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Let it Roll - Opening Show 2014 [DnBPortal.com]

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01.-02.08.2014 / Let it Roll / Main stage / Open / Robot performance / Benešov / Open Air ✖ DnB Portal ✖ ➔Visit http://dnbportal.com ➔Like http://fb.com/DnBPortal ➔Follow http://twitter.com/DnBportalHQ ➔Follow http://instagram.com/dnbportal
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Text Comments (51)
HeavyContrast (1 year ago)
Best Let it roll i have been to :) Everything was perfect Gigs Location and not long walking distance ! In 2014 the crowd was just another level and the dnb still loyal to the name let it roll :)
Fourseason (2 years ago)
DnB Portal (2 years ago)
Motykafuck (2 years ago)
Tohle je víc než hodně moc :D
braakattac (2 years ago)
Anyone has an idea who made the whole intro song?
Ma Dering (2 years ago)
song name 6:13???
Petr Karasek (2 years ago)
A 2015 opening show totalni nuda...:/
Petr Karasek (1 year ago)
A 2016 totalní masakr 😂😂
jakub sauer (3 years ago)
Song name plzzzzz !! :)
Goana Pi (3 years ago)
Fett .___.
Petereseter (3 years ago)
I need that track at 6:15!! Where i can dwnld it? Lf a name of that track.
TheMaryBF (3 years ago)
Ta 3D projekce je brutální to jo, ale bylo to takový unuděný apk pár rachejtlí a v tom nejlepším konec...loni se mi to zdálo taky lepší, ale i tak Big UP ;)
DieLois@oww.com (3 years ago)
Look on this Thousand Cameras! :D:D:D what a time...everyone wanna get this show in crap quality...
Mrpastelkacz (3 years ago)
I was right in front of the stage and everything was goin' maaaaaaad. 
Knoka (3 years ago)
This is an orgy of transformers !
Tomas Dobry (3 years ago)
5:03 Klobouček
John Doe (3 years ago)
Look at everyone with their phones out. Embarrassing 
Dragomir Stankovic (3 years ago)
fucking awesome
Bastien Thievent (3 years ago)
That was Huge !!!
Abel Tesfaye (3 years ago)
They have to start banning the use of mobile phones in concerts and enforce the rule that each venue has a professional cameraman. That way everyone can let loose and go crazier than a muafucker instead of worrying about the visual proof of them having attended the event cause that shits fucked up
FlngLnhrt (3 years ago)
+emsicz Yes, Tomorrowland has got very good Camcorders and the Crowd is filming with their phones...
emsicz (3 years ago)
Most visitors chose for themselves to use the phone. This is democracy in action, if you don't like it, go somewhere else or get used to it.
Kevin Ali Espinoza (3 years ago)
name of the songs
nimeni86 (3 years ago)
Did the crowd just ordered some City Beef at City Wok? Because City Phones.
pida 42 (3 years ago)
Openning byl slabší, ale za to na každým stage to rychtilo jak se sluší a patří! See za za rok ;-)
Orlando Ramirez Garcia (3 years ago)
track @4:50
Steve-N (3 years ago)
darude - sandstorm
Orlando Ramirez Garcia (3 years ago)
track @4:50
Weedy CZ (3 years ago)
4:44 song ?
Tobias Zehenthofer (3 years ago)
it was just amazing!!! :D
PhazeOfficial (3 years ago)
sounds like my printer lol
windoeeGFX (3 years ago)
Tomik (3 years ago)
ta hlava vřískota tam :D 
Teian (3 years ago)
Awesome weekend! Gonna be there next year for sure!
Jan Tima (3 years ago)
Thats fucking sick! 
Sinner (3 years ago)
lol everybody w their shitty phones recording ... :D :D
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
I have same opinion. Shitty phones with shitty audio & video :/ better will be hands up and screaming :)
Michaela Málková (3 years ago)
Letosni LIR bomba! Akorat Opening Show trosku slabsi oproti minulemu roku, to byla husi kuze jak sviňa :) Ať uz je dalsi rocnik!!!
Elien K (3 years ago)
Letos to bylo víc o tech efektech a hře se světlama, taky jsem čekal o trošku víc, respektive toho robota. .. Samotná stage ale vypadala epicky, ta se fakt povedla :-)
Fourseason (3 years ago)
Bylo to super, ale přijde mi že minulej rok byl lepší, ne line-upově ale spíš tou atmosférou, každopádně příští rok zase! :)
VrtuleexD (3 years ago)
Bylo to mega 
Runsun (3 years ago)
sick ....
Lukáš Práchenský (3 years ago)
Minulej rok to bylo mnohem lepsi
Dominik Lacko (3 years ago)
teraz ľutujem že som nešiel :D
Dominik Lacko (3 years ago)
+František Preissler na 100% som jasnej :D 
pida 42 (3 years ago)
Tak doufám, že příští festival jsi jasnej ;)
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
Amazing OPENING SHOW!!  Just WOW!
Peter Seman (3 years ago)
Hrozná pecka to byla....neuveritelny pocit to byl :D
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
Jimmy Navarro (3 years ago)
Tak příští rok je to jasný :)
David Blahovec (3 years ago)
kokooooot riadne jeby :O 

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