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Nintendo Switch Turns 1 - What's Next? - Game Scoop! 473

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This week we're discussing the Nintendo Switch's first birthday, Bloodborne 2, Wolfenstein 2, and more. Subscribe to Game Scoop! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamescoop ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (219)
kuribo04 (6 months ago)
Nobody should wait for the remake! FFVII is perfect as it is, the remake will just mix Nomura's nonsense in. It won't even be FFVII. What they've shown so far certainly isn't. I'm very passionate about that game lol
kuribo04 (6 months ago)
And I'm not complaining btw, I just wanted to clarify that
kuribo04 (6 months ago)
+kuribo04 The PC version isn't just different, it's super glitched lol, tracks that are supposed to play during emotiomal moments don't play, etc
kuribo04 (6 months ago)
And don't play it on PC or PS4 either! (both the same, horrible versions). PS1 or the PS3 store version are the way to go. The PS4 version looks ugly and adds ridiculous mouth graphics to all the characters, that completely miss the point of why the characters were mouthless to begin with
Frankie Teardop (6 months ago)
Sam you always have the coolest band tees!
Tetsu Shatarii (6 months ago)
Shurikan are the throwing stars and Kunai are a type of knife. Just so ya know
Joseph Childs (6 months ago)
Sam, I like your Byrds shirt. That's a great album
Natasha Cavata (6 months ago)
goofy troop from snes is awesome ;_;. Never finished it , but played a lot with my mom , she always threw bombs at me XD.
BlowCartz (6 months ago)
You guys missed mentioning octopath traveler when talking about pixel games mixing with other art styles. Such a cool looking style with a 3d pixel mix and hope to see other games use that look.
David String (6 months ago)
For VG 20 Qs, your character talks briefly in the menus lol
ThePhenomf4 (6 months ago)
Don’t be disappointed about the lack of online service on the Switch. Things are not going to change except they will now be charging $20 for online multiplayer. I hope I’m wrong.
arcpegasus2002 (6 months ago)
YES!! RIVAL SCHOOLS!!! COME ON CAPCOM!!! Also Cannon Spike, Power Stone 2, PROJECT JUSTICE are great choices on Dreamcast
ChrisWY27 (6 months ago)
How did none of these dudes know that Driver on the PS1 was open world 3D prior GRA3 doing it?
Adriano Grisanti (6 months ago)
hope they bring a bitmap brothers pack out for switch ps4/xb1
Ronny Müller (6 months ago)
The first Driver Game was totally in 3D!!! It was incredible! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFuE0v5Dw9k
Sam Hobday (6 months ago)
Gloomhaven is a fantastic board game. Good shout out Justin! I've been playing it since September with a group of 4. Sooo much content. Estimated at well over 100 hours of gameplay total.
Keivz (6 months ago)
RE Code Veronica is my ‘games will never look better than this’ game. Now it’s AC Unity.
Gabriel Smith (6 months ago)
The channels Outside XBox(oxbox) and Outside Xtra(oxtra), have a let's play for mousetrap.
EagleEye6486 (6 months ago)
Time Stamps 00:05 Start 00:13 Episode Overview 00:30 Nintendo Switch Turns 1 14:22 Shadows Die Twice Teaser 17:28 Listener Feedback - What Games From The Past Does GS Want For Current Consoles? 21:56 Into The Breach 28:02 Gloomhaven 33:25 Listener Feedback - PS1's Must Play Games 45:28 Listener Feedback Continued - Dreamcast's Must Play Games 47:48 Listener Feedback - Lack Of Pixel Art Games 55:19 Video Game 20 Questions 1:03:46 Outro
dadmumdarrenV2 (6 months ago)
please add timestamps
nkw1985 (6 months ago)
I'm with Sam...i'd love to see a remake or reimagining of Adventure Island II because that game is awesome.
Ryan B (6 months ago)
That was a great 20 questions
smoothslide (6 months ago)
I'm gonna ask again since Justin didn't answer last time: what brand of denim is he wearing? Checking to see if he's a fellow r/rawdenim
durkadur27 (6 months ago)
Switch is the best gaming device ever made
Oleksander Khromenko (6 months ago)
Does anyone know what’s the cat T-shirt that Damon is wearing?
Lordbeanis (6 months ago)
Gloomhaven is incredible I love it so much. Trying to find time to play great board games like that or video games is really stressful.
Tommy Lee Lynn (6 months ago)
Man, Justin was kind of an asshole this Scoop 😅
Daemon Hatfield (6 months ago)
Tom always looks like he just woke up.
Jose Daniel (6 months ago)
A kunai is a knife, not a throwing star.
