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Far Cry 4 - Wild Bear Attack HD

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Attack of the Wild Bear in Far Cry 4. I'm sorry for playing like a noob... I just got this game and it's gonna take a while to get used to it's controls. Thanks for watching! FAR CRY 4 WILD BEAR ATTACK FAR CRY 4 BEAR ATTACK FAR CRY 4 ANIMAL ATTACK ANIMATION FAR CRY 4 BEAR VS MAN FC4 WILD BEAR ATTACK FC4 BEAR ATTACK FC4 ANIMAL ATTACK ANIMATION FC4 BEAR VS MAN
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Text Comments (5)
kaue the gamer (7 months ago)
Cool i like Far Cry 4
DyFo Viewer (1 year ago)
The Revenant xD
Jackie Yap (3 years ago)
Lyndsey 88 (3 years ago)
That bear in the dark cave in the himalayas missions, so scary :|
raataggi96 theplayerXD (2 years ago)
yeah the longinus mission yep use the hunting syringe i do that and i kill it with the driller signature gun. or another gun

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