. However,unlike Jyggalag he's too insane to realize this.
AVoiceOfOpinion93 (5 years ago)
Well, he's a bit... weird, to say to least. Even more than the other Daedras...
ssintesse essentiss (5 years ago)
He isn't actually hammy,quite the contrary,he's one of the 'quiet' deadra,he doesn't even care about being worshiped like Molag Bal.
AVoiceOfOpinion93 (5 years ago)
Wow, I never expect a Yog-Sothoth expy to be so... hammy.
MasterBerry (5 years ago)
And Sheogorath.
MasterBerry (5 years ago)
Well, the writers at Bethesda are obviously huge Lovecraft fans. For example, the Dunwich Building in Fallout 3 is a reference to The Dunwich Horror, with audio logs throughout the building making direct references to a strange book (possibly the Necronomicon), an obelisk that turns people into ghouls and the main character of The Dunwich Horror, Abdul Alhazred, whose name can be heard whispered when standing near the obelisk.
SpecOpsElite120 (5 years ago)
Until the famed champion of Cyrodiil broke this cycle and separated the two princes.
Mister Banzai (5 years ago)
He will say that he was watching you since you beat Miraak
ian leenders (5 years ago)
Wat wil happen if you do dragonborn dlc first and then the ogma infinium quest?
Alex Livings (5 years ago)
how much does he sound like bane!!
Thjr13enGhost (5 years ago)
4 real? Sithis was supposed to be the most powerful of them all...
Aelarr (5 years ago)
Someone read too much H.P.Lovecraft when they've designed Hermaeus Mora ... Freaky. My Dragonborn is a champion of all Daedric princes, the Listener and apparently has a guaranteed place in Sovngarde - but I still think Hermaues Mora will win in the end. Or maybe it will be a draw between him and Sithis, considering how Sithis is the oldest.

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