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Garry's Mod - Surviving North Korean RP "Soup Enslavement"

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Garry's mod 2015, humanity is still picking up the peaces left from the Pony occupation. In this time of strife a Dictator has risen.. one who is enslaving everyone to make soup. This is my story Available in 1080p* Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BedBananas If you guys want to check out the server! http://gmodknobs.com/ Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWrZUGIDAZgU7wW23ZFYbA MrCatButts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5MYxjdFhX0s_x_T3gB7DgQ Shout out to theses awesome artist! Music Beginning Defend the Headquarters of Revolution End 80s Stallone - Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja9pdomxPjg https://soundcloud.com/80s-stallone
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Text Comments (1264)
OustagePaintball (1 month ago)
0:48 that explosion was spectacular
Ian Anderson (3 months ago)
Sandvich nater (3 months ago)
I hope this server is still up
RetroBossArcade (3 months ago)
What was the ending song. I can’t find it anywhere
aleksey babulin (4 months ago)
Go make soup!
Mamzar Faisal (5 months ago)
1:00 y is psy in this vid his S Korean not N Korean idiot everybody knows that !!!!😅😅😅😅
Klonoa (5 months ago)
I feel like its relevant to watch this video again
Boof Animations (5 months ago)
Ep2? *_LIES_*
Cj Epp (5 months ago)
Still waiting on part 2...
Captain Chromosome (6 months ago)
Tayden Allen (7 months ago)
4 years later he still hasn’t released part 2
Dominion Decapped (8 months ago)
lol 2018....Da fuq is that intro song
David Villarrius (8 months ago)
Commander Harrington (8 months ago)
is this like a documentary?
grimm reapergaming58 (8 months ago)
Those 73 dislikes are the entire North Korean armed forces.
Ronald Ricketts (8 months ago)
whos watchin in 2017
Ronald Ricketts (8 months ago)
not me me cause its 2018
Nick D (8 months ago)
The Robo (8 months ago)
Where's part 2 he hinted at?
David Villarrius (8 months ago)
The Robo I can't find it, guess it was deleted.
King Eclipse (8 months ago)
North Korea still only want make soup,
theGameReaper (8 months ago)
W-where's episode 2? WHATDAFUCC!
Scandinavian Truth (9 months ago)
In the end you can see episode 2 why cant he just relesae that?
David Villarrius (8 months ago)
The Nordic Truth I think he did and it was deleted or something.
Matias Guagliana (9 months ago)
4 years have passed and im still waiting for part 2
Ckwnapla (9 months ago)
This is what is happening in North Korea currently.
A True Gear (10 months ago)
Still waiting for next one
Marla King (10 months ago)
Wow oh no
Skrub4Lyfe (10 months ago)
why does the Glorious Leader carried a katana? This is not Imperial Japan :v
flam kat (10 months ago)
f**k north Korea they sick they need to be bombed by trump
The Garrote Wire (11 months ago)
Matthew Scheer (11 months ago)
Guys help, WHAT HAPPENED TO SLAVE RP?? I loved that one... D:
ranger 2600 (11 months ago)
The Glorious leader sounds like a guy who voices country balls.
If I play this rp I don't care of making soup
Kurean (1 year ago)
Where is episode 2?
George Cowsert (1 year ago)
Ok but no joke, you would've died the moment you set foot on NK soil, just saying.
Bosniak Rambo (1 year ago)
For anyone who wants the intro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZiVWXjsaJg
Dominion Decapped (6 months ago)
Bosniak Rambo it doesn't work
Constantinos Brakus (1 year ago)
EmperorDoge123 Alt (1 year ago)
Love how you managed to make all these gmod RP series's into a single story, you can find in all of them how one lead into another
Duke of Puke (1 year ago)
That was an an amazing intro
sezer tan soysal (1 year ago)
Thats it, im downloading gmod again
Sheebteeb Feaver (1 year ago)
Eric Heng (1 year ago)
Soup for the Soup God
Phantom ! (1 year ago)
In all honesty we went to war with north Korea they'd be FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED
Emperor Glibnorb III (1 year ago)
It says there is a second part but there really isn't though? I'm sort f confused...
Nguyenle Quangdinh (1 year ago)
at 1:16 bed why did you copy this cutsence of homefront
BlackStar Senpai (1 year ago)
this is exactly how a revolution would go down
Grim Reaper (1 year ago)
we're s ep. 2
Nightline Gaming (1 year ago)
nice vid
bc a (1 year ago)
wow north korea
GAI FRAG (1 year ago)
Russia would kick their little asses
Memes Are dreams (1 year ago)
dat intro lel
Kchy Park (1 year ago)
This is not how I remember Vietnam in black ops
You played Soviet music
Breakfast 2005 (1 year ago)
what is the Chelsea no no no no no 106 Cedar Marvel super high school in the morning I don't have all the superheroes I speak Korean for this
brady robertson (1 year ago)
This video is the only existing evidence of life inside North Korea. This is more relevant than ever
Moradin's (1 year ago)
Its not soup, its soop!
jack ryan (1 year ago)
1:48 that was epic!!!!!!
