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Ultimate sniper - AS50 / M14 [CCH]

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Hey! this is my first DayZ video! please comment on what can be improved and what was good, credit helps alot! vote upp or down as you feel like, i need to know if its good or not! :) Recorder: Fraps Video manager: sony vegas 11.0 Song: Digital Insanity - Keygen Music note; I do not want ANY credit for the song. It is not mine in any way. I have it on for people to get a rush because the song makes it cooler and better :) - Kayzor/Lollian
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lollian1 (6 years ago)
indeed :'<
lollian1 (6 years ago)
thanks :D
Beardy Mcgee (6 years ago)
Beardy Mcgee (6 years ago)
Nice vid Kenny!!!!!
TheDoctr (6 years ago)
some pretty sick shots

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