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Minecraft Daily | Ep.16 Ft Kevin and Lucie | Pirate Ships Ahoy!

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Text Comments (1648)
draganta 197 (3 months ago)
leslie nelson
Vincent Huynh (4 months ago)
Anyone in 2018 re watching
hkjlkjhlkjhkjh (1 year ago)
Captin Hooks pirate ship is called The Jolly Roger.
A04-Ali (1 year ago)
PearuArmasJ (1 year ago)
i was 10 when it was uploaded lol
TheNoob (2 years ago)
Probis (2 years ago)
Sometimes I feel like Lucie "likes likes" sly
WolfPack Creator (2 years ago)
I was 12 when this video was uploaded
XxlaurynxX (2 years ago)
I was 9
Amy Hurtado (2 years ago)
Ophia Brown (2 years ago)
u want your hair white because of Danny Phantom he's a phantom
XXANGELxSPARKSXX (2 years ago)
Leslie Nielsen
colton bouchard (3 years ago)
Leslie Neilson
0_0 X_X (3 years ago)
Yay Lucy's back
Pajazzel (3 years ago)
Kevin would have been like 15 0-0
Zephen Kyutine (3 years ago)
You ppl (Sly and Kevin) r Foxy!!!!! =D FNAF Kevin will u be my Senpai? plz?
Salt (3 years ago)
Her noises have got to be the best thing.
Brandon (4 years ago)
Geez someone's angry
The Mighty Snowfish (4 years ago)
its the begining of the sly cave
K-KUMA BKOLD (4 years ago)
Man you start to realize how funny they are back then
Lexii (4 years ago)
Jamie Foxx?
Lina Gamer52 (4 years ago)
When i heard lewsheas voice i was like 😱 OMG its lewshea
Kristiana (4 years ago)
Lucie should COME BACK!!!!
bailey watson (4 years ago)
When I'm 80 I'm gonna come back and watch this
DJ King X (5 months ago)
Here’s the four year
FireMonkey (1 year ago)
bailey watson here's the 3 year reminder
Nikoli Omlin (4 years ago)
lucy is fucking retarded and sucks fucking balls get rid of her
Merciiless (1 year ago)
Yea i agree, her voice is fucking annoying...
Sloth McSloth (3 years ago)
+mslita09 Hmmm, but some people don't have to express their opinion in a very immature way. 
Scylla (4 years ago)
I watch the video so that's invalid
Kitty Warrior123 (4 years ago)
Outro rocks dude homie slyfoxhound im a homie yeahhh
FluffyNova (4 years ago)
so thats how he got that huge tunnle 
Ventus Tarango (4 years ago)
Haha now at 14:04 If you look out the window you can see Noah's Ark setting sail Right before God himself floods the World hahaha x) Now I wonder is that boat gonna huge as shit?
cece apple (4 years ago)
you should have lucie in the newer episodes too
isabellaaa (4 years ago)
jordan otero (4 years ago)
Lucie sounds like a cross between marzia and lui calibre at the beginning
Lily Owens (4 years ago)
Hi ._.
Jack Reed (4 years ago)
Hi ._.
kingwzrd (4 years ago)
Why change outro/ end ;(
be it (2 years ago)
connax21 (4 years ago)
Personally i find Lucy hilarious
Dominatrix Dex (4 years ago)
Lucies voice is so fucking adorable :3
BloodyMary Gaming (4 years ago)
R.I.P. Leslie Nielson
bryianna cookieface (4 years ago)
Me and my friend is so singing the homies drop the bass song for the talent show
matthew botham (4 years ago)
Leslie isn't a girls name it's unisex.
Mari Chan (4 years ago)
I LOVED THE SHOW!! :D Leslie Nielsen was the best! Especially in Dracula :)
Nicotine (4 years ago)
Lucie is so annoying
a person (1 year ago)
Nicotine right
karla romeiro (4 years ago)
karla romeiro (4 years ago)
Leslie from parks and recreation :(
Brianna Hemmings (5 years ago)
This video is sponsored by life alert LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
PlanetRay (5 years ago)
Yo past sly. minecraft daily in the future is pretty fucked up
Harrison Tharpe (5 years ago)
You have ceiling cat? We have mole floor lushie
Adyn Case (5 years ago)
WTF is lucie doin!
