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Far Cry 5 - Hit The Gas Tanker Truck Location Guide

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I've noticed that people had trouble locating tanker trucks to complete the Hit The Gas mission so I tried a few things to work out the best way to do it. This is what I came up with. P.S - I tried using the tanker you steal from the Refuel mission and delivered it to Fall's End but that does NOT work. OUTRO MUSIC CREDIT: Song: Memories [Top Shelf Sounds Release] Artists: KupKake & Valcon Music provided by Top Shelf Sounds: https://goo.gl/18xxWt Download/Stream: http://myaudiograb.com/YfT76uTZ
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Text Comments (120)
Kyle Bruhn (4 days ago)
I figured there would be an annoying fetch mission... Why developers still include missions like this is beyond me. Tedious and obnoxious, thanks Stone Edge for this!
Shawn carlson (16 days ago)
Thanks man I have been loking
D4ad_Capsule #635 (28 days ago)
Easy Piano Tutorials (1 month ago)
Passed the mission in about 10 minutes using this method. Excellent video. Thank you!
KAREEM KHAZRAJI (1 month ago)
nice video bro helps me a lot thanks
Keril Azred (2 months ago)
i quit this game coz this stupid mission
Kavindu Chamiran (2 months ago)
Saved my time.
Aleo Sumbeling (3 months ago)
Before doing this, complete Merle's mission first. I did this. I got the tanker and got Merle's ride as well. What I did, i parked the death wish near the tanker. I have 2 GFH. The tanker is 2 seater so my 2nd GFH will autimatically ride the nearest vehicle which is the death wish. So I rode back to falls end then it failed my mission with Merle, loading the game with me losing both missions.
Theperiod time (3 months ago)
Waited and waited....nothing showed up!Who tf made this damb mission
Theperiod time (3 months ago)
Waited and waited....nothing showed up!Who tf made this damb mission
Jayson Sokalski (4 months ago)
This mission really allowed me to explore the game.. perhaps it's pointless, but I really discovered and have a better understanding of the game now just from running around liberating outpost, destroying convoys etc.. I'm still enjoying the game a lot despite how long I've put this one off
Futuredave (4 months ago)
This mission stopped me playing the game. Couldn't give a shit to carry on.
Colton Nelson (2 months ago)
Futuredave it’s currently pissing me tf off
It’s ya boi Kanek (4 months ago)
I literally flew a plane around for an hour to only find one. This is the last mission for me in this region, and this guide saved me 🙏🏼 definitely subbed 👌🏽
Gurcharan Singh (4 months ago)
Thank You !! So Much to help me complete this mission👌👌👌👍👍👍👍
Friedrich Steiner (4 months ago)
The game designer of this game should get aids and die.
mohammad .H (4 months ago)
Jaime Wess (4 months ago)
Having grace isnt a bad idea, when the truck appear, have her take out the drive without having to pepper it with freedom
Minh Nguyen (5 months ago)
Got the second truck, was like 300m away from where I needed to go. Fast traveled because i thought i could with the truck... damn
Ahnaf Ahmed (4 months ago)
Blorgus (5 months ago)
I hate this mission, thanks for the tutorial Very helpful! :)
CenCal Stang (5 months ago)
Man this mission was a bitch
Rapid FireINDONESIA (5 months ago)
Bro thankyou so much I love you fuck the developer who thought of this mission!
Aaron Playz (5 months ago)
Bro your amazing
fx (5 months ago)
this mission almost made me return the game; I can't believe this made it through to the final release
Inzamam Safi (5 months ago)
You save my day. Thanks buddy
Vladimir Pak (5 months ago)
Thanks bro, after few hours I finally got trucks, just need a lot of patience
MegaSnippezz (3 months ago)
A few hours? Fuck that!
I Giomofrfr (5 months ago)
First. I find a truck no problem and when I try to stop it it blows up killing me Second.i find a truck and a FUCKING CHOSEN! Shows up kills my whole squad and then blows up the truck killing me again. Third. I find another one I followed it (knowing I couldn’t touch it because if I did it would blow up) so I pull over in front of it and got out the car and then it hit me! No it literally hit me😑
Fergus (5 months ago)
genius ide thanks
You Queen Of Everyone (5 months ago)
I m hate this mission
Gaming Playroom (5 months ago)
Great stuff, i had found 1 truck but it was taking forever to find another, i'll try this.
