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"Passing Off The Torch" - A Goodbye 7th Generation Rap by JT Music

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Text Comments (3090)
Spartan E170 (6 hours ago)
1:18 what game is that, with the guy with a mask with a bow and arrow
Gabriel Longoria (1 day ago)
Yea Infamous 2
Amy McDonald (1 day ago)
I still play these
Corpseofconcepts (2 days ago)
Dead space, gears of war, old cod games, old Halo games, killzone, all of these masterpieces of games and more gone and replaced with shit like fortnite and lootbox multiplayer games that copy last year's set... I miss this generation of gaming and I would give anything to have it back.
Elijah SpaceMan (3 days ago)
I cried so much when I realized the 7th gen is gone
Yoda I am (3 days ago)
These Games Will Never Die, Jt Goes For The Channel. The Channel is a Legend, And always will be. WE love you guys. Your guys will be in our hearts. Yiu guys Dknt know how much we could thanks you for being there for us since the beggining. In exchange. We, Always wil be with you. IF YOU READ THIS. know this one thing, and only thing. *Till' The End*
Raven (4 days ago)
The 7th gen will always be somewhere in our heart
Hellqueen Demo (4 days ago)
you forgot skyrim LOL
Jennifer Villanueva (7 days ago)
I cried the whole video but it has to happen :(
Ian Stemper (8 days ago)
What's the game at 1:18
Ludwig Cools (8 days ago)
Amazing rap!
Ludwig Cools (8 days ago)
CannonCorn (8 days ago)
I remember you.
Alex Durant (11 days ago)
I will never goodbye
enderpus (12 days ago)
Not going to lie I cried.
Retaliator Z (13 days ago)
TheGoodGuyIan (13 days ago)
kit cat videos (13 days ago)
omg the memories of cod 2
Engine emrald Gaming (15 days ago)
Through the eyes of a gamer a game is sacred seeing this made me cry
vanko gaming (16 days ago)
No one understands gamers non-gamers say gamers do not leave their parents basement well didn't they stay in their parents basement playing MCPE huh?
back andbetter (16 days ago)
nooooooooooooooooooooooo! not borderlands)':
Colin Hokansson (17 days ago)
GG to all of them
vanko gaming (17 days ago)
Okay i have 360 and i have memories because i still have it and i will not change the console until 2019-2020 well i will get ps5 when it gots released but i will keep my 360 and play on it until 2030-2047 then i will keep it for memory
the hunter (19 days ago)
I'm a big boss daddy
the hunter (19 days ago)
Well not all but 99 percent
the hunter (19 days ago)
You know I played all of these and I'm 16
Sa5quatch 14 (19 days ago)
"go out with a bang..." that it did... ;-;
shadowmadness123 (20 days ago)
The gates to heaven open to these games. These shall be in a safe place and our hearts. R.I.P lee he is a walking dead legend.
lol you guys just found the story of my life
who the Horton (23 days ago)
Thank you JT this song will be at my funeral when I die, these games were my life. Now I have a song to show somebody when I die what my life was, sad to say these memories were my life.
Adam PlayZ (24 days ago)
Is assasin creed rouge is 7th genarstion game
Pepsi Man (24 days ago)
Still the best song they’ve made ever
Tyler Maxwell (24 days ago)
Saluting all these games Especially metal gear as now kojima isn't with konami, they just used the name to try and get sales Hopefully kojima will eventually get it back
Spartan E170 (26 days ago)
1:18 what game is that
John Conners (28 days ago)
I remember being in high school...I spent my winter breaks playing games non-stop. I did the mass effect trilogy in an entire summer break, dishonored, Skyrim. I remember when Dawnguard dropped. I lost my entire fucking summer my sophomore year to Dawnguard and Skyrim.
Wolves and Games (28 days ago)
rest in peace 7th generation.
Celtic Wolf (1 month ago)
8th generation you a tough act to follow
Diamond Hunter (1 month ago)
Im a gamer and i love all of these games
Jacob Campbell (1 month ago)
so much nostalgia in one song
master troll (1 month ago)
What RPG's did you guys use?
Jack the wolf (1 month ago)
What generation were the good devil may cry games?
GoldenMotoYT (1 month ago)
*looks at screen* Sees Shepard, Cries because no more mass effect, *looks at screen later* sees Clementine and Lee and cries in memory of Lee.
Leroy Jenkins (1 month ago)
Straight chills. Xbox 360 will forever be the best console in my High School memories
Rick Sanchez (1 month ago)
I feel bad for the next gen kids that will almost never experience games like walking dead s1 and things like halo 1-reach. See ya in the next life 7th gen
GrandShock Trooper (1 month ago)
Im glad i still have my ps2 and ps3 alongside my ps4, this vid makes my glad ive still kept my memories.
ShadowGaming (1 month ago)
I cry a little everytime I watch this
Unknown Name (1 month ago)
I'm so proud to call you all my gaming siblings it's been a long ride but eventually everything has to come to a stop, let's just try to show this new generation how to get connected.
Jacob Ward (1 month ago)
Right in the feelz
freddy the gamer (1 month ago)
Gaming is still alive because master cheif protected gaming and us spartens never die
TempProhaedshots4day (1 month ago)
They need to remake all the games with better graphics and that's it nothing else
Plague Doctor (1 month ago)
Where my fellow Helghasts at?