Evelyn (5 years ago)
I agree
xXJackirBlackBloddXx (5 years ago)
i dont get it?
Cole Tadych (5 years ago)
f u
Shannon McGrath (5 years ago)
when i first heard kevins voice I did not think he was a very pretty asian man...
Sustin Joares (5 years ago)
Laura Layton (5 years ago)
kevin sounds just like markiplier...
Jake Habel (5 years ago)
Toxic Blade (5 years ago)
Kevin's just a beast in general. "Who need's mainland? Pussy's!"
Isaac Davies (5 years ago)
Ermahgerd Lucie's voice is so cute :3
Kyle Case (5 years ago)
Was he thinking of Hugh Laurie?
David Taylor (5 years ago)
Cat in the hole
Jœl (5 years ago)
Lucie's voice is so cute
yesse (5 years ago)
No... He changed the ending... My life is ruined D:
Ride or Die (5 years ago)
Kevin's voice is so fucking awesome ...
Sean Houston (5 years ago)
Don't be mean to Lucie has respectevs you drtbag
Myth PvP (5 years ago)
o.o i just Remembered how fucking annoying she was :D
YouKnowKasperino (5 years ago)
why you hatein on the lewshea
Demonic Canadian (5 years ago)
I fucking hate lucie
joshua gilbert (5 years ago)
advertisements suck
joshua gilbert (5 years ago)
advertisements suck
joshua gilbert (5 years ago)
oh my fucking god stupid advertisements
joshua gilbert (5 years ago)
omfg stupid advertisements
ATM2202 (5 years ago)
U forgot to introduce Lucie.
Ale Ducas (5 years ago)
Yay Lucie
katie slavin (5 years ago)
ya lucie is back
Ray Harpster (5 years ago)
Delaney Holland (5 years ago)
I liked the other ending... :0 Plz change it back<3
Johnny Appleseed (5 years ago)
yeah lucie had that meat!
Zachasaures (5 years ago)
U already lost to Steven
Anth Ferazz (5 years ago)
2:44 the start of #tfu Kevin: Steven does everything...
Yamahadrummer88 (5 years ago)
Lewshea is so fucking high
Beyond Hades Gate (5 years ago)
how come sly always compliments Steven when he is not around but when he is around sly blames everything on him XD
Panda With A PC (5 years ago)
yes she is :3
Lam Nguyen (5 years ago)
Kevin´s Voice is perfect :DD
shadowdude265 (5 years ago)
Y did he change the ending!!!!
Chelsey White (5 years ago)
Lucie 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。
katie wood (5 years ago)
luice is back yesssssssssss
LxD WANTED (5 years ago)
Is it just me or does Lucie talk like the girl from Ned's Declassified School Survival guide who has the nose problem?
Alexis Sorensen (5 years ago)
boo who
Mike hart (5 years ago)
Plz stop vusing so mich or I,cant watch u know more
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (5 years ago)
i ammm 61 soooooooooo FUck yoU
RAgamesFTW (5 years ago)
Leslie Nielson he was also in Naked Gun
BARRELS APARICIO (5 years ago)
Lucies voice sounds hot
lulu6458 (5 years ago)
Honestly, I think you should take your time with you're house, it would like awesome if you take you're time, don't listen to people when they say hurry up with you're house. Just take you're time and make it awesome, from experience xD
hectic scone (5 years ago)
i meant this in a good way...
ThePhoenix (5 years ago)
Leslie Nielsen
Dan Vogt (5 years ago)
awe its not u dancing aweeee :/
Mapi Sheppard (5 years ago)
Don't be so rude to lucie
Drcooldude100 (5 years ago)
i like it better when it was actually him dancing in the outro
XRaigor (5 years ago)
LUCIE and sly had a fight, she may come back in later videos, but not now
XRaigor (5 years ago)
Looming Land (5 years ago)
You should get every minecrafter to play with you!
Looming Land (5 years ago)
Tell Steven I said thanks but he's still mean.
Firelight395 (5 years ago)
? what happened i didn't hear about this.
Jean Rodriguez (5 years ago)
For all those Subscribers of Slyfox, Lucie is not back this is old videos because there was a fight between Sly & Lucie

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