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(NEW) 2013 REAL MERMAID Captured On Camera?

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This video was from Animal Planet. Mermaid sighting in Kiryat Yam seen on Animal Planet. Real Mermaid Caught on Camera in Kiryat Yam, Israel. Locals and tourists in the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam have been flocking to the coast in hopes of glimpsing a creature that most people believe only exist in fairy tales. An alleged mermaid, said to resemble a cross between a fish and a young girl, only appears at sunset. It performs a few tricks for onlookers before disappearing for the night. One of the first people to see the mermaid, Shlomo Cohen, said, "I was with friends when suddenly we saw a woman laying on the sand in a weird way. At first I thought she was just another sunbather, but when we approached she jumped into the water and disappeared. We were all in shock because we saw she had a tail." The sightings apparently began several months ago. $1 million reward The town's tourism board is of course delighted with their newfound fame and local mystery fauna. Taking a cue from the town of Inverness, Scotland (on the shore of Loch Ness), the Kiryat Yam government has offered a $1 million reward for the first person to photograph the creature. Town spokesman Natti Zilberman thinks the reward money is well-spent. "I believe if there really is a mermaid then so many people will come to Kiryat Yam, a lot more money will be made than $1 million." Of course, if the mermaid does not exist -- perhaps it is a hoax, an optical illusion, or a simple misperception of a known animal -- then the town's reward money will remain safe and unclaimed, while the economy benefits from the influx of tourists vying to get a photo that will leave them set for life. It's not clear what people are seeing, though the power of suggestion and imagination can be strong. Identifying animals in water is inherently problematic, since eyewitnesses by definition are only seeing a small part of the creature. When you add in the factor of low light at sunset and the distances involved, positively identifying even a known creature can be very difficult -- to say nothing of a mythological one! Mermaids have long held fascination for seafaring peoples. There are a few dozen significant historical claims of actual mermaid sightings. Most of them are clearly myths and legends, such as "true" stories about lovely young women who married sailors but were later discovered to be shape-shifting mermaids (such as in the film "Splash"). Other reports date back centuries, and offer no proof or evidence other than a curious story. For example, a Capt. Richard Whitbourne claimed he saw a mermaid in Newfoundland's St. James harbor in 1610. Another story, from 1830 Scotland, claimed that a young boy killed a mermaid by throwing rocks at it; the creature looked like a child of about 3 or 4, but had a salmon's tail instead of legs. The villagers supposedly had it a funeral and buried it in a small coffin. P.T. Barnum's mermaid Hoaxers have worked to satisfy the public's appetite for mermaids; the fact that none have ever actually been found is only a minor inconvenience. The great showman P.T. Barnum introduced a mermaid to astounded crowd in the 1840s: his infamous "FeeJee Mermaid", actually a taxidermy fake. The head and torso of a small monkey was grafted onto the body and tail of a fish. It was bizarre and strange - --certainly nothing anyone had seen before — but a far cry from the banners and posters suggesting a beautiful, half-naked woman. Other mermaid fakes appeared throughout the centuries. Some were manatees that had been dressed up to resemble a human form and exhibited for profit. Whether the Israeli mermaid sighting is genuine, a hoax, or an innocent mistake exploited for tourism, the reality of finding a real mermaid might be different than people imagine, as shown by a song from the Newfoundland band Great Big Sea, which sings folk-rock versions of traditional sea shanties. One of their most popular songs, titled "The Mermaid," tells of a lonely sailor who courts a mermaid: "I love the girl with all me heart / But I only like the upper part / I do not like the tail!"
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Text Comments (280)
wendy nash (7 days ago)
Send it to bills channel
Bello _YT (1 month ago)
Wow I never thought the mermaids where a tiny creatures
Isaac 706 (1 month ago)
That is a rock
varun pandya (5 months ago)
Those who are saying this video is fake... Dont you guys see the height at which these guys were recording the video ? There is no way any human can reach where the mermaid was seen... Look at the force of the waves ...
varun pandya (5 months ago)
This is a mermaid... This video is not fake...
Ámè Ñàômí (6 months ago)
noone moves that fast in a fake tail and I'm the middle of the ocean
Che TheLion (9 months ago)
Ewweew Oml No No No
Hannah Arnold (9 months ago)
I'll Believe That Is A Real Mermaid If Someone Catches One Alive and Puts It In A Museum.