Shy Owl (1 month ago)
whos the girl at 3:28?
ultimate metal sonic (1 month ago)
These game will never die as long as we play them they will live on until we tell our children or our grandkids about the era of gaming we played
0:40 wat is dis game?
Roman Minaster (1 month ago)
for some reason... i started crying...
Bailey Hill (1 month ago)
It's been years since o got the PS4 and the last console generation has been gone for a while BUT IM STILL CRYING
NK GAMING2017 (1 month ago)
GOODby the ps 3 and 360 gen
Virginia Pagan (1 month ago)
This is not goodbye😢😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
PEAS Gaming (1 month ago)
I admit I'm pretty young, I wasn't even in my teens back during the beginning of the 7th gen, but I found this song and it inspired me to set up the old 360, play a few of the games I loved on there, play some more I was too young to play back when my brother's bought them. I'm experiencing L.A. Noire for the first time and replaying Fable 3, a game that was my fucking life back before my twelfth birthday. Today I cleaned up the old gaming room, trying to set up all the old systems. So far the PS4, 360 and Wii U are all set up. Soon I'll see if the old Nintendo 64 still works. I never did play Golden Eye.
optic sniper (2 months ago)
So many good memories playing gta and cod and gears of war on my Xbox 360
Shelby Taylor (2 months ago)
kinda wanted to cry especially since i saw a LOT of games i've played and still play
GlassTuber Studio's (2 months ago)
Im late but this bring me my old game memory back, Still remember those Metal Gear Solid and Gears of War and j think THQ still around? I forgot..
Chaining Sparks (2 months ago)
This is AMAZING! “Just because I’m a gamer, doesn’t mean I’m uneducated. These games inspired me to become an animator and these gamers also made me a better person. Not to mention they taught me life lessons along the way.”- ChainingSparks #GamingIsAwesome
the gaming Reaper (2 months ago)
Make an 8th generation rap.
Justin Davila (2 months ago)
I remember when this first came out.. I miss this song and all these games...
arcader dude (2 months ago)
Microsoft Your losing But your not Nintendo Loves CARDBOARD
BREHLORD 5000 (2 months ago)
Just came back to this and I already miss the og GOW,GOW, and Halo.
polski meduz (2 months ago)
Who in 2018???
spencer ward (2 months ago)
sees gat lays down try to hold it in starts balling
christoper fallis OG (2 months ago)
Why did you only mension the PS3? The 360 was always better. +Edit+ Whenever it shows you and your friends you are playing a 360 this makes no sense
supergamer1090 1090 (2 months ago)
Jt this song was one of the best keep on making more epic songs that reminds us that gaming is a way of life.
christoper fallis OG (2 months ago)
Goodbye Xbox and goobdye red ring of death
CallMeMcGee (2 months ago)
EsaiTheRevolution (2 months ago)
I just cried over my Xbox 360😭😭😭
RedLikeRoses ANIMATIONS (2 months ago)
Halo 3
Lord Felwinter (2 months ago)
Jack the knife kid (2 months ago)
If this songs about all the games on ps3 and xbox 360 then yes cuz CoD BOII and halo 3 and halo reach was the shit
Layedback Steph (2 months ago)
If you can name every game in this video. Your the Goat
Kaz Ender (2 months ago)
Looking back at all these games I've played I miss them all so much GOODBYE 7th GENERATION😭
Khorne Berzerker (2 months ago)
What's the game at 3:08?
IrishHD (2 months ago)
4 years later and still one of my favourite raps by JT so much feels
Martin Raya (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the names of the games on 0:49 and 0:55?
Martin Raya (2 months ago)
By any chance can someone name all these games? I wish to play them.
Evan Grace (2 months ago)
I grew with a PS3 most people see u Xbox 360 and us PS3 people as enemies but in the end we were both just having fun that's all that matters
Tripletronicle (2 months ago)
Anyone here in 2018?
spencer ward (2 months ago)
me .starts baling again
Rizon Lozano (2 months ago)
Shade Mikiyaru (2 months ago)
Diego Aguilera-Espinoza (2 months ago)
I could sing this every time I watch this🎤🎤🎤🎼
Diego Aguilera-Espinoza (2 months ago)
I would watch this for hours 🙂🙂🙂 This is a cool rap 😎😎😎😎😎
savini jason (2 months ago)
Goodbye 7thn generation! From the day then i got you ye we got a good time even if we get far way
savini jason (2 months ago)
I get freaking goosebumps
Jayson Lacombe (2 months ago)
I want to go back the 8th generation isn't as good.
savini jason (2 months ago)
The best game of the 8th generation is litte nigtmares and we happy few dead by daylight mk and injustice 2 but it sucks i know
BetaHellion_03 (2 months ago)
also we need a 5th infamous. anyone agree?
spencer ward (2 months ago)
yeah .
BetaHellion_03 (2 months ago)
if this song ever gets a sequel/vol. 2, it needs Vanilla WoW
Dimentio's Servant (2 months ago)
I still have my Xbox 360
savini jason (2 months ago)
I still got my ps3
Edward Smith (2 months ago)
Profits dead ? :(
Yeshua D.H (2 months ago)
Damn I need a translation to Spanish of this great masterpiece the hymn of the 7th generation who supports me?
Blaque Link (2 months ago)
Blaque Link (2 months ago)
R.i.p Wii U. You will be missed. 😩😫😢

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