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Minecraft Daily | Ep.108 | Ft Ze, Steven and Kevin! | The Devils Plane!

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Text Comments (796)
Adam Navarrette (4 years ago)
Robin Williams
William Nelson (4 years ago)
My quality is perfect on my ipad :)
MineGurls (4 years ago)
i fastforwarded a lil bit and stopped at steven saying yes. then kevin saying no omg
William Hayes (4 years ago)
My iPad is blurry and it sucks but I still love your videos
micalmus (4 years ago)
god dammit sly i wanted to see the planes fly -.-
εpsilon (4 years ago)
Dar iz spoooooky
Jemma Stclair (5 years ago)
Roselyn Viray (5 years ago)
lol the donkey was so far from your town thingy
Jordin Hipps (5 years ago)
Jordin Hipps (5 years ago)
You can find bamboo faster in the jungle
DarkSpear (5 years ago)
the fucking bad quality
ImmortalBoi (5 years ago)
i loled so hard
Ash Abraham (5 years ago)
I fapped over your picture O_O
SamSam McSammerSam (5 years ago)
what texture pack is that?
BreakingDexter ._. (5 years ago)
Quality? Bad
eLlipszilon Q (5 years ago)
I'm just laughing too hard.
Macadoodledope (5 years ago)
I think the quality is good
emma gentry (5 years ago)
Sly: WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF! Steven: What's going on!?!?!
TypographicalRiver (5 years ago)
The 12th animated short was when Sky first took the plane up, this one would be hilarious to see how Sly depicted his minecraft hell experience from the plane!
Jacquelyn (5 years ago)
Did the quality suck or was it my phone?
batcarpet121 (5 years ago)
it already is?
Ryan Thai (5 years ago)
Why is it bleary
phk590207 (5 years ago)
01:50 Now I know how to fly a plane. ^_^
inthefaceMOFO (5 years ago)
I can imagine kevin becoming the hitler of minecraft daily and using his slaves as soldiers to conqure the community
TypographicalRiver (5 years ago)
Sly needs to make the devil plane one of his animated shorts!
Pablo Garcia (5 years ago)
Yea it sûck quality
Jason Leon (5 years ago)
Ipad quailty sucks big downer
Whit Lill (5 years ago)
"This baby cries too much. Hmm... how about I gas it!
Jeffrey Batty (5 years ago)
sly found eddy merphy agaijn yay
Qxmc24 (5 years ago)
do they mean the m1a1 abrams tank?
oliver morgan (5 years ago)
Ffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu NBC ggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaasaaaaasaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bhfvddbhgbggvfvcfg gg ggggggggggfdbsvhs;?)////;;/::(:(:):):4:(,:?/:£::::::-):/:..,:!35(4;)(?££?(;:21//;(,)£?)!£)
oliver morgan (5 years ago)
High HDTV craft DVDs VHS BBQ Bach random lololololololololololololololololololololololololol
paul slattery (5 years ago)
ze is mad with power
Crazy Gamer (5 years ago)
I keep having to restart the vid
TylerPunllock (5 years ago)
1:54 Sly is storing cutscenes! xD
Cmdeguzzi (5 years ago)
@webknzlove26275 ikr me too
Chris Anthony (5 years ago)
K.av.knefbvk.jefb .knd v .kn DMV mvbcjcjndhd,x so mad no good quality
Chris Anthony (5 years ago)
KittensliveonAJ (5 years ago)
On this quality is crappy on my iPod. Skipping the video .... ;(
Sami Echo (5 years ago)
I liked your comment because of your picture.
cesar Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Its a poison frog
KlassicJayValor (5 years ago)
Because its not because of the amount its because of the satisfying the food is you'd rather eat cooked meat than raw and it makes you less hungry.
Nerdy Cosplay (5 years ago)
Love it
Brightonhub56 (5 years ago)
well me all now know that kevin is a Nazi, he loves gassing things...