Doc Man (1 year ago)
I know that this video is years old now, but what ever happened to the other episodes of surviving Koeran rp?
Rhodesians Never Die (1 year ago)
Kwong Song Dong.
midgerm (1 year ago)
2:46 "go make some fucking soup!" that's me dead from laughter
Dillionman (1 year ago)
I well put that soup up there butt
Dillionman (1 year ago)
so it's 2k17 we might go to war with north Korea u prodicted ww3 lol
Dan von Rhynern (1 year ago)
The thumbnail.
Alexander Nance (1 year ago)
This must be what North Korea really looks like
Daddy Aleks (1 year ago)
Alright egeriyone insride wi go make dog soup
What The F (1 year ago)
"How do I make soup? " "It's in your blood, you know how make soup." Lol
Edward Prattie (1 year ago)
Prussia (1 year ago)
Here guys former Admin from NKRP, the reason we assume Bed never made another episode is because of a admin who banned bedbannana for breaking the rules. If any other admins were on and realized what happened at the moment he was banned we could have solved the situation.
Zetey a (1 year ago)
4:45 sounds like merptv
New Sovietky gaming (1 year ago)
that Soldiers skin is vietnam people's army by the way :V
Keller weskier (1 year ago)
lol that ending was actually pretty good
MACGLIGA (1 year ago)
North korea has a helicopter for fuel? Very interesting
MACGLIGA (1 year ago)
0:01광명성 4호 2호기 위성 발사 성공!
Dominion Decapped (8 months ago)
Yuuuuuuuuuurt (1 year ago)
Did episode 2 get deleted? I remember there being one.
Yuuuuuuuuuurt (1 year ago)
I love coming back to this series
Shadow (1 year ago)
i love that china and the other looking same countries have made up this impossible to learn language. you can't learn what ain't real
Juliansnake1000 (1 year ago)
GO MAKE SOME FUCKING SOUP! -Soldier #1 He's the real hero~
nubbiecakes (1 year ago)
i really don't get how you make such entertaining stuff. man please never change.
Doctor Chain (2 years ago)
I died beacus of the pantis sniffer
Doctor Chain (2 years ago)
Make soup
No poop..ypu have to make soup"best rap music line ever..
Beautiful ;)
Terminater maker (2 years ago)
The bad accents make its infinitely better
ItsFrenzius (1 year ago)
Waluigi (1 year ago)
Orgasming Mcnuggets (2 years ago)
why is the start have a bit from COD WaW
Orgasming Mcnuggets (2 years ago)
this is why i should sign out of youtube at 5am...
bingo bongo (2 years ago)
AspiringMurderVictim (2 years ago)
Re a broo up de a Norse Kolea anduu Supleme Reader.
Knight Delta (2 years ago)
Fauzi Maslan (2 years ago)
Its in your Braad my child the sup is in your braad.
combustinghandshakes (2 years ago)
This some controversial shit right here, don know how but will say it is
Terminal spc (2 years ago)
I think the opening to the vidoe is a tribute to Mercenarys the game
JambrosVEVO (1 year ago)
That's homefront the revolution. they are talking about the original homefront
Hey It's Will (1 year ago)
+JoyfulManiac327 lag and same missions over and over again
Sir MacGuffin (1 year ago)
Hey It's Will (1 year ago)
+Thomas boynton is a person to it was a pile of shit
blackened soul of rot (1 year ago)
+DarkmoonBlade home front was amazing the second will be epic
Agent Manyou (2 years ago)
can you give me some IP This server ?
Wyatt Erwin (2 years ago)
They've been taken down. That's why there's no Episode 2.
R III (2 years ago)
NK is perfect for sociopaths and just people who like to fuck around. I mean look at the actual nation. The RP in this game play wouldn't surprise me if it was close to how shitty it is there.
Ace Jane (2 years ago)
0:26 lol, still kept the "IGN" logo there
Ray the Skaven Mage (2 years ago)
Where is part 2?
Ray the Skaven Mage (2 years ago)
Ok that is just bs
Alyssa Piazza (2 years ago)
North Korea got pissed and shut the gamemode down.
Southern Patriot (2 years ago)
there is no part 2 ._.
andrew watson (2 years ago)
Glorious PC Master Race
SunSset (2 years ago)
Soup, it in your bread
TURO (2 years ago)
u know how make soup it's in ur brud
SunSset (2 years ago)
Lol, korean president looks like a 16 yr old baby
Miguel Mata (2 years ago)
random subscriber (2 years ago)
koreans arnt supposed to make soup from what i know : I
random subscriber (2 years ago)
this video may be old maybe but guess what im korean xD
milracer (2 years ago)
We go make dog soup 11/10.
B man (2 years ago)
We go make dog soup.
Dbk (2 years ago)
0:24 You Can See IGN

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