Yajirke Melding (10 months ago)
same question, is this video real? mermaid does exist? I'm so 😕 confused
OH HI (8 months ago)
Yajirke Melding In my own opinion , it is so difficult to edit this video and I think if they wanted to make a fake mermaid , they wouldn't go to such high place and ask someone to pretend to be a mermaid and sit on that rock as it is a cliff and it is so dangerous to be there I think . *Sorry for poor English
proma wajiha (10 months ago)
Is mermaid real ?
Bri Shah (1 year ago)
I don't necessarily believe in the "mermaid" "merman" thing but I believe there might creatures similar to that, and we've only discovered 5%.
Jessie Rinehart (1 year ago)
Sean Eleven (1 year ago)
That was very authentic
Lalla Yura (1 year ago)
it was like nope. im outta here
Sia Star (1 year ago)
not real people in my opinion
Minty._. Fresh (1 year ago)
Sia Star its real
laura masters (1 year ago)
i don't believe in mermaids cause divers would of seen them and divers usually have cameras with them and they don't take pictures of any mermaids
crystal heart (1 year ago)
laura masters but you do have to remember we have yet to explore the entirety of the oceans after all the earth does have a lot of oceans
Robert Becerra (2 years ago)
so you going to tell me that King Triton lives in the sea & Aquaman is her brother right
Peter Webby (2 years ago)
Matt Catt watch the documentary mermaid it goes for 1 hour and the fact mermaids are real
Peter Webby (2 years ago)
Matt Catt watch the documentary mermaid it goes for 1 hour and the fact mermaids are real
Ana Marcu (2 years ago)
i think she real real real
Ana Marcu (2 years ago)
i belive rely
Matt (2 years ago)
I rely believe your retarded
sarah edwards (2 years ago)
show that I was watching this girl said her husband died because if a girl that had long hair and had purple skin and ad a fish tail and she comes up of the water and grabs you and drounds you do you believe her
Mya Lopez (2 years ago)
i think they are real and cool
Matt (2 years ago)
and you have chlamydia
Ritchie Barbier (2 years ago)
the mermaid look creepy.
Matt (2 years ago)
so is your profile you bitch boi
Fiona Smith (2 years ago)
Every mermaid sighting is like shot with a laptop camera.
laura masters (1 year ago)
what I don't get is how come they don't use a camcorder?
SadisticPork (2 years ago)
I think it's a fake but cleverly done. The giveaway is the cameraman did not zoom in because if he did the CGI would be clear that's why the focus is kept in a distance so we cannot spot the effects.
Your Friends Fan (2 years ago)
Its a fucking creepy legend
Sybreeds (2 years ago)
Okay mermaids may exist who knows, but cmon this one is fake lmao stop trying hard to believe until real evidence is found. We have the technology to fake these things for publicity and views just like FX Guru app for iPhone...
Savanna Adkins (2 years ago)
People say mermaids don't exist while we have only discovered 5% of our ocean how would you know
saddest thing (1 year ago)
you are disgusting
Matt (2 years ago)
people have only discovered 5 % of your vagina but I can say for sure there are no mermaids in there
raman suryavanshi (2 years ago)
really..?? she is real...😐😐😯😯
Robbin Bogaard (3 years ago)
Its just a fish, AM I RIGHT AM I RIGHT!?!
Azyrfan Azhar (3 years ago)
Who tinks this is real? I tink this is real. If its fake...how can a human look that long. A human wud be crazy to do that. Which human gets scared of another human? They r scared of human...humans r not scared of each other. Do u get it?
Minty._. Fresh (1 year ago)
Shaylon Gray are u dumb didit u see that long ass tale a dolfihin and a seal haves shorter tales bruhb cmon its real
Minty._. Fresh (1 year ago)
The Chubby it is real
crystal heart (1 year ago)
The Chubby and then how would a human survive in water like that, the water is obviously raging
FireStormBaller (3 years ago)
It's fake, the acting, the voice, the quality. And if you were recording a mermaid, you won't keep panning the camera to your friend, you would keep at it towards the mermaid and it looks nothing like a mermaid.
Paris Bryers (3 years ago)
Guyz it's not fake how can they edit this video really
sweetlyn altizo (2 years ago)
+Paris Bryers you right
Paris Bryers (3 years ago)
Holy cow they are really real
Imaan :D (3 years ago)
Adi Kvetner (3 years ago)
Bad acting 101...
