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Naruto: Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 | Ep.32 | The Jinchuriki's and Tobi

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Text Comments (1098)
TheNoob (1 year ago)
Dave Walker (2 years ago)
in the ANIME madara knock them out he is so weak in the game
your face bone connected to my, backhand
Mert Olmez (2 years ago)
Play Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 when it comes out PLZ
Arpad King (3 years ago)
At 5:56 Madara starts breaking the 4th wall by A: foreshadowing to Storm 4 and his badassitude and B: the very fact that this battle did not end with him leaving without accomplishing results! XD
FlanLordOne (3 years ago)
ikem edmond (3 years ago)
obito is madara
coldfrost dodde (3 years ago)
tobi is a piece of shit a funny piece of shit well untill he becomes like this XD
Alec Newman (3 years ago)
Doesn't Madara sound like Markiplier?
EnderBorn (3 years ago)
shits gettin real
Taiga Rage (4 years ago)
i just watch the anime to ep 300 and the game is somewhat like the anime  O.o
Boyce Nicewanner (4 years ago)
Gregory Espinal (4 years ago)
I was always wondering why didn't he use the one tails
wally cisse (1 year ago)
because gaara lost the one tails in the the fight against deidara
•Jay7K• TeamName (2 years ago)
beacaus gaara is still fucking alive
Luke45Master (4 years ago)
Naruto is SOOOOO confadint right now
That was SO BULLSHIT! I mean, cmon! Madara is WAY stronger than the 5 kage, it was awesome see them that fucked up in the anime, don't get me wrong I'm with the good guys but that meant an enemy WAY harder to fight and a better enemy! that was bullshit
yea in the anime tsunade was torn in half by Madaras Susanno
SonyXBOXNintendo (4 years ago)
 Non-canon ending would be if there WAS a canon ending in the game. I think Gecko Ending is applicable here, because is a different ending for a adaptation of the story.
strawhat101 (4 years ago)
Its a non-canon ending. Kishimoto had to make an ending for the game, since the war was still going on in the actual series which is why Madara was defeated and retreated.
SonyXBOXNintendo (4 years ago)
When the game came out not even Madara appeared on the anime.
+Dave Johnston That makes more sense, at least it does not bothers me that much. Thanks
DashingNative (4 years ago)
I laugh at sly's beard because it's a beard.
Faraz Tahir (4 years ago)
well the Whole madara and tobi fight came out in the Game Before the Manga and it would lead to the final battle which still isn't even Done yet so we'll have to wait till Storm 4 comes out
abusopiya mautante (4 years ago)
carma tobe bich crazy bich fuck foo ya foo
abusopiya mautante (4 years ago)
this awesome i love the game im sasuke is epic is fuck
its ur boi (4 years ago)
KEWS (4 years ago)
It's nothing like the series :D the lines are fucked up
FERTHEBOSS1 (4 years ago)
Tobi is Kakashi friend who died
jpgamer1000 (4 years ago)
Only 1 8 and 9 tails are still alive wow you jinchurkis can do better lol
StupidJeb (4 years ago)
Yes it was constructive criticism but you put it in a hater way for example "i don't like how sly won't put up another episode since he didn't get enough likes" no telling him he's a dick
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Yay! Confusing comment gets a confusing amount of likes!
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Oh my god i've got to get less likes it's starting to scare me D:
lowell pierrette (4 years ago)
and third
I just said it cause some people still thought he was soemoen else >.>
SavageCombo HD (4 years ago)
GamingNinjas (4 years ago)
Lol your reaction when you found a peddler LOL
Amelia Taylor (4 years ago)
I love banana bread
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
meh :[
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
What's your opinion on banana bread?
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Haha awesome! I love coming up with my own jutsus too like plasma style, ash style, and inferno style. I keep trying to come up with new jutsu based off of mixing fire and wind style jutsus to make that tekkei genkai.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Yeah. One of my top 10 virus's!
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
>.< I dont. But im watching some naruto's by subtitles, so i dont pay much attention to what they're saying 'cause i have no idea what they're on about XD But i just created Bunny Clan Ninjutsu. Its got Shadow Clone Jutsu, Rasengan, And a new Jutsu i call Wolf Pack Howl Jutsu. Wolf Howl jutsu is when you can howl like a wolf and call in about 10 Wolves to help you. It only lasts as long as a Shadow Clone would.
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
You obviously don't watch the AUTHENTIC naruto *sips tea*. Bunny Clan Ninjutsu is also false ninjutsu, you wouldn't understand. *sips tea* "Alfred! Alfred! More tea and crumpets now!"
