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VGHS Season 2 Trailer

67886 ratings | 2489177 views
Watch the High Framerate Trailer at http://www.rocketjump.com/?video=vghs-season-2-trailer-hfr Season 2 will released starting July 25th, and will be be six 30-40 minute episodes, on YouTube and our site RocketJump.com Trailer features music by Savant. The tracks are Storm the Gates and Splinter. SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/aleksander-vinter For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (26050)
LEgOLOSeR ! (1 month ago)
The first series b4 YouTube Red
19 Derys (3 months ago)
Siapa yg nntn ini gara2 eno bening
Hero Jojo (4 months ago)
The best trailer i've seen in youtube
Gamabunx (5 months ago)
2018 - And now it's REAL ! (#TSM #FNATIC #LoL #Fortnite, etc)
Fucking hate johannah Brady now.
nickson saputra (6 months ago)
2018 everyone ?
Left him hanging ....
ClawMountain (1 year ago)
Will you guys ever put back up the high frame rate version? I thought it was really cool when I first saw it when it came out
Matthew Chen (1 year ago)
I remember the hype watching this trailer 4 years ago....
AceRay 24 (2 years ago)
ted looks like dan or phil
SneakAttackGames (2 years ago)
What is the song in the background?
AnimeGerSub (2 years ago)
+StarCrafter106 savant - rescue time
Jonathan Brandow (3 years ago)
That was amazing. VGHS for the win
EpicPivotDX (3 years ago)
Everyone is freaking out like using Aleksander's music Is new for Freddie lawl.
Dave2801epic (3 years ago)
:'( I'm sad it's over
Moogagot (3 years ago)
Major Props to the "BRIAN LOOK OUT!" guy.
Tselmuun Batbaatar (3 years ago)
Sadly, the best series on the history of YouTube, is over!
Michael Pozzi (3 years ago)
Its over!!! Im so sad!!!
TurtleCrew (3 years ago)
What is the song that said, YOU WIN? ive been trying to find it :(
TurtleCrew (3 years ago)
+Zgamer Payne thanks!
Zgamer 115 (3 years ago)
Spilinter by Savant
Codigital1 (3 years ago)
Liked the first one better though
matty g (3 years ago)
this got me hyped, season 3 trailer didnt really do the same
Knight of Oath (4 years ago)
When I first saw this trailer I thought it was interesting to see Brian D, The Law, and Jenny Matrix fighting together... Was a cool shot :D
santy g (3 years ago)
yeah but the ending kinda did
Custodes91 (4 years ago)
Drama Alert (4 years ago)
Season 3 hype!
Cristian Mralles (4 years ago)
U said it hey here is the trailer everyone lol
Seversum (4 years ago)
Justin McVicar (4 years ago)
If Savant doesn't do the soundtrack for season 3, I'm gonna be severely disappointed. 
MinerMorsel (4 years ago)
Actually i got here because of people commenting "im here because of vghs" under savant - splinter!! And savant is AWESOME for his music and for getting me here!!!
whatever dude (4 years ago)
lesbian ?
Greg. Sym. (3 years ago)
That's ted and the dutchess. I hope that's what you were talking about, lol.
zaandarbrow (4 years ago)
pound it xD
WibZ (4 years ago)
Gloamglozer1432 (4 years ago)
It's the Brian look out guy!!!
Don Cuddihee (4 years ago)
Song Name?
TDI EidolonRising (3 years ago)
Sean Kramer (4 years ago)
+DatAntonioDude Took you long enough
DatAntonioDude (4 years ago)
+Sean Kramer Or you could just say Darude-Sandstorm...I am so sorry
Sean Kramer (4 years ago)
Do some work and look in the description...
LEGENDIRECTOR (4 years ago)
They release a sneak peak of vghs season 3 on Conan.
jonathanisolato (4 years ago)
what is this song?
Ong Jia Wei (4 years ago)
Yay OMG I'm been waiting for a zillion years already
Jakob Skrede Langedal (4 years ago)
Hope there is another series! When will series 3 be out?
Roy Orta (4 years ago)
I love it is a high school
Commander Krennon (4 years ago)
Commander Krennon (4 years ago)
That's Awesome. two of my favorite songs by Savant! :D
Rikard Holmqvist (4 years ago)
Storm the gates and Splinter... :)
Anton Nikulin (4 years ago)
God damn it : D Expect this so much : D
Jordan Chan (4 years ago)
The Dutches is hot.
Jere Mikael Isopahkala (4 years ago)
Will it be 48 fps ? Or even partly hfr?
OreoBunny123 (4 years ago)
Have they announced when Season 3 will come out yet?  (Other than that it will be this year.)
Bucky Jones (4 years ago)
+RealCorn  Yes! It was so awesome right? Might even be a bit better then season 2 :D
CenturyDesign (4 years ago)
3 Hours ago
Bucky Jones (4 years ago)
+The gaming stick  ya :D
Marscars (4 years ago)
+Bucky Jones caint wait
Bucky Jones (4 years ago)
The exact date of the first episode is October 13 2014 :D
don't care 4 U (4 years ago)
Season 3 but it cant be about brien D if it is it might suffer do to spectecal creep
jose molina (4 years ago)
0:26 music????????
Rikard Holmqvist (4 years ago)
If you're still wondering, it's Storm The Gates by Savant
Azael (4 years ago)
I want season three it's gonna be awesome!