Minty._. Fresh (1 year ago)
Josh Jones (3 years ago)
U can't fake something like this
laura masters (1 year ago)
I agree with you plus a man or woman would really need to be an excellent swimmer
Matt (2 years ago)
Enjoy. Mode (3 years ago)
Joshua Slater (3 years ago)
Max Mason (3 years ago)
Robyn (4 years ago)
not completely closed about the idea of mermaids but this is fake.
Elsa (4 years ago)
Minty._. Fresh (1 year ago)
Elsa Rosas fake your ass
Ivan Foakeni (4 years ago)
Mermaids are real to but not mentioned in the bible but then again so weren't the dinosaurs the earth is still a mystery and god works in mysterious ways let's just say god didn't tell us everything in the universe just what we needed to know :)
Matt (2 years ago)
And your Mother didn't tell you that you were adopted
Dakota Lynn (2 years ago)
?? what god
Paris Bryers (3 years ago)
Yep they are not fake and the they are real
Ivan Foakeni (4 years ago)
+Jör Wolf hey yeah bro Dragon were mentioned in the bible lol :)
Jör Wolf (4 years ago)
I don't know about mermaids but I know this about dragons, I mean, dinosaurs, :-) enjoy it:
Lisa W (4 years ago)
Wasn't this on Animal Planet?? Yeh..don't think they would show it if it weren't real. Is america really that dumbbed down? The government has been hiding things from us since Abraham Lincoln..but they tell us..uhh? "The Little Mermaid"?? +When's the last time you saw a seal crawl on it's " elbows" to get somewhere..with a large tail??
salladspojk (4 years ago)
the acting is so bad...
lebron812 (4 years ago)
guys... mermaid is real.... watch this.... new evidence mermaid 2013
Tricia Fucci (4 years ago)
well i don't see the mermaid and hey don't exiest 
Minty._. Fresh (1 year ago)
Tricia Fucci yea it does shut up if u anit gonna say anything sbout aninals beeying real
Matt (2 years ago)
maybe you should wipe the jizz out of your eyes and then youll sea that you are fucking retarded
Tricia Fucci (3 years ago)
+David Vernaglia. My daughter posted that!! Just so u know!!!!
k7cbone (4 years ago)
D-  Remake!!!
Bri Johnson (4 years ago)
i agree with +miss diaz we don't even know if we have found all of the species for whales...WHALES! if we don't even know all of the species for the biggest marine animal then how do we know weather or not mermaids exist? Exactly don't push the possibility away!
susan cruz (4 years ago)
Nice try kiddos, when you discover some thing amazing , you don't even want to blink or loose sight of it. Why do you need to focus your friend's fake reaction if that mermaid was real.
TheCrunchySopa (2 years ago)
+susan cruz Absolutely true.
Jellisa Diaz (4 years ago)
8% ocean has been discovered the rest has yet to be ... we don't know what in the ocean. No one can go that far deep into it. .. I 100% believe in mermaids. Or ancestors use to draw mermaids on caves there poof out there the government has band all poof and denial it all ... fishy.. not only that what kid of human moves like that..?? I can say the same about ufos and ya believe in them? But I don't think they look like Ariel...
Minty._. Fresh (1 year ago)
Jellisa Diaz lol FACTS
Lolie Hermes (4 years ago)
This is fake. Just to be more positive.. screenshot it and put it in my editing program. there is a gap between the body and the end of the tail due to failed editing. if this was real you would know it for sure. nice try.
mintyredpanda (4 years ago)
it looked like the cgi version in M:TBF but it also looks like the reconstructed body they found. I still believe though.
Dragon Chi (4 years ago)
She went into the water and there were no ripple. If the clip were more closer and the quality is better than must be more convincing but for now I hold my believe. Thanks for sharing anyway.
Genesis Adriano (4 years ago)
If you could have tell it was a mermaid u should have zoomed it more
Scottie (4 years ago)
if I saw a mermaid and caught on a camera or whatever well I'd show it to my friends and family also from what I'm seeing on this video it seems that the mermaid or whatever it was heard those boys talking, noticed them on a cliff and swam away, also the tail the creature had was too long to be a sea lion
Michael Bornnard (4 years ago)
If that wasn't a Mermaid, then what the hell was it?!
CarlosSpartaSilveti (4 years ago)
Very good CGI - very very bad acting -.-
ifgeneral (4 years ago)
I think mermaids are real but this video IS A FAKE the mermaid in this video is obviously a CG and its appearance is 100% similar to the mermaid in "Mermaids The Body Found"
milton pedro (4 years ago)
Enough of internet for todas
Joseph Randile (4 years ago)
holy sit
Autumn Winterly (5 years ago)
If this is real, why was the film wasted on the guy.