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Ummm no in the naruto movies it works in english too. You obviously never heard about Bunny Clan Ninjutsu.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Is this virus free or do i have to pay for it?
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Are you a ninja narwhal like me? No, you aren't. It only works in the real japanese. You've obviously never cloned yourself before :P. PS you still haven't beat DAT.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Dude. You can say it in english and it will still work. >.<
Rejil S (4 years ago)
@nmswzfg i agree one of my top 10 AND! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while => bit.ly/1eQXmRT?=vkovf
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Wow. Your shadow clone jutsu wasn't real because you said it in English. Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Sennin Mōdo! Senjutsu: Rasenrengan! Now I have dozens of shadow clones in Sage Mode with DOUBLE rasengans. Beat DAT.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Shadow Clone JUTSU!!! Rasengan!! There are now a few dozen. With Rasengan. Beat DAT.
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Kage BunShin No Jutsu! There are now 2 of me. Beat DAT!
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Tree powers ACTIVATE. I'm a tree. Beat dat. c: Photosynthesis is where it's AT. X3
Yomi (4 years ago)
Hey, don't be stealing Jevon's quotes now.
Ruby nguyen (4 years ago)
Vageta: It's over 9000!!!!!!
Ruby nguyen (4 years ago)
What's his power level? W
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Alright, so how's it going?
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
So? New homies will go through the entire series :D
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
But this video is 2 months old!
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
New homies? XD the Homie Colony is growing
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Do you think anyone's ever going to look back this far in Sly's videos?
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Wadda ya mean, bye? This could go on forever and forever and could be the most epic comment adventure on youtube EVER :D
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Okay Bye!
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
No... not at all... Im an 11 year old jeez my brain goes too fast to concentrate on Wisdom Tip's that rhyme but dont make any sense whatsoever. :P
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
4 Wisdom Tips of the Day! When its time to play and eat a delicious souffle, while wearing a cliche toupé! Only not in may. If you don't listen your flesh I will flay, with an ash tray! Just try to stay, and try not to stray! When you chill in the bay, you feel kind of gay. You hear the sheeps bray. You hear the horses go "Nay!". You see the merchants who pay, some good monay. AND YOU SEE A RAY OF SUNSHINE!!!! Are not entertained?
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
4 things i never knew. :P
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
And I'm a narwhal. Stop calling me dude :P. And I can't know that over the internet. I assume guy because 98% of youtube commenters are male.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
P.S Imma girl D:
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Dude i made a joke XD
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Okay listen broski. I'm not a sith of haters or anything I just didn't like one thing. I thought we established I'm not a hater. I'm more of a Boba Fett XD. Not Jedi not dark side.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
LOL XD I am a Homie Jedi And i will never turn to the dark hater side :3
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Haha I have a lot of energy too it just seems like we're both incredibly stubborn so neither of us will switch sides.... ever. To be honest I don't really remember, I've had this account for so long. I just used this when it asked for username and I never entered the criteria for full name so it kept me at this. This username came from the MrWeebl song narwhals that I was obsessed with when I made this account. You could probably change your name in the settings anyway, idk man.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
LOL X3 Giving up already? Lol, one of the advantages of being 11. Energetic as hell! XD also i have a question. How do you get a username like yours? I dont want my name XD its not even my real name... :P I'd quite like a username. Could you help me with that? Thanks! ^-^
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Alright whatever man. I'm a little tired of this argument. I don't dislike Sly's videos, I just disagree with one of his uploading policies. I'll keep my opinion, you keep yours, this is way too in depth and long of an argument to have on YouTube. Call a truce? Have a nice day!
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Hey I'm 11. 11 year old's rule! But please just stop, your point is still futile. No matter how great your arguing skills are, your still on the wrong side of this argument. Not as in who is going to win, but which has the most justice to it. I'm not asking you to change completely, all i ask is that your change your attitude to a nicer one, and when you comment, make it nicer. ^-^ I don't watch Sly's videos much either. But, when i do, i love it, i try to watch more, and THAT'S why i'm a homie.
Mara Trist (4 years ago)
"The face bone is connected to the fist bone. Your face, my fist. BELIEVE IT!!!" #sly2013
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
So you have no retort, not a single reasonable response, a childish vocabulary, no back up for any of your statements, probably around 12 or 13 judging by your vocabulary, attention span, and reasoning abilities, and no debate skills. Sorry just summing up your "futile" hate campaign against me. If you directed your last comment against yourself it would much better fit this argument. Please at least get through 7th grade if you want to learn how to argue . Have a nice day and happy learning!