Tallis Barnard (5 years ago)
Got ex-communicated! xD
Hina (5 years ago)
For some reason I just can't get the quality to work in theirs vid wtf
Magoober (5 years ago)
scorcher117 (5 years ago)
Furret (5 years ago)
On my Ipod the quality always autochanges to 240p...
Snoa Valdeen (5 years ago)
iPod quality on this video suuucks.
Joseph | CookieBeanzz (5 years ago)
Thea (5 years ago)
Toby has a Steven? Whoo?
nobbyjr1 (5 years ago)
The reason why everyone's quality is probably shit is because you are all most likely using the YouTube app which is complete shit
Katrina Lefaye (5 years ago)
Because you throw up the raw food. (If you're lucky that is)
ZACHARY ROBINSON (5 years ago)
O shit my dick sly fox nina
alex4shizle11 (5 years ago)
cuz its raw retard
alex4shizle11 (5 years ago)
just shut the fuck up
Regulas Arkus (5 years ago)
no shit!! Ever sense the damned youtube update with the 144p option it screws us over so much cause it corrups it a bit. i've waited a half our and it hasn't started yet.
VAMPED GAMEPLAYZ (5 years ago)
Dang I'm on ipad4 the quality is horrible
StealthBlade98 (5 years ago)
so I take it it's somewhere within tropic world?
fush (5 years ago)
It was just a joke. No hard feelings on anyone. Except Lucy and the crew.
Cath K (5 years ago)
Lucian Z. (5 years ago)
but what i cant understand is why a girl has to be the first one out of that closet
Julia (5 years ago)
The quality is crap on mobile, but guys, go to safari app and search youtube. On that one it's great quality! :3
manny paz (5 years ago)
YouTube needs to get its shit together -_-
TrailBlazers245 (5 years ago)
Not the best quality for iPod.
Samantha Park (5 years ago)
Shitty quality -,-
PJ McBroom (5 years ago)
21:25 Kevin is such a Nazi
Page Martin (5 years ago)
Wooooh the quality is shity on mobile
TheTonyBaik (5 years ago)
I'm glad the mod maker knew that pineapples don't grow on trees :)
Finnian Lavellan (5 years ago)
Kendrick (5 years ago)
Same here Kewlfadoodle
Creepypatriot (5 years ago)
Jeff Playdon (5 years ago)
lunarpeak (5 years ago)
3:44 zoom~
gg sly
Moy Caliente (5 years ago)
Quality sucks
DeathX417 (5 years ago)
i just want to put everyone in one room and gas em.
Vincent Purchase (5 years ago)
SkullZMinus (5 years ago)
I had the same problem with Tropicraft.. Got stuck in the tropics and didn't know how to get out, even through death.
Esewi Omoregbee (5 years ago)
It's makes perfect sense. :O you're a genius!!!!
marvinater5881 (5 years ago)
Danika Back (5 years ago)
hotstuffinmyplaces (5 years ago)
You win at life.
TheIronic BlackMan (5 years ago)
16:29 Was that a crafting Table?!
NewPaulActs17 (5 years ago)
the ex-communicated series
fush (5 years ago)
Narnia is sooooooo gay. Get it.. Because they come out.. of the.... Hahaha
Anjalo Haggerty (5 years ago)
Alec S. (5 years ago)
maby if you're polite about it, it might happen.
IxTail1 (5 years ago)
BRING BACK Ex-communicated
SicklyMinecraftable (5 years ago)
i have learned that now later, I'mma watch the rest of the series
YoungJFresh1 (5 years ago)
YoungJFresh1 (5 years ago)
Ex-communicated you dummy
king tut (5 years ago)
imagine if one day sly was exploring and found the plane in a tree smashed to bits with a zombie pigman riding in it
SicklyMinecraftable (5 years ago)
how would it be minecraft marriage mc marriage did not have nova and never involved a plane
SicklyMinecraftable (5 years ago)
the treehouse series?
Josh Block (5 years ago)
Christian McKay (5 years ago)
19:24 in the distance, ITS PRIDE ROCK.
Christian McKay (5 years ago)
ItsDecepticon (5 years ago)
but everything changed when the Draven nation attacked.

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