Ahmed Khalil (5 months ago)
worked great, thanks
Ashu 3850 (5 months ago)
How to unlock weapon slot
Alessandro Angelici (5 months ago)
Thanks man it helped a lot. Even better if you play together with Grace, the sniper companion as it makes it so easy to stop the truck with one clean shot.
Matthew Baker (6 months ago)
This mission is so bugged. I delivered the 2 vics and it shows that i did, but it never said mission complete. And its still open on my journal. I click to track it and it says i brought 2/2 wtf
Madolite (6 months ago)
Seems like this missions is no longer doable if you already killed John Seed.
Jerome masters (5 months ago)
Madolite i killed it, truck are still here but so rare lol
NyuuMikuru1 (6 months ago)
Had a tanker down a road a bit. Expecting firefight but not one bullets flying. Got in and took it back a quarter mile from the station.
Fushion (6 months ago)
Did they get the town retard to design this mission?
JohnnyZen (6 months ago)
This mission made my head explode.
sublyme29 (6 months ago)
LMAO @3:00 it just cuts to the truck sitting there. "There is one tanker truck"
Anthony Cirami (6 months ago)
Thanks soo much , you're the best
lamnaa (6 months ago)
Thanks for the help. I mean, I still explode every time I get close to a tanker, but hey, gotta get lucky some rime, right?
Sea Mower (6 months ago)
Thanks a million man. I was trying that mission for 2 days with no success. Finally made it thanks to you.
Zack bloodshot (6 months ago)
Your a god
Eric DDd (6 months ago)
Thanks alot all the way From Sweden :)
jesse baker (6 months ago)
I killed the drive the truck drove its self to falls end😂😂😂 and thanks works pretty good and u can farm ammo here
jesse baker (6 months ago)
And if u shoot the tank and it havsnt blown up u can repair it before it does but act quick
Jos Machine (6 months ago)
You deserve my subb, someone give this man a medal
Devin Cobb (6 months ago)
liked and subed thanks bro
AMETHYST GAMES (6 months ago)
Dose not work for me
Danny Stevens (6 months ago)
strawbary cheesecake Wait till the reaper truck passes and it'll be after that
The Potato of Death (6 months ago)
You are a saviour. Thank you.
HazzyWasseh (6 months ago)
I lost this mission after liberating johns region :/
Hierarchy Tan (6 months ago)
Mike Johnson (6 months ago)
I just skipped this fucking mission. Didn't need it to progress anyways
Mike Johnson (6 months ago)
ruggedrider7 just do something else on that area
ruggedrider7 (6 months ago)
As of now this is the only story mission left for me to do. How do I skip it and trigger other story missions?
Mike Johnson (6 months ago)
Mason Hussey no you don't need to.there is plenty of other missions to do.that will trigger the story
Mason Hussey (6 months ago)
Mike Johnson so you don’t have to do it ?
Charles Bloomer (6 months ago)
This mission is a pain. Finding one is difficult, when you do find one it's hard to stop as you're often harassed by enemy vehicles while trying to do so. Then if you do finally get one you have to get it back to Fall's End in one piece! And you have to do it twice!!
Still not even half as annoying as 'War on drugs.'
MikeOxBig (6 months ago)
Worked great thanks! What a dumb fucking mission. Hope they fix it, maybe put a damn marker on the truck...
TheLukesta (6 months ago)
Youre a legend man. Stuck on this mission for ever. Liked
CriticalGamer44 (6 months ago)
Just because of this I'm subbing thanks bro
CriticalGamer44 (6 months ago)
Thx it worked
Nickolas Chavira (6 months ago)
Thanks this miss ion was so annoying
jeff pilla (6 months ago)
A npc blew up the truck
James Delaney (6 months ago)
Thank you!!!
Landon Wilks (6 months ago)
Great strategy!! Thanks for sharing I’ve been stuck on this for forever!!
Mike Q001 (6 months ago)
Thanks, I was stuck for over an hour looking for a Friggin fuel truck. I had to give you a Sub for that.