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
How da cake did i get the two TOP COMMENTS? O.O
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Dude. You are messed up in the head. Your just trying to improve your futile point in this conversation, i really would like it if you just fucked off pls. XD no seriously your a twit and obviously know very little about things.
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Asking likes for uploads is poor moral decision making, ergo, change it? Is that untactful? Is that a hater comment? And isn't the definition of a hater someone who hates or uses hateful behavior. Now I want you to use the few brain cells you have to follow me. Haters hate. Homies hate haters. Doesn't that make homies haters by definition if they display hate? I don't think you're characterizing homies or haters correctly buddy. Come back when you learn basic English.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Please, constructive criticism? It's not constructive, its a really untactful hater's comment. Anyone could tell that the first time they saw it. Even 5 year olds. Now, i think YOU'RE the one who is projecting your own own stupidity, saying an untactful hater's comment is constructive criticism. I really think you need a brain. Pls, its just really sad.
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Please define hater comment. Is constructive criticism hate now? And you're projecting your own stupidity. Please learn to learn. Your idiocy, it hurts.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Um no? Your comment was a hater comment. Homies hate haters. Thats why it got disliked. You need to sort out buying a brain... they're £3 if you buy a 3 pack from the brain shop down the lane c:
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
You think dislikes classify a comment as hate? Hitler had millions of supporters, yet wasn't he the most iconic hater? I pointed out a flaw and, the viewers, being unable to coherently answer my question, decided to flame me as a response. And you keep replying, this is a two-way conversation. If you want to stop talking to me so bad stop replying. So according to you anyone who even mildly disagrees with anyone else is a display of an act of utter hatred of a person's entire being. Nice.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Yeah, that's sort of being a hater... that's why your comment was disliked so much. I'd appreciate if you'd stop talking to me, i don't want to waste my time with someone who cant even tell that they're being a hater. So, bye! -.-
Morgan Greig (4 years ago)
Haters gonna hate
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
No hate was shown. I don't hate Sly, I disagree with one of his video making policies.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
um, making a comment directed at sly saying 'Forcing people to like a video is a dick move.' and not being a homie pretty much makes you a hater. P.S: grammar Nazi. :(
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
um, making a comment directed at sly saying 'Forcing people to like a video is a dick move.' and not being a homie pretty much makes you a hater. P.S: Your a grammar Nazi. :(
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
*you're And how does making a comment and not being a homie make me a hater?
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
??? Your weird...
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Well, this isnt the manga, is it?
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Then technically, your not a homie. Haters get hated. Fact.
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
I used to watch Sly's videos and be a homie like 2 years back. I stopped because it took up too much time but I come back every now and then for nostalgia. But that was before this whole like system which is why I commented on it and now I'm having a conversation with you.
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
No? XD If your not a homie, why are you in homieville? -.-'
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
Am I not welcome on this part of YouTube anymore for stating an opinion? Two Things 1. Not sure that's how the internet works 2. Complementing your intelligence while not even looking at my argument kind of defeats your point doesn't it?
Alex Turner (4 years ago)
Two things. That program is far too long for my mega fast brain to process. Get outta homieville.
OMGtehnarwhal (4 years ago)
I'm probably not a homie then haha. But just watch this video on youtube /watch?v=hXqv5O-OqIg at around 1:12:40 to about 1:13:00 and you'll see pretty much how I feel.
Malik Sharp (4 years ago)
That battle was bullshit! In the manga, Madara completely fucks up the kage. He acts like a bitch in this one
Cortez Randolph (4 years ago)
Your face bone is connected to My fist bone....LOL
Nero Krauser (4 years ago)
Sorry if I misspelled a couple words.
Nero Krauser (4 years ago)
It's true that Madara isn't the strongest but 5 Kages at once couldn't defeat him, yes he was given the Rinnegan but the Raikage also acts like he is the best and Naruto out speed him and Bee out Lariot him. Besides Madara died a certain way but I don't know if you know it yet so I won't say how.
GravelsNotAFood (4 years ago)
everyone already knew that.... and i think you mean Tobi is Obito.
JustThiccEnough (4 years ago)
holy sh**!
Orlando Sandoval (4 years ago)
This fight sequence couldve been WAAYYYY better like nuns2 in my opinion
WWJDleinad050 (4 years ago)
lol the manga is very different

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