Matt Fish (6 months ago)
Nintendo has online right now. They just don't have paid online.
freak66969 (6 months ago)
Justin’s posture is on point!
Aries73 (6 months ago)
Virtua Tennis needs to make a comeback now that Mario Tennis Aces has been announced.
Stealthygamer (6 months ago)
Wow Driver was top down???? Come on guys you are supposed to know your shit. Ps1 could do 3d open world. Driver was 3d open world. Just wow
Impatient Gamer (6 months ago)
How many Nintendo podcasts are there?
Mario Fernández (6 months ago)
The cake is a lie...
TheKoolaid51 (6 months ago)
Anyone know where Daemon got that shirt from?!?!
Daemon Hatfield (6 months ago)
Harajuku, Tokyo
Aaron Jones (6 months ago)
Bring back Heretic/Hexen, re-master or port the games to current gen. Perhaps the Switch will follow a similar trajectory to the Wii, big at first then peters out.
jwick6 (6 months ago)
Toms a great addition to scoop. great episode.
Mr. 2006 (6 months ago)
I think a bit premature to say switch is the best console ever when they likely blew their load in the first year... which is basically just Mario Oddysey and BotW for the core/employed with a family audience
Pedro Rodrigues (6 months ago)
Jet Grind Radio is just the American version of Jet Set Radio, with a couple more areas and music. There was a complete version in Japan called De La Jet Set Radio. And you guys should play the Dreamcast sometime. It is one of the best systems of all time.
MagicEmperor (6 months ago)
I LOVE Lunar: Silver Star Story. The PSP game was not a straight port, and Touch! was, to my understanding, a mishmash.
Alexander Foshee (6 months ago)
Final fantasy tactics
Nicholas Whitney (6 months ago)
"pixel art" is a fancy word for bad graphics that gets credit for being artistic because it appeals to the older gamers' nestalgia. Nintendo was able to churn out great games with those graphics in a matter of a few months because it was easy. there is absolutely no shortage of independents pumping out games with bad graphics to make money for less effort. that isn't to say the games are bad, but I will never prefer "pixel art" or bad graphics to something that requires more work and polish.
QUINN CUTTONE (6 months ago)
I love this podcast! I’m a newish regular. Had to Shazam the music after the podcast... Now I’m constantly jamming Daemon Hatfield on iTunes!! So dope!
Daemon Hatfield (6 months ago)
Word up!
Brian T (6 months ago)
Scoop! - Very surprised talking top PS1 games Legend of Dragoon, Brave Fencer Musashi, Suikoden, and Wild Arms aren't mentioned. All still very good and worth revisiting.
Sage DO (6 months ago)
it's pronounced toh-bay-go
Javdalf the White (6 months ago)
my favorite time of the week! great episode
Zach Mills (6 months ago)
With Dreamcast, Power Stone is an absolute must. Also Jet Grind Radio was the name of its release on the Dreamcast (which came first), which was then released as Jet Set Radio for later iterations of the game.
Pedro Rodrigues (6 months ago)
Jet Set Radio was the name of the game in PAL regions. It was Jet Grind Radio in the US.
Zach Mills (6 months ago)
From what I understand was there was some sort of trademarking issue.
Tommy Lee Lynn (6 months ago)
I want Max Goof in KH3 but I don’t think that you like happen
MasterBronze12 (6 months ago)
Cake is not a lie... good one
Tokan (6 months ago)
Justin is right. Kunai are throwing knifes. Shuriken are throwing stars.
pct87 (6 months ago)
I’d love for FTL and Into the Breach to be ported on the Switch. As Justin said, every indie should be on the Switch. Specifically Hyper Light Drifter.
checkrazor76 (6 months ago)
Damn what a 20 questions. Way to make your way around it.
Zach D (6 months ago)
Switch?....... OH you mean my Splatoon 2 machine! Happy Birthday Splatoon 2 machine!
Curia (6 months ago)
The playstation top 25 list is pretty awkward ... holy moly. First of all, one of the greatest games of all time: MediEvil isn't even on the list. FF7 is lower than 8. Crash 3 is on the list and not 2? 2 is easily the best. Man, late 90s early 2000s were a wild wild time. They say that some of the games are not included because it was made in 2000 or something... but that's just goofy.
Taylor Jones (6 months ago)
Yoshi, Kirby, Mario Tennis, Dark Souls, Donkey Kong TF, Wolfenstein 2, are all supposed to be coming out soon. I don't have time for all the games that are coming out
Jason Woltja (6 months ago)
What about project OCTOPATH TRAVELER?! That's a full price, big developer game that is pixel art with a contemporary approach.