Tammy Dickinson (5 years ago)
Wow, cool!
Asia Nguyen (5 years ago)
In the video it's small are they really small or ........?
RMH432 (5 years ago)
if you want to know the real truth behind this, search: Mermaid, The Body Found. this is scripted and that mermaid you see there is nothing more than CGI: the guys recording are actors but the mermaid is computer generated imagery.
yan layang (5 years ago)
I believe in mermaids because the time that i catching some fish, that time I saw a mermaid like the thing i saw here at this video, so the same... your believing me or not I'm telling the truth...
Lalaloopsylovers100 (5 years ago)
Exactly! If it isn't a real mermaid then how do those people get in there?
Brendan Deegan (5 years ago)
Watch the setup, listen to the script, and clocked in exactly.59 seconds. I know people WANT to believe but there has to be something better than this hack set up. Nothing to see here, move along people.
Brendan Deegan (5 years ago)
haha acting makes Keanu Reeves look like Laurence Olivier
Brian Kwong (5 years ago)
I don't know whether those two dudes are just really weird, or just terrible actors.
Brian Kwong (5 years ago)
with all due respect, ever heard of CGI?
khemetianbeatz (5 years ago)
I concur that thing took off in the watery turbulence like a pro, unless that "person" been practicing with that suit in the conditions of the water for awhile.
Daniel Mythcaster (5 years ago)
awesome its fake jk REAL!
Ben (5 years ago)
Your not allowed to swim there, so it must be a real mermaid.
Rosa Wierda (5 years ago)
it would be awesome if there were mermaids, but oh dear, that acting is really the worst ive ever seen..
jaysie bueza (5 years ago)
maybe thats true
Thats Budder (5 years ago)
It looked at them and crawled away
Olle (5 years ago)
it could be computer... :D
420Potheadification (5 years ago)
It's 2013, have they never heard of an HD camera? Such bullshit.
Omnom086 (5 years ago)
YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SWIM IN THE AREA THAT THOSE GUYS ARE IN!!!!! They're at Rosh Hanikrah in Israel. I've been there myself, and by law you cannot swim there. That is definitely not someone acting, it's just those guys are ridiculous the way they sound. Not to mention, this is definitely not photo edited. Shit is just bonkers tho I think it's awesome lol
Nabil Nazri (5 years ago)
It could be CGI
Nabil Nazri (5 years ago)
but then again its the first time i see people seeing a monster and actually using a good enough quality video camera
Cody Reinbold (5 years ago)
It kinda looks animated, like computerized
Prabhat Singh (5 years ago)
If its real it would be amazing... I am so excited after watching Dr. Paul Robertson documentary on mermaids...
Terrible acting
maxpain9111 (5 years ago)
fuckn idiots
jay14110 (5 years ago)
Ya! Like I always turn to film my friends reaction
Sean Marlin (5 years ago)
The poor acting makes me think this might be staged
Michael Gibson (5 years ago)
2013 and they can only encode to 480p max.... hmmm yeah right.
sarah durbin (5 years ago)
So real. Nothing can move that fast into an incoming wave. Sooooooooo cool.
Kyarra Rich (5 years ago)
I'm watching this show, the evidence is incredibly real. I can't deny anymore
BLADE215 HPF (5 years ago)
Yairett Pearl (5 years ago)
The way the mermaid turn her back is creepy as shit.
James Plummer (5 years ago)
It could be real. If you look closely to how it moves, humans can't move like that. It was as if it was using its belly to move. Like seals and other sea creatures do.
Fruniefryyeah (5 years ago)
they already prooved this is fake
주니어JR (5 years ago)
I think people have a hard time believing in mermaid because of the name . It sounds fake. Maybe if the creature has a more scientific name.
EbenTv (5 years ago)
The video is probably stage? watch their acting again
"Retrograde" (5 years ago)
That's definitely but i do think mermaids exist considering the amount of unexplored ocean the world has so you never no. but this is fake you can tell straight away by the "acting" the men are doing.
pears009 (5 years ago)
You can see at the end of the "mermaids" dive, that it is "super-imposed" the splash-line(s) don't match up/there are no splash-lines form the "creature" diving into the water... It simply disappears... It's not real! (Although, I was really hoping it was...) So guys, but anyone who knows anything about "film" of photography would agree with me... It FAKE and something these guys produced on the computer, or in an effects lab...

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