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Cool Peter Parker Scene | Spider-Man 3 (2007) Movie Clip

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Cool Peter Parker Scene | Spider-Man 3 (2007) Movie info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0413300/ Buy it on Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/Spider-Man-3-Mastered-4K-Blu-ray/dp/B00IGVJGYQ Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard, J. K. Simmons, Rosemary Harris, Elizabeth Banks, James Cromwell -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/filmicbox ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmicbox ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmicbox ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/109939716731213840534 ► Scopian01: https://goo.gl/j0WzB2 -------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Sony Pictures (2007) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Peter Parker Evil's Dance Scene 4K Ultra HD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGtSnFs0lbb7Loo0WeKmVQ
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Text Comments (3123)
Scopian01 (11 months ago)
Click here for Spider-Man & Goblin vs Venom & Sandman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CFcGshOfgY
Akash Kumar (29 days ago)
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Angel Wayne (2 months ago)
Gita Kumari (3 months ago)
Filmic Box
Gita Kumari (3 months ago)
Filmic Box3 3 full movie
Ella Escandor (3 months ago)
The flash speed force
Stoner Locc (1 hour ago)
NKDOT (3 hours ago)
Im gonna put some cum in your eye
4:37 that moment when you walk out of school
Skankhunt (3 hours ago)
Falco Lord (5 hours ago)
0:18 oh I don’t know maybe her father?
Devin Lacourse (5 hours ago)
The most hated scene in Spiderman 3 😂😂
Tsm_Andre (5 hours ago)
4:08 when your family member comes to your house and hops on your ps4 without asking😹😹😹😹😹
Random (6 hours ago)
3:52 gayness intensifies
rajkumar sonkar (6 hours ago)
That girl at 2:30. I always thought she had feelings for Peter. 🤔
CONOR HD (7 hours ago)
Por Eddie😢😭
punkaddict (7 hours ago)
Favourite superhero scene. I love that it pulls an 'Always Sunny' vibe in that the character (Peter) becomes so deluded that everything he does seems cooler by the music, when in reality he becomes more of a loser unaware of the warnings given by Dr. Curt. It's a genius move
alex the BLUE fox (9 hours ago)
*I’d like to shoot you sometime* Me to me
Darkhound1116 (5 hours ago)
For some reason no matter how hard I try I can't bring myself to hate this movie. This was my childhood afterall.....
YOLO420BLAZEIT (11 hours ago)
Isaac Trawick (15 hours ago)
This scene was so cheesy
Olivertwist (16 hours ago)
i really liked these movies with toby mcguire
whitenight jr. (16 hours ago)
I've always wandered what that song is can someone help me?
Brock’s a good editor but a bad man
Seabee156 (18 hours ago)
3:18 When you finally lose your virginity at 35.
1776 (20 hours ago)
It’s a good scene. Parker plays a jerk well.
secretlabs1234 (20 hours ago)
Hahaha Peter's lost it🤣
Jonathan Gomez (20 hours ago)
Uncle Ben is dead
Drawing For fun (21 hours ago)
It's so corny lol
Cock Gobbler (22 hours ago)
"Go make me some cookies with nuts in them."
Timothy Weldon (22 hours ago)
Kill me.
kaen 2ultra (22 hours ago)
when friday is your pay day 4:39
Yeet (23 hours ago)
4:30 me when I finally get a gf
DragMeToHell 666 (1 day ago)
This is golden
Emma Scott Kennedy (1 day ago)
2:35 epic ecene
4:37 how MgK felt when he thought he won the beef with Eminem
Sto Karatów (1 day ago)
The way I see it, at the beginning of this clip, Peter experienced attraction from women on the streets, and it being new experience to him, went overboard with "coolness".
Victor Arkhangelsky (1 day ago)
This fucking amazing
king Bob (1 day ago)
During the dancing scene I thought u ain't white you neon white
arturo ponce (1 day ago)
4:38 when you get more than 11 likes on instagram
Danterik (1 day ago)
4:37 When your crush says yes after you ask them out
Legit LowQualityGuy (1 day ago)
*🅱️ E T E R 🅱️ 🅰️ R K E R 🅰️ N G E R Y*
MegaStrimp (1 day ago)
Damn i would have given him a brake i know how it feels to try and fail lol
Anne Venzon (1 day ago)
2:45 He sounded like Tom Holland right there.
Best Kinda Mess (1 day ago)
I think it’s funny
Sawtje2 (1 day ago)
1:26 Heh, that girl on the right kinda looks like Makoto from Persona 5.. Interesting
SMH Replayz (1 day ago)
Looks like he’s feeling good
Christopher80611 (1 day ago)
I would like to offer Peter Parker a WWE contract.