I have to say this has to be the dumbiest, most annoying mission in the game. I mean these trucks eventually would have to park somewhere. It would of been cooler breaking into a compound & Hijacking them at night. Clueless design here.
CocoPlops (6 months ago)
as soon as i fast travel, it goes back to 0/0
CocoPlops (6 months ago)
Yeah man, Happened twice at different locations but this place worked a treat!
Landon Wilks (6 months ago)
CocoPlops did u take the truck to falls end?
BAYBE KDL Kurtis Lee (6 months ago)
Excellent, great info it worked. I was driving all over the place for 2 days
Kdog 81 (6 months ago)
I tried this as well, and also tried just riding around the the entire map and nothing. After 2 hours of trying I was done with this game. I ended up selling it Ubisoft will never get my money again.
SirMeowsAbit (6 months ago)
You didn't need to finish the mission. I never finished it and it then showed up as "completed". I was then able to go on.
Josh Richards (6 months ago)
I love u bro
Taner Vardar (6 months ago)
Thanks for the help, this mission was so annoying.
DreamsForMemes (6 months ago)
A Normal House Cat (6 months ago)
Stone Edge Gameplay (6 months ago)
A Normal House Cat Oi, mate!
Syngard (6 months ago)
It is general problem I don't like, enemy npc all heave super vision on road or if you fire in outpost everyone know instantly where you are. I only use helicopter for traveling.
Stone Edge Gameplay (6 months ago)
Sol Invictus So it’s not just me then. Seems like you need to be pixel perfect with your shots in this Far Cry game.
Sol Invictus (6 months ago)
Or my favorite is bullets not registering a hit. I shot a guy right in the neck with a 50 cal sniper and all it did was stun him for a second
Sol Invictus (6 months ago)
what fucking retard came up with this mission? Capture the tankers that never spawn oh and if by some rare chance you get a tanker we are just going to spawn 2 trucks with 50 cal turrets to kill you in a second. The fuck who made that mission should be made to drive a fuel tanker in real life with two military Humvees shooting at him
Swoop223 (6 months ago)
hahahha best comment by far :D
Antares 8001 (6 months ago)
The game designer who came up with this mission and thought it would be a good idea to make it a story mission should be fired. I mean what were they thinking. What you've shown seems to be the only feasible way to do it and even then it's still tedious.
Skynet Dreams (4 months ago)
Antares 8001 Totally agree!
Ailin jinx (4 months ago)
I hope this comment gets 70,000 likes then someone please show it to the creators.
Jaime Wess (4 months ago)
plus how easy it is get fucking blow up by just driving to the destination...WTF
Leonardo DaVinci (5 months ago)
For some reason everyone i take the second truck it doesn't register and goes back to me having to redoit .... And that was after the updates.
Rapid FireINDONESIA (5 months ago)
Antares 8001 Right! And if i were a game reviewer with this kind of bullshit cancerous broken mission I'd have given it 1 out of 100
Ya boy Daking (6 months ago)
A good looking bro
Evan Flynn (6 months ago)
This helped some much
Austin Kays (6 months ago)
So what if I didn't get the mission after the transmission ended?
MikeOxBig (6 months ago)
Lucky you lol
wildflower921 (6 months ago)
I’ve ran into this problem as well. I already liberated this region. She started talking, but was cut off. Now I don’t even have it in my journal as a potential mission
BobamkeGaming (6 months ago)
I agree, but we can't do anything about it right now. Gotta continue without finishing that mission. Maybe Ubi will hit us with a fix soon. I've been watching the roads of other regions from far away, but didn't see any Gas Tanker.
Austin Kays (6 months ago)
I think thats the issue. But I think we should still have the option to do it
BobamkeGaming (6 months ago)
Same here, probably because I already liberated the whole region by the time "I got the mission"
Patricia Boczkowska (6 months ago)
Thank you :) this mission was so annoying
KikBakGamez (6 months ago)
thanks man
rob b (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot man!!!
Conor Bermingham (6 months ago)
Thanks man really helped
Conor Bermingham (6 months ago)
Stone Edge Gameplay yes, worked out good
Stone Edge Gameplay (6 months ago)
No worries. Did it work out for you?

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