KeeperOfSolitude (4 years ago)
the most anoying ad on youtube
Ben Mansfield (4 years ago)
What song is this plz help
Ben Mansfield (3 years ago)
i have figured that out but thanks 
Howard Song (3 years ago)
splinter and also storm the gates by Savant
cookiemaddness (4 years ago)
Look at when it was uploaded idiot
Ekul Rotcorp (4 years ago)
Um.. didn't they already do season 2?
DownWrath (4 years ago)
SoberBro (4 years ago)
When did 1:15 come up in VGHS??? (The Brain look out part)
Callum Spriet (4 years ago)
They used splinters from savant
Jaccob Dalton (4 years ago)
They are gonna make this into many seasons, I mean, the second season ends at the start of the playoffs barely like 4 months into the year??
Aarobot 5000 (4 years ago)
is it just me or i say Jenny looks diffrent
Aarobot 5000 (4 years ago)
PixelTrooper (4 years ago)
yup she got rid of her bangs
DiljaH97 (4 years ago)
aaaaaawwyeaah !
Lara Kaldwin (4 years ago)
This severely confused me XD for some reason youtube wanted this to be an ad before a video I was going to watch. Got all excited, then got really confused with all Season 2 clips and was like.. waahhhaaattt?
Lara Kaldwin (4 years ago)
oh cool :) I cant wait till VGHS season 3!!!
PixelTrooper (4 years ago)
youtube didn't want this to be an ad rocketjump paid for this to be an ad... i through that ad i got to this show and i LOVE IT! :P
Eden Wan (4 years ago)
What's wrong withe the keyboard
Eden Wan (4 years ago)
The law
Aldo HAA (4 years ago)
It's funny... I got this vido as an ad when about to watch this video... LOL
MrGuruatEverything (4 years ago)
TheMintyJR Brian is played by josh blaylock
Golden Hale (4 years ago)
NOTCH!!!! 1:39
DedicatedCinema (4 years ago)
joe yonATHAN (4 years ago)
Jenny matrix is so hot
Lightblade (4 years ago)
1:14 Hey that's the 1 guy that funded $1,000..... Lucky
Henry The Unicorn (4 years ago)
I just noticed that... Why would u pay $1000 just for that line tho? :\ I wouldve payed $1000 for the other limited rewards 
三浦祐太郎 (4 years ago)
Elder: cider pose yet: details: weseinstkanacceder tender rods ruder bde rosette poseur older Diderotb reder:Roy dvd info
AAH PRODUCTIONS (4 years ago)
Can't Wait
Scott Zangas (4 years ago)
oh my gosh... is that Savant?!?! HECK YA IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryuflame (4 years ago)
Does anybody know the song in the backround during the trailer?!
Sprynt the Reuploader (4 years ago)
Savant - Storm the Gates.
Spoon (4 years ago)
Better than many AA hollywood movies
Corey Collins (4 years ago)
Savant - Storm the Gates and Savant - Splinter
Loren Helgeson (4 years ago)
Throwingpoopmonkeys1 (4 years ago)
Still has better effects than Avatar: The Last Air Bender
santiago peñalver (4 years ago)
song name?
The Best (4 years ago)
Looks badass
HiKyler (4 years ago)
This came out on my birthday :}
Sam Gibbons (4 years ago)
die BDs (4 years ago)
You are the best
Videobooklet (4 years ago)
ZinomaLp (4 years ago)
YOU WIN! Savant-Splinter-(Original-Mix) Best music :D
jackson mills (4 years ago)
Its funny because this trailer runs better than the one on rocketjump because my computer can't handle the high fps :P
Daniel Trejo (5 years ago)
Make move vghs videos
Joe Gibbons (5 years ago)
It was asome I am such a big fan of you guys I think the guns are asome if you think
Tomi Odukoya (5 years ago)
Cancerman50 is right. This looks sooooo good.
Holkeeen (5 years ago)
I was pumped for season 3 after seeing the trailer before the release of the first episode.
Saymon Roger (5 years ago)
Aí do no englishi understend?
Weebfox (5 years ago)
Jenny looks good as always, thats good. And I actually think I look just a little bit about Brian, hmm. But now I know what to watch today, looks even cooler. Please make season 3!
chanakaZk (5 years ago)
Just imagine if Freddy had loads of money to spend like holly wood directors!!! Some films just a waste of time and money but these guys..just awesome....some times..so rarely... talented people come together and this is what happens!!..the cast, the story, acting, directing and creativity all superb and should admire, specially the way they started to get here...
Jacob Ballard (5 years ago)
Every episode was 2 to 3 times as long though so it's not really short
emilio molina (5 years ago)
Is it gonna come season 3?
Pancake Lover (5 years ago)
HYPER (5 years ago)
B.K.C. (5 years ago)
wooooooooo dat dubsteeeeeeeeeeeep >//////<
Screecher98 (5 years ago)
Savant- splinter!!! YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Rafael (5 years ago)
Okay honestly all the action and gaming scenes are in the trailer, it doesn't get any better than this
BollocksBest (5 years ago)
cute blond girl :3 ;)
Stephen Chou (5 years ago)
Who pays $1,000 just to say Brian look out and he isn't even a good actor?
TheFikri136 (5 years ago)
no.!! I Said Season 4!!! i know they're will making season 3 next year!!
How To Penguin (5 years ago)
ok :)
Voldac (5 years ago)
Savant - Storm The Gates
Molly Hossil (5 years ago)
Thomas Morris (5 years ago)
not every season takes up the whole school year though

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