Can't fucking stand that topper grace and those "swallowing noises & mouthy noises he makes" What a fucking tadger....
Reverse Default (1 day ago)
I fkn love this scene 😂
Arturo Mena (1 day ago)
4:04 — 4:12 me to my teachers when my senior year is almost done
DALEK SUPREME (1 day ago)
you can all hate on spiderman 3 but you cant disagree this is one fun ass movie to watch friends its like one of those movies that are so bad its good. its just hilarious to watch
west Side (1 day ago)
Jamison reaction was priceless 😂
Kevin Cortez (1 day ago)
Song's name? 4:15
awesomecash906 (1 day ago)
wears black once OH MY GOD EVIL
Faster Jeff (1 day ago)
I come back here from time to time to see this masterpiece again.
SuperMasonBros (1 day ago)
4:07 Jamison’s Face😂😂😂
Tobey McGuire has never been cool.
XxShanexX (1 day ago)
Spamming the hell outta square
Dizastermaster (1 day ago)
Honestly I'd walk like that if I just got a 100% raise
Ainsley Brown (1 day ago)
Peter: "Get me some milk" Alpha AF.
CrustyHobo (1 day ago)
He’s so dorky that THIS is his idea of evil
Simple Concept (1 day ago)
2:55 "It amplifies characteristics of its host,expecially D A N C I N G"
AMPT Exotic (1 day ago)
4:39 Uncle Ben Died
BLACK METALHEAD (2 days ago)
The name of the last song
Victor Hernandez (2 days ago)
3:02 this could be dangerous. Why could be dangerous?
Justice! (2 days ago)
3:35 *Peter Parker xDXdXDxd*
The Enclave Guy (2 days ago)
When it’s pizza time!
Player 2-LightWater (18 hours ago)
You're late.
Daveon Hawkins (2 days ago)
Emo peter
Queen Mantis (2 days ago)
Riyaz2004Cybr (2 days ago)
4:34 How fridays be like
Riyaz2004Cybr (2 days ago)
1:12 liked the way he said that
チーバー (2 days ago)
Blurry Carpenter (2 days ago)
The dance killed the entire Trilogy
Pupper (2 days ago)
I don't get it, to girls like emo Parker or not? The first half they're into him, then it gets to the dancing scene.
Hurriven (2 days ago)
So this is the scene everyone was yelling about, can i know why ?
Sofia Moschioni (2 days ago)
I can feel the cringe from miles away
스타베리 (2 days ago)
Not quite my photo
Aaron Crawford (2 days ago)
Who is my daughter supposed to look up to now? Psssh i don't know. Maybe YOU? Her father???
DrDre (2 days ago)
<3 we want the old spidey!! ;(( </3
XxDuffnotfuddxX (2 days ago)
4:34 - When the school shooter gets killed and you survived by hiding under a table for an hour
William Zhao (2 days ago)
gay man acts straight
Straight Loko81 (2 days ago)
All of u hoes is gay cause the girl that made the cookies omfg so much better then the other hoe that stared in this movie.
K9 PLAYZ (2 days ago)
pizza time?
Mateus Joao Bindo (2 days ago)
XxIrene AngelxX (2 days ago)
Gonna rub some dirt in that eye? Ow.
MinecraftBoy4237 (2 days ago)
Jaisean Forever (2 days ago)
“You want forgiveness? Get religion” that line was cold 😂
Jiggs (2 days ago)
y'all gotta watch Peter Parker walking around NYC without the song 😂
Xavier Parker (2 days ago)
I don't know why so many hated this movie
Andrew Gosnell (2 days ago)
This has now become my go to threat when my friend acts stupid.
Zatharos (2 days ago)
Took me 10 years to realize the original was taken by Peter in the first place
Soleh Okole (2 days ago)
JJJ’s face when he puts his feet up on the table always gets to me
FreSh LooKs (2 days ago)
4:06 when u finish a test early and ur teacher says u have free time
Ottev (2 days ago)
dietz andwattson23 (2 days ago)
4:08 when i know i can do the job better than anyone yet i chose not to after my boss looks at me like why am i even here to begin with
LoyalWheat 5816 (2 days ago)
I love it spiderman 3 XD
XtremeXD Gaming (2 days ago)
This movie and homecoming need a tiebreaker
An aristocrat (2 days ago)
As a kid I cringe a lot watching this scene. Now as an adult, I realized it's comparable to Davinci's Mona lisa.
timboy 123 (2 days ago)
Hello no
JoZhuA {SaLeM} (3 days ago)
Oh fuck.... jesus smh
Gamer Man (3 days ago)
This is when puberty hits hard
Samuel Rix (3 days ago)
Cool peter Parker scene? More like edgy

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