Justin Ramsay (6 months ago)
Nature Boy (6 months ago)
Sony needs a remake of Crash Team Racing! for goodness sake, back in the day when Sega and Nintendo were battling it out, if Nintendo came out with a game, for example. Final Fight, Sega (Not to be outdone) Made Streets of Rage to combat Nintendo and Cap com.
Zade Muhammad (6 months ago)
I just got a Switch and I started Zelda and I'm in love with it. I'm going and exploring all of the shrines and areas first before I do the Divine beasts.
Jesus Felix (6 months ago)
Slumpenstein (6 months ago)
I thought it may be Sega Rally for a second!!! Close one
bluecokedragon (6 months ago)
I love pixel art, but Axiom Verge is downright ugly.
Josh Likehell (6 months ago)
Love the show! May I suggest you add in the description what music you sample in the interludes? Theres been times I've recognised it from my childhood, but it drives me insane when i can't figure out what game its come from! Thanks!
Josh Likehell (6 months ago)
Daemon's sound effects on point 28:09
Steven Green (6 months ago)
Speaking of Monster Rancher game easter eggs/secrets. Not sure if it was actually intentional or just random chance, but I remember my cousin and I playing Monster Rancher 3 on the PS2 and we took my Dad's huge CD collection and we stayed up all night trying all the CD's out. The coolest thing we got that I remember to this day was with Black Sabbath's self-titled debut album where we got this crazy legendary demon-looking creature. Pretty cool! Lol.
Alan Buchholz (6 months ago)
This is an amazing line up. Tom is an incredible addition to any podcast hes on. More of him everywhere and he especially melds with the usual gamescoop line up like justin, sam, and daemon
HoodedDude (6 months ago)
Daemon, we need to know. Where did you get that cat jumper? Goof Troop for the SNES was really good!
Daniel Harborne (6 months ago)
Gloomhaven is absolutely incredible :) if you like DnD or dungeon crawlers..... check it out
Judicator11 (6 months ago)
There is a lot of skill required for very good pixel art. I don't want to undersell it. However, just sorta-okay pixel art isn't all that hard, making it an easy go-to art style for hundreds of indie games. Pixel art to me personally pops a lot less than say something like Cuphead or Ori or Darkest Dungeon. I can also see the argument that pixel art is cheap since we have actually lost the AAA pixel art market. Games with detailed, large sprites just aren't that common anymore. We get more Contra, less Metal Slug.
yogibbear (6 months ago)
Rising Sun is sick!
Chuck Bolderns (6 months ago)
These IGN guys are really dumb and stuck up. Why would anyone want to pay 10 bucks for a old game for virtual console when instead you can pay that price and access many games under a subscription model. These snobby morons act like most people can afford to buy multiple old games at 10 bucks a piece when most can’t and rather pay 10 bucks a month to access lots of games to play. It’s crazy how dumb and out of touch these people can be.
Chris Martin (6 months ago)
Like please like get that guy like off the screen and like don't bring him back like ever.
Adarsh Ramakrishnan (6 months ago)
I’d recommend Spyro the Dragon for PS1
Cheappy V (6 months ago)
Vita probably had the best exclusive (Breath of the Wild is not exclusive to Switch, so it doesn't even count) launch lineup in history, look at where it is now... so it may not be the most useful factor by which you can judge a console's success. But Switch will be successful, of course, simply because it has twice the potential audience now (Nintendo is making 1 system instead of 2), which people always forget.
Bender Alley (6 months ago)
Vita did not have the best launch year. Sorry to break it to you, but Playstation has nothing even approaching the level of cultural significance of Mario and Zelda.
Dominique Pinkins (6 months ago)
1:49 Justin's face when daemon says PAWG lol love the show
Rob (6 months ago)
Haha I wondered why the innocent collecting toy Pogs got such a strange reaction
king_ryan_james (6 months ago)
Can you imagine a mega man game that looked like inside? Holy crap that’d be cool
Shamim Narayan (6 months ago)
Could you "switch" the topic?
benjamin baker (6 months ago)
A little part of me died when you read that final fantasy tactics was number 23 on the best ps1 list. What the hey? I could accept top 5. Maybe top 10. But crumb cake, that’s crazy. Also, Justin, I’m glad you’ve joined the gloomhaven club. I play board games every week and gloomhaven has been easily our most played game since we first got it - exactly one year ago this weekend - same time as the switch.
Sammy (6 months ago)
Good Scoop
AllAboutCars91 (6 months ago)
Driver 2 on PS1 was a 3D open world
Jonathan Ober (6 months ago)
The ‘caps’ of Mario and Zelda... I see what you did there Sam :)
Gage BlackW23 (6 months ago)
Gamecube's first year was amazing but soo different and weird that it became amazing over time: when it launched everyone was complaining that Luigi's Mansion is not the sequel of SM64 everyone was waiting for and it felt more a tech demo, Smash great but it was still a new-ish IP, Pikmin also great but it didn't became "the new Mario" as Miyamoto hoped,...
Jake Dupre (6 months ago)
I gotta say, I love Board Game Scoop! That would make for a great small segment/spin-off show. Gloomhaven has been on my list for a while, that game looks incredible.
ZMM (6 months ago)
Long live pixel art
BiggTonyStyle (6 months ago)
I loved the first two tenchu games, I'd be on board for a new one
Jesus O. (6 months ago)
I know it might be extra work, but I always appreciate when you guys upload video game clips. It gives one perspective and actually entices one to want to play the games. Keep up the great work!!!
George Vanderbilt (6 months ago)
Jesus O. I agree
Andy Davies (6 months ago)
I could go for another Freedom Force, Mystical Ninja, Freespace, Ape Escape, Twinsen Odyssey, Pikmin, Blade Runner, Black & White, or Wave Race. I'd also like a good Starfox game. After I got a Homeworld and XCOM remake I'm convinced that anything is possible so now I'm greedy.
BiggTonyStyle (6 months ago)
DapimpBDSD (6 months ago)
Switch is alright, BoTW was great but not perfect, Odessey was ok. At launch, Switch had barely any "good"games, or any games at all, now theres a ton of indies and ports of older games but "great" games, not really.
kuribo04 (6 months ago)
+Sagacious Assessor Wow. It is game I think I'll skip, it just doesn't attract me enough. But then you'll hear from many people it's really great, and then I think I should try it. But I think I'll pass, because honestly there's too many games out there.
Sagacious Assessor (6 months ago)
kuribo04 I was being generous. Overall the witcher is good simply because it didnt mess anything up. Just a decent all around roll playing game that sticks to a decades old formula and incorporates mid 2000s god of war style combat.
kuribo04 (6 months ago)
+Sagacious Assessor Take my opinion on this with a grain of salt, as I haven't played Witcher III myself, I have watched others play it, and I haven't seen too much, but of what I saw I found the presentation and cinematography kinda boring. The cutscenes in BotW were wonderful. The story was kept fairly simple, but it was good and made great through the way it was connected with the gameplay.
kuribo04 (6 months ago)
Fine if that's your opinion, but when analyzing the bigger picture, the opinion of the majority or authority opinions matter, and those are very different. I don't know how anyone can play BotW and Odyssey and not think they are masterpieces, but hey, we're different people.
Sagacious Assessor (6 months ago)
lgd661 i feel as though botw is superior to tw3 in every aspect except for narrative design tbh. Alot more innovative as well
jamesmc3stripe (6 months ago)
Driver 1 was 3d guys
Scott Koppinger (6 months ago)
Driver 1 was 3D 3rd person, Tenchu was 3D 3rd person, not top down....smh c'mon guys know things
The Archetype (6 months ago)
Nintendo not having online for a year worked to their advantage??? Cmon man... pump the brakes a bit on the bias. Otherwise great first year. :)
Austin May (6 months ago)
Yeah really that left me scratching my head too. Not having vital features isn't a strategy or an advantage.
Alexander Chilton (6 months ago)
The Archetype Yeah, that sounds biased. I think they just meants Virtual console? Since the lack of it made indie/third party sales blow up.
Dodo Bravo (6 months ago)
Grant Harlor (6 months ago)
Nindies is a super annoying term to me. If they were switch exclusive I would understand. But almost none of them are. We don't call them xindies or psindies... It's amazing to me that Nintendo is able to brand indies for their console, despite the fact that these products have nothing at all to do with Nintendo
Rob Rose (6 months ago)
Xbox used to do this. I forget what the branding was called now. But Xbox helped make digitally buying indy games cool, and very much acted like Xbox was the only place indy games existed.
Space Buddha (6 months ago)
Medal of honor ps1 not a good game ? I know sequels were better but what are you on, also driver 1 & 2 were 3d in 3rd person.
Abraham M. (6 months ago)
Space Buddha Can't spell ignorance without IGN.
kcsupersonic1 (6 months ago)
How the heck did you guys get Video Game 20 Questions when 11 Questions in, there was no console identified?! Great job, that one had me completely stumped.
Michael Miller (6 months ago)
Driver on PS1 was indeed 3D.
Daniel Crockett (6 months ago)
No Spyro on the ps1 list?
WobstaCat (6 months ago)
Sam nailed Gloucestershire. Now for Leicestershire and Worcestershire 😁
Robert Johnson (6 months ago)
My buttcheeks were clenching from that 20 questions. Sheesh.
Blactrick (6 months ago)
Justin with that "hey listeners" lag 33:28

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